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Best Christmas Gifts for Managers

July 06, 2022 18 min read

When it comes to Christmas gift-giving, your manager may be the most difficult person to shop for, even more so than your mother, spouse, or best friend. If you get too personal, things can quickly become awkward, but if you get something generic, they'll think you put no thought into it at all. Famvibe has researched Christmas gifts for managers at a variety of price points, whether you're gifting as a team or giving them a gift just from you.

Whether you know your manager is a die-hard foodie, a caffeine addict, a music fanatic, or none of the above, we've selected thoughtful gifts that will show them how grateful you are for their guidance and support. And no, they are not a new name plate for their desk. These Christmas gifts are sure to please the boss, regardless of their personality.

1. Storm Cloud

The crystals contained within this glass cloud disperse whenever there is a change in the atmosphere (literally), symbolizing the windy, stormy, or rainy conditions that are occurring outside. They can place it on their work surface or in a window to keep a watchful eye on what is going on in the surrounding area.

2. Charging Stand

This charging station made of bamboo wood features a slot for an iPhone as well as a slot for a smart watch. This will help them maintain a clean and organized workspace. Since it does not come with any chargers or cords, you will need to ensure that they have theirs readily available.

3. Squire Rollerball Pen

You can't go wrong with a lovely and practical pen, regardless of whether the person who is your manager is also your best friend or someone you don't know very well. Baron Fig offers this classic aluminum rollerball pen in a range of five different colors to choose from.

4. In the Company of Women

This book, which has been a bestseller in the New York Times, is like a moving picture board. Include a card with it that outlines the reasons why your manager should have made the final cut.

5. Temperature Control Smart Mug

When they are in a hurry to move on to the next Zoom, they frequently forget to take their coffee with them. Give your manager a mug that uses an app to keep their coffee or tea at the ideal temperature (read: warm) by giving them this mug that uses an app. The ideal temperature for coffee or tea is somewhere between 120 and 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

6. Putter Cup Golf Mug

They will have to wait until the weekend to hit the green, but they can perfect their golf swing with this mug in the meantime. The fact that the golf club can also be used as a pen is an additional perk.

7. Manager Lady Candle

When they light this creamy jasmine candle, they will be reminded of how much of a manager they really are, and it will be a good thing for her. Also, you can use it as a stress reliever before going into important meetings or making important phone calls.

8. Live Plants

The Sill carries a wide variety of houseplants that can be used to spruce up your manager' office, and many of these plants can thrive in low-light environments.

9. Holiday Sweet Treats

Send them this tin of treats straight to their front door so you won't have to worry about baking or packing anything! This gift box contains a variety of delicious confections from Harry & David, such as their Moose Munch and chocolate-covered cherries.

10. Mini Cactus Humidifier

This cactus that can fit on a desk is equipped with a button that, when pressed, causes it to release a steady stream of mist, which makes working from 9 to 5 a more pleasant experience, particularly during the dry months of winter.

11. Origami Letter Set

This bright and contemporary stationery comes with envelopes that feature an easy-to-fold origami design for an added touch of personalization.

12. Hand Pomade

Whether they like to keep up with their manicure or always complain about dry hands at the office, they will appreciate this fragrant hinoki hand pomade from Le Labo because it is gender neutral.

13. Luggage Tag

This tag from Printworks is available in four sophisticated color options, which is perfect for the jet-setter who needs a nice luggage tag. You could also get them a matching passport holder in the event that they need to start traveling for work again.

14. 'The Office' Mug

You can show your manager the same level of appreciation as the cast of The Office with this one-of-a-kind mug that you can order. Isn't that bang on target for what they have in mind?

15. Songbird Eyeglass Holder

If they can't locate them, her glasses that block blue light won't be able to protect her eyes from the strain that they cause. If they uses the eyeglass holder that has been hand carved, her glasses will stay in one place... provided that they remember to use it.

