38 Best Christmas Gifts for Mom under $30

June 20, 2022 5 min read

When you want to give a great holiday gift to your mother - the woman who gave birth to you, raised you, loved you, and supported you but you're also broke, the struggle is real. After all, you have other gifts to buy. Fortunately, you can still find inexpensive Christmas gifts for mom under $30 and still feel luxurious.

Moms are by far the easiest people to shop for during the holidays. Simply keeping them fed, warm, buzzed, or entertained will make them grateful for any gift. Of course, every mother is unique, but there are a few holiday gifts that almost every mom will appreciate. Based on your mother's interests, hobbies, and loves, comfy slippers, good wine, and a riveting read are usually good go-to's. For example, my mother is a vegetarian, yoga-loving gardener, so I'm always safe getting her something for her backyard or the yoga studio. And, by chance, these kinds of gifts are always reasonably priced. These are some suggestions of Christmas gifts for mom under $30 or less that your mother or any mother would be delighted to receive this holiday season.

Of course, these are just suggestions to get you started, but you're bound to find something you like. With such low prices, you may find yourself purchasing a few items for yourself as well!

1. A Tablet Stand For The Kitchen

Bake treats and cook meals to make life easier for mom while she makes life easier for you! This adorable tablet stand is ideal for placing in the kitchen so she can use her tablet to follow recipes or look things up!

2. Scarf

Scarves are always a good last-minute gift. This one is delicate and warm, and it could easily transition from winter to spring.

3. Bottle of Wine

When all else fails, just get mom a nice bottle of wine. 

4. Cookbook

My mom happens to be a vegetarian, but I think all of us could use a few more ideas on how to cook veggies. Come spring, mom will be an expert!

5. Personalized Notebook/Journal

Just make sure to start by filling it in with all of your special memories.

6. Mom Planner

Help your mom remember all the most important dates… like your Christmas. This is definitely one of the most useful gifts for moms under $30!

7. Boyfriend Watch

It's amusing that this is referred to as a boyfriend watch when it clearly has mom's name written all over it. The black color and studs make it an excellent everyday accessory.

8. A Pretty Apron

Make sure mom looks good even when she's in the kitchen.

9. Nail Set

This is a particularly festive set of nail polish that mom can wear all year, not just on Christmas holiday. The sparkles are particularly appropriate for the holidays.

10. Cute Kitchenware

To complement her adorable apron. 

11. Personalized Family Tree

This is not your average family tree. There are no names, just a bird for each member of your family, perfect for any minimalist mom.

12. Quote Wine Charms

If your mother enjoys wine, she'll probably also enjoy hilarious wine charms. 

13. Towel

This will serve as a good reminder to mom that, as strange and dysfunctional as your family is, you are completely normal — at least in the eyes of everyone else. Isn't it true that it's the little things that get us through the day?

14. Soap and Lotion 

Not only are the pump bottles convenient, but the caddy gives the impression that mom went to the spa rather than just her bathroom. Plumeria flowers have a pleasant scent in any season.

15. Slipper Socks

Socks are always a good gift idea, especially now that the weather has turned cold!

16. Bath Bomb

After all of the holiday stress, your mother will thank you if you get her this relaxing bath bomb. It's even holiday-themed!

17. Yoga Mat

Even if your mother isn't a yoga practitioner, she could use this yoga mat at the beach or to stretch after a walk. Perhaps getting it for her will inspire her to try yoga, and you can go together.

18. Slippers

Cold nights result in cold feet. Mom will appreciate the warmth and pretty color of these faux shearling slippers.

19. Leather Journal

Whether mom keeps a gratitude journal or just a daily account of her amazing life, this beautiful leather-bound notebook is ideal for all of her thoughts. You can also have it personalized with her name!

20. Candle

The right candle can complement any decor. Furthermore, lighting a scented candle can help your mother's mood and relieve stress. Candles may appear to be a simple or "lazy" gift, but the right customizations (personal or seasonal) can show how thoughtful and intentional you were in making the candle gift set special and unique for your gift recipient.

21. A Fruit-Infused Water Bottle

This will help your mother improve her health while also providing her with delicious water!

22. Wine Glasses

Wine glasses are a great gift that is both simple and elegant. Wrapping wine glasses is important to keep them from breaking, and there are several methods for doing so. If you need to wrap glasses quickly, placing them in a tissue-wrapped gift bag is a great option. You can also place wine glasses in a box with packing material or wrap them in cellophane for a lovely display.

23. Photo Phone Case

Every time Mom looks at her phone, she thinks of her favorite people. Suitable for all phone models!

24. Portable Phone Charger

This compact mirror/portable charger is perfect for that busy mom who’s always on the go. Now, she’ll have everything she needs in one device.

25. Grocery List

Your mother is far too sophisticated to go to the grocery store with just a piece of paper. This list is also magnetic, making it simple to jot down notes while peering into the fridge.

26. Blender

This is ideal if your mother enjoys morning smoothies or late-night margaritas.

27. Tablet Case

If your mother owns a Kindle, an iPad, or any other similar device, chances are she could benefit from a cute case. Alternatively, if she has butterfingers, get her a sturdier one.

28. Funny T-Shirt

Keep mom comfy and fabulous with a cute t-shirt.

29. Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser

Help give mom some zen and great-smelling rooms with an oil diffuser.

30. Dream Bracelet

This bracelet is both chic and meaningful. Each little charm can represent a unique dream or wish for your mom, whether it's a dream for herself or for her beloved children.

31. Aromatherapy Shower Kit

One-up your diffuser game with a shower kit to do the same thing… in the shower.

32. Foot Hammock

Encourage her to put her feet up… literally.

33. Chocolate and Wine Soap

What mom – or any human, really doesn’t love both of those things?

34. Air Plant Hanger

Ideal for the mother who has or believes she has a green thumb.

35. A Cute Glasses Holder

So you'll never have to watch her look around the house for them again.

36. Handbag Illuminator

For when she's always rummaging through the bag for the three-year-old mint.

37. Random Acts Of Flowers Kit

Allow her to do what she does best: make others happy.

38. DIY Crafts

Allow her to practice her skills on her own time, or make it extra special by crafting together.

Moms are, without a doubt, the most amazing people. Whether she is the lady who raised you (even during those rebellious adolescent years), the one who has always given you a mother's love, or even someone who is brand new to the whole parenting thing, she is deserving of the very best. To assist her in commemorating special Christmas gifts for mom under $30, or even simply "because," you will need to find the ideal present for her, not to mention an equally impressive card.

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