Best Christmas Gifts for Men under $10 or Less

June 30, 2022 8 min read

Giving a gift to a man can be difficult, especially if you're on a tight budget. Here are Christmas gifts for men under $10 to help you get in at the right level while still making him smile for a long time. These are also great add-on gifts if you've already given him something else and want to round it out.

1. Fork Chops

This is a great Christmas gift for men under $10 who enjoys showing off his chopstick skills but appreciates the sensibility of a good old knife and fork. You'll get a pair of chopsticks, a fork, and a knife to help you conquer any meal in style.

2. How to Grow Your Coffee

Here's a method for him to grow his coffee. When he has his supply, he doesn't have to worry about fair trade issues or the price of a pound of coffee. A fantastic gift for the coffee enthusiast in your life.

3. Forklift with Forearms

Send him a message expressing your gratitude for all of the heavy liftings he does for you and your desire to assist in preserving his back. These allow two men to lift almost anything while avoiding back injuries due to the leverage created.

4. Flying Screaming Monkey Slingshot

This screaming monkey is a lot of fun for anyone, and if you know your guy has a good sense of humor or enjoys monkeys, he'll love this. He slingshots through the air, letting out a primal scream as he does so.

5. Printed Spider Man Duct Tape

He hasn't forgotten his childhood idols just because he enjoys fixing things around the house. Give him the role of Spidey duct tape to make DIY tasks more enjoyable. Because duct tape isn't always the most visually appealing material, this brightens it up.

6. Holder of Business Cards

Give your man this stylish business card holder without breaking the bank. This holder holds enough business cards for even the most ardent networker, and he'll be able to store not only his own but also those he receives.

7. Bullets of Chocolate

These bullets are completely harmless because they are made of pure chocolate. This is a great gift for the hunter in your life because he'll appreciate the packaging and, if he likes chocolate, he'll devour these in no time. Yes, men enjoy chocolate as much as women do, if not more.

8. Working Hands Lotion

Give this to the man who works with his hands every day. They'll assist in restoring their softness, smoothness, and suppleness. Even if he refuses to admit it, he does, and it's a Christmas gift for men under $10 that both of you can enjoy and benefit from.

9. Ice Death Star Mold

Here's a Christmas gift that's sure to please the Star Wars fan in your life. It creates ice Death Stars. This was the Empire's headquarters and is a staple in the Star Wars universe, so he'll think it's fantastic.

10. Multi-Tool Utili-Key

This is a tool he can keep on his keychain to have at all times. It has six tools in one, so he can cut things, use it as a screwdriver, and more without ever wondering where he put it. This just in: men adore tools!

11. Tent Lighting

This tent light is a great addition to almost any size tent for the camper. It will allow him to see out in the darkness of the wilderness, illuminating things just enough for him to get things done in the tent before retiring for the night under the stars.

12. The Official Button of BS

Every guy secretly wants one of these, and if he's ever mentioned wanting a BS button for all of the times he calls it, this is ideal. It's simple enough and it's large enough that he can easily push it at the appropriate time.

13. Hat Fedora

Amazingly, you can get a brand new fedora hat for under $10. Allow your man to walk around in style with this hat, which is ideal for any guy who enjoyed watching Breaking Bad because it is similar to the hat he wore in the show.

14. Heat-Changing Pac-Man Mug

This mug transforms from black to the Pac-Man game board, complete with Pac-Man and all of the ghosts chasing him. It lights up as the coffee heats up, and it fades as he drinks it. This is a mug he'll enjoy using all year.

15. Man Cave Guidelines

This is an excellent Christmas gift for men under $10 who has his man cave. It lays out the rules that every proper Man Cave should have, such as what can and cannot be watched on TV and what types of conversation topics are prohibited.

16. Pen Holder with Multiple Functions

This pen holder features a clock with the date and time as well as compartments for everything you can think of. If he works at a desk, he'll appreciate this, and it might even help him clean up some clutter.

17. Classic Jelly Belly Cocktails

These Jelly Belly jelly beans are a little different because they're not your typical flavors like strawberry or pear; instead, they're inspired by cocktails, so they capture the essence of drinking even though they don't contain any alcohol. A fun Christmas gift for the candy enthusiast.

18. Bracelets for Professional Sports

With these officially licensed bracelets, you can help your man show his support for his favorite professional team. They feature the logos of all of the most popular teams, so pick his favorite and you won't go wrong. These can be worn while playing sports, going to a game, or simply whenever he wants.

19. Wristband with Magnet

This magnetic wristband will hold all of the nuts, bolts, nails,, and screws he'll need while working on projects around the house. If he's ever dropped a nail or screw while hammering or drilling, get him this and watch him smile.

20. Bank of Farting Coins

Here's a silly Christmas gift under $10 for the funny guy in your life. Even the most discerning man will find the sound of farts amusing, and this irreverent coin bank makes saving fun, if not a little smelly. Who knew that saving money could help you clear out a room?

21. Jolt Mini Blaster NERF

Don't be deceived by the age restriction on this Nerf blaster. Guys still enjoy pointing and shooting guns, so let him have some fun with it no matter how old he is. It's small, but it can shoot darts up to 40 feet.

