Best Christmas Gifts for Girlfriend Under $50 or Less

June 24, 2022 10 min read

Your girlfriend is unique, and you love her. Don't settle for boring Christmas gifts for a girlfriend under $50 like a picture frame or a greeting card when shopping for her present. This list will help you find a gift that is as amazing and unique as your girlfriend's. Choose from thoughtful, sentimental gifts such as matching love bracelets or beautiful artwork, or give your girlfriend something outrageous, such as a giant face lollipop, to make her laugh. Whether you're shopping for a gift for her birthday, a new job, a breakup, or any other event in her life, the suggestions on this list will convey to your girlfriend how fabulous she is.

1. I Have Penned A Book About You

A thoughtful Christmas gift for a girlfriend under $50 that requires little effort is the ideal present. This fill-in-the-blank book is filled with whimsical illustrations and endearing prompts to help you express your feelings for your girlfriend.

2. Customized Girlfriend Wooden Canvas

This personalized canvas is unique, but so is your girlfriend. Therefore, you adore her! Send this artist a photograph, and he or she will create an illustration on a wood texture background. Send it as a download to her inbox or have it printed as a canvas.

3. F**k This Suckfest Gratitude Journal

This gratitude journal "for tired-a** women" was created by women who understand that a few F-bombs here and there are the secrets to a happy life. Each page contains a prompt or activity designed to help your GF find inner peace in the most NSFW way possible.

4. Why You Are My GF Complete Book

The book's instructions pretty much say it all: Clean and dry your hands. Consider your girlfriend. Fill in the blanks. Remove plastic sleeves. Give a book to your bestie. Offer tissues.

5. 100 Things To Do Bucket List Scratch Off Poster

This scratch-off poster is essentially a list of things to do with your girlfriend. It provides a list of 100 activities, ranging from singing karaoke to skydiving, that you and your friend will enjoy doing together.

6. Actual Water Bottle

Water is indispensable to any wellness regimen. This beautifully designed water bottle will help you achieve your goals, inspire you, and most importantly, keep you hydrated!

7. I'd Kill a Rat for You, Candle

The ideal candle for your last ride. This cheeky candle comes in a variety of delightful scents and will help your girlfriend relax knowing you have her back.

8. Friendship-Specific Watercolor Painting

This fully customizable watercolor of you and your girlfriend is both sentimental and adorable. Choose your hairstyle, outfits, and even beverages for a completely personalized gift. Additionally, it is available in greeting card format.

9. Customized Face Cushions

To give your girlfriend sweet dreams of your face, all you need is a high-quality photo. Whether your loved ones reside next door or across the country, this face pillow will ensure that you never feel distant. Literally.

10. The Insect Vacuum

The Bug Vacuum is possibly the greatest invention ever; it will vacuum up all the pests in your girlfriend's home without her having to touch them. She can then release them into the wild. Or crush them mercilessly with your shoe. It's up to her.

11. Exfoliating Butt Masks

Butt masks have replaced facial masks. You first heard it here. These plant-based masks are designed to hydrate, tone, and exfoliate, also known as providing you with the best butt ever.

12. Best F'ing Friend Ever Candle

Tell your girlfriend that she illuminates your world in an R-rated manner. She will enjoy burning this sarcastic candle, which is available in ten delicious scents and thinking of you.

13. Your Actual Signature Bracelet

This present for your girlfriend is truly unique. Send in a photo of your handwritten message and it will be transformed into an adorable bracelet. You can make this sentimental and sweet, or you can include your girlfriend's favorite inside joke.

14. Solar-Powered 3D Moon Lamp

You are the moon to your girlfriend's stars! This incredible moon lamp will be the coolest nightlight or accent piece in your girlfriend's home. The lamp was created with a 3D printer and has the appearance and texture of the moon's surface.

15. Period Underwear Pants

Why are the women in tampon advertisements always so happy? Nobody knows. With this hilariously aggressive underwear, you can show your girlfriend exactly how they feel about their period.

16. A Disaster Room Experience

There are times when you must simply rip sh*t apart. If your girlfriend has had a particularly stressful time at work or simply needs a break from the kids, purchase tickets to a wreck room so you can smash, slam, and kick the stress away.

17. The Cozy Extra-Large Blanket/Sweatshirt

This remarkable wearable blanket combines two of your girlfriend's favorite things: fashion and comfort. Choose from a variety of colors and patterns, such as baby pink and leopard print, to find the coziest present ever.

