Best Christmas Gifts for Grillers

June 23, 2022 10 min read

The fact that it is not yet Christmas everywhere does not mean that the holidays are not a terrific time to look for the ideal grilling gear for the person in your life who thrives when they are gathered around an open fire. (Besides, who doesn't enjoy a good BBQ in the winter?) The one and only obstacle? There is a wide selection of equipment for barbecuing available.

Do you truly require those seven-in-one gadgets that can flip, scrape, and do who knows what else? What about tongs that are incomprehensibly long? In a nutshell, the response is negative. We talked to passionate grillers, chefs, and pitmasters about the items they think would be nice to give (or receive), then combed through our archives to find even more noteworthy items in order to help you find the best Christmas gifts for grillers. You know, the stuff that's actually super useful and special. 

We have selected some excellent meats and marinades, as well as pans and cookware, excellent charcoal, and other helpful grilling items; in addition, Famvibe selected unique Christmas gifts for grillers.

1. Pans and Cookware

If one is determined enough, it is possible to prepare a complete meal on a grill, including the main dish, the sides, and even the dessert. Because of this, you should consider giving the Christmas gift of a pan made of carbon steel because it is an excellent heat conductor and can readily survive the high temperatures that can be found within a grill. "Because they are very hefty, I use mine for everything from pressing Cubanos to making paella," says Chef Jordan Wallace, who is the culinary director of Pizzeria Locale in Denver. "I use mine for everything from pella to pressing Cubanos." "And these are fantastic when cooked over a coal or wood fire."

2. All-Clad Stainless-Steel Outdoor Square Grilling Basket

It can be set over any form of grill (charcoal, gas, or even wood fire) and loaded with loose vegetables, shrimp, fries, and so on." It prevents the stickiness of the grill grates that would otherwise be caused by these more delicate foods.

3. Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Griddle With Handles

This cast-iron griddle is a favorite among professional chefs. Shaya describes it as "the indoor grill that's closest in spirit to firing up the charcoal." Obviously, if you want to convert the grate surface of your grill into a flattop, you may also place it directly on the grill itself. Because of its design, it is especially convenient to store.

4. Carbon Steel Paella Pan

This carbon-steel paella pan was recommended to us. He was helping us research where to buy fish online for our article. "Heats fast," is how Campos describes the material known as carbon steel, which is the preferred metal for paella pans as well as woks. "In addition, its surface area is larger than that of most pans, which enables you to get a good sear and caramelization," Because it is able to maintain its temperature, you can also use it as a serving dish, and the food will remain warm for an extended period of time.

5. Charcoals and Grilling Tools

After putting it through its paces alongside a dozen or so other varieties, according to Stephens, chef Andrew Henshaw found Thaan to be the most suitable option. Henshaw told Stephens that Thaan imparts "just the proper amount of smokiness," in contrast to charcoal, which may sometimes overwhelm the flavor of the meat with its smoky aroma. She says that the bricks are the "ideal size and shape," each having a thin tunnel running through the center of the narrow one to allow for ventilation. This, in turn, enables the bricks to burn evenly. They are also a more environmentally friendly option than typical charcoal, "since they're created with wood from rambutan fruit trees, which is a renewable resource," according to the manufacturer.

6. BBQ Dragon Cordless Grill 

This handy little device can be clipped onto any barbecue or smoker, and it will assist you in getting those coals burning quickly and evenly.

7. Artisan Griller Insulated Cooking Gloves

"The cotton-lined gloves feature a neoprene rubber coating and were created for serious barbecuers who have to handle hot meat on the smoker. Because of this, the gloves are waterproof, stain proof, and (most importantly) greaseproof.

8. Thermapen ONE

A meat thermometer that can easily and quickly determine when meat has reached the appropriate temperature after being grilled is an accessory that every person who enjoys using a grill really needs to have. When you're hovering over a hot grill, that speed makes a discernible difference in the overall experience. 

9. Indoor/Outdoor Cheese Melting Dome

Although it works wonderfully for helping the cheese on top of her burgers melt, you will appreciate this inexpensive and versatile tool for a variety of other reasons as well. The smoke is trapped on the veggies and the dish is kept warm after it is removed from the grill.

