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Best Christmas Gifts for Kpop Fans

July 06, 2022 18 min read

Are you looking for Christmas gifts for K-pop fans? You may believe that selecting a Christmas present for your K-pop fanatic friends will not be difficult because there are so many different options available, ranging from albums and DVDs to binders and top-loaders. However, finding the right one that is suited to them is more difficult than it may first appear.

K-pop fans are notorious for their unwavering allegiance to the K-pop group that they support. We have compiled a list of Christmas gifts for K-pop fans that are sure to make them happy in order to gain insight into the kinds of things they may really want to open.

1. Album

The most foolproof present idea would be to purchase the exact album that your pal enjoys listening to if you know that they are devoted to a particular K-pop group or idol. K-pop albums include not only the CD but also posters, photo cards, photo books, stickers, and bookmarks in addition to the CD itself.

2. Season's Greetings Kit`

The Season's Greetings Kit is widely regarded as among the top Christmas presents available for K-pop fans. Each K-pop group will typically begin releasing their "Season's Greetings Kit" beginning in the month of December.

Each set comes with a calendar, a journal, and various other items that are both adorable and useful, such as stickers, memo boards, and posters.

3. Hoodie

Your friend will have more opportunities to make use of this present in comparison to other K-pop merchandise.

These hoodies and sweatpants are part of the pre-order items that Kai is offering for his first solo concert, which is titled "KAI: Kloor."

4. Photobooks

The best present for your friend could be a photobook if they are a collector of photographs.

This year has seen the publication of a number of photobooks featuring K-pop groups such as EXO and SHINee, for example.

5. Lightstick

Who among the most devoted K-pop fans wouldn't want to get their hands on the official lightstick merchandise?

6. Jewelry

Some K-pop groups mark significant anniversaries by putting out limited edition pieces of jewelry, such as necklaces, bracelets, and keychains.

As part of the celebrations for Super Junior's 16th anniversary, the group has distributed a memory charm.

7. Pins 

Customized pins with K-pop-song lyrics can also be a good choice for your friend who loves bags and denim jackets.

8. Plush toys

There are some K-pop groups that have their very own plush toy collections. You have the option of picking out the stuffed animal that best represents the characteristics of your friend.

9. Tote bags

It is simple to locate tote bags in any K-pop shop, making it easy for you to put together a present that won't break the bank. Not only are individualized tote bags visually appealing, but they are also something that the recipient can use on a daily basis.

10. Photocards

 It is not difficult to locate a large quantity of photocards in any online store that sells printed products. If the majority of what your friend collects are photocards, you can get them binders that will allow them to store their photocards in a secure manner.

11. Figurine 

If you want an extra special present, you can also have your friends' bias be customized into a figurine.

12. Clear phone case

The back of their phones are a popular place for K-pop fans to showcase photocards of their favorite idols or groups, so a gift of a phone case that is see-through is also a thoughtful option.

13. Helinox Teams with BTS for its New Outdoor Gear Collection

On April 8, BTS, the Grammy-nominated K-Pop group, teamed up with Helinox to launch an all-new outdoor gear collection. This collection of essential outdoor gear is ideal for family camping trips. Helinox Chair One, Cot One Convertible, and Table One Hard Top are available to campers. A Sacoche, a Gymsack, and a quirky Hello My Name Is patch are also included in the set.

Helinox and BTS outdoor gear is designed in the band's signature purple color scheme, making it easy to identify when returning to the campsite.

14.Cost Per Kilo Unveils Avant-Garde 'Collection 006'

South Korean experimental fashion label Cost Per Kilo has released 'Collection 006,' an exciting capsule featuring clothing designs inspired by the concept of "withering away."

'Collection 006' builds on the raw, urban aesthetic of its previous five collections, with a wide range of avant-garde looks consisting mostly of oversized fits dressed in abstract graphics. Heavy twill cargo pants, reversible french terry sweatshirts, half-zip track jackets, retractable mesh hoodies, nylon shirts, and baggy track pants with paneled pockets are among the items in the collection.

The neutral-toned colorways, highly textured materials, and baggy, extra-wide cuts that run throughout all of these garments give them a distinct ill-fitted look.

