Best Christmas Gifts for Parents

July 06, 2022 10 min read

The Christmas holiday has arrived, which means making a budget, sitting in traffic outside the mall, and looking for good deals wherever you can find them. It also means brushing up on your gift-wrapping skills (or buying some dollar store gift bags if you have two left hands). Close friends, small children, and significant others are easy to find gifts for. One group of people, however, is notoriously difficult to shop for: parents. After all, what can you possibly give back to those who have already given you everything?

There are the standard, uninteresting gifts for dads: a Home Depot gift card, a bottle of scotch, a shaving set... barbecue tools. Moms get the same treatment: slippers, an apron, craft supplies, and fancy teas. But, hey, not all parents are alike, nor do they all behave in stereotypical "mom" and "dad" ways. Instead of stuffing a cliche, everyday item into one of those gift bags, a more specific, personal gift will be much more useful to your parents in all of their individuality.

We may not all have the time to make an elaborate, grand gesture of a holiday gift for Mom or Dad, but we can all take a moment to think about what they might enjoy opening this year. We've got some of the more thoughtful Christmas gifts for parents that you can order to fulfill your gift-giving ambitions.

1. Cocktail Recipe Book

If your mother is a cocktail connoisseur, this recipe book will be right up her alley. This book stomps out stereotypes of "inferior" girly drinks, introducing all kinds of bold cocktails for the boldest woman in your life, paying homage to a woman's history of drinking.

2. Spa Kit  

The stresses of motherhood necessitate some serious unwinding. Bring the spa to her house to make things even easier for her.

3. Thoughtful Candle

Homesick Candles sells scents that transport you back to your childhood. What could be cozier than your mother? And what is homier to her than her children?

4. Bathtub Wine Holder

This wine glass holder is a more practical gift that will fit into any bathroom environment and provide a peaceful bath at the end of a long day. When your mother is attempting to relax, the last thing she should be concerned about is knocking over her wine glass.

5. Cool Cocktail Syrups

This pack of syrups is an indistinguishable alternative for the cocktail enthusiast who doesn't always have the time to break out the mixology kit. Except for the booze, it includes everything your mother would need to make a few Moscow Mules, classic Old Fashioneds, and Spicy Margaritas.

6. Literary Scarf

Finding a book to suit the literary mother's indies can be difficult. Instead, why not give your mother the words of a legendary female American poet in wearable form?

7. Bean Box Coffee Sampler

That warm cup of coffee just tastes different in the winter. Rather than trying to find decent artisan coffee on your own, leave it to the coffee experts to select something your parents will enjoy.

8. Earrings Made from Recycled Materials

Looking for something unique, beautiful, and environmentally friendly? These lasso studs are simple and elegant, and they're almost entirely made out of recycled materials.

9. Weighted Bangles

These weighted bangles will add a pop of color to everyday exercise and are ideal for home workouts as well as regular trips to the gym.

10. Sleep Travel Kit

While an all-inclusive vacation for your parents may be out of the question, this travel kit will certainly make traveling easier for them. The bamboo used to make this kit, which includes an eye mask, an eye pillow with removable lavender and wheat inserts, and a pillowcase, is sustainably sourced and harvested.

11. Gin Making Kit

Making your own gin can be a lot of fun for moms who want to see the process and enjoy the end. Your mother can make her ideal gin by infusing one of the many botanicals included in the kit (juniper berries, laurel, cardamom, and so on).

12. A Trio of Water Bottles

Encourage your mother to ditch the plastic water bottle with this three-piece set that includes a mug, a bottle, and a glass. All of the items in this bundle are easily portable, which is ideal for a mom who is always on the go.

13. Tropics Self-Care Box 

Take your mom on a virtual island vacation with this self-care box! This box contains eight different products for your mom to use whenever she needs some me-time, ranging from face masks to body serum to a conversation card deck.

14. Cuff Bracelet

This cuff bracelet is perfect for the mom who is both conscientious and stylish. It is ethically made by artisans in Kenya and connected to the global market by the woman-led company SOKO. This piece is made of brass and plated in 24k gold, and it was handcrafted using recycled materials.

