Best Christmas Gifts for Dog Moms

June 23, 2022 14 min read

Are you stumped for Christmas gifts for dog moms? Famvibe has created a comprehensive list of gift ideas for people who are passionate about dogs, with a particular focus on dog mothers who appear to have everything. Keep reading to find the perfect dog-themed gift for the dog mom in your life, whether you're looking for something sentimental, something practical, or something that's designed to make a fur mama giggle.

1. Furbo Dog Camera 

What could possibly be more ideal for a dog mother than the opportunity to keep an eye on her furbaby while she is at work? When busy pet moms are at work or on the run for most of the day, they frequently worry about their furbabies. A dog mom can keep an eye on her furbaby at all times with the help of the Furbo Dog Camera, regardless of where she is. In addition, Furbo makes it possible for dog moms to engage with their dog, ensuring that their furbaby is never left feeling lonely. This can feel like the single most important thing in the world to a dog mom.

A fur parent can console her darling pooch with goodies and her voice at any time during the day by using the treat-tossing capabilities of Furbo and its two-way microphone, which are both included in the device along with the camera. Because dog mommies will never miss a moment with their fur baby when they have Furbo, this will be the nicest Christmas gift for dog moms ever given.

2. Doggy Keepsake Box

A beautiful addition to the bureau of a dog parent is a keepsake box, which she can use to hold mementos such as dog tags, photographs, jewelry, or even a lock of her fur baby's hair. The carved figure on the front of this hand-painted box cuddles up to a furry little one, and the box itself has a heartfelt message.

3. Yoga Tank

Do you know a dog owner who also enjoys practicing yoga? The tank top fan that reads "Namast'ay home with my dog" is sure to put a grin on her face when you give it to her. After the holidays are gone, you'll want to break a sweat in this breathable and laid-back top that's great for the occasion.

4. Personalized Pet Keychains

Those who are frequently on the go might appreciate receiving a personalized keychain as a Christmas present. Take into consideration a keychain made of hand-stamped copper and aluminum. This keychain reads "dog mom" and may be personalized with any pet's name that you'd want to have stamped on it.

5. Pet Portrait Pendant

Any dog mother would absolutely like receiving a one-of-a-kind pendant that has been etched with the face of her beloved animal companion. You may want to think about purchasing a one-of-a-kind pet image pendant. It can be engraved photos of fur babies by hand into sterling silver pendants.

6. A pendant covered in gold plating

If you know a dog mom who is crazy with gold, you should get her a pendant that is polished and gold-plated to commemorate her furbaby.. It features three separate pendants. This one-of-a-kind necklace was crafted by hand, and its pendants are constructed of sterling silver with a 22-karat gold plating.

7. Dog Mom Water Bottle

Active dog moms might benefit from having water bottles on hand, so why not grab one that boasts the phrase "Best dog mom ever"? 

8. Personalized Pet Mug

You may get your dog mom off to a good start in the morning by bringing her a hot cup of coffee in an encouraging and adorable pet mug that you've personalized just for her. When a dog mother stares at the face of her pet every time she takes a sip of her coffee, the morning will feel a lot more upbeat than it would otherwise. Consider getting a customized mug featuring a portrait of your pet from Desirae Kitchen. The people who offer this mug take a photograph of a furbaby and turn it into an illustration before printing it on a cup. The delicate floral decorations that surround the image on this cup are what really take it to the next level of cuteness.

9. Mug Engraved with The Words "Dear Mommy"

Do you know a furbaby who wants to communicate with its dog mom but is unsure of the appropriate way to do so? This holiday season, you may be a big help to them by giving their fur mama a personalized "Dear Mommy" mug. You may insert up to five different dog's names on this made-to-order mug. It's completely customizable. Simply communicate with the seller using the note left by the dog, and you will make a dog parent feel appreciated.

10. Lab Mom Decal

Dog mothers who have Labrador puppies or kittens will adore the opportunity to show their doggie mom pride with a superb vinyl decal designed and produced by Bluegrass Decals.

11. Fur Mama T-Shirt

The trendy shirt that reads "All my kids have paws" is sure to be a hit with pet parents who already have their hands full caring for a brood of furry offspring. This tee, which can be purchased from TwoJaysCreative, is incredibly soft and cozy, and it will look fantastic when paired with a colorful cardigan.