15. Counter Culture Company Takes Users Through Online K-Pop Star Training

K-pop groups such as BTS and Blackpink have become global sensations, and Counter Culture Company is now assisting aspiring K-pop stars with their online, interactive training. Counter Culture Company's platform shares knowledge from those who assisted well-known K-pop stars in their rise to fame in areas ranging from dancing and style to singing and fitness.

There are classes for all skill levels, from beginners to masters, ranging from five-minute bite-sized introductions to hour-long comprehensive sessions. The platform provides a taste of what it takes for some stars who undergo years of intensive training to rise to the top.

16. CASETiFY and BTS Created Tech Accessories Inspired by a Hit Song

CASETiFY and BTS collaborated on a collection of tech accessories inspired by the pop icons' hit summer song. The collection, which is based on the number one Billboard song, Butter, is full of design details that fans will appreciate, such as melting butter hearts, stacks of pancakes, and silhouettes of all seven BTS members.

The tech accessory collection has something for everyone, including the Butter Floaty Case, which has a "semi-transparent liquid that resembles melted butter" and the Stick of Butter Case, which looks like a four-ounce pack of butter. There are plenty of options for iPhone 13 series owners, as well as those in need of Samsung Galaxy Impact Cases.


Another surprising fact about K-pop albums we learned: While fans collect them, it's not always to play the CD inside, according to Rov R., who told us that "the CDs can end up collecting dust in their cases." She claims that giving this device will encourage your recipient to listen to their CDs. "It's specifically designed for K-pop albums, so you can play and display the CD in your room in an aesthetically pleasing manner." She likes how it "can be hung on a wall or placed on a desk or nightstand," implying that it won't take up much space either way.

18. YOOHOO Portable Bluetooth DVD/CD Player

Evie W. suggested this more affordable CD player as another option for K-pop fans like herself. It, too, can be wall-mounted or set on a flat surface, and it has a cover that reveals whatever CD is inside. "It's relatively small, looks nice, and can also serve as décor," Evie says. Furthermore, because it has a port for a cable that can be used to connect it to a TV or projector, it can also function as a DVD player.

19. Audio-Technica AT-LP60X-BK Fully Automatic Belt-Drive Stereo Turntable

If your K-pop fan buys CDs, it's likely they also collect vinyl. "You might think that an LP turntable is the furthest thing from K-pop, but many superfans already have one or more limited-edition records," says Areum Jeong, a Korean cultural researcher. We rated this reasonably priced Audio-Technica model as our best "entry-level serious turntable," and more than 70 Amazon reviewers agreed. Jeong recommends this limited-edition import from Red Velvet breakout Wendy if you're looking for something to spin on there.

20. Mkeke iPhone Clear Shock Absorption Case

Evie W. also recommended this clear iPhone case, saying that many K-pop fans like to display photo cards of their "bias" — or favorite group member — on the back of their phones. "Some people go all out and decorate them with stickers," she continues.

21. NCT Kpop Mini Postcard Photocards

When it comes to photo cards, an album is just one place to find them. If you just want to add to your recipients' photo-card collection, Evie W. told us that "you can usually find large quantities of photo cards for any group on Amazon," such as this set of NCT cards she recommended.

22. Foldermax Toploaders for Trading Cards

Trading is a popular pastime among K-pop fans because purchasing endless sets of cards would be prohibitively expensive. "Trading not only gets you the card you want without having to scour the resale market," explains culture writer Crystal Bell. "It's also a way to connect with other fans all over the world." If you know a budding collector, advise them to store their cards in toploaders before mailing them: "This will ensure that the card isn't damaged en route."

23. Uxcell ESD-15 Tweezers, Anti-Static

A clear plastic toploader, on the other hand, is a little pedestrian for the average K-pop fan. "Add some decorative washi tape to seal the toploader and write a personalized note on colorful stationery if you really want to make a good impression," says Bell. "All the cool kids are making their own photo-card toploaders," Jeong says. If you're not comfortable decorating a toploader yourself, she thinks a DIY kit of colorful stickers and tweezers to apply them would be a thoughtful and well-received gift.

24. Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer

Printing your own cards, according to Bell, is a great solution for K-pop fans who want to stay close to their bias without becoming serious collectors. "You get the photo you want for a fraction of the price of purchasing multiple albums," she explains. "Plus, who wouldn't want a Polaroid of their bias in their phone case?"

