Best Christmas Gifts For Climbers

June 22, 2022 16 min read

Are you stumped as to what the Christmas gifts for climbers are? What do climbers desire? What are they looking for? Why can't they just have a normal pastime that's easy to shop for?

If that describes you, don't worry because I'm about to share some of my favorite Christmas gifts for climbers that any rock them would appreciate.

There is an endless range of possibilities to pick from, ranging from practical gifts (things we always need more of as climbers) to nice-to-have rock climbing gifts.

You're also in luck because climbers are generally inexpensive. We buy what we need, keep it forever, and only upgrade when absolutely required (as in, it's breaking apart necessary), so receiving something new will be a delightful surprise for any climber or boulderer.

1. Climbskin hand repair cream

The hands of rock climbers go through a lot, and after multiple days of climbing, we need to be sure that we have a reliable hand repair routine in place. I spent some time seeking the ideal hand repair cream, and for me, that means something that will heal my hands without leaving them feeling overly oily or "thick" after I have used it. I was successful in my search.

My research has led me to believe that the ClimbSkin Hand Repair Cream is the product that excels in this regard. Even while it's good to put on a more substantial hand cream before going to sleep, there are times when you just need some hand repair during the day, and this is the thing that I reach for. I love it.

2. Loose Chalk 

Compared to block chalk, the advantage of loose chalk is that you just put it in your chalk bag and don't have to worry about breaking it up. The downside is that you have less control over the texture, and it might be too fine for your taste.

3. Climbskin double-sided hand and finger file

It is in a rock climber's best interest to rapidly file down any calluses that form on their hands or any skin that is torn off while climbing a rock face. In that case, the problem might get even more severe or develop into a "flapper" of even greater proportions (basically a giant gash in your hand or fingers).

This is my preferred method for hand filing documents. I've tried sanding off my calloused hands after climbing with pumice and other similar filing equipment, but this thing works way better... Furthermore, it's lovely and little, so your favorite climber can keep it on hand (literally).

4. Gear Aid Tenacious Tape Gear Patches

It is in a rock climber's best interest to rapidly file down any calluses that form on their hands or any skin that is torn off while climbing a rock face. In that case, the problem might get even more severe or develop into a "flapper" of even greater proportions (basically a giant gash in your hand or fingers).

This is my preferred method for hand filing documents. I've tried sanding off my calloused hands after climbing with pumice and other similar filing equipment, but this thing works way better... Furthermore, it's lovely and little, so your favorite climber can keep it on hand (literally).

It is wonderful when individuals continue to use the equipment they already have rather than immediately purchasing something new. This tape performs exceptionally well and is available in a variety of interesting shapes.

5. Shoe Deodorizer and Disinfectant 

Okay, stinky climbing shoes are a turnoff for everyone, but if your pal climbs frequently, they're bound to get that way. This product is fantastic for eliminating the smell completely. In my opinion, this is not a bad Christmas gift for climbers; but, if your friend takes things personally, I would suggest giving them some hand repair cream instead.

6. Alone On The Wall Book - Alex Honnold 

Alex Honnold is widely regarded as one of the best climbers in the history of the sport. You may have heard of him and the movie "Free Solo," which tells the story of his attempt to climb El Capitan in Yosemite National Park without using any ropes or protection. He is the first and only climber to accomplish this feat.

Honnold wrote a memoir in which he detailed the seven most significant accomplishments he had accomplished over his career of pushing the boundaries of climbing. The revised edition of the book includes two new chapters regarding his climbing escapades on El Capitan.

Make it a point to read this book if you are interested in gaining insight into the mind of one of the most accomplished free solo climbers of our generation. Additionally, it is an excellent present option for any of your climbing companions.

7. So Ill Nail Clippers

Climbers undoubtedly spend more time than anyone else looking at their hands, and maintaining healthy nails is extremely important for climbers.

These nail clippers by So Ill are convenient because they come in a set of two, one of which is designed for cutting fingernails and the other for cutting toenails. These are excellent for stuffing stockings and would make a wonderful addition to any Christmas gift set that also includes the ClimbSkin Hand Repair Cream and the Climbskin Hand & Finger File.

8. Cell Phone Lanyard

Climbers often find themselves in interesting and photogenic locations, but it can be nerve-wracking to pull out your phone to take a picture while also being concerned that you might lose it over the edge of a cliff. A cell phone lanyard, on the other hand, will ensure that your phone is securely fastened to your harness or pack while you snap photos. This is an excellent Christmas gift for climbers, one that they probably haven't even considered but will undoubtedly value and enjoy receiving.

9. The Power Company Climbing Training Programs

If you are just beginning to climb, the simplest way to train is to just spend more time on the wall. However, if you are already an experienced climber and want to take your abilities to the next level, it might be a really smart idea to start learning about how to train strategically for your goals. The Power Company develops incredible training programs that are perfect for giving as a Christmas gift to climbers of any level, and they provide a wide variety of packages to choose from.

