Best Christmas Gifts for Grandma

July 05, 2022 13 min read

Many of us can agree that our grandmothers hold special places in our hearts, regardless of distance. There's no denying that grandmothers are true superheroes to those in their families, from showering her grandchildren with love to sharing wisdom in times of need. And because of everything she does daily (and everything she is! ), it's critical to find the best Christmas gifts for grandma to show her how much she means to you.

Giving your grandmother a gift does not have to be limited to a special occasion. While we search for gifts for her on special occasions such as her birthday, Mother's Day, and Christmas, grandmothers deserve to feel as special as they truly are all year. While it may be tempting to choose a traditional gift, such as a framed photo of her with her grandchildren, there are a variety of unique gifts for seniors that she will appreciate (and that you can easily afford).

Whether grandma is a music lover, a gardener, or a voracious reader, looking to her favorite hobby for gift ideas is always a good idea. There are also numerous personalized gift options for her! But there's no need to go on an endless search for the best grandma gift ideas because we've already done the legwork for you, compiling everything into this one-stop-shop list.

1. Wooden family birthday reminder calendar

Assist Grandma in keeping track of everyone's birthdays while representing the entire family in one location. The set includes 100 wooden chips, allowing you to include a birthday chip for each child, grandchild, and sibling. The beautiful yet functional decor is always the best!

2. Grandmother's birthstone bracelet

This delicate charm bracelet features each grandchild's birthstone, making it not only a meaningful reminder of all the children who love her but also a colorful collection. It's made of aluminum, glass, and steel and is both durable and delicate, so Grandma won't have to deal with a clunky or heavy piece of jewelry.

"This bracelet is BEAUTIFUL!" exclaimed one delighted customer. "I couldn't be more pleased!"

3. Grandma shark needs a drink

Grandma has probably heard the "Baby Shark" song more than 100 times by now, and she's going to need a drink! This glass is made in the United States and is dishwasher safe. With over 1,000 five-star ratings, it's difficult to go wrong with this gift.

4. Heating pad

Order Grandma this heating pad for even more rest. It relieves aches and pains as well as tension in the neck and upper back. After the last few years we've all had, anyone would appreciate this gift, not just a grandmother.

5. Juniper outdoor bonsai tree

Get this real Bonsai tree in a serene planter for the Grandma who loves to garden. Caring for and grooming a Bonsai tree is meant to be a relaxing and peaceful experience." Impressed by the tree's size and beauty, "one reviewer stated

6. Personalized family portrait

Tired of giving trinkets or framed photos of your grandchildren to your grandmother? This personalized family portrait will do nicely in its place. On this customizable digital portrait, you can add up to 12 people and/or pets, a specific background, and more.

7. Birth month flower grow kit

This grow kit can be customized with the flower representing your grandmother's birth month. It's made in the United States and includes everything she needs to plant and care for her buds. It becomes the gift that keeps on giving as it grows.

8. My family cookbook

This customizable cookbook will be a fun activity for Grandma to jot down all of her favorite family recipes, and it will eventually become a family keepsake that generations will cherish. More than 80 recipes have template pages, as well as cooking tips and guides. This is one of those everlasting gifts.

9. Knitting caddy & Yarn bowl

This bowl is ideal for keeping the yarn from becoming tangled and off the floor. In addition, the tray can prevent scissors, loose thread, and needles from becoming misplaced while Grandma is working on a project.

10. Calming lavender heat pillow

If Grandma has any aches and pains, this lavender heat pillow will relieve them. She only needs to microwave the cotton pillow for two minutes to enjoy the warmth as well as the calming scent of the lavender and barley stuffing.

11. My life story journal 

You've probably lived a pretty amazing life by the time you're a grandmother. In this journal, you can assist your grandmother in documenting all of her special moments. It will be enjoyable for her to go down memory lane, and it will serve as a keepsake for the entire family.

12. Skylight frame

Email Nana pictures straight to this digital picture frame to keep her up to date on everyone's lives. The frame is touch-screen and WiFi-enabled, allowing people to send photos to it from anywhere in the world. She'll enjoy seeing the photos appear on her frame and will appreciate not having to change them out regularly. It's also extremely simple to set up, so even the most technologically challenged grandparents can use it.