25. Aespa Crop Top and Photo Card

If your K-pop fan is always looking for new artists, impress them by ordering merchandise from Aespa, whose song "Next Level" launched them to fame in 2021. "Aespa is, in our opinion, the next big girl group in K-pop," Mallon and Worrell say. "I love this crop top, and it comes with a photocard."

26. GoT7 Doughnut Hoodie

"Any K-pop fan will explode with happiness when they open this, as it's the exact hoodie that many famous K-pop stars have worn," says Jini R., who says it's been worn by Got7's Mark, BTS's Jungkook, and BTOB's Ilhoon, to name a few.

27. KPOP BTS Brooch Set

Bell suggests buying a couple of enamel pins as a cute gift for a more discreet merch option. She describes these pins as "casual cosplay — if you know, you know" for K-pop fans. Enamel pins, which come in an infinite variety of designs, some referencing specific artists and others more general K-pop memes, can be worn in any situation: "A bias pin goes with everything."

28. Monsta X North American Tour Tickets

According to Mallon and Worrell, concert tickets are the "ultimate gift" for K-pop fans. They're looking forward to seeing Monsta X at Radio City Music Hall in January, and artists like Epik High and Eric Nam have North American tours planned for 2022. Be warned: BTS tickets will be difficult to obtain. However, if you are able to gift these high-value items, they assure us that "the recipient will be eternally grateful."

29. Vorspack Clear Purse

If your K-pop fan already has concert tickets, Mallon and Worrell recommend purchasing a clear, venue-approved bag for them to carry to the show and pass through stadium security with. This best-selling bag is described as "affordable, stylish, and the perfect size for concert essentials."

30. Twiceland the Opening Concert DVD

If you can't get concert tickets, Mars says a concert DVD is the next best thing — it's definitely the gift they'd want someone to buy them. If you're unsure about which artists to support, go with "any BTS concert DVD, Twice's last concert DVD, and any SHINee DVD."

31. BLACKPINK AirPods Case

If they're still walking around with that boring white case that all Airpods come in, then it's a good idea to upgrade them to this BLACKPINK AirPods Case. It's cute, practical, and will make them think of their favorite K-pop group every time they pull out their Airpods.

32. Insert Name Here's Wig Collection was Inspired by K-Pop Groups

Enter your name here. This is a Gen Z-favored haircare brand, with stylish and high-end wigs, clip-ins, and extensions. Now, the brand is back with a collection of wigs inspired by the hairstyles of girl groups, specifically K-pop stars BLACKPINK.

The wigs go by the names Charlie, Alice, and Nikki, and they have three bold hairstyles that are popular among the younger demographic. One wig has a sharp, shoulder length bob with black stands. The bottom has been dyed pink, and wispy forehead bangs finish off the look. Another wig has long silver hair with black highlights throughout. Meanwhile, the final wig is a mid-length cut with a bright red color. It's finished with straight bangs.

33. Kpop Pin

This collectible button sums it up perfectly! Pin it to your favorite bag or concert outfit to show everyone you're the kpop expert!

34. TWICE Mini Photocard Set

This 56-card set includes photosets from all of your favorite TWICE members, as well as a bonus postcard! This set, which includes images from all of their albums, is the ideal gift for any kpop fan on your list!

35. Korean Snack Box

Is there a better snack to munch on while listening to your favorite bands? This snack box contains a variety of South Korean snacks that will appeal to their love of kpop music!

36. BlackPink Cosmetic Bag

This aegyo cosmetic bag will make your favorite kpop fan happy! The BlackPink group print will be instantly recognized by YG fans, making it a huge hit! This would make an excellent holiday stocking stuffer!

37. ‘Finger Heart’ Pullover Hoodie

Three colors are available. This adorable cropped pullover is a stylish set of threads for any kpop fan! The iconic 'finger heart' is a popular expression of love and appreciation in Korean pop culture!

38. Handmade Red Velvet Mini Art Prints

This set of Red Velvet member illustrations is ideal as a decor gift, adding some unique kpop flair to any room or office. These prints, commemorating a chart-topping kpop group, make an excellent housewarming gift!