In the past, I've invested in the Boulder Better Program, and one of the things that sold me on it was how simple it was to adhere to without the need for me to devise my own strategy. It is quite well done and straightforward to follow along with.

10. Training Center Hangboard

This hangboard is without a doubt our top pick when it comes to aiding in the development of finger strength, and it would be an amazing gift for any boulderer. Strengthen the fingers of a friend or family member with your kind gift! Believe me when I say that they will adore you for it.

11. Spotlight Portable Led Outdoor Light

Bouldering at night is by far the most enjoyable experience, and if you want to see what you're trying to climb, you absolutely need a good spotlight. This spotlight is neat and compact, but it emits a good-quality light for its size. Because it also has rechargeable batteries, it makes it an excellent Christmas gift for bouldering enthusiasts.

12.  Climbing Brush

While there is a plethora of excellent climbing brushes available, the Sublime brand of climbing brushes is our personal favorite. This is an excellent tiny brush for cleaning grease climbing supports, and as an extra bonus for this particular Sublime brush, there is a hidden compartment (which would be a good spot to put some lip balm)! It is impossible to have too many climbing brushes if you are a boulderer.

13. Chalk Bucket

A good chalk bucket is another piece of gear that boulderers really cannot go without. Boulderers, in contrast to sport climbers, do not normally wrap chalk around their waists when climbing (although some boulderers enjoy having a small chalk bag in addition to a chalk bucket). As a result, boulderers are able to carry a considerably larger bag of chalk around with them.

The popular kind of chalk bucket is one that can be collapsed into a smaller size and has zippered compartments where one can put items such as a finger file and nail clippers. Climbers would be delighted to receive the Chalk Bucket, which fulfills all of these requirements and is an excellent Christmas gift option.

14. Belay Glasses For Rock Climbing

Belay glasses are eyeglasses with prismatic lenses that are used by belayers in rock climbing to avoid the neck strain commonly associated with belaying. They have been performing quite well thus far, and one of them would be an excellent Xmas gift for any sport climber.

15. Book: Vertical Mind

Climbing requires more than just physical power; I'm thrilled that there are more and more books published these days that teach us techniques to train our minds, and this is a fantastic book for that purpose. Physical strength is only half the struggle in climbing. Any climber who spends time on a rope will benefit greatly from reading Vertical Mind.

16. Vector Helmet

Since I first started rock climbing, a lot of progress has been made in the design of climbing helmets. You should decide to purchase one of these Vector Helmets. In comparison to our earlier models, these newer helmets are extremely lightweight while still providing excellent coverage and the sensation of being breathable.

17. Belay Device

I’m a big fan of the belay device. It provides peace of mind and an extra measure of safety in my climbing system.

I love this thing. It’s a bit pricey, so some people don’t opt to get one when they first start climbing, but I think it’s a great option for any sport or trad climber. 

18. Trapper Rope Tarp

Utilizing a climbing tarp of some kind is the most effective method for maintaining the cleanliness and integrity of your climbing rope. It is remarkable how many climbers prepare for a climb by flaking out their rope without first laying anything down on the ground.

The quality of your rope may be maintained for a longer period of time with the help of tarps; therefore, it is beneficial to have more than one of these tarps if you have more than one rope.

  1. Warmup Primaloft Skirt

Climbers might not immediately think of a skirt as a normal piece of gear, but bear with me here. Climbing in the early spring and fall can be fairly cool, especially for the belayer. Having something easy and warm to throw on over your climbing pants or leggings is a real lifesaver when it comes to fending off the inevitable chill that will come with climbing during these seasons.

It is quite simple to go from being a belayer to becoming a climber thanks to the full-length zippers that are located on both sides of the skirt. This is the ideal and most unexpected gift for the climber in your friend group because it is both cute and comfortable.

20. Quickdraw 6-Pack

Because the rope is clipped into the quickdraws, they are an essential piece of equipment for sport climbing and should be owned by every climber who participates in this discipline. Because of this, they are an excellent choice for beginner sport climbers as well as climbers who push themselves to their limits and experience a high volume of falls.

This is a set of six quickdraws, which is half of the number that most sport climbers will want, so you can either splurge and buy your sport climbing buddy two of these sets or acquire this set as a Christmas gift for yourself.

21. Panic Draw

Nothing is worse than trying to clip a bolt that is just out of reach, and that’s where the Panic Draw saves the day! This quickdraw is specially designed with a long, stiff dogbone and a carabiner that stays open until it makes contact with the bolt. Any sport climber will breathe a sigh of relief having this on their harness!