Because it is more expensive, perhaps all of the siblings can band together to purchase it.

13. Relaxing spa gift box

Treat Grandma to an at-home spa day so she can relax while remaining socially isolated. This set includes soap, lip balm, bath salts, and other goodies. A small Michigan-based company handcrafts each item from natural ingredients.

14. Chunky knit blanket 

Gift this chunky knit blanket to Grandma if she enjoys curling up on the couch with a good book and a cup of tea. Amazon reviewers describe it as "washable, warm, and super-soft."

15. Personalized wooden spoon 

Every time Grandma uses these wooden spoons, she will be reminded of your love. For a few dollars more, they can be "gift-wrapped" in a lovely and functional kitchen towel. So adorable!

16. Everyday inspiration: Bible verse cards

She can read one of more than 80 inspirational cards at the start of each week to ensure she walks in God's light for the next seven days.

17. Cozychi unisex robe

There's a reason Barefoot Dreams has a cult following and is adored by celebrities such as Oprah. Their products are truly luxurious. This robe is made of microfiber, which not only feels luxurious and cozy but is also machine washable, so you don't have to be too gentle with it. It's well worth the money.

18. “Embroider the world of Jane Austen”

This embroidery book and activity kit contain everything you need to make fun, Austen-inspired needlepoints — ideal for the Jane Austen-obsessed grandmother. It includes 12 iron-on transfers, embroidery floss, fabric, needles, and other supplies.

19. Boomer trivia game about the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s

This nostalgic trivia board game will transport your grandmother to some of her fondest memories. From poodle skirts to disco, this game will allow Grandma to relive some of her favorite memories.

20. Grandma dishtowel 

The sweet saying on this adorable towel will make Grandma smile. It may also become her go-to for spills in the kitchen due to its waffled microfiber design, which makes it extremely absorbent. Thank goodness it's machine washable!

21. Grandma’s brag board

Many grandmothers have one thing in common: they love to brag about their families. With this customizable "brag board," you can make the task even easier. It includes clips for Grandma to hang her favorite family photos, letters from her grandchildren, or art projects she's received as a gift.

One satisfied customer wrote, "I purchased two of these and they are adorable! As expected, the quality is long-lasting. I wholeheartedly endorse this."

22. Faux fur slippers 

A pair of fluffy slippers complement a cozy robe perfectly. These are soft and breathable, and they have received over 8,000 five-star reviews. They come in ten different colors, so Grandma is sure to find one that she likes.

23. Helena's apron 

This apron is colorful and fun, and it's simple to throw in the washer after a long day in the kitchen. Multiple reviews state unequivocally that it is even more beautiful in person than it appears online. "The only thing you'll regret about this lovely apron is that you didn't get it sooner!" exclaimed one customer.

24. Personalized bookholder

Holding a book — especially a new one that hasn't been broken in — can be physically demanding for anyone, but it's especially difficult for older hands or those suffering from arthritis. This simple wooden tool relieves hand cramping and pain while allowing the reader to see each page. It can also be personalized with Grandma's name.

25. World’s best grandma candle

From the moment the wick is lit, this lavender-scented candle will fill Grandma's home with nothing but love. This 45-hour-burning soy candle will be a sweet reminder of how much she means to you.

26. Designer lap desk phone holder 

This lap desk will come in handy whether she likes to read on her Kindle or play games on her tablet. It also has a beaded cushion at the bottom to make it more comfortable.

  1. The perfect gifts for grandma gift box 

When Grandma opens this gift box filled with goodies like an engraved keychain, dish towel, bath bombs, and more, she will feel extra loved.

28. Birthstone stacking ring

These birthstone rings are designed to be stacked, so you can get Grandma one for her birth month or a set representing the birth months of her children or grandchildren. She'll enjoy wearing them as a constant reminder of her family's presence.

"I've now bought 9 rings (5 for myself and 4 as gifts for friends)," one customer said. "Their work is breathtaking. These gemstone rings are even more stunning in person than in the photos."

