Best Christmas Gifts for Friends Under $10 or Less

June 24, 2022 10 min read

Maintaining a beautiful relationship with your BFF requires your undivided attention! Whether you've been friends for five years or your entire life, your best friend deserves a thoughtful gift. If you're looking for a gift for the holidays, their birthday, a wedding, or just because, and you're not sure what to get them, don't worry; we've got you covered.

From new takes on the friendship bracelets of your youth to Golden Girls references, custom portraits, and plants, there is something on this list for everyone to enjoy. Some gifts are personalized, others are designed to make your BFF smile, and others are merely a nod to his or her interests and impeccable taste. Moreover, these are a few Christmas gifts for friends under $10 that are certain to make you and your partner emotional. Your best friend will love you no matter what you choose.

1. Scratch-off Poster Titled "100 Things to Do Bucket List"

This interactive, scratch-off poster will be entertaining for your favorite explorer. It includes 100 must-do activities that are likely already on the recipient's mental bucket list, but this allows them to view them all in one place. Each time a task is completed, the corresponding square on the poster can be scratched off.

2. Crossbody Bag with Multiple Pockets

This convenient crossbody bag features multiple compartments that will keep the recipient extremely organized. It is not only fashionable, but also incredibly practical, with multiple zippered pockets to hold a phone, keys, sunglasses, and anything else they may need while out and about. In addition, it is available in 25 colors, so there are many options.

3. "Calm the F*ck Down: An Irreverent Adult Coloring Book" by Sasha O'Hara

You can't exactly give them therapy, but with this inexpensive present, you can encourage them to release some stress. This profanity-filled coloring book for adults will make them laugh out loud and improve their mood during difficult times. The 21 coloring pages are filled with illustrations accompanied by snarky comments such as "Suck it up, buttercup" and "Dance like no one attractive is watching."

4. Coaster Set of Cactus

This six-piece set of party-ready coasters will make your favorite hostess flip out. They keep tables free of unsightly water stains and stack like a cactus to add a festive touch to any celebration. And if they aren't great plant parents, this is a way to have a touch of green without the responsibility.

5. Bamboo Cotton Swab Holder

We adore countertop organizers that are additionally adorable. This petite container in the shape of a lotus can hold up to 30 cotton swabs at a time and will look lovely on their bathroom sink. In addition, the cover prevents them from becoming grimy or dusty, which is a must in bathrooms.

6. All Empty Grocery List Notepad

This note set is a fail-safe inexpensive gift for the most forgetful shopper you know, boasting a 4.8-star rating and over 6,500 positive reviews. Those with more specialized diets can benefit from keto and vegetarian versions, crossing off as many grocery items as they desire during a successful shopping trip.

7. We Rate Canines 2022 Everyday Desk Calendar

If you want to give a gift that will bring a smile to the recipient's face every day, then this calendar is it. Based on the Instagram and Twitter accounts @WeRateDogs, each day features a different dog along with a humorous rating of why he or she is such a great pooch.

8. 14-Function Multi Tool

Why not give someone a wine opener, a pair of scissors, and a screwdriver, along with 12 other tools, since you never know when someone will need them? This multitool has 14 functions, making it a practical and inexpensive Christmas gift for friends under $10. It's a great choice for the outdoorsy person in your life or for anyone who likes to be prepared.

9. Himalayan Salt Lamp with Dimming Cable

This Himalayan salt lamp will bring a sense of serenity to their space. Not only does it add a warm glow to any room, but it can also be dimmed to set the mood in any space. Himalayan salt can also help to balance the ions in the air, which can help you sleep better at night.

10. Dash Mini Waffle Maker

This sub-$20 kitchen appliance may appear diminutive, but it will significantly alter their morning routine. From savory chicken and waffles to equally decadent desserts, the options are truly limitless. This adorable leopard print is also a favorite of ours; they may even want to display it!

11. Enliven Me with Lavender Bath Bomb and Necklace

This lavender-scented bath bomb, formulated with essential oils and shea butter, is the perfect inexpensive gift for your most anxious friend. In addition, the fun continues after the bubbles vanish. This extra-large bath bomb contains a necklace, giving you two gifts for the price of one!

12. Red wine stain remover from Chateau Spill

A bottle of wine is a nice present, but it's a bit dull, don't you think? This convenient red wine stain remover is the perfect inexpensive gift for those who are prone to spilling at parties. Simply spray this stain remover on your wine stains, blot, rinse, and watch them vanish.

