Best Christmas Gifts for Dog Lovers

July 17, 2022 9 min read

Dogs are known to be man's best friend—and if you have your own furry companion, you know how true this is. Dog owners and lovers will bring their best friend anywhere, including chain restaurants to order from secret menus. Some people are truly inseparable. But if you're not a dog person, don't worry, we've got you covered. Because if you can't relate to the love a human has for their pet, it can be difficult to know what to get them as a gift. We know you're capable of more than just another chew toy, dull treat, or frisbee. That is the purpose of this list.

But if you completely understand the dog-human love connection and have a dog of your own, this article is also for you when you are finding your christmas gifts for dog lovers. It will assist you in deciding exactly what kind of gift you'd like to receive, or in selecting the ideal gift to give to a fellow dog owner and lover. Here's a hint: It's always one that can be enjoyed with a four-legged bestie at home, on a walk, in the park, or anywhere else they go together...which is pretty much everywhere.

Here are the best Christmas gifts for dog lovers to make them smile this holiday.

1. Dog Travel Bag

If your friend is constantly on the road with her dog, she'll appreciate this travel bag, which includes portable bowls, food storage containers, a poop-bag dispenser, and plenty of storage space for toys.

2 . MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner

Get rid of the filthy floors and muddy back seats. This portable device uses soft silicone bristles to clean your dog's paws. All they have to do is add water, and they're done.

3. Dog Mom Shirt

If they didn't already know they were a pet parent (aside from you, of course), let this cuddly crewneck tell the world.

4. Personalized Dog Notepad

This adorable customizable design will add to your BFF's stationery collection. Ideal for the dog lover in your life.

5. German Shepherd Watercolor Prints

Do you have a German shepherd fan on your gift list? With this lovely watercolor portrait set, you can help them decorate their home.

6. Personalized Dog Leash Holder

Yes, this dog leash holder makes the hook appear to be dog tails. Very adorable! It will also assist your dog-loving friend in keeping all of her leashes in one place.

7. Dog Custom Return Address Stamp

Return addresses, of course, tell people where your dog-lover friend is from, but they also tell them what dog breed they prefer.

8 . Pendleton National Park Pet Cuddler Bed

This dog bed is so stylish that it will complement any decor. Most importantly, it has a wrap-around bolster for your dog's maximum support and comfort.

9. My Adorable Dog: A Journal & Keepsake Book

What better gift for your dog parent than a book about her furry best friend? Keep a record of all the goofy photos and silly moments you have with your dog to show potential partners, visitors, and guest pups.

10. Apres Ski Knit Dog Sweater

This sweater is the ideal gift for the dog mom or dad who enjoys hitting the slopes (and then joining their BFF for a cocktail in the lodge afterward).

11. Ultimate Dog or Cat Pet Pawprint Keepsake Kit

If you have a friend who just got a puppy that is going to grow up quickly, get her this paw print keepsake kit and frame so she can remember how little Fido was.

12. Dog Bandanas

This six-piece bandana set will ensure that your friend's dog has something cute to wear no matter how many times they roll in the mud.

13. Barefoot Dreams Ribbed Dog Sweater

If your mother enjoys snuggling up in her Barefoot Dreams blanket, you can bet she'll be overjoyed to learn that her beloved dog can be wrapped up in the same material.

14. Custom Pet Portrait

This personalized pet portrait is a sure bet. Simply steal your dog lover's favorite photo of their pet, and this Etsy seller will transform it into the ideal wall art. Voila!

15. Clean-Touch Ink Pad 

If your fellow pet owner is feeling crafty, the possibilities are endless thanks to this ink pad that captures your puppy's paw print without the mess (seriously!).

16. Custom Pet Silhouette Art

Your pal's dog has never looked more regal. To further personalize this masterpiece, select from a variety of frames and color themes. Two thumbs up.

17. Suncast Outdoor Dog House with Door

If your brother's dog prefers to be outside rather than inside, this adorable dog house will keep man's best friend safe from the sun and rain.

18. Custom Dog Face Stickers

We're not sure which is better: a silly dog sticker or the fact that these bad (good) boys can be stuck to any surface. In case you were wondering, they are dishwasher and microwave safe.