15. Earrings

These earrings are a tribute to the iconic, boundary-breaking artist Frida Kahlo, and are as bold and unique as your mother. This statement piece, handcrafted by female artisans, speaks for itself.

16. Rattan Crossbody Bag

This bag is adaptable to your mom's style because it comes in two different styles (round and rectangle) and two different colored straps (tan and brown). Your mom will look very cottagecore with this on her shoulder, whether for everyday use or as a more stylish choice for outings.

17. Glossier Essential Edit Kit

This travel kit includes the essentials for looking and feeling refreshed, including Glossier's iconic products like Boy Brow and Lash Slick. The Essential Edit is ideal for the mom who appreciates simple, high-quality cosmetics and skincare.

18. A Pretty Vase

Give your mother something as unique as she is with this vase. Normal vases are a yawn, but this one is a conversation starter even when not holding flowers.

19. Preserved Roses

Not every mother has a green thumb, but that doesn't mean she doesn't deserve flowers. This acrylic box of preserved roses contains five flowers that will stay fresh and beautiful for an entire year, until the next holiday season!

20. Personalized Photo Calendar 

Add a sentimental touch to your gift-giving this year by customizing a desk calendar for your mom, and adding family photos that you know will strike a chord with her. 

21. Portable Humidifier

This portable air conditioner and humidifier, which are both safe and energy-efficient, will make your mother's life a little easier. Allow her to relax with this gadget, which is ideal for the office, the bedroom, or any indoor setting. Evapolar evaLIGHT Plus Personal Portable

22. Personal Fireplace

For the moms who run cold, personal fireplaces exist. Yes, a personal fireplace can be moved from room to room. You can even roast marshmallows over it!

23. Amber Necklace

This pendant, made of genuine baltic amber, demonstrates how far back your love for your mother goes. The cool silver chain contrasts with the warmth of the amber.

24. Letterboard Frame

What better way to display your favorite photo of you and your mother than surrounded by words of love and wisdom? This amusing frame allows you or your mother to pair a photograph with the appropriate words.

25. Hug Necklace

With this necklace, your mom can carry a hug from you wherever she goes! This piece is available in either gold or silver, depending on your preferences.

26. Face Mask Kit

Your mom will be able to get the skincare she deserves with this single kit's five different face masks. These masks aid in the purification, detoxification, and hydration of the skin.

27. Warming Foot Massager

This is the ideal taste of luxury for the parent who always has cold feet. Not only will it quickly warm their feet, but it will also provide them with a relaxing foot massage!

28. Olaplex Hair Kit

If your mother isn't already an Olaplex fan, she will be after trying this. This kit contains four different Olaplex hair products in convenient travel sizes for hair repair and maintenance.

29. Smart Garden Grow Kit

Any recipe can be transformed by using fresh ingredients. With this kit, you can give your mother the gift of fresh basil without the hassle of having to constantly care for it, as the technology does all of the work!

30. Instant Photo Printer

Why not use a smartphone photo printer from the start when sending in your files for perfect photo prints? Because we all use our phones to take most of our photos these days, your father will find this useful and touching.

31. Mud Face Mask

Who says Dad doesn't deserve to be pampered? This mask purifies, decongests, and hydrates skin, so your father will look and feel his best.

32. Triple Docking Station

With this docking station, you can help your father keep all of his important items in one place. This docking station, made of timeless walnut wood, allows your father to charge up to three devices at the same time.

33. Reflective Beanie

Does your father enjoy late-night or early-morning excursions? Ensure his safety in the dark with this beanie, which has been woven with reflective thread to make the wearer visible to drivers.

34. Frank Lloyd Wright Puzzle

Do you want to spend more time with your father? This puzzle is ideal for some quality time, and it's double-sided, so you can see both the blueprints for Wright's famous architecture and the architecture itself. You can also do the same puzzle twice!

35. Recycled Sea-Saving Bracelet

Is there anywhere that dads prefer more than the beach? Because it is made of recycled plastic, this bracelet helps to keep our beaches beautiful, and for every one sold, 4Ocean removes a pound of waste from the sea.