12. An Inspiring Book for Dog Lovers

On a lazy snowy day, cuddling up with a furbaby and getting lost in a good book is the ideal way to pass the time. Find a dog mom who enjoys reading and give her a copy of Tami Simon's "The Dharma of Dogs: Our Best Friends as Spiritual Teachers." This book discusses how our animal companions may teach us to love unconditionally, overcome our fears, and other valuable life lessons. This book is sure to be a hit with pet parents who have a special place in their hearts for their canine companions.

13. Casual Infinity Bracelet

A robust multi-layer infinity bracelet that is specifically designed for dog parents adds both flair and mystery to an otherwise simple getup. An eye-catching piece of jewelry, the infinity bracelet handcrafted from synthetic leather and velvet layers has an infinity charm, a dog mom charm, and a paw print charm. Other charms include an infinity symbol.

14. Sentimental Bangle

This wire bangle is the type of delicate bangle bracelet that is sure to bring a tear to the eye of a dog mom because it features sentimental charms. This expandable bracelet made of stainless steel contains a heart-shaped charm, a paw-shaped charm, and a pendant that reads, "When I needed a hand I found your paw." It is certain to win the heart of any dog parent who sees it.

15. Stoneware Mug for the Dog Mom

Are you looking for a coffee mug of superior quality to give to a dog mom who is obsessed with coffee? In addition to that, it features adorable paw prints lining the interior of the mug so that you can smile while you drink from it.

16. Unique Doormat

When a fur mother enters her home, she will be greeted with a grin every time by a one-of-a-kind doormat. The Footprints in the Mud doormat is going to be a huge hit with pet parents who take their furry children on adventures in the great outdoors. 

17. Dog DNA Test

Give a dog parent the Christmas gift of knowledge by giving her a doggy DNA test so that she can find out more about the history of her furbaby. They can also inspect health information in the form of a comprehensive report, which can assist dog mothers in taking preventative measures for the care of their furbabies.

18. Sweater with a Tattoo with the Word "Love Mom"

What could possibly be cuter than a furbaby donning a sweater that was knitted with its mother's name on it? Dog parents receive the added benefit of the satisfaction of knowing their furbaby is toasty and comfortable throughout the colder months of the year..

19. A Pillow in the Shape of a Realistic Dog

The addition of a genuine dog-shaped pillow to the interior design of a fur mama's home might give the impression that there are more than enough fur babies to go around. 

20. Playful Dog Coasters

With a set of cheery and amusing coasters, such as this Dog Is Good four-piece coaster set, you may assist a pet mother in starting up a conversation at a holiday party. This set includes four coasters.

21. Knit Your Own Dog

It's possible that some of the dog owners on your Christmas list are also avid knitters, or perhaps they'd be interested in picking up the hobby. Gift a crafty fur mother a pedigree pattern book, like this book by Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne, which contains 25 simple designs. The patterns are easy to follow. A pattern book can lead a dog mother through hours of pleasurable knitting, but she needs to make sure she uses the right yarn with it.

22. Dog Treat Maker

Dog mothers adore doting on their canine offspring and showering them with delectable food. Give them a Bake a Bone dog treat maker, which is ideal for dog mommies who want to manufacture goodies that are 100 percent natural and nutritious and come straight from their heart to the stomach of their furbaby.

23. High-Quality Pet Purse

Is there a dog mom in your life who seems to take her furbaby with her everywhere she goes? If this is the case, it might be time for her to get her dog a high-quality pet carrier so that she can transport her dog in a manner that is both safe and comfortable even when she is in a hurry. It also features a comfortable padded shoulder strap for the pet owner, as well as a replaceable plush bedding option for the canine passenger.

24. Creative Pet Portrait

Any area can benefit from the addition of a vibrant piece of artwork. The personalized pet portraits created are hand-painted on gouache card paper based on a photo of the customer's furbaby. Every portrait is bright and quirky, and it captures your pet's unique character perfectly. A painting is the kind of thing that a dog mom would treasure for the rest of her life.

25. Dog Breed Slippers

Dog mothers who have plenty of icy floors throughout their home would benefit greatly from receiving a nice pair of slippers as a Christmas gift for their pet. Keep their toes toasty with a pair of adorable pooch slippers like the Fuzzy Nation Dog Breed Slippers. These cozy slippers have an inner made of faux fur, an outside made of corduroy, and embellishments in the form of stuffed dog heads. Your dog mother will also take pleasure in learning that the sale of her slippers contributed to the funding of shelter animal meals.

