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Best Christmas Gifts for Jeep Owners

June 24, 2022 14 min read

Do you, your significant other, or someone else you know have a bit of a passion for Jeeps? You, my friend, have arrived at the perfect destination! Because we are all aware that it is not a simple chore to select Christmas gifts for jeep owners who would rather spend their time rock crawling than discussing their Christmas list, no matter how many millennia we spend scanning the internet for "Gifts for automobile fanatics."

As a result, we have indulged ourselves by putting together a list of what we consider to be the top presents for Jeep owners. This encompasses all manner of Jeep accessories, ranging from amusing small knick knacks to impressive customizations.

1. Nighthawk Light Brow

Jeeps have a look that is quite ageless, but what if there was a way to preserve that iconic design language but dress it up with some changes that are stylish yet aggressive? One of the least complicated and most inexpensive ways to make your Jeep stand out is to install a Nighthawk Light Brow. Installation does not involve any drilling or extensive changes, and it only takes a few minutes to give your Jeep an intimidating scowl that is guaranteed to cause other Jeep owners to cautiously move out of your way. It comes in a variety of factory body-colored finishes, and its structure is fairly robust plastic, so it should be able to withstand the test of time without much trouble.

2. Jeep Hammock

Jeeps are already pretty adaptable cars out of the box; if you take out the doors, seats, and windshields, the possibilities are practically endless. This multi-purpose Hammock is without a doubt going to be one of the best Jeep accessories you can get your hands on anyplace on the internet. If the thought of having an amazingly cozy hammock inside your jeep isn't enough to convince you, I don't know what is. When the roof is removed, this hammock can serve as a sunshade, and it can also be used as a cover for cargo. The four provided straps simply hook into place, making installation one of the least complicated aspects of the product. It is resistant to fading and water, and when used as a sunshade, it covers all the light that is coming in; this comes in handy if you have just run out of sunscreen.

3. Keychain Gift

An automotive-themed keychain, more specifically an LED keychain fashioned like a Jeep's grille, is an excellent option for a present that comes in at a reasonable price point and is suitable for giving to people in your life who are passionate about automobiles. The Jeep grille is without a doubt one of the most recognizable grilles in the whole automotive industry, and this is not some knock-off that was built in China for pennies on the dollar. It has been given an official license by Mopar, and it comes in a chic black, silver, or even an iconic pink metallic finish. Additionally, it has a laser-etched Jeep emblem. For someone who enjoys off-roading, having LED lights that also work well as a makeshift flashlight is something that will come in handy more often than you might expect.

4. Christmas Hoodie

Without some classic Jeep gear, our guide to Christmas gifts for Jeep owners couldn't possibly be considered complete. There is something for everyone here, all the way from undergarments to cozy winter sweatshirts, and this merchandise is properly licensed. Therefore, much like with their automobiles, you may have peace of mind knowing that even after enduring grueling blizzards and scorching deserts, we wouldn't anticipate anything more than a stain that can be washed out in the machine at the end of the day. There are even some retro t-shirts that can be purchased, which means that the next time your loved ones go behind the wheel of their Jeep, they will be able to do so in a fashionable manner.

5. Automotive Toolkit

Nevertheless, if you or someone you know has misplaced this necessary Jeep component, which, to tell you the truth, we're quite sure a lot of Jeep owners have done at some point. You will then be able to purchase this Jeep-branded replacement toolkit for a price that is likely lower than what an authorized dealer would charge you. In addition, the build quality is outstanding, and it comes with all of the regular bits as well as the ratchet. These babies are not going to help you remove any bolts any time in the near future.

6. License Plate Frame

A personalized license plate frame is one of the most useful additions that you can make to your Jeep. It is just a subtle way of letting other people know that you are very passionate about the vehicle that you drive, and we can pretty much promise that it is the ideal present for people who are interested in automobiles but do not want to spend a lot of money on it. Zinc metal with a black powder coating may be found on this particular one. It even comes with some matching black screw cap covers, and the iconic Jeep grille and emblem are carved into the metal, giving it that finishing touch.