29. ‘Milk street: Cookie Book 

The recipes in this cookbook are designed to require only a few ingredients, so your grandmother can make them with items she most likely already has in her kitchen. "You're never more than a couple of steps away from a plateful of flavor," one reviewer said.

30. Baby handprint & Footprint frame kit

Whether it's her first or third grandchild, this baby handprint and footprint frame kit will be a treasured keepsake for grandma for years to come. This unique keepsake includes everything needed to make a clay impression of the baby's foot and hand to forever remember the loving moment.

31. Footnanny starter kit bundle 

With this eucalyptus-scented kit, you can help Grandma get smooth feet. It includes the cream, a buffer, and cozy socks, and it's good for 30 uses.

32. 52-week stationery set

This stationery set contains 52 cards, allowing Grandma to write to a friend or family member once a week. This will remind her, especially during the ongoing pandemic, that she is not alone and that many people all over the world care about her. Who doesn't enjoy sending and receiving letters?

"This is going to make the year a lot brighter!" exclaimed one reviewer.

33. Wick trimmer

If your grandmother is a candle connoisseur, she'll understand that trimming the wick allows for a cleaner, longer burn of her favorite wax scents. That's why she'll adore this wick trimmer with a long handle. It's adorable to look at, easy to find in a catchall drawer, and extremely useful. Her days of trying to fit her hand into a candle jar with a tight lid are over.

34. Floral fashion scarf 

If your grandmother knows that she can never have too many scarves, this fashionable floral scarf will be a welcome addition to her collection. This silk-feeling large scarf, available in cream and pink or red and black, is sure to turn heads wherever she goes.

35. Wine soaps 

Get these wine-themed, handcrafted soaps for the Grandma who enjoys a glass of wine. They have the same fragrances as chardonnay or pinot noir and will look lovely next to the sink. They're also vegan and all-natural.

36. ‘Your fully charged life: a radically simple approach to having endless energy and filling every day with YAY’

Meaghan B Murphy, Woman's Day editor-in-chief and resident supermom deliver a much-needed dose of positivity in her new book, Your Fully Charged Life, as well as smart, realistic ways to find the "yay" in the everyday.

37. Grocery list notepad

With this simple grocery list notepad, Grandma can complete all of her shopping (while staying within her budget). "Good list pads are hard to come by," one reviewer commented. "These are ideal."

38. Hand-painted clay pots

Even if Grandma doesn't have a green thumb, she'll want to keep her succulents alive once they're planted in these lovely pots.

39. Gourmet Sriracha & ranch set

Oprah's list of favorite things for 2020 includes this gourmet ranch and sriracha set. The sauces are made with high-quality ingredients and will complement any dish. "Incredible!!! The flavor is fantastic "one buyer gushed

40. 100% natural sleeping bed pillow

You might not think your grandmother would want a pillow as a gift, but if she does, you'll see why. This vegan pillow is made from sustainable and renewable plant-based ingredients and provides pressure relief in all the right places.

41. Tapered planter

Whether grandma has a green thumb or not, she'll adore this elegantly designed multicolor planter. This handwoven basket will be the center of attention in her home, whether it is used for storage, as a gift basket, or simply to house her favorite plant.

42. Woman’s day magazine subscription 

Give her the joy of yay! Subscribe Grandma to Woman's Day today and save 69% off the first 12 issues. While you're at it, sign up for our FREE newsletter to get even more Woman's Day content.

43. Tie-dye clogs 

Give your grandmother the gift of comfort with these Crocs lightweight and stylish tie-dye clogs. If she's always out in her yard gardening, this is a fantastic gift!

44. Reed diffuser

Nest reed diffusers are well-known for their incredible scents and luxurious vibes. The diffuser will allow your grandmother to keep her home smelling indulgent at all times without having to worry about burning a candle.

45. 5-quart enameled cast iron round dutch oven

Though your grandmother may be adamant about using her old Dutch oven, she won't mind upgrading once you give her this one. She'll want to use this piece of cookware for every meal because it has a nonstick coating, a self-basting lid, and long-lasting functionality.

46. Bath pillow

It's no secret that bath time is one of the most popular times to unwind, and this bath pillow can help Grandma do just that. This handy pillow was designed to fit any type of tub, spa, or jacuzzi and is made of quick-drying, breathable mesh.