26. Custom Pet Plate

A realistic painting of a dog mom's cherished furbaby is shown on a bespoke pet plate created by Jacqueline Poirier, often known as the Crazy Plate Lady. This vivid piece of art will bring a splash of color and personality to any home, and it also makes an unusual present that is likely to become the point of focus in the room. You are welcome to get an estimate from the artist by contacting them directly.

27. Dog Clock

Keeping track of time is more enjoyable with a handcrafted canine clock. Each clock is hand-crafted to the customer's specifications using plexiglass, wood, and metal. It will look wonderful in a home office, kitchen, bathroom, or any other location in the house where your dog mom could be prone to losing track of the passage of time.

28. Silly Dog Toy

This Christmas, consider getting a dog mom the Humunga Stache dog toy so that she and her furbaby can share hours of belly laughs together. On one side of this toy is a non-toxic natural rubber ball that is perfect for your fur baby to play with, and on the other side is a large cartoon mustache that is fun for your fur mother. When she is using the Humunga Stache to play fetch, it will be difficult for her to contain her laughter.

29. Cuddle Clone

There are some dog moms who adore their canine offspring to such an extent that they wish they could have more than one. It's time to get the dog parent you know a Cuddle Clone if this sounds like the kind of thing she does. Each Cuddle Clone is a one-of-a-kind reproduction of a furbaby that may be purchased as a one-of-a-kind stuffed animal, pair of slippers, golf club head cover, pocketbook, or holiday stocking. Each Cuddle Clone is hand-designed.

30. Selfie Ball

Some dog mommies want to take the ideal selfie with their furbaby, but it's just too difficult to keep their pet calm. This problem can be solved with the Selfie Ball. Using a Pooch Selfie, you may assist a dog mama in getting her furbaby into the correct posture for a selfie. A Pooch Selfie is an attachment for smartphones that consists of a detachable squeaky ball and is designed to keep a fur baby's attention for the length of time necessary to take a holiday photo.

31. Pet Candle

While dog parents adore their furry children, they can't ignore the fact that their canine companions can sometimes come back from a walk in the park smelling a touch less than fresh. Gift a fur mama with a candle that is safe for her furbabies, such as the Fresh Scent Pet Candle by Craig Davies. The handcrafted soy wax candle has a rustic appearance thanks to the glass container, which was previously used for something else.

32. Pedigree Poem Pillow

If you know a dog owner who is passionate about the breed of her furbaby, you can consider gifting her Patricia Carlin's Pedigree Poem Pillow. She will like it. Each of these cushions is adorned with an acrostic poem and artwork that honors the one-of-a-kind characteristics of a specific breed.

33. Shadow Box Locket Pendant

Buy your fur mama a custom hand-cut silhouette pendant for a keepsake treasure with an antique flair.

34. Leash Holder

The placement of a leash holder next to the key hook of a fur mama creates an arrangement that is practical and simple to grab. Consider the handcrafted bone-shaped leash holder made of wood . Not only does it provide a dash of color, but it also provides a means to keep things organized.

35. Dog Mom Wine Glass

Consider purchasing this stemless wine glass from Lifelong Creations for a dog owner who is also a wine enthusiast. The glass bears the inscription, "It's not really drinking alone if the dog is home," and the glass is dishwasher safe.

36. Pet Stroller

When winter comes around and fur moms want to take their fur babies for a long walk, a dog stroller will come in handy for them. This is especially true if their fur baby has small legs and tires out easily. Consider purchasing a Pet Rover heavy-duty premium stroller, which comes in sizes suitable for small, medium, and big pets.

37. Custom Cookie Cutter

Your dog mama is going to absolutely enjoy these one-of-a-kind cookie cutters, which she can use either to make holiday cookies to offer to visitors or to make homemade treats for her dog. You are able to select a breed shape and add a furby's name of up to seven letters with these personalized cutters

38. Paw Print Keepsake Kit

A paw print keepsake kit is a classic Christmas gift for dog moms who want something to remember their furbaby by forever. 

39. Sterling Silver Paw Print Earrings

Consider purchasing these polished paw print studs from Bling Jewelry if you are a sophisticated fur mother who adores earrings and already has other pieces of jewelry inspired by furbabies.

40. Doggy Mouse Pad

A mouse pad depicting a dog is sure to win the hearts of doting mothers of fur babies who spend a lot of time in front of their computers. Explore the many diverse doggy designs or build your own with a fur mama's preferred photo of her pet.