13. Reusable Grocery Bags

This set of five reusable grocery bags is a thoughtful present for eco-conscious recipients who can't resist an impromptu trip to Target (or the $5-and-under section)! These bags are weightless, the ideal size, and can be folded to fit in a purse for spur-of-the-moment use. With a variety of colors and patterns to choose from, you can find the perfect set to complement any individual's character.

14. Classic Dog Toy 

Even furry companions merit a Christmas gift! This inexpensive dog toy will provide your pet with hours of entertainment. It satisfies their need to chew while encouraging healthy play with its durable rubber composition and unpredictable bounce. It may also be stuffed with a dog's favorite treats, kibble, or peanut butter for an enticing challenge.

15. Variety Pack of VAHDAM Tea

If you have a tea enthusiast on your hands, set them up for sophisticated sipping with this assortment of VAHDAM's most popular single-origin and house blends. Flavors such as sweet cinnamon and turmeric spice will make them feel warm and cozy on the inside, while classic flavors such as Earl Gray are also included.

16. Mario Badescu Facial Spray

This cult-favorite facial spray is an outrageously popular and affordable gift idea for a reason: It hydrates and revitalizes tired skin, giving it an instant fresh and dewy appearance. It is also a pleasant little pick-me-up in the afternoon. Simply spritz this mist for an instant boost of energy!

17. TomCare Suspended Flower Pots

The plant parents in your life will always appreciate another planter, particularly one as stylish as this woven jute one. This presentation includes two hanging planters, which are ideal for trailing plants such as pothos or philodendrons. If you're feeling especially generous, you could even include a live plant; Amazon sells those as well!

18. Tweexy Wearable Nail Polish Container

Give her a hand with this wearable nail polish holder that will make DIY manicures much easier. It holds the bottle snugly, so there is no risk of spillage as she perfects her manicure. Couple this inexpensive present with some quick-drying nail drops, and you'll have a manicure kit in no time!

19. Flame

You could purchase a luxury candle for $50, but this one smells just as good for a fraction of the cost. Plus, it's made from soy wax, so you don't have to worry about any chemicals being released into the atmosphere. This basil-scented one is great throughout the year, and the price of under $10 is hard to beat.

20. Inexpensive Gift Idea Will Enhance Self-care Routine on Sundays 

Single-use sheet masks are lauded for their pleasant aroma, supple texture, and mess-free application. This honey variant will transform your dry, dull skin into a healthy, hydrated daydream in just twenty minutes. Moreover, it is suitable for sensitive skin.

21. Mini Photo Album Softcover

Who said that inexpensive presents cannot be thoughtful? This mini photo book is a Christmas gift for friends under $10 they'll treasure for years to come, and it won't break the bank. It will look great on their coffee table or bookshelf, and they'll likely share it with their friends.

22. Silicone Consumption Straws

This is a great inexpensive gift idea for a friend who is attempting to purchase more environmentally friendly beverages daily. This set of six colorful silicone straws comes with its cleaning brush and carrying pouch, allowing them to enjoy their iced lattes without contributing to plastic pollution.

23. Modern Tube Vase of Concrete

A cheap Christmas gift under $10 that looks much more expensive than it costs is a total winner. This contemporary concrete vase pairs well with one stem. Two sizes and three shapes are available. If the recipient isn't much of a flower person, this would make a fantastic propagation vase.

24. Hair Ties

These trendy hair ties will not leave marks on her hair like traditional elastics, but they will hold her hair up just as effectively. The next morning, she will be able to avoid damaging hot styling tools because her strands will be perfectly intact. They are available in a variety of hues, allowing you to select the one you believe she will appreciate the most.

25. Adorable hair accessory

The classic vibes of this emerald green headband will elevate any ensemble, but many other gorgeous hues will compliment your friend's style.

26. iPhone 13 Camera Lens Shield

If they were fortunate enough to purchase an iPhone 13 before the holidays, they will value this camera lens protector. This piece of plastic attaches to the iPhone's camera and protects the lenses from dust and scratches. It won't obstruct shots or the flash, and it won't interfere with any phone case they choose to use.

27. Lips 

Tech gifts can become exorbitantly expensive, but the PopSocket is a cheap Christmas gift and an affordable phone accessory that will delight them while leaving you with extra pennies.nIt adheres to the back of the user's device to make selfies and streaming more manageable, and a refillable lip balm inside ensures that their mouth is always hydrated.

28. Sloth-shaped infuser

If sloths are not their thing, you may also choose a hedgehog, chicken, or koala. They can keep one of these at their office desk and the other at home.

