Best Christmas Gifts for Crocheters

July 04, 2022 14 min read

Do you have a close friend or a member of your family that is passionate about crocheting? Or are you looking for some suggestions to help you compile your wish list?

The following is a compilation of the most desirable Christmas gifts for crocheters that have been updated. This assortment features a wide range of products, from those that are practical to those that are entertaining and exceptionally special. Therefore, you can be assured that you will locate an excellent Christmas gift that is suitable for the winter holidays or any other occasion in which you feel the need to show appreciation for the exceptional crocheter in your life.

1. Yarn Swift

A Yarn Swift makes an excellent present for a crocheter who favors purchasing yarns that are sold in skeins that are not pre-wound. The swift facilitates the crocheter's task of winding the skein in a quick and easy manner. It is simple to make center-pull yarn cakes from unwound skeins of yarn when using a ball winder in conjunction with the process. A wooden swift is desirable due to the fact that it is strong and long-lasting. Tables can be secured using the bottom clamp to hold it in place.

2. Yarn Ball Winder

In conjunction with a swift or on its own, a ball winder is an extremely helpful tool. You can swiftly wind up a hank of yarn if you have a swift. You can use it to do this. In addition to this, it is an excellent tool for transforming yarn into center pull cakes.

3. Blocking Mats

If your knitter or crocheter wants to take blocking to the next level, investing in a blocking mat is a good idea. These interlocking mats can be assembled into a variety of different configurations to accommodate a wide range of project sizes. This kit also includes robust t-pins that can be used to pin the product down in place. In the picture, there is a square of crochet that is placed on top of a blocking mat and is kept in place with t-pins.

4. Clover 3672 Amour Crochet Hook Set

A good set of crochet hooks that are designed to be ergonomic can be a real blessing. I used standard metal hooks for a good number of years. Then, as I got older and began to crochet more frequently, my skills improved. Although the price of this hook set is a little bit higher than average, the ergonomic crochet hooks included in it are without a doubt my top choice.

5. Complete Crochet Course Book

This book is my go-to resource for any and all questions relating to crochet. It covers everything from getting started all the way to completion, and it contains detailed photo lessons that walk you through each step.

6. Digital Scale

It's possible that you associate a digital scale with being something that belongs in the kitchen. They are also incredibly helpful for people who crochet! You can put it to use in the kitchen as well as in the arts and crafts studio. By converting the measurements to grams, I am able to obtain quite accurate readings regarding the weight of the yarn. This can be used to measure the weight of a swatch or a partial project in order to figure out how much yarn has already been used. You can also determine how much yarn you have left by taking the measurement of the portion of the skein or ball that is still unused.

7. Yarn Bowl

Yarn bowls provide a practical purpose while also adding an aesthetic touch. When I'm not making use of mine, I enjoy putting it on display on a shelf. They are an excellent choice for yarn that has been twisted into balls, since this helps the yarn to remain in place while the user works on the project.

8. Yarn Storage Organizer

A crocheter who keeps her projects well arranged would benefit greatly from having a yarn storage organizer with both internal and external pockets. You are able to store everything in a single transportable container if you have a wonderful tote like this one.

9. Reading Lamp

Do you enjoy crocheting in the evening or do you need a little assistance noticing the finer aspects of a project? Craftsmen have nothing but praise for this table light designed for reading.

10. Crochetpreneur Business Academy

A membership to the Crochetpreneur Academy would make an excellent present for the crocheter in your life who is seriously considering turning their hobby into a profitable business. The Crochetpreneur Business Academy offers its services to crochet designers as well as crochet manufacturers. The seminars offer a thorough introduction to all of the procedures that are required to initiate and develop a crochet enterprise. In addition, if you join at the VIP level, you will have access to an incredible network of other crochet preneurs, in addition to other services such as monthly live calls and workshops.

11. Bent Tip Tapestry Needles

The bent point of these tapestry needles makes it simple to insert them under strands of yarn, making them my go-to choice for weaving in yarn ends when I'm working with tapestry.

12. Locking Stitch Markers

There is an overwhelming variety of possibilities for stitch markers. One of my favorite things about this set is the variety of colors that are included.

13. Retractable Tape Measure

A portable, retractable tape measure that is on the smaller side is ideal for transporting in a tool bag. The fact that they are not bulky and can be carried around easily is a huge plus for me. They are often convenient for making speedy measurements even while one is on the move.