41. Dog Mama Pajamas

At Christmas, you should spend time with your loved ones and treat yourself to some cozy new jammies. 

42. Dog Obsessed Book

Is there a dog mama in your life that always makes an effort to ensure that her furbaby is as healthy as possible, that she is happy, and that she lives a lot longer? Lucy Postins has written a book titled "Dog Obsessed: The Honest Kitchen's Complete Guide to a Happier, Healthier Life for the Pup You Love," and you should give it to her. This handy guide provides over fifty simple recipes for dog meals and treats, and it also contains health information, guidance, and humorous asides. This book also includes a chapter on holiday health and safety for dogs, making it an ideal choice for the current time of year.

43. Dog Shaming Calendar

Dog lovers know pups can be a little mischievous sometimes, but it's impossible to stay angry at a furbaby for long. Help your dog mama friend welcome the new year laughing with a funny Dog Shaming Calendar, which has 365 pages of colorful photos of adorable pups.

44. Dog Memory Journal

Mamas who are sentimental and enjoy writing will find that putting down their treasured memories in a diary that is dedicated to their furbaby will be a fun activity. Think about picking up a copy of "Dog Tales: In-the-Moment Memories with Your Beloved Pet" published by Harvest House Publishers. A colorful book that captures memories is the perfect keepsake for a dog mom, and this book does just that.

45. Picture Frame Ornament

If a dog mama did not have a picture ornament of her furbaby on her Christmas tree, the tree would not be considered complete. You might go with the Hallmark Good Dog Photo Frame Personalized Ornament. This Hallmark ornament contains a charm that can be personalized with a name, a date, or a special message, and it can hold a photo of a furbaby. It is one of the most thoughtful Christmas gifts for dog moms ever.

46. Novelty Socks

These adorable Crew Socks will keep a dog mama's feet toasty and extremely happy. Help a dog mama out by giving her a pair today! These pawsome socks are ideal for wearing around the house when hanging out with furbaby or combining with leggings for a more put-together look.

47. Dog Print Aprondog mom apron for christmas

For dog parents who are passionate about cooking, the Christmas season can be a particularly chaotic time in the kitchen. Make sure a fur mama's new dog clothing stays clean by giving her an apron with a dog design on it. 

48. Matching Collar and Bracelet

Dog moms are going to go crazy for meaningful jewelry sets that match their furry baby and serve as a symbol of their undying relationship with each other. FriendshipCollar is a company that creates coordinating accessories, such as this collar and bracelet, and then contributes a portion of their proceeds to various animal shelters across the United States.

49. Matching Scarf and Sweater

Wearing matching scarves and sweaters is another method for a mother and her furry child to demonstrate the strength of their love. ShellOfAShotBoutique has designed a scarf combination that includes a flannel infinity scarf for the dog mama and a matching bandana for her furbaby. They won't get cold even in the depths of winter while maintaining their chic appearance.

50. Print Your Pet Dog Blanket

The holiday season presents the ideal time to refresh a dog mama's bedding with a brand-new throw. She'll have a lot of fun cuddling up with her furbaby in a brightly colored blanket that includes the face of her furbaby. Visit Print Your Pet to place an order for a personalized fleece blanket to give to the pet parent who has everything.

51. Subscription

The next Christmas gifts for dog moms suggestion that we have on our list honors a dog mama's deepest desire, which is to ensure that her furbaby is content. A membership is certain to accomplish this goal. This manner, a dog parent can make her dog happy and keep her dog interested with new toys every month, and it is handy for her as well.

52. Dog Mom Tote Bag

This dog parent tote is not only super cute, but it also has a lot of useful features. Because it is made of canvas cotton, it is capable of holding anything from books to groceries, or perhaps simply all of the goods and accessories for her dog. Because it is made of canvas cotton, it is also capable of holding anything from books to groceries. It's possible that dog owners who are often on the go with their puppies would find this to be the most useful and appreciated Christmas gift ever.

53. Long Wallet Zipper Clutch with Corgi Print

This faux leather organizer wallet is available in a variety of adorable animal patterns, including the one shown above. It is not only functional, but it is also certain to put a smile on her face. After all, who doesn't adore the buttocks on a Corgi?

54. Dash Dog Treat Maker

If you know of a dog mom who is passionate about making homemade dog biscuits, this could be an excellent Christmas gift for dog moms. This treat iron is non-stick and can produce up to eight treats at once. It also comes with simple recipe instructions. At the dog park, everyone will be talking about her.

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