22. Ultralight Rope (60-70M)

A new climbing rope makes an excellent gift for any climber, whether they prefer traditional or sport climbing. It is highly possible that your climbing friend's rope has been subjected to a significant amount of lead falls, dirt, and other forms of abuse due to the fact that the rope is always being used outside. As a result, the rope will eventually need to be replaced.

23. Walnut Nut Set

You can never go wrong by getting your friend who enjoys traditional climbing some additional gear, such as a set of Walnuts. When it comes to gear, traditional climbers can never have too much!

24. Piranha Knife

Looking for a unique Christmas gift for climbers? This knife is super cool! In rock climbing, weight matters! Having lighter gear is better than heavier gear, and the Knife weighs almost nothing but can cut through just about anything. 

It’s an awesome knife for adventures. It’s the only one you should bring with you, and it’s strong enough to cut through the rope. 

25. Pack

Another great gift is a well-designed bag to carry all that trad-climbing gear in. This would be a great Christmas gift for climbers.

26. Jacket

Jacket is super lightweight, wind and rain resistant. It has been an awesome addition to anyone’s outdoor clothing arsenal. Another reason it makes for a great climbing gift is that it can be stuffed into its own pocket and clipped to a harness easily and out of the way. 

27. Trad Gloves

Trad climbers are addicted to crack...climbing, that is! And jamming your hand in cracks can be quite painful, which is why most trad climbers either tape up their hands or invest in crack gloves. Trad climbers would be thrilled to unwrap a pair of these!

28. Momentum Harness

Most gym climbers typically start with rope climbing (although I always advocate to also start bouldering when you are gym climbing or if you are just getting started with climbing). 

A good harness is essential to rope climbing, and one of the first pieces of gear that gym climbers need to invest in. The Momentum Harness is a great harness to start with, and a great Christmas gift for any new gym climber (or seasoned climber needing a fresh harness).

29. Chalk Bag

Those are called chalk bags and they're full of chalk. Chalk is something used to absorb all the moisture that's on your hands to keep them nice and dry to provide better grip. Everyone's body produces moisture differently, so some people need to reapply more than others.

30. Book: Training For Climbing

Climbing gyms are fantastic venues for training, especially for beginners. Climbing on the wall's many different grips and angles allows climbers to perform a wide array of strength and skill-building activities. Weight training equipment, pull-up bars, and fingerboards are typically found in today's fitness centers.

This book would be an excellent place to begin if you believe that your friend could be interested in increasing the amount of climbing training they do at the gym. Combine this book with one of the training plans from The Power Company indicated in the section above on bouldering, and you will have a Christmas gift that would be very well received by the recipient.

31. Crag Cards: Essential Climbing Knots

Climbing gyms are wonderful for a number of reasons, one of which is that they offer a risk-free environment in which climbers may practice all of their climbing skills, including honing their climbing knots. Any climber can quickly improve their skills at tying knots in ropes with the assistance of these crag cards.

32. Rock Rings

When you are first getting started with fingerboard training, rock rings are an excellent training gadget to begin with since they allow you to acquire a feel for how fingerboard training works. They are simpler to install than a fingerboard, and in addition to that, you will have an easier time performing pull-ups on them.

When I initially started taking rock climbing more seriously, one of the first things I did was go out and purchase a set of these Metolius Rock Rings. I've used them ever since.

33. Club Membership

A membership to the American Alpine Club would make an unique gift for the mountaineer in your life. Climbers who join the AAC at the Partner level or higher receive $7,500 worth of rescue coverage and $5,000 worth of medical coverage in the event that they need to contact a rescue team while they are out in the mountains. This is a great benefit of the AAC membership, in addition to the fact that it allows climbers to support an important climbing organization. It's well worth the price to get your mind off of other things!

34.  Mini Satellite Communicator

Despite the high cost, I believe that any climber would consider this to be the best possible Christmas gift they could receive (or backpacker or hiker for that matter).

When I go out on the trails, having this item with me has been a huge help. In the event that something terrible goes wrong while you are out in the backcountry climbing or hiking, you have the ability to activate an SOS for search and rescue services that are available around the clock. The fact that you can still communicate with the people you care about and send and receive text messages even when you are in an area where there is no mobile phone coverage makes this little gadget an even more impressive piece of technology.

Because the Garmin inReach Mini is also equipped with the capability to provide a continuous tracking signal while you are outside, your friends and family will be able to check in on you even if you are engaged in activities such as climbing or trekking. That's quite cool!

35. Rocky Talkies

Rocky Talkies are two-way radios that were developed expressly for use in extreme environments, such as climbing. These robust radios have an exceptionally long battery life, are exceptionally sturdy, and can be easily linked to a harness or pack thanks to the carabiner that is attached to them.

Climbers who enjoy doing multi-pitch climbs, in which climbing partners are frequently out of sight and out of earshot of each other, are the ideal candidates for receiving a pair of Rocky.