39. BTS Logo Mug

This coffee mug bears the iconic Bangtan Boys logo! This is an obvious choice for any A.R.M.Y fan group members. Help them flaunt their love for kpop groups at home or at work!

40. Personalized Korean Name Necklace

This stunning handmade necklace is personalized with your favorite kpop fan's name in the Korean language alphabet, Hangul. It's a dignified and elegant way of celebrating their love for Korean pop music and culture, and it's available in gold or silver!

41. TWICE Official Lightstick

Lightsticks are the most prized collectible of any kpop fan! Fans display them at kpop concerts, but they also make great decor pieces. This lightstick is exclusive to the popular girl group TWICE.

42. Kpop Group Lanyard

A lanyard is a great way for any fan to show off their enthusiasm on the street. These Kpop lanyards are available in a variety of groups, including TWICE, EXO, and BTS! An obvious choice for a kpop fan gift exchange.

43. Kpop Dictionary

This essential Kpop fan gift contains 500 essential Korean slang words commonly used in popular music videos and fan circles. It's a must-have for any kpop fan and would make an excellent gift idea!

44. Kpop Earrings

This TWICE lip balm is an eye-catching peach-pink, one of the band's official colors! (They do have those.) With this brilliant lip gloss made entirely of natural ingredients, you'll be one in a million!

45. Kpop Birthday Banner

This party set includes a variety of party banners in different styles to correspond with your favorite Kpop fan's favorite girl or guy group! Get a set and throw the ultimate kpop party!

46. BigBang Cartoon Member Socks

These adorable women's socks feature the five members of BigBang and come in a variety of sizes, making them ideal for any gifting occasion! Get this pack for your favorite kpop fan!

47. Round Circle Frame Glasses

These non-prescription glasses are a South Korean fashion must-have! Get a pair to round out your favorite kpop fan's wardrobe. It's a fashionable accessory that will have them saying Omo!

48. Hangul Practice Notebook

This adorable practice notebook with a panda print is perfect for any kpop fan interested in learning Korean! Pages of grid paper are included for practicing writing in Hangul, the Korean alphabet. Regular notebook paper will not suffice; let your favorite Korean culture enthusiast know you're thinking of them!

49. Taeyeon My Voice CD Album

Physical CDs and vinyl are extremely popular among kpop music fans. They are usually sold in deluxe and special editions and include collectible photo books, cards, and limited edition items! This one in particular is a solo album by Taeyeon, a former member of Girl's Generation!

50. Kpop Drink Tumbler

This portable plastic drink tumbler is the ideal gift for the mobile kpop fan! Save the environment while listening to your favorite groups; this reusable tumbler is the ideal present for any kpop fan!

51. Kpop Phone Case

This padded sleeping mask is an amusing gift for any kpop fan. This mask, which features Park Jimin from BTS, will have your favorite kpop fan howling with laughter! With this truly one-of-a-kind piece of merchandise, you can help them get a good night's sleep in style!

52. Kpop Party Favors

These cotton candy party favors are ideal for throwing your own kpop party. These packs, which come in a variety of group logos, can match your favorite kpop fan's favorite groups!

BTS Love Yourself Hoodie Cat Ear K-Pop

This K-Pop BTS Love Yourself Hoodie Cat Ear is ideal for BTS fans who enjoy wearing a sweater-style BTS outfit with a cat ear hoodie. Whether it's your daughter or niece who sings 'Run, run, run again, it's okay to fall,' she'll look great in this casual outfit.

53. Blackpink Gifts Set For Blink

The Blackpink Gifts Set For Blink includes cutesy items that can be used to accessorize other items. A drawstring bag, lanyard, stickers, button pins, keychain, phone finger ring stand, and tattoo stickers are included in the bundle. This set will get any Blinker insanely excited to customize their laptops, mobile cases, notebooks, and other devices.

54. BTS Bangtan Boys LED Night Light (K-Pop)

Make the room a little cozier with this acrylic K-Pop BTS Bangtan Boys LED Night Light. It functions as a display and mood night light, displaying seven different colors including red, blue, light blue, pink, and others. If it is not plugged in, it is powered by three AA batteries. Overall, you can use it with a battery or by plugging it into a USB port.