19. Rescue Dog Soy Candle

Adopt instead of shopping. Your friend adores her rescue dog—they wouldn't have it any other way—and this candle honors those lucky pups.

20. Vibrant Life 3 Step Pet Step - Gray

This set of stairs has a non-skid bottom and will never move out of place, making it easier for their roommate to crawl into bed every night.

21. Shag Vegan Fur Dog Bed

This pet bed is ergonomically designed for better sleep and is covered in soft shag. Thousands of positive reviews share positive experiences with dogs sleeping and relaxing better—plus, it looks darn cute next to the fireplace.

22. Dog Backpack Carrier

For the friend who enjoys taking their dog on long hikes or simply traipsing around the city, this backpack will allow their dog to enjoy the scenery without becoming exhausted.

23. Clear Vinyl Dog Raincoat 

For the nuggets that are constantly getting drenched, grab this handy pet raincoat. They are not only good dogs but also dry dogs.

24. Casual Home Wooden Medium Pet Crate

If the dog lover in your life lives in an apartment, they may not have enough space for a crate—unless, of course, they replace their side table with this brilliant invention.

25. Boxer Cushion

This vibrant accent pillow combines home design and puppy love. This handmade item, created by Lanre Studio on Etsy, is available for more than just boxer dogs.

You can also get one to honor a friend's Boston terrier, beagle, or doberman.

26. BarkBox Subscription

What could be better for a dog than a box of treats every month? This subscription packs a $45 value into a $30 box by including two toys, two treat bags, and a dental chew in each box. You can also adjust it to the dog's size, ensuring that a Saint Bernard doesn't end up with squeaky toys designed for Chihuahuas.

27. Squirrel Hide and Seek Dog Puzzle

Allow Spot to solve this puzzle if they have a smart dog at home.

Their dog will spend the entire afternoon attempting to free these adorable creatures from their plushy home, which is available in six other variations (including chickens, pandas, and rabbits).

28. Pet Grooming Glove

Who wouldn't want their dog's grooming to be as simple as petting them? Nobody, which makes this the ideal gift for fidgety and shedding Fido owners. Cleaning up is as simple as shaking off the glove once they're finished.

29. Dog- and Bone-Shaped Paper Clips

Filing has just become a lot more enjoyable for the well-organized dog owner. With these adorable and functional paper clips, they can keep track of all their puppy-related paperwork.

30. Dog DNA Test Breed Identification Kit

Your friend adores their little mutt regardless of breed, but in case they're curious, this DNA kit tests for over 250 dog breeds. A simple cheek swab is all that is required! (Well, depending on how many licks she gives you first, it's simple.)

31. The Art of Racing in the Rain: A Novel

This novel, which has been adapted into a major motion picture, is about companionship, love, and loss. This book, told from the dog's perspective (and voiced by Kevin Costner in the film), is a tearjerker, but well worth it for the insight into one dog's devotion to his owner. 

31. Furbo Dog Camera

Help them keep an eye on their dog with a full HD camera and two-way audio—yes, they can talk to their pet and have him "talk" back. It can also throw treats for all-day fun.

32. Pooches Gag Gift Calendar

Whether you're participating in a White Elephant gift exchange or simply enjoy giving the most outrageous gifts to the people you care about, this calendar is appropriate for all—well, some—occasions.

You already know what it has... hopefully I don't need to go into too much detail.

33. How to Speak Dog: A Guide to Decoding Dog Language

This National Geographic book is ideal for children who want to learn more about a man's best friend. It also includes a lot of beautiful photography, making it as visually appealing as it is informative.

34. Dog Bathing Tool

Is their dog afraid of the bath? With this hand sprayer, you can make it as painless as possible. Voila! It is now as simple to wash their dog as it is to pet him.

35. LED Dog Collar

Allow this LED collar to be their glow-in-the-dark guide if they let their dog out into a dark backyard or walk them at night.

It's rechargeable and comes in a variety of colors to match Fido's paw-esthetic.

36. Tennis Ball Launcher

If their dog loves to play fetch, give them this tennis-ball launcher to keep the fun going all afternoon. It's probably the only dog toy that entertains both humans and dogs.

37. Throw the Damn Ball: Classic Poetry by Dogs

This collection of reimagined classical poetry has the ideal dog twist. Allow your giftee to bask in the words of literary greats, with plenty of bones and sniffs thrown in for good measure.