29. Genius Movies Cards for Game

These movie-themed playing cards make every game, from Go Fish to Gin Rummy, more entertaining. There is no King of Diamonds in this deck, but Alfred Hitchcock and Spike Lee are both included.

30. Custom Best Friend Portrait

Nothing will make your best friend more emotional than a custom-illustrated portrait of the two of you, especially if it includes a heartfelt message.

31. Open When Envelope Set

Write a letter to correspond with the prompt on each envelope in this set, and your long-distance BFF will always have your words of encouragement when they need them.

32. Why You're My Bestie Book

This fill-in-the-blank book allows you to personalize each page with things you love about your best friend before wrapping it and giving it to them as a gift.

33. Bracelet

This dainty, modern take on a friendship bracelet uses tiny beads to spell out letters in morse code, allowing you and your friend to wear bracelets bearing each other's names.

34. Best Friend Gift Box 

This adorable gift box contains a succulent in a fun planter, a fragrant candle, and matches. Oh, and a card stating what your best friend likely already knows, namely that your life would "succeed" without them. If your BFF is an aspiring plant parent or a seasoned green thumb, they will love this cool hexagonal planter set—bonus points if you also purchase succulents.

36. Sunglasses

Reasonably priced and fashionable, these polarized sunglasses went viral on TikTok.

37. Organizer for Travel Jewelry

With three necklace snaps, two rows for ring storage, space for nine pairs of earrings, and four zippered pockets, this jewelry organizer for travel will keep her accessories organized and safe.

38. Bluetooth Earbuds 39

She will adore these fashionable Bluetooth earbuds, whether she enjoys working out, listening to podcasts, or blocking out ambient noise.

39. Packing Cubes

This seven-piece luggage organization set will make packing bags a breeze for your always-on-the-go friend.

40. Sleep Solution Restore Alarm

If your best friend has trouble sleeping, this alarm clock will create a personalized sleeping pattern to assist them in falling asleep and waking up on the correct side of the bed. In addition, there are settings for white noise and soft light for reading. They will never again be tardy for coffee in the morning!

41. Trinket Box

Astrology devotees will enjoy storing their trinkets and trinkets in this lovely round dish with a matching lid that is designed specifically for their zodiac sign.

42. MakeUp Eraser Set

For the makeup lover in your life, these machine-washable clothes remove 100 percent of makeup—just add water! What a remarkable development!

43. Boy Smells

What is more appealing than a brand-new candle? Three! This stylish gift set from Boy Smells will make your friend's living space smell divine (and look good doing it).

44. Food for Friends

This is ideal for a friend who enjoys hosting dinner parties and cooking. You may compile a list of recipes for Friendsgiving and romantic dinners.

45. Hair Clip Collection

Friends don't let friends have bad hair days. This hair clip set will ensure that your friend is always stylish.

46. Candle

Choose a scent that you know your friend will enjoy (perhaps lavender and sage or spicy blood orange) to complement the reminder that they are a limited edition type of friend.

47. Monthly Flower Delivery

If you have a long-distance friendship with your best friend, send them unexpected flower deliveries to remind them that you're thinking of them. The customizable bouquets can be delivered weekly, biweekly, or monthly. There are numerous available options, but you can easily set up a schedule to send your favorites.

48. The Five Minute Record

This gratitude journal will bring joy and reflection to your best friend's morning! You will undoubtedly be included on their list of gratefulness.

49. Best Friend Definition Print

This instantly downloadable print defines "best friend" in the most endearing way; all you need to do to make it a Christmas gift is print it out and frame it. Treat your best friend to a luxurious spa day with a towel set that takes self-care to the next level. The personalized touch is a bonus to the luxurious feel of the towels.

50. Planter

If their cat is their other best friend, this personalized planter (simply add the cat's name!) is a lovely tribute to their furry companion.

51. Dancing Butterflies Puzzle

If they adore butterflies, this puzzle will be a fun and relaxing activity for the two of you to engage in together, as well as their favorite piece of art when completed.

52. Necklace

Remember the "Best Friends" necklaces you and your best friend wore as children? Consider this dainty pinky promise pendant an adult upgrade.

53. Nature Notebooks

They'll think of you each time they use this personalized journal to jot down their thoughts; it's both practical and adorable!

54. Portable Outdoor Speaker

This water-and dust-resistant portable Bluetooth speaker is ideal for the beach-going companion you frequently travel with.

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