55. K-Pop Sweater Jacket Pullover

This K-Pop Sweater Jacket Pullover comes in six different colors: black, dark blue, red, and pink. Any BTS fan will recognize the names of the band members on the back of the hoodie. There's a size chart you can use to compare sizes, whether it's a fitted version or an extra-large for a more comfortable and warmer fit.

56. BTS Fans 123 Gift Sticker Sets

This B123 BTS Fans Gift Sticker Sets will make the recipient say saranghae,' as it contains sets of cartoon stickers, photo lomo cards, tattoo stickers, button pins, lanyard, and phone finger ring stand of the band members. These are sufficient to accessorize a laptop, phone, mugs, and other items.

57. Blackpink VIP All Access Box

The deluxe Blackpink VIP All Access Box is every Blinker's dream. Surprise the recipient with 13 amazing goodies inside, including a replica of Lisa's glasses, stickers, clips, and the box itself, which can be used as a purse.

58. BTS Fan Gift Set

Anyone who is a die-hard BTS fan will adore this BTS Fans Gift Set, which features the band members' handsome faces. The gift set includes a double-sided printed pillowcase, 40 lomo cards with photo clips, and a 4-meter string to hang on the wall. They'll also appreciate the button pins, keychain, phone ring holder, and stickers.

59. Women's K-Pop BTS Socks

This Women's K-Pop BTS Socks 5 Pack is sufficient to keep the feet warm. The socks are available in sizes 9-11 and feature different colors and the faces of some of the members. Anyone who is obsessed with BTS and can't get enough of K-Pop won't mind wearing a pair from day to night.

60. How to Speak K-POP: Mastering the Most Popular Korean Words from K-POP and Talking Like a Real Fan Book

Here's a great present for anyone in your life who can't stop singing K-pop songs. This How to Speak K-POP: Mastering the Most Popular Korean Words from K-POP and Talking Like a True Fan is an absolute must for anyone interested in learning more about Korean words and K-pop culture. This book is available in paperback and Kindle editions. Readers will learn popular Korean words, their pronunciation, and a detailed explanation of each word, as well as real-life examples of how to use them.

61. Twice Gifts Set for Once

Twice Gifts Set for Once includes 30 pcs lomo cards, 12 sheets of stickers, lanyard, and much more. It's time to dress up your mug, laptop, cellphone, and other desk items. It's the ideal present for Twice fans who enjoy collecting merchandise.

62. EXO Mini Postcard Photocard Set 56pcs

K-Pop fans who adore Exo will adore this EXO Mini Postcard Photocard Set 56pcs, which they can hang on the wall with photo clips and strings. Inside the box are Obsession photos, and each card is nearly the size of a credit card.

63. K-Pop BTS Gifts Set

This K-Pop BTS Gifts Set is super cute and filled with great goodies to fuel the recipient's BTS obsession. The notebook is compact and allows you to scribble notes, making it ideal for students, teens, and friends who enjoy collecting BTS collectibles. Aside from the notebook, it includes 32 postcards, pens, and photo clips to decorate your K-Pop wall.

64. EXO Gift Set

This EXO Gift Set contains all of the goodies that Exo fans will adore. These will suffice to accessorize your belongings and add more photos to your Exo wall. It includes 60 lomo cards, a 3D sticker set, a lanyard, and a slew of other amazing items that BTS and K-Pop fans will find fancy and useful for scrapbooking and journaling.

65. Cute Cartoon K-Pop EXO Keychain

This lightweight, cute, and fashionable Cute Cartoon K-Pop EXO Keychain is the ideal fancy gift for EXO fans to hang on their keys, backpack, or purse.

66. K-Pop Bangtan Boys Photo Postcard Lomo Cards Set

This K-Pop Bangtan Boys Photo Postcard Lomo Cards Set will make any fan smile as she hangs them on the wall with a photo clip. Each set includes ten photos of the handsome members.

67. BTS Bangtan Boys - MAP of The Soul: Persona CD Album + 76p Photobook Set

Here's a fantastic gift that any K-Pop fan will appreciate. This BTS Bangtan Boys - MAP of The Soul: Persona CD +76p Photobook Set includes cute little extras and goodies. The CD album includes a photobook, extra photo cards of the members, a poster, and other items that complement your other collectibles.