16. Smart Squeeze Stress Relief Ball

With the help of this smart connected stress ball, you can help them relieve the daily stress they experience while also improving their grip strength.

17. Original Peppermint Bark

One tasty (and office-appropriate) way to make someone's day is to cheer them up by bestowing upon them a tin of the famous peppermint bark sold by Williams-Sonoma.

18. Tabletop Pool Set

This tabletop pool set comes with everything the customer needs to play an entire game despite its compact size (it is less than two feet long!). They can easily store it in their office because of its length.

19. Personalized Whiskey Stone Box

This engraved wooden box comes complete with nine whiskey cubes, a pair of tongs, and a velvet bag—all of which are perfect for adding a touch of warmth and coziness to their bar cart.

20. Townhouse Four-Wick Ceramic Candle

This cheery ceramic candle is sure to be a hit with the recipient no matter what their interests are, whether it be Christmas, candles, pink things, or any combination of the three.

21. Turmeric Herbal Tea Assortment

The turmeric flavor and health benefits are packed into all six of the loose leaf teas in this set, which are more subtle than traditional chai. However, the bitter taste is still delicious. Every container that has been hermetically sealed features a different flavor combination, such as ginger and moringa.

22. Pearl Pencils

Your manager does not need to be an artist in order to value the aesthetic value of a nice pencil. Blackwing produces some of the best pencils that can be purchased, period, and they come in a variety of distinguished colors. Pearl is an excellent choice for those who prefer a clean appearance.

23. Coffee Subscription

A subscription to whole bean, ground, or cold brew bags from Drift Away Coffee will ensure that their daily coffee habit can continue whether they are at home or at the office.

24. Premium Bento Lunch Box

They could step up their lunch game with the help of a sophisticated and practical multi-tiered bento box.

25. Vintage-Inspired Drinks Ornaments

These adorable La Croix ornaments are the perfect way to pay tribute to your mutual admiration for the office refrigerator. (There are also options available for beer and mineral water.)

26. Cowboy Corgi Christmas Ornament

This adorable felted ornament of a cowboy corgi is sure to be a hit with absolutely everyone, but it will especially appeal to people who bring their pets with them to work.

27. Nightcap: More than 40 Cocktails to Close Out Any Evening

This book features more than forty different recipes that have been crafted to meet a variety of requirements, such as the reader's desire for a night of fruitful conversation or restful sleep.

28. Plant The Box Scented Candle

A tranquil and productive atmosphere can be created in any office with the help of the appropriate scentscape. These candles recreate vibrant and lovely aromas derived from herbs and plants, such as tomato vines, crushed mint, and freshly cut grass.

29. Double Wall Insulated Glass Mug

If they are all about elegant presentation, a coffee mug made of double-walled glass will allow them to show off their morning brew while also ensuring that it does not clash with their outfit.

30. Geode State Ornament

This ornament in the shape of a state will shimmer and shine like a geode when the twinkle lights hit it at just the right angle. Stoneware, colored glaze, and glass are all hand-applied to each ornament, giving each one a truly one-of-a-kind appearance and making it truly unique.

31. Icons: 50 Heroines Who Shaped Contemporary Culture

Write a heartfelt message to your manager and include it on the cover of the book, alluding to the fact that they are just as legendary as the fifty incredible musicians, politicians, and thought leaders profiled in this book.

32. Stationery Subscription

Your manager will get a box full of all the things they love most every month, including up to seven trendy pens, tons of essentials for their planners, or a mix of both, depending on which subscription box you choose for him or her.

33. Italian Retro Cocktail Glasses

They may not be drinking at work like Don Draper (at least, we hope not), but they can throw a cocktail party in the style of Mad Men with these vintage glasses.

34. Astrology Candle

Give someone a candle as a present that reflects both their individuality and the astrological characteristics that are associated with their birthday if you know this person well enough to remember their birth date. In that case, choose the one that corresponds to their zodiac sign.

