Best Christmas Gifts for Her Under $50 or Less

June 29, 2022 6 min read

Finding the ideal present for a special woman in your life can be challenging. Considering that no two women are identical, you cannot shop in bulk for them in the same way that you would for, say, children, coworkers, or pets. It can be challenging to find a thoughtful personalized Christmas gift that is also affordable. There are, fortunately, a variety of inexpensive gifts for women that would make excellent holiday presents without exceeding your budget. On this list, every item costs less than $50, and many are even less expensive. There are also numerous items priced between $15 and $30.

It's important to remember that when giving a gift, it's not the price tag that matters, but the thought behind it. It is essential that you take the time to select a gift that the recipient will adore. So, whether the women in your life are foodies, spa enthusiasts, avid wine lovers, proud pet owners, gardeners, or music lovers, this list is sure to contain many Christmas gifts for her under $50 that will make this holiday season memorable.

1. Fleece House Indoor or Outdoor Slippers

These fleece slippers have gained widespread popularity. Customers adore the soft, high-quality material and durable sole, which make these shoes suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

2. Necklace 

This best-selling pendant necklace is simple enough to layer, while its handmade coin design adds personality on its own. Many satisfied customers appreciate the high-quality, long-lasting chain, which is great because most women will not want to remove it!

3. Soap 

This opulent bar of soap is formulated with coconut and hemp oils to moisturize while it cleanses. Best of all, it is handmade without preservatives, so it can be used as a body or face wash.

4. Goal Getter Notebook

Motivate her to pursue her ambitions with this Goal Getter notebook. She can use it for to-do lists, journaling, or simply planning her life goals.

5. FootNanny Starter Kit Bundle

With this foot care kit, give her a spa night to herself. She can use the buffer to smooth her skin and then moisturize with eucalyptus cream prior to donning the cozy cotton socks. This product is one of Oprah's favorites, so you know it's of high quality.

6. Reusable Water Bottle

This lightweight, collapsible water bottle is perfect for her morning runs or when she's on the go. It is available in ten adorable hues, including lilac, pink, green, and dark gray.

7. Handbag Lighter With Charging Capability

This charger with an integrated light will alleviate the anxiety she experiences when searching through her purse for her lipstick or keys. She can charge her phone while out and view the contents of her purse.

8. Madewell Bandana

This bandana is an understated accessory that gives any outfit the perfect amount of flair. She can wear it as a bow, a bracelet, or around her neck, as it is incredibly versatile and has multiple applications.

9. The Everyday Face Serum Set

Whether she has a tried-and-true skin care regimen or is looking to switch things up, this face serum set from The Ordinary will be a welcome addition to her health regimen. Amazingly, the product gives my face a new glow and softness, according to one five-star review.

10. Organic Jade Facial Roller

As an addition to her skincare regimen, she might appreciate a face roller and massager set. Four heads are available, including a jade roller, an under-eye massager, and a vibrating beauty bar.

11. Electronics Organizer

This bag will help you avoid losing or misplacing your chargers/headphones/small electronics while traveling. It has distinct compartments for cords, earbuds, tablet styluses, and other accessories, so you always know where everything is.

12. Ugg Fleece Socks

If UGG boots are out of your gift budget, these cozy socks are an excellent alternative. They are constructed from an extremely soft material to keep your feet snug and warm, and they are available in three colors. You might wish to purchase one of each.

13. Scrunchies

Scrunchies are ideal for both at-home hair styling convenience and when a bold accessory is required. These skinny Lululemon ones look adorable simply resting on your wrist, and they also add a splash of color to your hair. The six-pack is available in a multitude of color options.

14. Gold Hoop Earrings are Fourteenth

Gold hoops are a classic fashion accessory. These can be purchased in small, medium, or large sizes, depending on her preferred earring size. They are durable enough for daily use, so she will wear them frequently.

15. Shower Steamers with Aromatherapy

Not everyone has a bathtub or enjoys taking baths, but that does not mean they cannot enjoy bath bombs. These dissolving steamers provide a comparable aromatherapy experience while taking a hot shower.