14. Foldable Scissors

These shears are quite convenient to have. They fold up neatly, allowing you to conveniently store them in a tiny bag or box specifically designed for carrying notions. The handles are hollow and may accommodate the blades. Therefore, it is impossible for them to inadvertently cut something when they are closed. It gives me such joy to lug these things about. They have a high level of durability and are simple to operate.

15. Yarn Wizard Tin Notions Case

This convenient notions case is just the right size to carry all of your tiny knitting accessories, including stitch markers and yarn needles. You have a choice of five different colors for the ball of yarn, including my personal favorite, which is purple.

16. Pom Pom Set 

A set of pom poms is a great gift for someone who likes to crochet hats. These are available in a wide range of colors so that they can be used with any type of yarn.

17. Large Pom Pom Maker

You always have the option of making your own pom poms as well. You can make them in yarn that matches or coordinates with the rest of your ensemble if you use this maker.

18. Fine Fabric Wash

When caring for crocheted goods that were done by hand, it is essential to use the appropriate wash.

19. Butterfly Sparkles Hook Size Markers

The color purple is my absolute favorite. And I love butterflies. Due to the fact that this set is so lovely, I felt it was necessary to add it. This collection is also quite beneficial if you like to work on a few different projects at the same time. Each marker features a letter that corresponds to the size of the crochet hook that it represents. Put one on any project you're currently working on, and you'll never have to question what size hook you were supposed to be using again.

20. Dragonfly Gauge Swatch Measurement Ruler

These are constructed out of maple wood and feature guides that are both 10 centimeters and 4 inches in length. There are a variety of designs available for rulers, including ones inspired by nature and mandalas. One such pattern is a dragonfly. Take some time to explore this great store.

21. Crochet Hook Tip Earrings

The artisans are experts in repurposing discarded materials into whimsical jewelry and other practical things. Used crochet hooks were repurposed into these beautiful earrings. Have a peek around this entertaining business if the person you're shopping for likes to knit in addition to crocheting. In addition to that, they have a wide selection of goods fabricated using repurposed knitting needles.

22. Tangled Ball Earrings

These exquisite stud earrings are crafted entirely out of sterling silver. Earwires made of sterling silver are used to suspend the wire-wrapped spheres. They bring to mind little balls of yarn, and I think they'd make an adorable present for a crocheter who enjoys wearing dangly earrings.

23. Tangled Ball Necklace

The matching necklace may be found in the same Etsy shop as the earrings. You have a choice between four different lengths for the necklace. It is packaged in a box, making it easy to give as a present.

24. Ombre Wire Crochet Bracelet

This store is out of this world! Yoola creates stunning works of art using crochet and wire. You have the option of selecting earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and even things for the home. If your crocheter is interested in trying their hand at crafting crochet wire jewelry, she also sells kits for that. Everything in her shop is exquisite in its own special way. I encourage you to investigate it.

25. Crochet Hook Bracelet

A crochet hook is used to make this unique and amusing bracelet. You have the option of selecting from the following four hues: green, purple, red, or dark copper. If I had to choose, I'd probably go with purple. Which of these colors do you prefer?

26. Crochet Hook & Knitting Needle Shawl Pin

This crochet hook and knitting needle shawl pin combination is really adorable, don't you think? Repurposed hooks and needles are used in the production of these by Bur Oak Studios.

27. Crochet Hook Ring 

This fun ring is fashioned to look like a crochet hook. You have a choice between many different kinds of materials and dimensions.

28. Crochet Pin

This adorable crochet pin is available in your choice of three distinct colors.

29. Tape Measure Bangle

This adorable bangle bracelet can be made from one of four different materials that you select.

30. Granny Square Earrings

These adorable stud earrings include crocheted granny squares. The charms are crafted from various types of wood. The material in question is.925 silver sterling. In addition, you have the option of selecting from one of three distinct color schemes.

31. Personalized Engraved Wooden Buttons

These adorable wooden buttons are another wonderful alternative for adding a personal touch to presents. These buttons are crafted from walnut and are available in three distinct sizes to choose from.

32. Leather Labels

These individualized labels have a size of 1 inch by 2 inches. You will have the option to choose the personalisation, and the business will provide a copy for you to go over before they print it. Someone who enjoys crocheting items for their loved ones would be thrilled to get one of these as a present.

33. Personalized Crochet Queen Yarn Tote Bag Set 

You have a choice between three distinct hues when purchasing this package. Crochet enthusiasts can find a wide selection of fun and useful items to give as presents in this wonderful business.