35. Popcorn Gift Set

Because of you, at the end of a challenging day of work, they are able to put their feet up, unwind, and enjoy a bowl of freshly popped popcorn. They will have everything they need to make perfectly seasoned popcorn with this set, which includes three distinct types of kernels, oil, and seasoning salt.

36. Hand Cream Trio Gift Set

The three hand creams in this set from L'Occitane come in some of their most popular fragrances, including lavender, shea butter, and almond.

37. Shattered Glass Ceiling Paperweight

Your manager is always harping on the fact that the glass ceiling, despite how intimidating it may be, can be broken through. Show her how appreciative you are for everything that has been done to make your professional journey possible by giving her this symbolic paperweight as a token of your gratitude.

38. 2019 Ace in the Hole Cabernet Sauvignon

Your company will be paying for their next happy hour! Because this full-bodied red wine from Winc goes so well with chocolate, you should definitely include some of their favorite truffles in the gift basket. Just in case.

39. Candle, Matches, & Journal Gift Box Set

Collections of The Art of Tea's candles, journals, and tea are available for purchase and are presented in attractive wooden gift boxes. This gift box features an Earl Grey candle and an emerald green journal to assist your manager in achieving a state of zen and taking a moment for themselves.

40. Tea Travel Bundle

This package provides them with a stylish travel tumbler that they can use to transport their favorite tea blends from home to the office, in addition to a box containing The Art of Tea's most popular tea blends.

41. Glass Cake Stand

Whether they enjoy baking on the weekends or simply have a strong appreciation for well-designed objects, they will adore owning one of these whimsical and contemporary cake stands. They are offered in a total of seven distinct colors and three different sizes to choose from.

42. Boucle Scarf

Even managers get cold. Make sure they stay warm by giving her a super plush and super large scarf.

43. The Solo Umbrella

Although the Davek Solo Umbrella is quite pricey, it is a gift that the recipient will treasure and make use of for many years to come. Davek is known for producing the highest quality umbrellas available, and customers can rest assured that the company will replace their umbrella in the event that it is damaged or lost.

44. Succulent Gift Basket

This whimsical gift box for succulents includes a planter, a live succulent, a candle, a box of matches, and a card. Give it to her as a token of your appreciation for the role that they play as your manager.

45. Your Career Growth & Office Decor Subscription Box

If everyone is still working from home, you might want to think about getting them a monthly subscription box filled with home office and stationery supplies to help them stay organized.

46. Custom stationery designed by independent artists

Beautiful, one-of-a-kind stationery is ideal for sending thank you cards or random "thinking of you" messages to loved ones. Few of us, however, consider purchasing it ahead of time. This present is thoughtful, appropriate, and useful.

47. Cameo video

If your workplace is less formal, you could have a personalized message from their favorite celebrity delivered to them. You can probably find them on Cameo if they like a certain musician, reality TV star, comedian, or actor in a show you both enjoy. The cost will vary depending on the star, but there are numerous options.

48. Tiny Pet Portrait

Give them a thoughtful, small, and inexpensive gift that they will treasure. It's personal while remaining understated, and its small size belies how thoughtful it is to go to this much trouble to surprise them with a gift they'll genuinely appreciate.

49. Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella

Listen, I understand that it may not appear exciting. A superior umbrella, on the other hand, is one of the most understated and thoughtful gifts you can give. We all need one, but few of us will buy one ahead of time or be excited about the search. We believe that this is the best umbrella option.

50. Deluxe Luggage Tag 

These leather luggage tags are gift-wrapped and come in a variety of colors.

51. Sugarwish Treat Boxes

Sugarwish's business model is straightforward: you choose the number of treats they receive, the recipient receives an email inviting them to choose their favorite treats, and the treats they choose are shipped directly to them. Everyone loves candy, and you won't have to deal with the awkwardness of figuring out their address.