47. What I love about Grandma's fill-in-the-blank gift journal 

Want to make your grandmother smile from ear to ear? This fill-in-the-blank journal will suffice. This is one gift you'll wish you'd given Nana sooner, with multiple pages for you or the kids to fill in all the things you love about her.

48. Women’s genuine diamond dial bangle watch

Nana will be on time and in style with this fashionable, water-resistant, gold-toned watch. It is not only available in a variety of colors, but customers have stated that it is well worth the purchase.

"This watch looks like it came from a high-end store. Excellent product, "one buyer stated

49. Wine lover's gift set

You'll get everything you need in one set for the wine-loving grandma, including a 12-ounce tumbler, wine socks, a scented candle, loofah, bottle opener and stopper, straw, cleaning brush, and greeting card. Except for the wine, that is.

50. Best grandma tote bag 

From the farmers market to the airport, this personalized tote bag will quickly become Grandma's favorite. With a zipper for the main compartment, leather handles, eco-friendly material, and a large enough size, one may be insufficient because she'll adore it.

51. Percussive muscle massager

If you're used to hearing Nana complain about her aches and pains, this portable muscle massager could change her mind. The massage gun comes with eight massage heads that are suitable for multiple parts of the body, six speeds, and even a carrying case for her to make transporting it as easy as possible.

Still undecided about getting this one for Grandma? You won't be sorry, according to one reviewer. "I've tried about 5-6 different massage machines and this one is the best on the market. Ideal as a gift. Simple to use and relieves pain throughout the body. 10/10, "They penned.

52. Plant shelfie 1000-piece puzzle 

This 1,000-piece puzzle will keep Grandma busy for days, and the finished product is stunning. If this scene does not appeal to you, you have several other options. It's also made with non-toxic, non-glare ink. It's a win-win situation.

53. Bamboo butcher block inlay engraved cutting board

Choose between a 9.75-inch or 11.75-inch round cutting board engraved with a personalized message for Grandma. Whether she uses it while cooking, displays it, or uses its dual sides for both, she'll have a sweet and memorable gift to look at every time she passes by it.

54. Oversized wearable blanket

This oversized wearable blanket will keep her warm whether she's spending the weekend at home on the couch or binge-watching movies with her grandkids at your house. This blanket, which comes in a variety of colors and prints, is a big hit with many of its customers.

"When he comes home from school, my adolescent son dresses in sweatpants and a sweatshirt. Even in the middle of summer. He enjoys being comfortable, so I knew this would be ideal. I was correct. He has yet to remove it in the last few days! "One reviewer enthusiastically wrote.

55. Mug

Everyone, including grandmothers, needs to be reminded of how wonderful they are from time to time. This motivational stainless steel mug, available in purple and black, can do all of that and more. The 14-ounce capacity mug is not only spill-resistant and portable, but it can also keep beverages hot or cold for extended periods.

56. Novelty low-cut socks 

These adorable and comfortable novelty socks are ideal for whatever granny has planned for the day.

57. Dr teal’s lavender soothe & sleep 5-piece gift set

With this 5-piece soothing gift set from Dr. Teal, Grandma will be able to kick back and relax. A lavender Epsom salt soak, foaming bath, body wash, moisturizing bath & body oil, and pillow spray are included in each set. Everything she requires for a good night's sleep.

58. Engraved family tree heart necklace

Because this one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry is made to order, you can personalize the engraved tree with the names of your loved ones. When Grandma wears this special heart necklace, she will feel close to her children and grandchildren even if they aren't physically nearby.

59. Inspirational handmade leather bookmark

This leather bookmark is handcrafted in England and features the encouraging bible verse Psalm 105:3-4: "Glory to His Holy Name; rejoice in the hearts of those who seek the Lord! Look to the Lord and His might; seek His face always. "Buyers appear to be very happy with the product. "LOVE these, very good quality - depth of imprinted text is nice and clear - thank you!" " one satisfied customer stated

60. Family conversation pack

With 120 conversation starter cards, these cards are a great way for grandkids to get to know grandma better during family dinners, game nights, or an afternoon spent bonding.

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