34. Custom Stitch Markers Personalized

These individualized stitch markers offer a wide variety of customization options. There are two different kinds of wood available. In addition, there are three distinct options available for the attachment type (clip, bulb, or solid ring).

35. Personalized Crochet Hooks

These customized crochet hooks with wooden handles come in four different sizes that are suited for yarns of worsted weight and slightly heavier weights. If these are the yarns that your crocheter prefers to work with, these hooks have received a lot of positive feedback.

36. Personalized Name Crochet Hooks

The size of these hooks can be customized to the customer's preference. This site offers an overwhelming variety of stunning and one-of-a-kind hooks to choose from. If you want to present a unique hook or two as a gift, it is definitely worth looking into this option.

37. Personalized Crochet Hang Tags 

These beautiful tags are printed on natural white card stock.

38. Crocheter Christmas Ornament Personalized

This adorable ornament is perfect for a Christmas present because it can be personalized. Unless you provide the business specific instructions to the contrary, it will use the year "2022”.

39. Personalized Crochet Hook Zipper Pouch

I work on a variety of projects at the same time, so I keep a variety of zippered pouches at the ready. It seems like it would be a lot of fun to get one that is personalized with your name on it.

40. Crochet Mugs

What could possibly be more enjoyable than crocheting while sipping on a hot beverage? As a gift idea, how about a creative crocheted mug? There is a huge variety of choices available. My favorites are the ones that make fun of the craft in some way. The following are a few that you might find enjoyable.

41. Crochet Tote Bags

My motto is that you can never have too many bags! It is quite convenient to have a separate bag for each of your projects. There is a huge variety of exciting options. It seems like it would be fun to collect a few smaller gift things and offer them in a crochet tote as well. Don't you think so?

42. Crochet Stitch Dictionaries

Crocheters who want to make their own patterns or modify existing ones might benefit greatly from the use of a comprehensive stitch vocabulary. There are some excellent stitch dictionaries available nowadays. These dictionaries offer the textual instructions as well as illustrations for a variety of stitches. The ones that are the best also offer color photographs that show how the cloth looks once it has been crocheted. A number of them also include additional elements, such as instructions on how to turn corners with borders, how to link motifs, and how to modify stitch patterns to create other shapes.

43. Crochet Guild Of America Membership

A crocheter can become a member of the Crochet Guild of America by paying the organization's membership fee once each year. The art of crochet is promoted on a national level by this organization that is not for profit. Crochet! Magazine and the Chain Link newsletter are both mailed out to members of the organization. In addition, the CGOA holds an annual conference and offers solely online classes to its members.

44. Classes Through Stitches Events

You can get an online class by purchasing it through Stitches Events. You may also sign up your crocheter to attend a Stitches convention in person once those events start becoming available again. At the moment, Stitches is running a new virtual event each month, and it offers classes not only for crocheters but also for a wide variety of other crafters. These classes provide excellent opportunities to receive instruction from individuals who are known on a national level.

45. Cute Dragon Unisex Hoodie

This cozy sweater was adorned with a dragon named "Snug" who accumulated yarn. Do you, too, have a tendency to hoard yarn? This can be the ideal present for them to get. It is available in many different dimensions and hues.

46. Funny Crochet Done Adulting T Shirt

There is a wide selection of hilarious t-shirts available for your favorite crocheter. Because I enjoy doing something relaxing like crocheting at the end of the day, this was my favorite option.

47. Yarn Holder

Combine one of these yarn carriers with a fast or ball winder to create a unique and thoughtful present set. When knitting from the middle of the ball, they assist in retaining cake yarns in place, which is necessary. They are constructed of cotton jersey and are offered in a selection of three colorways each.

48. Upcycled Wind Chimes

The crochet hooks and knitting needles that were used to make these wind chimes have been recycled. You have options available in a variety of various styles.

49. Shhh I'm Counting Crochet Steel Water Bottle

This cool water bottle is made of steel, so it can keep liquids hot or cold.

50. Crocheter Sticker

This sticker would look great on a notebook, laptop, or planner and would be easy to apply.

51. Petrol Flakes Effect Crochet Hook

There is a wide variety of choice available for one-of-a-kind hooks. I felt it would be fitting to end the list with something shiny! These are available in a wide range of sizing options.

52. Wool Needles

Wool Needles were something I found for the first time last year. These are available in independent yarn shops and on the Internet. This is an inexpensive purchase for a crocheter. The broad loop makes it very simple for us crocheters to feed yarns of varying thicknesses through the eye of the needle. I personally like the colors because they are simpler to find in a yarn bag or crochet case.