10. Heritage Foods Single-Bone Rib-Eye Roast

At this point, it purchases beef from this particular brand "very much exclusively." You can claim that the cuts are quite fresh and of a very good grade.

11. Nuñez de Prado

Olive oil is a versatile ingredient that may be used in a variety of different ways. This olive oil is from the Andalusia region of Spain and, according to Waxman, it is excellent for both cooking meat and making marinades.

12. Boiled Cider Syrup

The boiled cider has "sort of pure apple essence." It is just this sweetness that makes it such a great asset to have in one's collection of barbeque implements. "Grillmasters use it as the base of marinades, where it tenderizes meat and its somewhat acidic and delicate flavor combines with wood smoke," explains one source.

13. Egg Charcoal Grill

Those who have a passion for grilling probably already own at least one good barbecue on which to practice their hobby. But genuine perfectionists are aware that using different tools can lead to a variety of outcomes, and as a result, you could be considering treating them to something new that they can use for their favorite pastime. Real barbecue enthusiasts consider the  Egg to be one of the best barbecues available. 

14.  Digital Electric Smoker

It's a digital smoker, so you can actually punch in the temperature you want, and it takes you right there from 100 degrees to 275 degrees in just a few minutes. It takes you right there from 100 degrees to 275 degrees in just a few minutes. The truth is, you can cook everything that someone would want to barbecue with the Masterbuilt smoker, and it's far more wonderful than it would be on the BBQ.

15. Looftlighter

The Looftlighter is a former Swedish actor, and director.

It looks like either a shotgun microphone, or a curling iron, but it’s actually a super insane lighter for charcoal and kindling.

16. BBQ Chimney of Insanity

Many charcoal users have already discovered the convenience of employing a charcoal chimney starter. If you don’t know what that is, we’ve got an in-depth look and buyers guide right here: Best chimney starter buying guide. A chimney starter can help speed up the very long process of igniting your charcoal.

In a nutshell, you load the metal cylinder with briquettes or lumps, pack the bottom with newspaper and light the paper on fire.

The chimney motion draws up the heat and sets the briquettes ablaze in a short time. Once ignited, simply drop them in your BBQ and start grilling.

17. BBQ Blower

This is a small, portable fan that can assist in hastening the igniting process for charcoal. Simply attach it to the ledge of your grill, point it in the direction of the embers, and switch it on.

The fire is fueled by the rush of oxygen, and in no time it is roaring and blazing just like it would be with a set of bellows.

18. Smoke Generator

The Smoking Gun, this is the quickest way to create a flavor similar to light smoke to your cuisine while remaining inside.

You first load the chamber with your combustible material — according to Breville, you can use wood chips, tea leaves, dried herbs, or spices — then you light it on fire and turn on the fan. You won't have to wait long until fragrant smoke starts coming out of the nozzle.

It reminds me a little of one of those steam-blasting fabric de-wrinklers that you can find in some types of businesses that sell clothes.

19. Meat Claws

The use of meat claws, which are essentially giant forks, enables one to rip apart cuts of meat with a great deal more control and with a great deal less work. Anyone who cooks pulled pork on a daily basis definitely needs to have a pair of these.

20. Wireless Thermometer

It was a high-appearing inclusion in our list of the best wireless meat thermometers that are currently available. You can keep an eye on things up to a distance of 150 feet away by connecting through Bluetooth to your smartphone and using the accompanying free app.

If you purchase extra probes, you can connect up to four of them simultaneously to monitor four different cuts of meat from a single unit. This capability requires the purchase of additional probes.

21. Roaster and Squeezer

Put the garlic in the roaster, and then place it on the barbecue to make some delicious roasted garlic that you can add to your supper. Because it is made of silicone, the silicone squeezer makes it simple to extract the roasted garlic from the bulb.

22. A-Maze-N Pellet Smoker

Utilize this stainless steel pellet or sawdust basket to impart additional smoke flavor into your dish. Its primary function is to generate smoke for use in cold smoking, although it can also be used for hot smoking.

You can use it as supplemental smoke in an electric smoker, which does not always smoke well at low temperatures. You can also use it with most other grills to add some smokey flavor to your food.