7. Headlights that use LEDs

It is fortunate that it has managed to come up with several gen II LED headlights that are available at reasonable prices. The installation process just takes twenty to thirty minutes, and if you are quite handy around the house, you may even be able to perform the installation on your own. In addition, it is a simple method of enhancing not only the beauty of your cherished Jeep but also the safety of the vehicle.

8. Wrangler Toy 

Now you might be wondering what is a kids toy doing in a guide for the best gifts for jeep owners? This present is ideal for the Jeep enthusiast in your life who also has children, as it provides them with an opportunity to form stronger bonds with their offspring. We've all seen those ridiculously adorable images on Instagram of parents standing in their vehicles next to their children driving a toy replica of the very same car. These photos are posted by parents on Instagram. This particular Jeep has a bronze-colored grille and wheels to go along with its red paint finish, which is quite eye-catching. Additionally, it has some cool decals.

9. Jeep Winch

Jeeps and winches are two pieces of equipment that are inseparable from one another. They're incredibly helpful tools that can get you and your buddies out of a jam when you need it the most. You may rest assured that if you give one of these to the person in your life who is obsessed with jeeps, you will win that person over in an instant. Although there is a wide variety of winches available at a range of pricing points, most people find that even a winch of moderate quality is more than adequate for the majority of the off-roading trips they take.

10. Face Mask

It is the year 2020, and we wouldn't call this the best Christmas gifts for Jeep owners guide if we didn't include some way of getting through these challenging times without making you look around a thousand percent cooler, don't worry about it, we did the calculation! With a Jeep facemask, not only will you and your loved ones be able to practice social distancing, but they will also be able to display their passion for Jeeps while doing so. This will allow you to keep everyone safe. Who knows, on that path, they might even run into someone else who shares their passion for Jeeps.

11. Earbuds

Okay, this is one of the more helpful items on the list, and it is not only a terrific gift for people who are passionate about cars, but because it costs less than $40, it is also a great stocking stuffer. Because these bespoke wireless earbuds have a design that is completely wireless, they already have the look and feel of air pods going for them. But are you aware of the reasons why they are superior to AirPods? Because they include the Jeep brand emblem, which is also lime green in color.

12. Lightbar

An LED light bar kit is another incredible upgrade that simply needed to find its way onto the list of the finest presents for Jeep owners. One of the most underappreciated upgrades that can be installed on a Jeep, by a significant margin. Because of this, you and the people you care about will be able to continue making your way through mud up to your knees and vast stretches of sand well after the sun has set. This kit from Amazon has received overwhelmingly positive ratings, and its pricing is competitive when compared to other LED light bars.

13. Traction Recovery Gear

This is the ideal present for the Jeep fanatic in your life if you find yourself fielding calls about where they got stuck again in excess of fifty percent of the time. A pair of the patented automotive accessory GoTreads, which are made in the United States and are designed to improve traction in settings where it would not generally be expected to be present. This includes driving through snow, mud, and sand, and most likely a gathering of Ford owners. It can be folded up into a small, compact shape, making it simple to store, and it comes in a variety of attractive color options, such as black, orange, and even a vibrant green.

14. Roll Bar Storage Bags

If you are searching for some useful extras for your Jeep, none of the other items on this list make as much logic as these roll bar storage bags do. They are simple to install, won't take up any additional space in your luggage, and come with a seemingly endless amount of pockets and small compartments in which you can put all of your trinkets and other assorted knick knacks and doodads. Both sides of the car are equipped with their own. Because of how well they perform, we are seriously astonished that Jeep did not include them as standard equipment from the factory.

15. Christmas Cards 

If you are still stumped about what to send your Jeep buddies, you shouldn't worry about it because there is nothing that can quite compare to the convenience of a good old-fashioned gift card. If they are very particular about what they receive, especially when it pertains to their much-loved jeep, then this is most likely the best present you could get for them. It doesn't really matter whether it's a Christmas gift card to Jeep World or Amazon; neither one is particularly important. They will be able to choose an accessory for their Jeep that they truly enjoy using if you give them a Christmas gift card because there are a ton of Jeep accessories that are sold across a wide variety of platforms.

16. Folding Step Stool

It's possible that this option will strike you as peculiar, but Jeepers will find that it's actually rather useful to have. A good many of us either have stuff that is installed on a roof rack or a roof top tent that has a cover or latches that need to be adjusted. This compact step stool folds up neatly for convenient storage and can be set up in a snap. When we travel, we always bring one.