22. Bottle Opener Novelty

This bottle opener is having the time of his life until he is put to use. The shape provides leverage, allowing you to easily pop the top off a bottle of beer. Most bottle openers are dull and uninteresting, but this one is anything but and is sure to spark some conversation.

23. Air Freshener with a Bacon Scent

You can't go wrong with this air freshener that not only smells like bacon but also looks like it. He'll be able to fill his entire car or other space with the aroma of classic bacon. If you're not sure if he likes bacon, chances are he does.

24. Night Light Batman

He can interpret this Christmas gift in two ways: as if Batman is watching over him at night and keeping him safe, or as if he is Batman and this is his call. Whatever path he takes, he'll think this is awesome; after all, Batman is a nearly universally adored comic book hero, and this is old school, Batman.

25. Socks featuring Captain America

Captain America was one of the most popular characters in the first Avengers film, and he's getting a sequel. The popularity is skyrocketing, and these socks are truly unique. He'll have a lot of fun with these if he's a comic book fan of any kind.

26. Tool Roll in Leather

You can make this leather tool roll for less than $10 and give him a convenient place to keep his most used tools. The leather will protect them from being scuffed and scratched, and it will save space when rolled up.

27. Suit Gift Box for Men

These gift boxes are designed to appear to be dressed in men's suits. Fill them with candy or small trinkets to demonstrate how much you care. They make an excellent Christmas gift for men under $10 who wears suits to work every day.

28. Soap with Whiskey and Tobacco

The combination of whiskey and tobacco may not sound appealing, but it works in this amazing soap. It's a very manly Christmas gift that your guy will appreciate, and it's something you can make on the cheap.

29. Cuticle Balm for Healing

Even men need to take care of their cuticles, especially if they work with their hands a lot, such as construction workers. This balm protects them from further damage and effectively heals cuticles.

30. Stylish Wine Bags

These wine bags come complete with a shirt and tie and are ideal for transporting a bottle of his favorite wine. He'll enjoy the novelty, and when he's finished with it, he can put it back in as a decorative piece.

31. Shadow Box with an Ampersand

This shadow box is very thoughtful and represents your body as a couple. You can decorate it with mementos from trips you've taken or other special occasions to make it more personalized and an even better gift.

32. Leather Drink and Bar Tags

These are a great Christmas gift for guys under $10 who have his home bar because they will help organize and label all of the liquor bottles and drinks. Gifts like these are effective because you are capitalizing on existing and well-established interests.

33. Stocking Cap with Ribs

He'll get a lot of use out of this ribbed stocking hat as the winter season approaches. It's simple to make, so if you're new to sewing, it's a good project to start with that still looks nice. 

34. Pajama Pants 

Every man can benefit from pajama pants, and these are the most comfortable and soft on the market. So simple, but such a thoughtful Christmas gift!

35. Breakfast sandwich maker  

Whether he gets up early for work and needs something quick to go, or simply enjoys making things like this, this is an awesome Christmas gift that he will love to use.

36. Lego Motorcycle

Who says men can't play with LEGOs? This set is ideal for adults and will be a lot of fun for him to assemble.

37. Pocket card holder

More convenient than carrying a wallet and just as effective - it'll hold all of his credit cards and I.D. and is super convenient.

38. Leather travel toiletry bag 

This leather toiletry case is ideal for any man, but especially for those who travel frequently or work long hours! You could even stuff it with his favorite items.

39. Quadcopter drone with HD camera 

This is the ultimate manly toy, believe me!

40. Rechargeable hand warmers 

These are the ultimate gifts that he'll use a lot this winter!

41. Portable wireless Bluetooth speaker

This waterproof Bluetooth speaker is a must-have with 10 hours of play time.

42. Wireless car charger & adapter

This is a really cool little tool for him to have in his car... It's Bluetooth enabled and wireless, so it can function as a charger, radio transmitter, and stereo. So many applications and something he doesn't already have!

43. Bluetooth Beanie

He can wear this while shoveling snow, working out, or doing anything else! What could be better than being able to keep your head warm while listening to music or watching television?

44. Airpod Pros

For such a great, popular gift, these are sure to impress and be something he enjoys and uses on a daily basis.

45. Roku TV

If he enjoys sports, movies, or simply relaxing and watching TV, he will adore the Roku!

46. Magnetic Pick-up tool

With this brilliant, must-have tool, you'll never struggle to pick something up again!

47. Wireless charger

This stand fits his phone, Apple Watch, and AirPods - and charges them all at once!

48. Leather watch

For a watch that appears to be expensive, this one is under $100! If he's looking for a great new versatile watch to wear on a daily basis, this is an excellent choice.

49. Tile trackers 

If he frequently misplaces items such as his phone, keys, sunglasses, or just about anything else... These Tile Trackers are just what he requires in his life!

50. Sherpa Throw Blanket

This is a great Christmas gift for men under $10 and probably something he doesn't have his own of - great for keeping in the living room or at night.

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