Best Christmas Gifts for Her Under $25 or Less

June 30, 2022 7 min read

You don't have to spend a lot of money to give a fantastic gift! Here are some of our favorite budget-friendly ideas. This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you buy something after clicking on one of our links. This post will show you the best Christmas gifts for her under $25.

Giving the perfect gift is a fulfilling experience, but it can also be stressful when it comes to staying within your budget. The good news is that you don't have to break the bank to give a fantastic gift. I've found 30 $25 or fewer gifts for your bestie, sister, mom, or any other woman in your life. These inexpensive gifts are ideal not only for Christmas but also for holidays, birthdays, and other occasions, with options that are personal, thoughtful, useful, and fun.

1. Charcoal Besties Collection

I don't know a single girl who doesn't enjoy applying makeup with a beauty sponge, so this beauty blender set, which includes a sponge, charcoal-infused cleaner, a silicone scrub mat, and a ventilated pouch to store it in, is a fantastic gift (and value). This "Besties" set is ideal for gifting to your girlfriend.

2. Waffle Maker Mini

This waffle maker is so unique and adorable because of its miniature size and fun colors like pink, yellow, or aqua. She'll be overjoyed to make delicious waffles in this - and hopefully some for you as well!

3. Personalized Mug

Monogrammed Christmas gifts for her under $25 are especially personal, and these monogram mugs are both thoughtful and useful. This chic, tiled mug is sure to become her new favorite way to drink coffee or tea at home.

4. Bath Balms of the Zodiac

Personalized Christmas gifts are more than just monograms. With a zodiac bath balm, you can show her you know what her star sign is. She'll appreciate the thoughtful gesture as much as she will enjoy soaking in these handcrafted, all-natural dissolving bath balms with coconut milk and ylang ylang essential oil.

5. Puzzle with Two Sides

Keep her occupied with a lovely double-sided puzzle featuring two iconic Gray Malin photographs. His fine-art photography is popular among fashionistas, and she can now own one of his prints as a 500-piece puzzle.

6. Lip Sleeping Mask Set 

Laneige's Lip Sleeping Mask is a cult beauty product that keeps your lips hydrated all night. Give her three of these popular lip masks in berry, peppermint, and gingersnap flavors. This set is a steal and a must-have for women under $25.

7. Color-Changing Selfie Ring Light Mirror Clip-On

This clip-on selfie ring light mirror with changing colors will be a hit with your selfie-obsessed friend. She'll be able to clip it to the top of her phone to check her reflection and use different colored lights to illuminate all of her selfies, vlogs, TikToks, and other videos.

This portable ring light is also USB rechargeable and small enough to fit in a purse.

8 Milk Bar Cookie Tin Assorted

If your friend enjoys sweets, she'll love a tin filled with Milk Bar's famous cookies! She'll be able to indulge as she pleases, with six different cookie flavors included (and individually wrapped), and then re-purpose the adorable pink and white tin.

9. Throw Blanket with Faux Fur

Allow her to curl up in a plush faux fur throw blanket by Ugg, which comes in four lovely colors. Because of its luxurious faux fur material, this ultra-soft throw feels luxurious and will look great on her bed or sofa.

10. Set of 10 Facial veils of mist

This set of facial sprays will leave your friend glowing and refreshed. She can spritz her face with three different sprays containing ingredients such as aloe, rosewater, and lavender, depending on her mood.

11. Soft Robe

A cozy robe is always appreciated, especially one with cute details like a buffalo plaid print and a fuzzy interior. This soft robe has pockets and a hood for added convenience, and the fuzzy interior will keep her warm and cozy.

12. Gratitude Journal Happy In A Million Little Ways

A gratitude journal is a thoughtful gift that will make your gift recipient happier by encouraging self-reflection. This journal comes with a pen and is filled with prompts to reflect on what she's grateful for, making it ideal for gifting.

13. Face Mask Set

These trendy face masks are made with all-natural ingredients and feature Korean hydrogel technology that is suitable for all skin types. This Christmas gift-worthy set includes three face masks, an under-eye mask, and a lip mask for the full LOOPS Beauty experience.

