Best Christmas Gifts for Her Under $40 or Less

June 30, 2022 10 min read

The art of gift-giving on a budget. You must strike a balance between a cool gift and an appropriate price. Yes, some people have a natural talent for giving thoughtful gifts on a budget. Regardless of the occasion (anniversary, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day) or recipient (wife, her, teenagers, in-laws), they always succeed. Gift-giving is difficult. So Famvibe has completed the laborious tasks for you. Below, you will find over unique Christmas gifts for her under $40 that she will appreciate.

1. Skincare mini-fridge

Whether the recipient uses expensive Vitamin C serums or simply enjoys a good mid-facial, this miniature refrigerator is sure to be a hit. It has a detachable inner shelf for flexible storage and an integrated top handle for portability. The contemporary matte finish is also a nice touch.

2. Happy Islands jigsaw puzzle

It is a beautifully illustrated 1,000-piece puzzle with over 50 Easter eggs and a surprise ending. Without giving anything away, we can assure you that this will be the coolest puzzle your recipient has ever completed.

3. Yoga mat

Yoga is a great way to be physically active and mindful at the same time, and you can practice it pretty much anywhere if you have a yoga mat. Give the yogi in your life a non-slip mat to give their practice a solid foundation.

4. Nostalgic candle

Leaving your home state is fun and exciting, but eventually, homesickness sets in, regardless of how much you enjoy your new residence. Homesick candles are created to smell like a specific location to transport locals back there whenever they catch a whiff. It is a thoughtful Christmas gift for her under $40 that will also leave the room smelling pleasant. That's a win-win situation.

5. Facial sonic brush

Give one of these silicone cleansing brushes to your recipient to enhance their skincare routine. Designed to leave skin looking and feeling more flawless than any old cotton round ever could, they employ sonic technology to gently exfoliate and massage—a do-it-yourself facial that brightens, refines and removes stubborn makeup and dirt.

6. Mini rice cooker

Assist a friend who enjoys food to embrace their inner foodie. This tiny rice cooker will fit almost anywhere, and it's also adorable. Additionally, it can prepare oatmeal, soups, stews, and steamed vegetables, making it ideal for small apartments and college dorms.

7. Anker portable charger

Give this portable power bank to a loved one to ensure that their phone and other electronic devices are always charged. It can fully charge a mobile device up to three times before requiring a recharge itself.

8. Personal blender

Smoothies are a tasty breakfast or snack, and this compact blender creates the ideal single-serving size for a person on the go. It can also blend drinks directly in its included travel bottle, requiring minimal cleanup.

9. Set of agate coasters

If your roommate has been using the same stack of magazines as coasters for the past six months, these agate accents would make the perfect Christmas gift. Choose from eight different colors and a four-pack that costs less than $40.

10. Mini waffle maker

This compact, nonstick waffle maker is perfect for anyone who takes breakfast seriously, or for anyone who enjoys experimenting in the kitchen. Included is a cookbook with instructions for making everything from waffles to grilled sandwiches to fajitas.

11. Photo album

Occasionally, a sentimental Christmas gift for her under $40 is the best option (especially when shopping for your or significant other). Similar to modern scrapbooking, Shutterfly enables you to create a physical book composed of your photographs and text. It is a personalized gift that the recipient will treasure for many years.

12. Early morning sandwich maker

Forget enduring lengthy brunch lines for a delicious breakfast. This ingenious device makes it possible to prepare two breakfast sandwiches at home in five minutes, complete with eggs, cheese, and vegetables of your choosing.

13. Candle-making kit

This kit includes adorable tins, fragrances, dyes, and thorough instructions for making scented candles at home. It is highly encouraged to mix and match fragrances to create custom blends.

14. Prepara Herb Savor Pod

Regardless of where you stand on the "does cilantro taste like soap?" debate, we can all agree that rotten herbs are disgusting. The Herb Saver can extend the shelf life of a variety of kitchen herbs by up to three weeks, and it is designed to fit in the door of a refrigerator for convenient storage.

15. Cold-brew machine

Feel free to press the snooze button. This coffee maker enables you to make delicious cold brew brews at home, allowing you to avoid the morning rush at the corner café.

16. Hyper Chiller

The best-selling HyperChiller is an additional excellent Christmas gift for the iced coffee enthusiast in her life. It can cool hot coffee in less than a minute without diluting the flavor, and it is dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.

