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Best Christmas Gifts for Dad

July 07, 2022 13 min read

It doesn't take much to please your father. Most days, all you need to do is give him an ice-cold beer and a comfortable spot in front of the TV, and he'll be as happy as can be. This Christmas, on the other hand, is a completely different story: It's the one day of the year when you should go all out with a home-cooked meal, fun activities, and Christmas gifts for dad that show him how much you appreciate everything he does for you.

Your father most likely has every gadget and gizmo he could ever want or need at this point. As a result, we've gathered a plethora of thoughtful and one-of-a-kind gifts tailored to a wide range of interests, from golf to camping and beyond. But, before you start shopping, consider what kind of Christmas gift would mean the most to your father: a subscription box that he can enjoy over time, a personalized present that captures what's inside his heart (his sons and daughters, of course! ), or a funny gag gift that will make him laugh.

Your father is probably the type of guy who claims to have everything and wants nothing (i.e., he doesn't want you to spend your money on him). So we made sure to include a few inexpensive Christmas gifts that won't break the bank, as well as some useful gifts that he won't be able to resist. While you're here, see if you can find something for your father-in-law, stepfather, and grandfather as well!

1. Screen Magnifier for Smartphone

When he rests his phone against the foldable stand, videos, photos, and texts will be projected onto a 12" screen. You already know what that means: It's ideal for the man who is constantly complaining about his tired eyes and strained neck.

2. Auto-Cleaning Grill 

Robot grilling is entertaining, but the cleanup is not. When the food is ready to be served, he can use this battery-powered robot to scrape the grates clean.

3. Phone Wooden Docking Station

With this wooden docking station, he can keep all of his on-the-go essentials — wallet, keys, watches, and so on — neat. Although it does not include cables or cords, he can use his own to charge his devices.

4. American Mountains Whiskey Glasses

This isn't just any set of four hand-blown whiskey glasses; inside each one is a topographic impression of a famous American mountain, such as Half Dome or Denali.

5. The New York Times Custom Book

He may not remember what happened on this Christmas (for obvious reasons), but The New York Times does. Take him on a journey through history with this book, which contains the most important news stories on Christmas from the day he was born to the present day.

6. Night Sky Father-Daughter Print

You'll always be your father's little girl, no matter how old you get. Use your birthplace and time to capture an exact image of the sky at the exact moment you changed his life forever.

7. Couch Arm Table

Is there a spot on the couch that he claims is his own? Make it more comfortable by attaching this portable table to any couch or chair arm — ideal for remotes, drinks, or a bowl of popcorn.

8. Annual Membership

With a Masterclass subscription, he can turn his hobby (ok, obsession) into a career opportunity by learning tips and tricks from the pros in any given field. Soon, his dad jokes will be on par with Steve Martin's, or as close as it gets.

9. Deep Tissue Massager

When he turns on this handheld massager, he can use one of seven different rotating heads to work out any knots, kinks, or trouble spots. Each one is tailored to a specific need or area of the body to ensure that he receives the most thorough massage possible.

10. Freeze Beer Glasses

Rather than relying on the fridge, he can pour his beer directly into these freezable glasses for a perfectly chilled beverage. His drink will stay cold for hours after only two hours in the freezer (if it lasts long enough to).

11. Cast Iron Smoker Box

Now, he can give his meats and veggies a delicious smoky flavor without setting the wood on fire (been there, hated that). Simply fill the box with wood chips, add juices or marinades, and start the grill.

12. Beer Subscription

Bring the craft brewery experience to his doorstep. Sign him up for a monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly shipment of 12 or 24 ales, lagers, and IPAs so his fridge is always stocked.

13. A Daily Dose of Dad Jokes: 365 Truly Terrible Wisecracks

Nobody appreciates a corny joke more than dear old dad. Make him laugh — literally — with this book of cheesy jokes for every day of the year.

14. Monthly Bacon Subscription

You know what he truly desires: an endless supply of hand-cut bacon. Sign him up for a subscription that will send him the best bacon in the country every three or six months.

15. Magnetic Wristband

This wristband, which has super-strong magnets sewn inside, allows him easy access to screws, nails, and bolts as he works his way through his list of DIY home improvement projects.