36. Petzl Actik Headlamp

Even when I go out climbing, I always have a headlamp with me, and this is especially true when we are venturing into the backcountry or going on a longer, more difficult climb. I pretty much never leave the house without one. 

No water purification system, no outerwear, and no headlamps were provided. The only light source they had was the flashlight on their phone, which was not going to last them very long on the descent. 

37. Cane Massager

Recovery from climbing requires that you take care of your body and muscles, and the Thera Cane Massager is an ideal way for climbers to work out the kinks in their muscles after a long day of climbing or training. A necessary component of the recovery gear of any climber.

38. Book: Make Or Break

This book is great if you are looking to prevent climbing injuries or if you (or your friend) is recovering from an existing injury. 

39. Acupressure Massage Rings

Climbing requires a significant amount of recovery time, and our hands, in particular, require frequent pauses from the strain of holding our bodies up on granite walls.

These acupressure massage rings are an excellent option for your fellow climbers who are looking for a solution to aid in the recovery of their fingertips. The ring's tightly wound spirals provide a massaging effect on the tendons and tissue found in one's fingertips. Because they are portable, lightweight, and compact, you can carry them with you virtually everywhere to relieve the strain that climbing places on your fingertips and restore their natural comfort.

40. National Park Pass 

Any person who enjoys being outside would be thrilled to receive a pass to any of the United States National Parks. The passes cost around $80 each, but they grant you entry to all of the sites that are controlled by the National Park Service, the Forest Service, the Fish and Wildlife Service, the Bureau of Land Management, and the Bureau of Reclamation for an entire year.

If you or the climber you're shopping for does a lot of outdoor climbing and exploring in these locations, it's money well spent and definitely worth the price (for instance, if they love climbing in Yosemite National Park). Otherwise, the cost of admission is between $20 and $30 for each visit. After three or four uses, the cost of the pass is recouped. We do so on an annual basis.

41. Apparel & Stickers 

Most climbers want to boldly proclaim that they are climbers, and they do this most commonly through the use of stickers and clothing. 

The colorful designs can be printed on tees, tanks, stickers, and other items, and they will provide the climber in your life the opportunity to show off their passion for the sport while also wearing it.

42. Reel Rock Dvds

Any of these videos would make wonderful Christmas gifts, and if the climber on your list doesn't have a DVD player, you can even purchase the streaming version and give that as a gift instead. When we have guests around, we like to turn them on so that we can get a little bit of climbing motivation in the background while we are preparing dinner.

43. Climbing Magazine Subscription

Someone who enjoys rock climbing will undoubtedly appreciate receiving a subscription to Climbing magazine as a gift. This publication is jam-packed with entertaining stories, informative references to climbing areas, and helpful advice for rock climbing. Any rock climber worth their salt should have this material at their disposal.

44. Dry Ice Tools

There are forms of climbing that do not involve rock. If it becomes cold enough, your fellow climbers at the crag may decide to try their hand at ice climbing. During the winter, climbers typically head to the desert or the climbing gym to train for their next big project.

Putting your ice climbing skills to the test with these Dry Ice equipment is a novel approach. Your climbing friends will have the opportunity to study and practice ice climbing and mixed climbing with them before making the decision to invest in outdoor gear. As your buddies add another another sort of climbing to their repertoire of activities to do outside, these tools will come in handy for indoor training and strength building.

46. Book: Mountaineering Freedom Of The Hills

Mountaineering: Freedom of the Hills is essentially the most comprehensive climbing guidebook ever written. It is the size of a big textbook, and it describes literally everything there is to know about how to climb, from the various movements to the technical skills to the safety precautions. In spite of what the title suggests, there is a lot more to it than just mountaineering, and it would be an unique gift for a climber of any skill level.

47. Rei Gift Card

If you really can’t determine what Christmas gifts for climbers might be best, it’s always safe to get them an REI Gift Card. You can choose the amount and can even go as low as $10. It’s a great option if you really don’t know what to get the climber in your life, especially if they are the kind of person that seems like they “already own everything”. 

48. Climbing Brush

A quality climbing brush is useful for the majority of professional climbers and, without a doubt, each and every boulderer.

Climbing projects benefit greatly from having chalk and grime removed from unclean grips using brushes, which can make all the difference.

49. Climbing Tape

Climbing tape is another item of gear that is practically required for every single person who climbs. Every climber ought to protect their worn digits by wearing tape gloves, which are made by traditional climbers.

50. Mad Rock Crash Pad

Your boulderer will benefit from having a quality crash pad if they go adventuring outside. Boulderers use crash pads to protect themselves from falls, but they can also be used as backpacks, seats, or even mattresses.

The Mad Rock boasts a one-of-a-kind baffle design that allows it to adapt to different types of terrain. It is thick enough to work on a range of issues while still providing adequate protection from falls.

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