17. Essential oil diffuser

This 100ml aromatherapy oil diffuser is ideal for those who could benefit from a calming presence. (So... virtually everyone.) It features nine color modes, four timer settings, and a ceramic/wood-grain aesthetic that complements the aesthetic of any contemporary home.

18. Blanket with mass

You can't always be there to hug the people you care about, but you can give them a weighted blanket that makes them feel as though they're being encircled by a bear hug. This one is available in a range of densities, allowing you to select the most comfortable option for the recipient.

19. Himalayan salt lamp

These trendy lamps are aesthetically pleasing and add a warm glow to any room. This set includes two lamps, allowing you to keep one for yourself and give the other to her. (You could also give both, but it is more enjoyable to keep one.) There are light bulbs included.  

20. Fourth-generation Echo Dot

A smart home is incomplete without an Echo Dot, and the fourth-generation version of the puck-shaped smart speaker makes an excellent Christmas gift for her under $40 who are looking to upgrade from the previous puck-shaped models. It is available in three different fabric finishes and offers a size-appropriate amount of bass.

21. Smart outlet

A simple-to-install smart plug is an excellent starting point for those interested in exploring the world of smart home accessories. The Amazon version has over 373,000 (!) five-star ratings, with customers praising its simple installation and Alexa compatibility.

22. Multicolor smart light bulb

Smart lights are a wonderful addition to a home, and this one is particularly great because it is both multicolored and dimmable. Users can select from a broad spectrum of hues (including tunable white) and adjust the bulb's brightness.

23. Tile Expert

It's difficult to keep track of small items such as keys (and phones and wallets), which makes the Tile Pro Bluetooth tracker an excellent Christmas gift. Attach it to any keychain or anything else you don't want to lose. Then, when something is nearby but hidden, you can ring the tile to locate it. (Cannot locate your phone? Even if the phone is on silent, the Tile can make it ring.

24. Compressible backpack

Frequent travelers are aware that when it comes to packing efficiently, less is more. This durable, packable backpack is available in six colors and weighs just 11 ounces when empty; it is the perfect Christmas gift for her under $40 who adheres to the "carry-on only" policy.

25. Bath bomb set as a gift

Do you know someone who could benefit from a spa day? If you cannot afford a full-day retreat, this bath bomb set is an excellent alternative. It contains 12 bath bombs scented with essential oils, including coconut, lavender, aloe vera, seagrass, and green tea, all of which are made with natural, chemical-free ingredients.

26. Scratch-off map of the world

The world traveler in your life will enjoy scratching off new countries as they cross destinations off their bucket list. It also provides an excellent reason to plan some trips together.

27. Light Ostrich Pillow

Okay, it appears a bit ridiculous, but who wouldn't enjoy this? The Ostrichpillow Lite, made from high-quality eiderdown cotton, is an excellent neck pillow or eye mask for people who are constantly on the move. Believe it or not, it is also quite breathable, so you will be comfortable wearing it for entire naps.

28. Charger powered by the sun

This solar-powered charging bank is an excellent Christmas gift for her under $40 who wants to stay connected while enjoying Mother Nature. Simply remind them not to spend too much time on their phones, lest they defeat the purpose of their trip.

29. Magnetic journal

Writing in a notebook is exhilarating until you realize that your thoughts are scattered. This book contains magnetic pages that can be removed and rearranged, making it easy to organize your ideas. Give it to your friend who is writing their novel by hand with courage.

30. Wireless bamboo keyboard

This attractive keyboard adds a soothing, natural aesthetic to any home office. Both the keyboard and its accompanying mouse connect wirelessly to your computer or gaming system, allowing you (or the recipient) to keep your workspace free of cords.

31. Changeable-color lightbox

This sign is an extremely entertaining piece of decor, as it features interchangeable letters that can be used to create any words or phrases you desire. It is backlit like a real marquee. Additionally, you can change the background color.

32. Pet carrier

Everyone has at least one friend who treats their pet like a child. If you happen to be shopping for them this year, this pet backpack that resembles a space capsule is a no-brainer. It is a fun way for them to go out in public with their cat or small dog, as it features breathable mesh and a transparent hard shell. Even Fluffy could possibly enjoy it!