23. Grill Grates

They are continuously exposed to a wide range of temperatures, as well as oil and other fluids, as well as being scraped and cleaned. In a nutshell, they are subjected to a brutal thrashing.

24. Grillbot Automatic Grill Cleaner

This is a little robot minion whose sole responsibility is to bounce about your grill and clean it as it cooks. In all seriousness! A child's bump-and-go toy is comparable to Grillbot in that it can adjust its course when it collides with an object.

Grillbot, which is not a toy, possesses three revolving brushes that scrape away the crud deposits that have accumulated on the grill. It will continue to move and scrape in the same manner until you turn it off.

25. BBQ Tongs With Sound

Is this the most hipster-yet-nerdy barbecue tool currently available on the market? You decide how this goes!

To put it plainly, there's nothing special—just a pair of ordinary tongs—but they happen to have the appearance of a lightsaber from Star Wars. Oh yeah, and it mimics the sound of a lightsaber as well.

25. Stuffed Burger Press

Create gourmet burgers by stuffing them with cheese, sauce, bacon, peppers, or any other ingredients that strike your fancy.

It can shape patties in the same way that a regular press can, but it is designed to go one step further and make it easier to stuff the core of the patties that it shapes.

26. Table Burger Press

If you are of the opinion that a burger does not require anything inside other than extra meat, this sturdy, aesthetically pleasing, and functional burger press may be the one for you.

It is constructed out of cast aluminum and has a rosewood handle, making it, all things considered, a really appealing piece of apparatus.

27. Companion Grill Light and Bluetooth Speaker

This portable light is designed to be clamped onto the handle of your barbecue, illuminating the interior so that you can monitor the cooking process.

Unlike any other unit we've seen — and there are plenty in our buying guide for the best grill light — this one also has a built-in Bluetooth speaker, which enables you to stream music while you grill. This feature sets it apart from the competition.

28. Non-Stick Kabob Baskets

These metal baskets are designed to hold most standard-size kabobs for easy grilling.Build your skewers, close them inside the holders, and place them directly on the grill. The baskets clamp shut, and won’t open when you turn them over.

29. Upcycled Hockey Stick BBQ Tools

These are carbon hockey sticks that have been broken up and repurposed as barbecue utensils. Every set includes a fork, spatula, and tongs in the package.

They are the creation of two guys who, while everyone else at the rink saw nothing but rubbish, recognized a treasure in it.

30. Charcoal Companion Grill Clips

This is a set of four clips made of stainless steel that may be used to keep vegetable sticks on a grill so that they can be roasted more easily. I take it that man cannot subsist solely on meat.

31. Refuel Propane Gauge

A connected scale that calculates, based on the weight of the propane tank, how much of the fuel you have left in a standard 20-gallon tank of propane.

32. Silicone BBQ Gloves

A connected scale that calculates, based on the weight of the propane tank, how much of the fuel you have left in a standard 20-gallon tank of propane.

33. Cave Tools Grill Rack

A handy rack made of stainless steel with holes that is designed to keep jalapeno poppers in an upright position while they are being grilled.

Included in the package is a coring knife, which may be used to remove seeds and any other inside components that you do not wish to consume.

34. Grill Mat

Sheets made of wire mesh that can be used to cook delicate items directly on the barbecue.

They are available in a number of different sizes; you should select the one that corresponds most closely to the dimensions of your grill.

35. Fish Basket

A stainless steel basket for grilling fish, vegetables and other delicate and otherwise tricky food.

36. Titan Great Outdoors Water Wheel

Set it up over a fire near a source of moving water, and the water wheel will turn your meat for real rotisserie cooking without electricity.

37. The BBQ Chef Wine-Infused Cedar Grilling Planks

Planks made of cedar that have been soaked in wine (Chardonnay, Merlot, or a combination of the two) and used for grilling.

They are particularly effective for fish and can be used in place of a smoker to give a smoky flavor.

38. Wood Chips

Wood chips for smoking made from used Jack Daniel’s whiskey barrel staves.

Use them for all your smoking applications to add some down-home flavor to your food. Pellets are also available for pellet smokers.

39. Brazilian BBQ Swords

They are designed for the preparation and serving of lengthy, thin slices of meat. Simply cut off portions for each of the guests at the table, and then take the remaining portion of the cut with you to the next person.

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