38. Paw-Shaped 

Natural Solid Rings on the coffee table? Their house may be covered in dog hair, but rings on the coffee table? No way! With this adorable set of coasters, they can protect their surfaces.

39. Matching Dog Collar Bow Tie & Owner Friendship Bracelet

Their best friend is their pet, and no relationship is complete without friendship bracelets.

This matching set is adjustable and available in a variety of colors for maximum synergy.

40. Dog Trivet 

These cast-iron trivets are perfect for dog-loving households—buy one for pots and pans and a dozen more for wall decoration.

41. Dog Toothbrush Cactus Chew Toy 

No one likes dog breath (not even their dog, probably). This adorable cactus chew toy will help them clean their teeth in a fun way!

42. Dog DoorBell For Potty Training

Look no further if your pal is sick of hearing Sparky bark or scratch every time he wants to go outside.

This doorbell set can be hung on any door, making it simple for owners to train their dog to ring whenever he needs to go outside.

43. Dachshund Wiener Dog Wine Stopper

This Dachshund-style bottle stopper will keep any dog lover's wine fresh and fashionable.

44. French Bulldog Wine Bottle Holder

The positioning of this wine holder accurately depicts how any dog/wine enthusiast would consume a bottle.

You can choose the breed that best matches their fur baby, or you can gift an entire pack of pooches to complement their wine collection.

45. Chihuahua Throw Pillow Covers

Pick up these illustrated pillow covers for an accent piece on their (dog-hair-filled) couch. These amusing quotes are designed specifically for Chihuahua owners.

46. Bark Box Subscription

If you're not sure what to get your dog-loving friend or if you're looking for something fun for your dog, a Bark Box subscription can help. Each box includes two toys, two bags of all-natural treats, and a dog chew.

47. Dog Lover’s Complete Cookie Cutter Set

This set of ten dog-themed cookie cutters would be ideal for the dog-lover in your life. Made of rust-resistant and dishwasher-safe stainless steel.

48. Santa Dog Sweatshirt

This amazing dog-print sweatshirt has a million applications (nap time, snuggle time, lounge time, getting the mail, hanging out, etc.). We suppose it would also work for the office ugly-holiday-sweater party (though we think it's lovely). The sweatshirt is also available in cat prints (and other more unusual options).

49. Funny Compostable Poop Bags

These poop bags are an amusing and practical gift for dog lovers to help them get through their most mundane tasks—plus, they're eco-friendly.

50. Chilly Dog Charcoal Striped Dog Sweater

If your dog is into pet-friendly clothing, this cheery number from Chilly Dog will brighten things up. This warm and cozy dog sweater is made of 100% wool and is breathable, non-allergenic, and dirt-resistant. There are eight sizes available, ranging from XXS to XXXL.

51. Cozy Dog Print Sheets

Warm, cozy, and dog-covered. Isn't that the dream of every dog lover? These flannel sheets are ideal for a cold-weather loved one.

Not quite your style? Try these Eddie Bauer dog sheets (or check out our full-length guide to cozy dog sheets). If you sleep with your dog and want stronger, heftier sheets, check out our list of the best dog-proof and dog-hair-resistant sheets.

52. Hot Sox Dog Socks

These fashionable men's crew dog socks would make an excellent stocking stuffer or gift for a dog lover in your life. They have a variety of breeds, such as Dobermans, Basset Hounds, and Dachshunds.

53. Matching Family and Dog Christmas Pajamas

We've gathered our favorite whimsical, holiday-themed matching family pajamas for dog lovers, some of which even include "pet johns" for your pup. We adore this charming set's festive magic (especially for the present opening).

54. “Cool Dog Mom” Tee for Dog Lovers

This poly-cotton tee says it all in a simple yet effective way. Tie it in a cute knot or tuck it into your jeans for a relaxed look at the dog park. We like this style if you want something warm with long sleeves.

55. Grounds & Hounds Hot Chocolate Kit Gift for Dog Lovers

Do you require some hot cocoa for that mug? Grounds & Hounds Coffee's special kit is not only vegan and gluten-free but every purchase benefits no-kill rescue organizations. Get one for yourself and one for a dog lover in your life.

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