68. K-Pop EXO 7 Colors LED Night Light

This lovely K-Pop EXO 7 Colors LED Night Light sets the tone in the bedroom while you listen to your favorite album. The night light has seven colors that make the ambiance absolutely cozy, making it the ideal gift for someone who enjoys decor and collectibles.

69. HP Sprocket Select Portable Instant Photo Printer

Because most K-Pop fans enjoy following their favorite artists, this HP Sprocket Portable Instant Photo Printer is an excellent gift for someone who enjoys printing photos. Furthermore, you can easily connect this to iOS and iPhone devices via Bluetooth, and voila! You now have a photograph of Jungkook!

70. Korean Flashcards - Learn Basic Korean Language

While traveling is still impossible this season, K-Pop fans will undoubtedly learn Korean Flashcards - Learn Basic Korean Language that will prepare them for their next trip in a few years. These flashcards are ideal for beginners and travelers who want to learn basic Korean words and an introduction to Hangul, the Korean alphabet. The flashcards' content is appropriate for all ages.

71. BTS Army Pendant Necklace

This Pendant Necklace is the ideal gift for BTS fans, whether it's your daughter, niece, sisters, or friends. It's a great way to show your love and support for their passion. This jewelry is lead and nickel-free, and it is made of an alloy material that will not fade or rust.

72. K-Pop BTS Blanket Love Yourself Flannel Throws

This K-Pop BTS Blanket Love Yourself Flannel Throws will keep you warm and cozy, whether you're binge-watching Netflix or reading a book. It's an ultra-soft blanket that's simple to wash and comes in a variety of sizes.

73. BTS Cake Topper Action Figure Toys

Are you getting ready for a birthday? Why not spice up your cake with BTS Cake Topper Action Figure Toys? Your gesture will be greatly appreciated. It can be used to decorate a cake as well as collectibles that can be displayed or studied after use.

74. NCT 127 Cartoon Stickers Pack

The NCT 127 Cartoon Stickers Pack includes 62 stickers and cartoons of the band members, perfect for accessorizing mugs, laptops, phone cases, and other items. These items will excite any NCT fan.

75. K-Pop Light Stick Keychain Accessories

These K-Pop Keychain Accessories Key Ring and Bag Ornaments are small but adorable and will appeal to any K-Pop fan. It's the ideal gift for someone who enjoys attaching accessories to their backpack or purse. You can also wear it as a pendant attached to your phone case or bag.

76. K-Pop BTS Ultra Soft Flannel Throws Blankets

These K-Pop BTS Ultra Soft Flannel Throws Blankets are made of 100 percent microfiber and come in a variety of sizes. BTS members are featured on the smooth flannel fleece, keeping you warm and comfortable. This ultra-soft blanket is a must-have for any BTS fan, whether at home, the office, or while camping.

77. NCT Stickers

These NCT stickers make excellent gifts and rewards for kids and teens who enjoy accessorizing their belongings with NCT members. The stickers are waterproof and functional; you can stick them on anything, including tumblers, laptops, phone cases, and more.

78. Funny Kpop Mug – A Life Guide For Armys

Are you wondering how to get your certified 'Armys' friends, coworkers, or family members? This Funny Kpop Mug - A Life Guide For Armys will undoubtedly make them proud of their hobby. It's dishwasher and microwave safe, making it ideal for BTS fans.

79. The Kpop Dictionary: 500 Essential Korean Slang Words and Phrases Every Kpop Fan Should Know

If you're a noob and want to dive into the world of K-Pop that your friend, daughter, sister, or relative is obsessed with, this The Kpop Dictionary: 500 Essential Korean Slang Words and Phrases Every Kpop Fan Must Know is an excellent gift for yourself and especially for someone who adores K-Pop culture. It's an ideal gift for any K-Pop fan learning Korean words.

80. K-Pop BTS Insulated Tumbler with Stainless Steel Lid

This K-Pop BTS Insulated Tumbler With Stainless Steel Lid is an excellent gift for BTS fans. It has double-wall insulation to keep your drinks hot or cold for several hours. This design has engraved letters of BTS and is ideal for milk, coffee, fruit juice, wine, and any other beverage of your choice. With vacuum insulated technology, this tumbler can keep cold drinks for more than nine hours and hot drinks for more than three hours.

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