17. Guard Wheel Locks

Jeepers who are busy building out their rigs frequently forget to purchase wheel locks for their vehicles. Let's face it: the cost of our tires is high, and in many cases, so is the cost of our wheels. A layer of protection at a reasonable price can be obtained through the use of this ideal stocking stuffer.

18. Hourless Life Apparel and Stickers

Over the course of the last ten years, we have put in a lot of effort, constructed, disassembled, and reconstructed our lives in order to become hourless and realize our dream of traveling around the world.

19. Venture Wipes

There are occasions when the typical size of wet wipes is not sufficient for the task at hand. The size of a Venture Wipe is 12 inches by 12 inches, and it can be used in place of a shower. We have been living off the grid for years and have never once been disappointed by this product's performance. Ideal for stuffing stockings with.

20. Roll Up Dump Pouch

The Roll Up Dump Pouch is one of our favorites. It may be detached with one hand and attaches quickly and effortlessly to the bar supports that are located underneath your headrest. You may use it for anything and everything, including garbage, tools, and even toys for the child riding in the rear seat.

21. Renogy Power Bank

The Renogy Power Bank is marketed by the company as the "World's Smallest & Lightest USB Phone Battery Charger." This device can charge any electronic device that has a USB connection, including your phone and camera, and it is small enough to put in a pocket or a belt pouch. The Renogy 10000mAh Power Bank's ability to maintain its charge for an exceptionally long time has particularly pleased us. Product of the highest quality and caliber offered by a mobile power industry player with an impeccable reputation.

22. Epic Shackle

The Epic Shackle is constructed out of forged steel that has been given an e-coat finish to make it resistant to wear and abrasion. Additionally, it features a threaded pin that makes it simple to remove.

23. First Aid Kit

It is imperative that every Jeeper has access to a comprehensive first aid pack. This one comes with clearly labeled compartments that allow for speedy access in the event of an emergency. Demonstrate to those you care about how much you genuinely care for them this holiday season.

24. Bag Water Reservoir

This is such a practical way to transport water, and we adore it. The inside of the bag has been upgraded to be made of BPA-free food-grade material, so that the water will have a better flavor. Roll it up and store it somewhere out of the way when you're not using it. The container itself will add a remarkable 6.9 ounces to the total weight of your pack-out when it is being used. In addition, this is a fantastic option for going hiking or backpacking.

25. Repair Kit

When we go on trips, we never forget to bring our Speedy Seal Repair Kit. You won't have to take the tire off the rim or your Jeep in order to make repairs to tubeless radial or cross-ply tires if you have this tool. You may confidently take on the trail knowing that you have the necessary equipment to handle a flat tire.

26. Compact Radio

AM and FM radio as well as NOAA weather alert channels are provided through the radio. Use either the hand crank, the solar power, or the USB charge to power it up. You can also use it as a flashlight or a charger for your electronic gadget. There is nothing more useful than a clever device that can perform more than one function.

27. Colored Grab Handles 

After-market grab handles are some of the coolest, most useful, and fun ways to give your Jeep a little personality. There is such a wide range of colors to pick from. Assist your passengers in entering and exiting the vehicle when they use your Jeep. A thoughtful present that can be put to use right away.

28. E-Z Deflator for Jeep Tires

It is necessary for every Jeeper to let some air out of their tires. This tried-and-true deflator will never fail to satisfy an off-road enthusiast who enjoys driving their Jeep in challenging terrain.

29. Digital Tire Inflator

When it is time to return to highway speeds, the Digital Tire Inflator makes it possible for the owner of the Jeep to effortlessly air back up regardless of where she is. There is no longer a requirement to travel to the petrol station in order to use the air pump.

30. Roll Bar Storage Bags for Jeep 

Storage in a Jeep Wrangler is always at a premium. These saddle bags will allow you to make efficient use of the space you have available. 

31. Midland Handheld Radios

The Midland portable GMRS radios are, without a doubt, among the most desirable presents on the list this holiday season. Donate some of your time to helping others communicate. Excellent for camping, trail riding, and a whole lot more besides.