16. Temperature Control Smart Mug

His morning brew will stay at the perfect drinking temperature until the very last sip as long as he pours it into this smartphone-controlled mug. It's as adaptable as any other mug: He can carry it between meetings for up to 1.5 hours or charge it on the accompanying coaster.

17. Breakfast Sandwich Maker

If he considers a lack of effort and prep time to be a meal requirement, he'll enjoy this breakfast sandwich press, which one Amazon reviewer dubbed the "morning magic maker."

18. Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager

This heated neck and back massager is a great self-care option for dads. It packs a punch, with heat and three intensity settings, but it's small enough to fit on an end table or nightstand for easy access.

19. Sprinkler Timer with Wifi Hub

He'll go to great lengths for his lawn, including installing a high-tech sprinkler system that he can control from his phone. The timer is smarter than him (shh, don't tell) because it can detect rain and use local weather forecasts to determine whether it should continue as usual or delay.

20. Solo Stove Lite

This wood-burning stove, weighing just under a pound, is the ideal companion for his camping trips, backpacking trips, and other outdoor adventures. All he has to do is gather a few sticks and twigs and set them on fire to cook a meal for two.

21. Eyeglasses Holder

This quirky statuette made of hand-carved Sheesham wood will make dad remember to put his glasses in one place to keep them from getting lost.

22. Make Your Hot Sauce Kit

To put it mildly, your father has a very specific taste. Instead of buying him a bottle of pre-made hot sauce, give him a kit that allows him to make six different hot sauce variations based on his spice level.

23. Coffee Subscription

Even if he's a coffee aficionado (in other words, a coffee snob), he'll find the right brew for his palette with a weekly, biweekly, or monthly Trade subscription. They'll pair him with the right bag of coffee after he completes a quiz about his flavor preferences and brewing methods.

24. Permission to Train Pants

These tapered pants are made for training, making them ideal for days spent hiking, lifting weights, and everything in between. The fabric does not resemble most other workout joggers on the market, but it is just as — if not more — effective due to its wind-resistant, water-repellent, and abrasion-resistant properties.

25. Watch Box Organizer

Your father treats his watches like children (you'd know), so it stands to reason that he has a special place to display them. He can leave four watches on display while tucking other accessories into the drawer below.

26. Best Farter Ever Mug

Laughter is the best way to reach your father's heart. So, this punny mug is a sure way to tug at his heartstrings while also making him laugh.

27. Men's Wool Pipers

These cozy-casual sneakers give him the elevated look he wants without sacrificing comfort on days when dress shoes or sneakers just don't cut it. They're made of high-quality merino wool, which keeps his feet warm and toasty during the winter.

28. Custom Pet Portrait

You've realized that your dog is your father's true best friend. Send a photo of his fur baby to this Etsy seller to get a digitally-mastered print that he'll treasure forever in honor of their everlasting friendship.

29. Commuter 2-in-1 Garment Bag

Instead of stuffing clothes into a standard duffel, he can slip them into the garment bag, tuck shoes and accessories into the pockets, and zip it up as usual. Isn't it ideal for all of his upcoming business trips?

30. Sleep Aid Device

While some fathers fall asleep as soon as they sit on the couch, others have difficulty falling — and staying — asleep. If your father falls into the latter category, get him this handy device, which uses a light system and guided breathing exercises to naturally relax the body and mind for a good night's sleep.

31. 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

He can give the movies on this poster a star rating based on how much he enjoyed them when he watches them. Once he's watched 100 movies, he'll have a better idea of which ones are worth revisiting.

32. The Legendary Camp Mug

Whether he's camping or carpooling, this insulated mug will keep his drink at the perfect temperature — hot or ice-cold — until the very last sip. The most exciting part (quite literally): Even on the hottest summer days, the stainless steel exterior will remain sweat-free.

33. Kabob Grilling Baskets

Even your grill master could use a hand now and then. He can make his veggie and meat kebobs without using skewers with this set of four grilling baskets.

34. Insulated Dry Bag and Cooler

Nothing goes in or out of this bag unless he opens it, thanks to the roll-top closure and heat-welded seams. He can submerge it in the water next to him to keep his valuables close at hand, and he can store food or drinks in the insulated compartment to keep them cold for hours.