53. Steamer

Steaming is an outdated method. For those with tassels or fringe, the only method to straighten the strands is to completely soak the yarn after it has been completed, or to immediately steam it. Additionally, steaming is utilized for blocking crochet squares and refreshing the appearance of fiber-based projects. In fact, as a result of what I've learnt, all products created in the studio are steamed before being photographed.

54. "Corner to Corner Lap Throws for the Family" Book

This was Sarah's first book, and she is now widely recognized as a Corner to Corner C2C aficionado. She has created so many alternatives that they appear endless. This contains woodland creatures that can be matched or paired with a person in your life.

55. Crochet Stitch Designs in One Book

I find myself opening The Complete Book of Crochet Stitch Designs the most throughout the year. The mix that Linda P. Schapper has created is unparalleled. She has arranged unique items while also revealing historical references to things that may have been lost to time.

56. Crocheting Wine Glass 

Crafting and wine go hand in hand. Even craft parties that combine the two exist. This hilarious glass will also keep wine chilled. What else could a crocheter who enjoys wine want?

57. Crochet Buttons or Crochet Magnets

These handcrafted pinback buttons feature witticisms written specifically for crocheters. Fiber fans will enjoy the six buttons, which have humorous phrases such as "Hooked" and "Ball and Chain." The buttons can be made into pins or magnets for embellishing tote bags, refrigerators, or finished projects.

58. Crochet me something necklace

This handmade sterling silver necklace and charm has a ball of yarn and a crochet needle charm. The charm is hand-formed, soldered for strong attachment, then tumbled for a lustrous sheen.

59. Removable Stitch Markers

These are an excellent, inexpensive present for crocheters and fiber enthusiasts. These handmade silver pins with peach marble beads are used to mark stitches and track pattern points. All of the markers in the designer's shop are adjustable to fit any size knot or small-to-large yarn and are available in a variety of colors and designs.

60. Crochet Journal

A blank journal that may be filled with all crochet project patterns and creation notes. There is room for photographs, swatches, and yarn trims, as well as a section for pattern-specific notes. The book offers 33 blank pages for the crocheter to organize patterns, images of completed projects, and recollections for future reference.

61. Wool Valentine Card

A DIY present that can be used for any occasion! The DIY instructions are for Valentine’s day but the design and content may be adjusted for any festival or occasion. The methods demonstrate how to build a little yarn ball and crochet needles to connect to the outside of the card and includes a template for printing out the Valentine’s message on a paper color of your choice. The lettering, paper and yarn color can be modified depending on the occasion but is a terrific way to show your support of your crafter’s favorite activity.

62. How to Make a Yarn Ball Ornament: Two Methods!

Meant for the fiber lover, these DIY instructions show you how to construct a beautiful yarn ball ornament for Christmas trees or decoration. The tutorials teach you how to change a blank glass ornament or Styrofoam ball into a yarn ball, complete with wooden crochet hooks. You can decide whatever design and colors you or the crocheter in your life will adore the most!

63. Yarn Bowl Cupcakes

Perfect for a craft party or crocheter’s birthday, these cupcakes are a delightful gift that demonstrates a love of yarn and crochet. The cupcakes can be bought or made from a conventional mix (or from scratch if you like), the yarn balls are glazed doughnut holes and topped with edible fondant. The crochet hook is created out of “pocky sticks” with the needle cut out in them; the site includes a printable basket-like cupcake cup to house your delectable product.

64. Rolled Needle Case

Instead of buying a prefabricated needle carrying case, why not customize your present and make one using this pattern? All you need is fabric, a sewing machine and some ribbon for the closing to build a case that can accommodate 15-20 needles of all sizes. The DIY pictures demonstrate how to cut and stitch the cloth, where to connect the ribbon and the inventor said she had done the project in approximately 20 minutes!

65. Yarn Ball Cake

This very cute DIY cake creation is a zero-calorie and gluten free gift! You can select 11 skeins of yarn with the crocheter's taste in mind and use them to make a two-tiered “cake”. The instructions teach you how to stack the yarn, use poly-stuffing for the filling and ribbons to secure the structure. If you are crafty yourself, there is a design supplied to crochet a yarn candle to garnish the top of the cake.

66. Crochet Gift Labels

A terrific gift for crocheters to showcase their crafts, these free printable labels wrap around completed projects that will be sold or given. The link gives three variations of free printable labels to wrap around crochet items. In the DIY instructions, they use brown kraft paper and black ink but the templates can be customized as a fantastic gift for the crafter in your life.

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