36. Freezable Beer Glasses

Although freezing actual pint glasses can lead to broken glass, every father deserves a cold beer. What is the solution? Beer glasses are designed to be stored in the freezer and retrieved the next time you and Dad crack open a cold one.

37. Mini Museum

Museum excursions are ideal for curious minds, but why not bring the museum to you? Or should I say your father? This mini-museum is a captivating piece that is ideal for a desk or tabletop surface, and it includes authentic items such as a megalodon tooth.

38. Hot Sauce Gift Set

A good hot sauce should never be overlooked. This set of four hot sauces will go great with a variety of foods for the dad who can never get enough spice in his life.

39. Seinfeld LEGO Set

Do you miss building LEGO sets with your father? Here's your chance to make some new memories while reliving one of the best sitcoms of all time!

40. Where the Deer and the Antelope Play Book

Nick Offerman exudes serious dad vibes, as does his nonfiction book. After spending many years observing American wildlife and scenery, this book is Offerman's colorful tribute to everything he's seen.

41. Packable Hammock

With a weight of fewer than three pounds, your father can take this mushroom-printed hammock anywhere. Not only is this hammock easy to set up and made for two people, but the purchase of one also supports the National Parks Conservation Association.

42. Boston Tea Party Gift Set

Bring it back to 1773 with this gift set, which includes all of the teas that were thrown into Boston Harbor during the Boston Tea Party. If your father likes his coffee with a side of American history, he'll be delighted when he opens this box.

43. Pour-Over-Coffee Set

This great gift idea for parents will improve their morning coffee routine. This pour-over bundle includes a pour-over dripper and a mug—plus a whole lot of style—and is ideal for brewing a cup of coffee in style.

44. Mezcal and Tequila Infusion Kit

This aesthetically pleasing tequila infusion set is ideal for the dad who enjoys entertaining guests. This tasting set includes four tasting cups and a decanter, as well as infusion recipes!

45. Popcorn Movie Night Set

If your father is a movie buff, this is the gift box to get him. After all, isn't it true that the best part of going to the movies is the popcorn?

46. Personalized Record Cutting Board 

Personalize this cutting board to represent your dad’s favorite abum, or one that means a lot to your family! When not in use, this piece can be displayed on its stand for all to admire.

47. Movie Scratch-Off Poster

Another film-inspired gift, this print is both a one-of-a-kind piece of decor and a fun bucket list project for your dad. He'll enjoy scratching each one off as he works his way through the 100 classic movies on this list.

48. Personalized Neon Bar Sign

If you really wanna light up your dad’s life, try out this personalized neon bar sign. It can be customized with any name or moniker of your choosing. The most difficult part will be deciding where to hang it up. 

49. Portable Charger

How will you contact your father if his phone is constantly dead? This portable charger has a three-day battery life, can charge two phones simultaneously (so your mom can charge her phone as well! ), and is made of 72 percent recycled plastic.

50. Personalized Golf Ball Set

With this 12-pack of personalized golf balls, your father will be the king of the course. He'll be able to show it off to his friends the next time he goes out on the green.

51. Grilling Season BBQ Box

This box will make your father look forward to grilling season once more. All your father will need is the actual meat to go with the gourmet barbecue sauce, barbecue rub, grilling planks, and a book on barbecuing.

52. Adventure Essentials Survival Kit

Never again for your father when he's on a camping trip or a solo hike! This kit includes all of the equipment and supplies that one might forget when packing, and it all fits inside a working flashlight.

53. Ultimate Rub Collection

This year, give your dad the gift of flavor with this set of 12 mini rub jars. With all of these spice combinations to choose from for any food, from meat to vegetables to pasta, he'll never get bored.

54. Photo Vault

This USB-style device is perfect for anyone who has too many photos to count. When your father plugs this drive into his computer, he can immediately begin backing up his photos without having to sift through them.

55. Personalized Bottle Opener

This bottle opener and beer cap collector can be mounted on any wall and is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. If anyone is in doubt, your father can point to his name on the glass.

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