35. Wooden Map Wall Art

Whether he recently moved away from his favorite city or is simply proud of where he lives, this framed wooden map heart is a unique way to display his roots. Choose from over 200 different locations worldwide, ranging from state capitals to small havens.

36. Cloud Cotton Robe

Here's a cute idea for making his mornings a little cozier. This robe is made of super-soft Turkish cotton that is lightweight enough to wear in the summer.

37. Copper Rain Gauge

Because a weather app will not suffice for a man like him. Choose a tabletop-ready or garden stack rain gauge and prepare for your father to text your measurements every time it rains.

38. CATCH:3 Wireless Charing Tray

This isn't your typical leather valet tray; this pick from Courant not only looks great on his nightstand or entryway table, but it also charges Qi-compatible phones and headphones wirelessly.

39. Suede Clog Slippers

He'll be tempted to wear these slippers while walking the dog, getting the mail, or chatting with the neighbors outside because they're so soft and supportive. It's fine if he does; they have a tough sole that can withstand the elements.

40. Leather Case for AirPods

Now that he's carrying his AirPods everywhere, make sure he keeps them safe from scratches, water, and dirt by storing them in a tough leather case. As a bonus, he won't have to remove the case to charge it wirelessly.

41. World Travel: An Irreverent Guide

Anthony Bourdain traveled to some of the most fascinating places on the planet, some of which are popular tourist destinations and others that are completely remote. Your father can now follow in his footsteps with this travel guide filled with lessons learned from his most memorable trips.

43. History by Mail Six-Month Subscription

Send a piece of America's history to your history buff, from the day Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to the day the first atomic bomb was detonated. Every month, he'll get a letter that looks exactly like the ones from the past, complete with handwriting and signatures.

43. Soft Pretzel and Beer Cheese Making Kit

He can enjoy his favorite brewery and eats in the comfort of his own home with this kit. It includes everything he needs to make soft pretzels and beer cheese from scratch, as well as step-by-step instructions and helpful hints.

44. Best of Porter Road Box

Nobody appreciates a good steak dinner more than your father. With this 8 lb. box, Porter Road provides him with a month's worth (give or take) of dry-aged steaks, pork chops, dry-aged ground beef, bacon, country sausage, and chorizo sausage.

45. The Bucket List: 1000 Adventures Large and Small

Remind him that your next big adventure is just around the corner, whether it's a scenic drive in your backyard or a backpacking trip years in the future. This coffee table book highlights all of the options, providing him with the ideal dose of wanderlust.

46. Wall Ring Toss

This wall-mounted ring toss will add a lot of fun to his man cave. It's similar to darts, but with fewer holes in the wall.

47. What I Love About Dad Book with Blank Spaces

You always say you could fill a book with all of your father's best stories from over the years, and now you can. Follow the prompts in this book to document your father's unique quirks, sweetest moments, and hilarious stories.

48. Plant

This natural air purifier is extremely simple to maintain; he simply needs to place it in a relatively sunny location and water it every two or three weeks.

49. Beard Trimmer

  1. Beard Trimmer This cordless beard trimmer is praised by 1,000+ Amazon reviewers for providing "a much closer shave and sharper lines than any other trimmer on the market."

50. Beer Cap State Display

To hold the caps in place, the openings on this beer cap display board have small teeth that fit the crimped edges of the caps. Now for the real question: How quickly do you think he'll fill the entire board?

51. Mount Rushmore

He can finally cross Mount Rushmore off his bucket list (for now, at least). He can add presidential flavor to his meats with spices the George Srirachington way with this set of four seasonings.

52. Bluetooth Speaker

He can clip this Bluetooth speaker to his backpack or belt buckle and listen to his favorite music on his next adventure. It's also waterproof, so he won't be caught out in the rain or snow.

53. Silicone Band Watch

If he hasn't yet adopted the smartwatch lifestyle, this vintage version is your best bet. No matter what he's wearing, the monochromatic style — a dark onyx face and black silicone band — makes a statement.

54. Wireless Charger

This wireless charger will become an everyday necessity for your father. The simple-to-use charger fully backs up your phone while charging, is compatible with a variety of phones, and allows users to customize their backup preferences.

55. Personalized Tape Measure

With this cool custom tape measure, you can show him how much you appreciate all of his handyman work around the house.