18. Customized Face Socks

With these personalized face socks, your GF will never forget how much you love her, regardless of where her adventures take her. Send in a photo of you or you and your girlfriend to receive a Christmas gift that will knock her socks off.

19. Zen As F**K Journal

This irreverent book is a guide to "the mindful art of not caring." The Zen as F**k journal is filled with beautiful illustrations and cheeky exercises to infuse your girlfriend's life with a little bit of zen and a whole lot of profanity.

20. Hanging Air Planter Terrarium

This lovely terrarium will bring a piece of nature into your girlfriend's home. Made from real pressed wildflowers, they can hang this on a window or wall to feel as though they are in their private garden.

21. I Detest Everyone Except You Candle

A massage candle that smells as good as it reads! The "I Hate Everyone But You" candle is available in three sizes and over a dozen scents.

22. Year's Worth of Letters of Gratitude

Long-distance relationships are difficult. Make sure your girlfriend knows how much you care for them with 365 pre-written letters! This little book makes it simple to jot down thoughtful messages that will make your friend smile from afar.

23. Customized Face Magnets

If you are attracted to your friend's magnetic personality, then these face magnets are the perfect Christmas gift for a girlfriend under $50. Send in a photo of your or your girlfriend's face to receive a custom-illustrated magnet that will make their refrigerator extremely happy.

24. Gold Heart Charm Bracelet

The girlfriend's bracelets have returned. These miniature gold hearts will serve as tokens of your most cherished friendship. Choose from over ten fashionable string colors to create jewelry that you and your girlfriend will want to wear daily.

25. Weighted Blanket for Cooling

Occasionally, nothing relieves stress and anxiety better than a good hug. However, since you can't always hug your girlfriend, a weighted blanket is the next best thing. Choose from a variety of colors and weights to help them drift off to sleep in peace.

26. Candle

This is one of the most perfect Christmas gifts for a girlfriend under $50. This hand-poured soy candle comes in a variety of calming scents, so that your friend can relax while thinking of you. And nobody besides you.

27. Personalized Girlfriend Bow Bracelet

This handmade bow-shaped bracelet comes with a touching poem that is certain to make your friend smile. This silver, gold, or rose gold piece of sentimental style can be added to your GF's daily stack.

28. Vinebox Subscription Wine Box

Who says that boxed wine cannot be elegant? A Vinebox subscription will elevate your girl's night by delivering cool, unique wines by the glass to your doorstep. But there is no judgment if you and your girlfriend want to consume the entire box in one sitting.

29. Personalized Face Big Lollipop

You've always imagined that your girlfriend would lick your face, correct? This company will create a life-sized lollipop in your likeness, which your friend will likely end up keeping because it is so cool (and creepy).

30. Personalized Coffee Mug

This mug is both delicious and badass. The front features a heartfelt message assuring your girlfriend that they are never alone, while the back features a custom illustration of the two of you wearing matching leather jackets. Best Christmas gift for a girlfriend under $50 ever!

31. Wine glass

Regardless of what initially brought you together, juicy gossip is what has kept your relationship strong. Customize and personalize this cheeky wine glass to commemorate the occasion.

32. Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

A girlfriend is a drink, especially when the fruit is added. This 32-ounce infuser bottle will keep your best girlfriend hydrated throughout all of your crazy adventures or a long day at the office.

33. Aromatherapy-Infused Bath Bombs

Self-care is the most important thing! These all-natural aromatherapy bath bombs will help your girlfriend relax. They come in a pack of 12 and have enticing aromas such as lavender + citrus and fresh eucalyptus.

34. Peeling Foot Cream

Even though you love your girlfriend, that does not mean she has clean feet. This exfoliating foot peel brings the pedicure to her home and will assist her in removing all of the dead skin in the most satisfying manner.

35. Initial Earrings

Bring back 2000s fashion! These personalized name stud earrings are a subtle fashion statement that your girlfriend will love. Choose from a multitude of beautiful cursive fonts and three finishes to create a unique look for her.

36. 12-Month Calendar Planner

This 12-month version will help your Type A girlfriend keep track of their tasks with beautiful artwork, fun stickers, and plenty of writing space.

37. Mask 

There is nothing more satisfying than getting rid of blackheads. As she watches her pores clear, this black suction mask will provide your girlfriend with hours'' of entertainment and self-care.