52. Audible Subscription

Whether they're commuting to work again or not, audiobooks are a good way to pass the time no matter what. It's also a gift that can be delivered to them on the same day.

53. Atlas Coffee Club, Three-Month Subscription

For three months, they will receive delicious, one-of-a-kind single-origin teas or coffees from the world's best regions. It will make each day a little more enjoyable.

54. Solids Ankle 4-Pack

Bombas makes the best socks we own. For years, we've been vocal supporters of the brand because of its durability, comfort, and superior materials.

Another aspect of Bombas' appeal is that for every pair purchased, the company donates a specially designed pair of socks to a homeless shelter. 

55. Plantable Seed Cards With Envelopes

A handwritten card that they know you didn't pick up in a hurry is sometimes the most thoughtful and appropriate gift. These lovely handmade cards benefit a small business and are made of seed paper, allowing them to plant their card and watch wildflowers grow.

If you want to add something extra to show your appreciation, a Starbucks gift card is as safe as it gets.

56. Claudia Pearson City Tea Towels

You can pay homage to that aspect of them with a cool, functional, and sentimental tea towel illustrated with city maps if they're a big fan of their current home or the town they grew up in.

57. Earth & Sky Small Bouquet

If they've expressed an interest in plants, a small plant for their workspace could help brighten their day. (Note: If they have pets, you should choose pet-friendly options.)

58. Beautiful frame for their desk

A small frame filled with an image of their favorite memory, place, people, or pets is always appreciated, whether it adorns their office desk or their WFH station. Choose a gift card if you'd rather let them personalize it and choose their own photo.

59. Trendy olive oil that elevates any meal

If they spend a lot of time in the kitchen, they are probably already aware of the benefits of good olive oil. A drizzle of Brightlands Alive adds a vibrant, zesty flavor to any dish. Furthermore, the lovely bottle will look lovely on display in their kitchen.

60. Relaxing adult coloring book

Mandalas are the most effective designs for relaxation and inducing a meditative state, according to studies on the benefits of adult coloring books. Their intricate geometric patterns can be traced back to Buddhist and Hindu traditions.

This inexpensive book contains 50 mandalas ranging in complexity and detail, allowing them to gradually work their way up to the most difficult patterns or work on a simple design when time is limited.

61. Speks Magnet Balls

The creators of our favorite magnetic desk toy have created a new way to relieve stress and entertain your manager. These tiny magnetic balls provide a good mental break while also assisting us in staying focused in meetings.

62. "My Korea" by Hooni Kim - cookbook

Hooni Kim's debut cookbook is a crash course in the fundamentals of Korean cuisine. From Dolsot Bibimbap to Budae Jjigae to Hanjan's Spicy Rice Cakes, the book's tagline of "traditional flavors, modern recipes" is exactly what you should expect.

63. The ReNew Slipper

These days, most of us spend a lot more time at home. And it's even more enjoyable when you're wearing the most comfortable slippers on the planet. Everlane's ReNew Slippers are among our favorites, and they're reasonably priced.

64. Gel Ink Ballpoint Pens

The water-based ink allows for smooth writing, minimal bleeding, and a mechanism that prevents the ink from drying out. If they write handwritten notes for work, they may have a special appreciation for this small but significant improvement.

65. Custom Stamp

This one-of-a-kind, thoughtful gift embossed books with "from the library of [their name]" by pressing down on it like a hole-puncher — it's the kind of thing most people would never buy for themselves but will treasure if given to them. They can use it on both books and envelopes.

66. Book of the Month subscription

Book of the Month has been running for over 90 years, and it is credited with hand-picking and popularizing books ranging from Ernest Hemingway's "The Sun Also Rises" to J.D. Salinger's "Catcher in the Rye." With your gift, your manager will be able to choose from five new hardcover options suggested by the book club each month.

67. Goldbely meal

You can send them their favorite foods from across the country using Goldbely, no matter where they've spent the year — the company will deliver everything from Junior's cheesecake to Lou Malnati pizza to their door. Alternatively, give them a gift card so they can choose a treat for themselves.