14. Nail Art Set 

If she enjoys getting manicures and having beautiful nails, she'll adore this nail art set. It includes simple nail decals that stick to your nails and make them stand out. The decals include zodiac signs, letters, and symbols, as well as a cuticle pusher applicator.

15. Color-Changed Oil Diffuser

She'll be able to fill her room with relaxing scents thanks to this oil diffuser, which has an adorable color-changing design. Its round, gold-and-clear design will complement her room decor while diffusing her favorite oil scents for up to nine hours.

16. Travel Toiletry Bags That Hang

This travel toiletry bag is ideal for busy women. Its various zippered compartments are ideal for storing her makeup and toiletries while traveling, and it can hang on the back of a door thanks to its hanging hook. Whether she's going on a trip or just staying home for winter break, she'll get a lot of use out of this functional bag.

17. “For the Girls” Party Game 

Games are always a great Christmas gift for her under $25 to give because she can join in on the fun later! This game, appropriately titled "For the Girls," can be enjoyed at your next girls' night in, party, or get-together.

18. DIY Bracelet Kit 

Allow her to express her creativity with this do-it-yourself bracelet kit. She can make her one-of-a-kind bracelet with the adjustable cord and mix-and-match beads included in this kit for a fun and fashionable project.

19. Zodiac Keychain 

With this adorable zodiac keychain, she can flaunt her star sign. Its retro-inspired design gives it a vintage feel while remaining functional. This would make an excellent stocking stuffer!

20. Lifestyle Planner for Self-Care

As the new year approaches, assist a friend or loved one in making time for self-care. This cute spiral 2022 lifestyle self-care planner is a great way for her to focus on her wellbeing while also keeping her weekly and monthly plans organized.

21. Mini Face Mask Set

Because who doesn't enjoy a good face mask session?

This holiday-themed set includes five different Origins face masks that address various skin concerns. She can treat herself to an at-home facial tailored to her skincare needs, complete with masks to hydrate, re-texturize, and clear pores, among other things.

22. Miniature Planetarium

This charming little planetarium will help her see the stars. It displays 12 different constellations, which she can learn about using the included booklet. This one-of-a-kind gift is adorable and will transform her room into a celestial wonderland.

23. Personalized Candle

This low-cost scented candle is perfectly personalized with the letter of your choice. Its glass container, which comes in six different colors, will make a lovely decorative room accent even after it has been burned.

24. Jade Face Roller

This list of Christmas gifts for her under $25 would be incomplete without mentioning this affordable cult classic! A jade roller is an excellent gift for a woman who is interested in skincare or who could benefit from more self-care in her life. She'll be able to use this to relax her facial muscles and improve blood circulation after a long day. It's made of genuine jade stone, which is said to have additional benefits (as opposed to synthetic materials).

25. Set to Make Your Cocoa Bombs

This adorable and delectable activity makes an excellent gift, especially during the holiday season. She'll be able to make her cocoa bombs (and hopefully share some with you!) thanks to this kit, which includes the mold, spatula, and gift bags. Yum!

26. Beauty Sample Box 

If you can't decide which beauty product to get her, this sample box contains eight different beauty product samples as well as a terry spa headband. This super cute christmas gift for her under $25 comes in a cute box that says "Glow So Bright" and is filled with glow-boosting beauty products like a brightening moisturizer and radiance balm.

27. Yoga Mat 

Do you have a yogi friend or a loved one who is getting into fitness? With a new yoga mat, they can improve their yoga practice or at-home workout. This cushioned yoga mat is available in gray, pink, and aqua, all with a lovely Shibori print.

28. Fruit Snack Lip Stain Collection

This trio of fruit-inspired lip stains is a makeup lover's dream. She'll have three rich shades to choose from with antioxidant ingredients and a hydrating formula that has the staying power of a lip stain but the glossy look of a lip gloss.

29. Taylor Swift Evermore Vinyl 

If your friend or loved one is a Swiftie and has a record player, she'll go crazy for this limited edition Taylor Swift "evermore" vinyl. The Taylor Swift fan in your life will treasure this tangible music gift, which includes 17 tracks on red vinyl.

30. Fashion Playing Cards 

With these fabulous playing cards featuring illustrations of fashion icons, card games are about to get a lot more fashionable. Perfect for your fashion-obsessed friend, she'll want to display these as part of her room decor as well as play with them.

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