38. Scratch-Off Map of the World Travel Poster

Girlfriends who travel the globe together remain close. This scratch-off map poster will inspire you and your girlfriend to embark on a variety of adventures and travel from Pittsburgh to Paris.

39. Fast Food Shirt of Friendship

Similar to burgers and fries, you and your GF are tastier when consumed together. These adorable graphic tees, available in over 20 cool colors, will proclaim to the world that you and your girlfriend are completely obsessed with each other.

40. Bamboo Bathtub Caddy Tray

If your girlfriend is more likely to be found in the bathtub than out on the town, she needs this bath caddy. It's like a self-care starter kit because it can hold a glass of wine, a book or table, and a candle.

41. Hammered Gold Skinny Stacking Ring

Check out these gold stacking rings for some refined and understated girlfriend jewelry. You and your girlfriend can flaunt your coordinated style with a single dainty ring or an entire stack of chunky rings.

42. Phone Case with LED Selfie Light

At long last, a phone case as dramatic as your girlfriend's. The LuMee is ideal for the "Selfie Queen" in your life because it has front and backlighting to help you take the perfect picture in any lighting.

43. Short-Sleeve Pajamas Set

There is nothing better than a sleepover with your girlfriend. Unless it's a sleepover with adorable coordinating pajamas! This button-down set is available in over thirty colors and patterns, transporting you and your girlfriend back to the days of pillow fights and scary movies.

44. Glass Terrarium Planter

This contemporary glass planter will help your plant lady friend keep her succulents and cacti safe. Moreover, if your friend enjoys interior design but has a black thumb, they can fill this with artificial plants.

45. Identical GF Necklaces

This Christmas gift will rock your girlfriend's world! These avocado friendship necklaces are the cutest way to celebrate friendship. Even the avocado pit resembles a heart.

46. 24K Gold Sheet Masks for the Face

Your bestie is a queen. She deserves to be treated accordingly! These gold foil sheets create a luxurious face mask with benefits such as increased elasticity, the reduction of dark spots, and a beautiful glow.

47. Girlfriends' Pizza Keychains

Give your girlfriend the heart on a pizza! These tiny GF pizzas are available as necklaces or keychains, and the best part is that they can be personalized with your and your friend's favorite toppings.

48. Yoga Essentials 6-Piece Set

This yoga kit will make the ideal present for the woman who would rather meditate on a Friday night than go out to a club. It includes a yoga mat, two foam blocks, two towels, and a yoga strap, and is ideal for both experienced yogis and complete beginners. Cheers to stretching!

49. Hair Trap Bathtub Drain

This hair catcher for the shower drain may sound like a disgusting gift (and it kind of is), but it will help your long-haired GF keep their tub and drain clean. What could be more extraordinary than that?

50. Gemma's Plush Slippers

These are not your typical plush slippers. Because they are manufactured by an orthopedic brand, they are likely the most comfortable shoes your girlfriend will ever wear. These will increase the opulence of your next girls' night in.

51. Two-Piece GF LEGO Hearts

Two halves of LEGO bricks combine to form this heart-shaped structure. It is the ideal inexpensive gift for your girlfriend who enjoys LEGOs and simple jewelry.

52. Soft Hair Scrunchies

The 1990s have returned, and velvet scrunchies are in style. This ten-pack of vintage hues is an ideal hair accessory for you and your girlfriend to sport in tandem.

53. GF Bracelets in Gold

Honor your long-distance girlfriend, aka the other half of your heart, with these classic friendship bracelets. The versatile bangle design allows you to dress it up or down, ensuring that you will always be reminded of your girlfriend.

54. Dead Sea Mud Mask

What could be better than the Christmas gift of beautiful skin for your girlfriend? This all-natural mud mask has amazing benefits, including acne reduction, gentle exfoliation, and oil absorption, despite its ridiculous appearance.

55. Vitruvi Ceramic Essential Oil Diffuser

It's time to help your friend catch up with the essential oil craze if she hasn't already. This ceramic diffuser has a sleek design that makes it aesthetically pleasing to display and provides up to 7.5 hours of diffusing bliss.

56. Folding Phone Grip Holder

PopSockets are similar to opposable thumbs for mobile devices. If your girlfriend is clumsy and prone to dropping her phone, then this is the perfect Christmas gift for a girlfriend under $50. This version fashioned after gems is also a cool, contemporary accessory.

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