68. Desk Name Plates

If you and your manager have a good sense of humor, they might enjoy this witty take on everyday office signage. Furthermore, the sleek wooden and gold design allows the sign to speak for itself without appearing too kitschy.

69. Gift a Love With Food subscription

Love with Food provides organic, all-natural, or gluten-free snacks that serial snackers will enjoy. Better-for-you chips, candy, and bars are made by new and trendy food brands, so they'll be excited to fuel their work day.

70. Business Card Case

First impressions are important, which is why they should be pulling business cards from a stylish leather case. It has an easy-to-use magnetic closure and can hold up to 20 cards. Choose from a variety of colors in pebbled or smooth leathers, or upgrade to premium leather. 

71. Lightweight Portable Keyboard

Your manager can leave the laptop at home and still get work done while traveling with a slim Bluetooth keyboard. This one appeals to us because it is quiet and comfortable to type on.

72. A box of Korean sheet masks

The Korean sheet masks included in this box will provide much-needed relief to any stressed-out manager. The brands, which frequently use unusual ingredients, are typically difficult to locate outside of Korea, but FaceTory makes them both accessible and affordable.

73. Native Union Key Cable

This portable cable charges Apple devices quickly and claims to be six times stronger than standard lightning cables, with a lifespan of 10,000 bends. The knotted cable also looks nice and makes it simple to retrieve the charger from their bag.

74. Versatile Toiletry Bag To Bring On Their Travels

The neoprene used in this product is most notable in the brand's popular backpacks and gym bags, but it's also well-suited for this small bag that organizes your manager's life on the go. It comes with a removable air mesh pouch and comes in a variety of dusky colors and camo patterns.

75. Durable Suitcase

The highly popular mini versions of Away's internet-famous suitcase have returned. The lightweight and fashionable polycarbonate accessory can store and protect your manager's essentials such as jewelry and accessories — and it's a fraction of the price of a real suitcase.

76. Vase 

A vase is a fairly foolproof gift — it's equally appropriate for a newly engaged (or recently promoted) person as it is for someone who prefers a practical gift over a knick-knack.

We also recommend this version if you want something more minimalist.

77. Insulated Tumbler

The ergonomic comfort of a traditional tall cup combined with Hydro Flask's signature double-wall vacuum insulation make this a coffee or tea vessel they'll always have on hand. It keeps their beverage hot for up to six hours and has a press-in lid to keep spills at bay.

78. Luxurious Candle

Otherland transforms the ordinary candle into a treasured gift with its beautiful packaging, unique scents, and special matchbox messages. Take advantage of its limited-edition scents while they last, or search its diverse Core Collection for a suitable match.

79. The newest smart home device - Echo Dot

The latest version of its best-selling smart speaker has a better sound and design. The Echo Dot can keep up whether they want to coordinate a smooth-sailing smart home experience or listen to music loudly.

80. Utensil Kit

They can use these stainless steel utensils instead of plastic or paper when they leave the office for lunch (or if they enjoy camping and hiking). It folds up easily and can accompany them wherever they go.

81. Papillon Back Massager with Heat

Whether you and your manager continue to work from home or have returned to the office, sitting in a desk chair all day can be taxing on your back. Deep-tissue massage motions and heat are used in this back massager to soothe achy muscles and help relieve pain caused by staring at a screen all day.

82. Personalized Decision Paperweight

Even the CEO requires assistance from time to time! This spinning, decision-making paperweight will provide them with just the right nudge (or an excuse not to do whatever it is).

83. MoMA Perpetual Calendar

Aside from being visually appealing, this self-shifting perpetual calendar features magnetic balls that must be manually moved to mark the date and month. It's the ideal size for keeping track of time at your desk.