32. Tool Roll

This is the tool roll that is traveling with us, since we have one in each of our Jeeps, and we are using it to see the world.

33. Rugged Ridge Hood Latch

No matter how much gear I put on my rig, the Rugged Ridge hood latches on my Wrangler were always the first thing that people noticed about it when we went to a Jeep show or event. These would make the ideal small accessory for the Jeeper who already owns almost everything.

34. Recovery Gear for Jeep Owner Gift

Never again should you be forced to settle for American-made products. They perform admirably well in muck, sand, and snow. Recovery and leveling of vehicles are both possible with the assistance of these traction recovery devices.

35. Portable Battery Jumper

What should you do if you are out in the wilderness and your battery dies but there is no one around to give you a jump start? The Cobra is the solution that is both dependable and space-saving, with the capacity to kickstart even relatively tiny diesel engines. It's a relatively inexpensive way to buy yourself some serenity!

36. Camping Chair

Our "purchase once, cry once" concept applies to the Savanna chair in particular. We are aware that they are costly, but we believe that the money spent is justified. Think about it: during the course of your life, how many chairs have you managed to break, probably at the most inconvenient time possible? We put our initial set through constant use for two years without encountering any failure points. 

After that, we decided to purchase a new set of seats so that we could bring them with us on our trip around the world in our Wrangler. There are two cup holders, a head rest, a compartment for storing a camping pillow, and even some armrests that are included. These chairs are not only comfortable but also very space-efficient and lightweight.

37. Cube Lights

To tell you the truth, I had no intention of descending through the night from an elevation of 8,000 feet to the floor of a canyon. On the other hand, it did occur once while I was in Mexico. These lights transformed the darkness into day. The most superior lights currently available.

38. Bottle Jack Kit

You should be ready to carry out any heavy lifting that the trail may require of you. Even while the Jack Kit can be used in a variety of ways to address problems on the trail, this is the jack that you should be using on a daily basis. They just do not improve over time.

39. Pocket Camera

It is compact enough to fit in your pocket and activates in an instant, allowing you to avoid missing out on that thrilling off-roading experience that might not come along again. When compared to the earlier generation of the camera, the Pocket Camera has a greater number of features.

40. Dual Air Compressor

The Dual Air Compressor is a remarkable piece of apparatus that we have here. I put it to use each and every time I take my Wrangler off-road, and the majority of the time, I do it in order to assist other people who are still working on improving their Jeep skills. This Christmas, you should really step up your game.

41. Jeep Off-Road Side Mirrors

If you’re on the hunt for Christmas gifts for Jeep-lovers, but you need something that performs in addition to having a sleek appearance, try our side mirrors with built-in LEDs. For anyone who loves to go off-road, it’s extremely important to have peripheral lighting to make sure that branches and other obstacles are out of the way. The custom design features a total of 24 LEDs at a 45-degree angle for optimal visibility at night.

42. The Head-Turner

When you’re picking out Christmas gifts for Jeep owners, sometimes you want to pull out all the stops. Custom aftermarket lighting products can transform a factory vehicle into a head-turner. 

43. Illuminated Led Wheel Rings

Our illuminated wheel rings are a fun way to add personality to any Jeep. The wheel rings come in single and double LED models in six different colors, plus our signature ColorSHIFT and color-changing options. These wheel rings are great to give to someone who likes to be the center of attention when they roll up. Each ring is installed around the brake rotor and can even be mounted to older vehicles with drum brakes. Choose from two diameter options to fit any wheel size.

44. Color-changing Jeep lights

Our Dynamic kit is the latest technology in our roster of expansive lighting modifications. With this kit, users can run multiple moving color patterns through the ring, creating a show-stopping effect. Users are able to choose from over 200 patterns from the ORACLE smartphone app, and then switch to a street-legal white mode when getting back on the road. 

45. Jeep Spare Tire Wheel Ring Brake Light

At the request of many, we have created a wheel ring that can be installed in a Jeep’s spare tire and be used as a brake light. With a street-ready red color option, this illuminated wheel ring is the perfect blend of function and style, adding a unique lighting option to the back of any Jeep. Plus, the lights can be seen from up to half a mile away!

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