16. Birthstone Wishing Ball 

This hand-blown glass wishing ball will make her birthday extra special. Each ball contains 52 slips of paper, allowing her to make a wish each week.

17. Revlon Salon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volume Enhancer

This device combines a brush and a blow dryer so that a salon-quality blowout can be achieved quickly. It has nearly 250,000 five-star reviews on Amazon and has gone viral due to how much people love it.

18. Women's Fast and Free Run Cap

This Lululemon run hat is a stylish yet functional accessory for the woman who is always on the move. It is designed with lightweight material to shield her eyes from the sun and sweat while jogging or simply running errands.

19. Voluspa Exclusive Cut Glass Jar Candle

If you need a Christmas gift for her under $50 in your life, these popular candles from Anthropologie will suffice. Each candle is encased in etched glass; therefore, all you need to do is select one of their elegant fragrances, ranging from Santiago Huckleberry to Goji Tobacco Orange.

20. Cooler for Instant Coffee and Beverages

The HyperChiller is a dream for iced coffee enthusiasts, as it can chill any hot beverage in 60 seconds without watering it down. And if the woman in your life is not a coffee drinker, she can use it for wine, whiskey, tea, and other beverages.

21. Rose Charm Bracelet 

This handmade floral bracelet is available in rose gold, gold, and silver. She will adore it. Engrave her initials on the leaves to make the gift even more meaningful.

22. 3-Month Birchbox Beauty Subscription Gift Card

For the gift that keeps on giving, Birchbox offers a three-month beauty subscription at an affordable price. The recipient can then create an online Beauty Profile and receive samples of new hair, makeup, and skin care products each month.

23. Honeycomb Vase 

This stone vase is a steal, as it appears to be much more expensive than its price tag indicates. It is durable enough to last for years and will add texture to any room in her house.

24. Nathalie Lete Helena Apron 

This feminine apron is a thoughtful Christmas gift for her under $50 who are at home in the kitchen or who are eager to perfect another sourdough recipe. Customers laud its flattering cut, practical pockets, and vibrant floral patterns that add a touch of joy to both cooking and baking.

25. Cactus Plant Oil Diffuser in a Pot

Does she like the appearance of plants but lack a green thumb? This oil diffuser resembles a real succulent and illuminates in seven different color cycles.

26. Blue Light Blocking Eyewear

If she frequently uses a computer for work or play, these light-blocking glasses could be a useful Christmas gift for her under $50. They are designed to alleviate visual fatigue and are available in several fashionable styles, so her sense of style will not be compromised.

27. Personalized Pet Bag 

This canvas tote is a thoughtful and personalized Christmas gift for her under $50. It is ideal for transporting toys, leashes, and other items. Now, traveling with a pet is simple.

28. Theo's Chocolates Seasonal Chocolate Bar

A gourmet chocolate bar is a cost-effective way to give a luxurious Christmas gift. Theo's Chocolate bars are creamy and have a robust cocoa flavor that is not masked by added ingredients. We recently sampled its 2021 holiday collection and liked the festive packaging and flavor selection.

29.  Magnetic Wall Key Holder, White

This key holder makes it straightforward to locate your keys. Each of its three powerful magnets can support up to 140 grams, while the average key weighs only seven grams.

30. The Office Stickers

This pack of 100 "The Office" stickers is ideal for diehard fans. Stickers depict the characters in their most embarrassing and memorable moments.

31. Lavender Essential Oil Roll-on

This organic lavender essential oil roll-on is said to have therapeutic properties that reduce stress and improve sleep — a welcome bit of assistance during times of heightened anxiety.

32. Reusable Stainless Steel Straws

This set includes a variety of lengths and shapes of stainless steel straws for the environmentally conscious friend or family member. In addition, it comes with a pouch that makes them portable, making it our favorite stainless steel reusable straw set.

33. Schick Hydro Silk Touch-Up Dermaplaning Device No

These razors make it simple to shape your eyebrows, remove facial hair, and exfoliate while avoiding salons and remaining safe.

34. Music-Themed Playing Cards

These cards are ideal for music lovers and aspiring enthusiasts. In this deck, the suits are named after musical genres, and artists' portraits, from Prince to Taylor Swift, adorn the cards.

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