84. ‘In the Company of Women: Inspiration and Advice from Over 100 Makers, Artists, and Entrepreneurs’ by Grace Bonney

Any badass lady manager knows how difficult it is to break through the corporate glass ceiling. With this collection of stories, inspiration, and advice from over 100 female entrepreneurs and leaders, encourage her to celebrate every milestone.

85. Productivity Planner

Whether your manager is already super organized or needs some help organizing their day, this handy productivity planner will help them prioritize tasks and stay on track with their long-term goals.

Undated daily prompts will encourage them to prioritize their tasks, and once they're all completed, your manager can rate themselves on their productivity to improve day by day.

86. Winc Wine Subscription

Nothing beats unwinding after a long day of work with a nice glass of wine. With a Winc subscription, you can give your manager a month of wine. They'll be able to choose their own wines based on their preferences (via a quiz on the Winc site), so you won't have to guess whether to give red or white wine.

87. World’s Tiniest Vacuum

This adorable, small vacuum cleaner will delight your manager if they like to keep their workspace tidy. They can use the USB adapter to plug it directly into their computer and clean anything from crumbs on their keyboard to lingering desk dust. Dare we say it makes cleaning enjoyable?

88. The Tie Bar x Mark and Graham Monogrammed Gift Set

In offices with a more formal dress code, your manager may be expected to always look his best. This matching three-piece set includes patterned dress socks, a silk tie, and a monogrammed handkerchief that can be personalized with his initials.

89. Lavender Vanilla Gift Set Set of Spa Gifts

With this soothing kit, you can give the gift of a relaxing spa day. A lavender candle, body butter, fresh lavender, and massage oil are included. While they're relaxing, your manager will be able to relax thanks to lavender's calming and soothing aromatherapy properties.

90. Blue Bottle Coffee Gift Subscription

Give your caffeine-obsessed manager a gift they won't soon forget!

Choose from a variety of coffee sizes and types, including single origin, espresso beans, blend assortments, and even decaf (whatever that is).

91. JBL Clip 3 Speaker

We're confident that your manager will appreciate this thoughtful gift! The JBL Clip 3 is one of our favorite Bluetooth speakers, and its low price makes it an excellent go-to gift for when you want to go above and beyond.

It's also waterproof, so your manager can take it to the pool or beach with no worries.

92. SONGMICS Bamboo Laptop Desk

Upgrade your manager's work-from-home setup with an adjustable bamboo lap desk to help them stay productive while away from the office.

A tilting tray top has several vents to safely dissipate heat, and a storage drawer on the side is a handy place to stash sticky notes, pens, and possibly some snacks.

93. AeroPress Go Travel Coffee Press

Your manager is constantly on the move; shouldn't they be able to have their favorite cup of coffee whenever and wherever they want?

This AeroPress model brews American, espresso, and cold-brew coffee in minutes, so all they need is some hot water and their preferred ground beans.

94. Gantri Cantilever Table Light

Give your boss something simple that will make their office look brighter and more sophisticated. This dimmable desk lamp features a unique geometric shape and an off-center globe light that emits an ambient, warm glow.

95. Personalized Gift Pet Frame

This frame is ideal for the boss who is constantly sharing photos of their beloved pet. Engrave the name of their special pup at the top of the frame, and then fill it with the most Instagram-worthy photo of Fido. You'll definitely get points for that.

96. Raycon The Gaming Bluetooth True Wireless Earbuds 

Even if you're back at the office, a good pair of earbuds is essential. Your boss will appreciate this pair of headphones that will connect to their phone and computer for meetings, podcast listening, and even gaming. After all, even the most mild-mannered boss can moonlight as a digital warrior!

This is a more expensive gift, so it might be a good idea to split the cost with some coworkers as a joint gift.

97. Jot & Mark Recipe Card Box

This recipe tin is a lovely gift idea for the boss who enjoys baking. It includes 50 blank recipe cards and 14 dividers, as well as a few different pattern options for the box.

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