33. Travel French press mug

Consider giving this wonderful device to the coffee addict in your life so they can take their delectable French press coffee on the go. This dishwasher-safe mug holds 15 ounces of caffeinated goodness, is spill-resistant, and is dishwasher safe. And the color options are quite lovely, correct?

34. Tabletop croquet

If you have a friend or relative who enjoys cornhole but lives in a region with four distinct seasons, give them this tabletop version of the classic card game. When you play, you'll catapult the bags rather than throw them, which is a fun variation if you have poor aim.

35. Popcorn device

There is never a bad time for popcorn, and always the superior option is freshly popped popcorn. The compact size of Dash's popcorn maker makes it easy to store in kitchens or dormitories. Additionally, it is available in three colors: red, white, and lovely mint green.

36. Portable cocktail kit

Sometimes a little liquid courage is required to make the experience of flying in an oversized sardine more bearable. The W&P carry-on craft cocktail kit is an elegant addition to any traveler's arsenal, and it fits easily in a toiletry bag.

37. These cards will induce intoxication.

The name of this card game is descriptive of its nature. This drinking game for adults involves competition, voting, and humiliating your friends. There is no point system; simply follow the instructions on the cards and try not to take too many sips.

38. Macaron kit

Macarons are notoriously difficult to make, so give the baker in your life a helping hand with this French patisserie-worthy DIY kit. It includes a nonstick silicone baking mat, a refillable piping bag, and an idea-filled recipe book.

39. Death Star-shaped ice mold.

Whiskey Stones are a thing of the past. This silicone ice mold is ideal for whiskey or Scotch enthusiasts who casually reference Ewoks in conversation. (Many of these individuals exist.) You can also use it to create homemade chocolates and other delicacies in the shape of the Death Star.

40. Lodge cast iron skillet

It can be used on the stovetop or in the oven and for everything from steak to apple pie (or over a campfire, if you're into that sort of thing). This pre-seasoned Lodge one is equipped with a silicone holder, ensuring that your culinary companion will never accidentally touch its piping-hot handle.

41. Bathtub ledge

Do you know anyone who could soak in the tub for hours? This bath tray has room for a phone, tablet, candle, and wine glass. It can also be utilized outside of the bathtub for activities such as working on the couch or eating breakfast in bed.

42. Macrame plant hangers

Macrame plant holders add a touch of bohemian style to any residence (while also saving precious shelf space). This set includes five hangers of various sizes and styles, allowing you to give them as separate gifts or to your favorite plant parent.

43. A BAGGU 3D zip set

The vibrant bags created by BAGGU are built to last and will never go out of style. Its 3D Zip Set includes three expandable nylon pouches that are ideal for travel, storage, and more. Choose from seven distinct pattern combinations, including "trippy checkers" and "attic florals," reminiscent of cottagecore.

44. Ice-shaver machine

This shaved ice machine is an inexpensive way to make snow cones (and perhaps margaritas) at home. Hot tip: Bring a little bit of summer indoors during the winter by bringing your outdoor furniture indoors.

45. Plant Terrarium

This impressive hydroponic setup is a fashionable place for plant parents to house their propagations. In addition, the three bulb-shaped vases are made from heat-resistant glass that is difficult to break. It will look adorable on a bookshelf or desk, regardless of whether it is in a home, an office, or...your home office.

46. Dinosaur planter

Make plant care more entertaining with a prehistoric lizard-shaped planter. These miniature planters are ideal for succulents and small cacti, but they can also be used to hold pencils, jewelry, and other small objects.

47. Dim ambient illumination

Fans of eccentric design will adore this adorable and practical dumpling light. It emits a soft, warm glow, and every time you look at its cheerful face, you will feel happier.

48. Embroidery starter kit

Give this embroidery starter kit to your most creative friend and watch as they begin to master cross-stitching. It includes three distinct floral patterns, plastic embroidery hoops, thread, fabric, and an assortment of tools. Perhaps you will receive a cute embroidered ornament as a thank-you gift.

49. Coffee maker using an Aeropress

Whether the recipient is a frequent flier, enjoys the outdoors, or has a small kitchen, the Aeropress is the ideal method for preparing smooth, flavorful coffee. This set includes a cup that you can brew directly into, and it packs into itself for portability.

50. Set of Bala Bangles

For those who practically live in the gym, Bala bangles will provide a little extra resistance during daily workouts. Each bangle weighs one pound, can be worn on the ankles or wrists, and will complement your stylish athleisure attire beautifully.

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