56. USB Rechargeable Pocket Flashlight

Meet his new favorite toy: This pocket-sized flashlight can be clipped directly onto the brim of his hat or shirt collar to shine a light on whatever he's looking at. It doesn't even require additional batteries; simply use any USB charger to recharge batteries after four hours of use.

57. NASA Apollo Saturn V Model Rocket

Wrap up this model rocket made entirely of 1969 LEGO pieces for a truly out-of-this-world gift. While the rocket does not take off like the real NASA Apollo Saturn V, it does look fantastic on display.

58. Sock Subscription

Give him the gift of fancy feet with a monthly subscription to Sock Fancy, which delivers a pair of the crew or no-show socks to his door each month. Simply select his preferred sock height and style.

59. State Bottle Opener

He'll remember the place that made him every time he cracks open a drink, whether it's where he was born, raised a family, or retired. Better yet, give him a bottle opener shaped like your home state to remind him that you're always there for him (even when he's drinking with the boys).

60. Cold Beer Coats

Part comedy, part genius: These mini puffer jackets, which come in two colors, fit most beer and soda cans and keep his hands and drink at the proper temperature.

61. Home Skills

Your father believes he knows everything, but the experts at Good Housekeeping will show him otherwise. He'll discover 850 tried-and-true tricks to save money, stress, and time as he flips through the pages of this handbook.

62. Personalized Socks (5 Pairs)

It may appear absurd, but it is true: A good pair of socks can make or break a look. Give him a set of five that are embroidered with your father's initials and thus coordinate with everything.

63. NBA Special Edition Coffee

He needs his morning coffee to get through the day after staying up late watching the game. He can pour himself a cup of this medium roast next time, which is available in special packaging exclusive to the Eastern and Western Conferences. How appropriate!

64. "I Couldn't Pick a Better Dad" Guitar Pick

Every guitar-playing father will appreciate this touching selection. He'll love it even more once he realizes how clever it is.

65. Petit Gourmet Portable Tabletop

He can transport this tabletop grill from one tailgate to the next, making it a must-have for football season. Although the cooktop on this foldable grill appears to be small, it is capable of cooking 8 burgers or steaks at once.

66. Father's Day Cake

Moist chocolate and golden butter cake layers topped with chocolate cream cheese frosting? It's the ideal way to cap off your Father's Day dinner.

67. GRID Foam Roller

If he's been complaining about post-workout aches and pains (or the pain of aging, to be honest), he'll need this foam roller to relieve all of his pressure points. If he's not sure where to begin, it comes with a step-by-step guide approved by physical therapists, coaches, trainers, and athletes.

68. Beard Collection

Make sure his grooming routine reflects the fact that his quarantine beard is here to stay. Scotch Porter's four-piece set keeps his beard hydrated and silky smooth — no prickly hugs or kisses here.

69. Whiskey Soaps (Set of 2)

If he's the old-fashioned type — literally, we mean — get him a set of soaps inspired by his favorite drink: whiskey. One of the soaps smells exactly like whiskey, while the other has a slightly sweeter scent with caramel, cinnamon, and oak notes.

70. Personalized Leather Cufflinks

At this rate, he's had his cufflinks since his wedding day, which was who knows how long ago. Give him these antique full-grain leather ones, hand-punched with his initials, if he's due for an upgrade.

71. 4-Quart Covered Cast Aluminum Everyday Pan

This nonstick pan is ideal for scrambling eggs, sautéing vegetables, and boiling pasta, according to both novices and experienced at-home chefs. Remove the silicone handle covers before putting them in the oven to use their roasting and baking capabilities.

72. Airplane 3D Puzzle

It's not as difficult as the 1000-piece jigsaw puzzles he enjoys, but it looks just as good when finished. The vintage-inspired plane model kit comes on a wooden card, so he can punch out the pieces when it's time to put them together.

73. Personalized Book

To your children, he is on par with Spiderman, Batman, and other out-of-this-world heroes. They can now put it in writing with this personalized picture book featuring his name and photo.

74. Personalized Family Print

Choose skin tones, hair colors, and clothing to create a perfectly customized family portrait that best represents his crew in this personalized pick.

75. Recipe Cutting Board 

Dig through his recipe collection until you come across one of his handwritten favorites. Then send it to this Etsy seller, who will engrave it into a dark or light wood cutting board.

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