Best Christmas Gifts for Mom Under $50 or Less

June 21, 2022 10 min read

Mom deserves to be pampered after all she has done for you. You don't need to spend a lot of money to make her feel special. We found a variety of Christmas gifts for mom under $50. More great gift ideas for her can be found here.

She's your confidante, your rock, your mentor, and your natural best friend. She's been there through it all, and she's earned something special now. However, coming up with gift ideas for Mom can be one of the most difficult tasks. After all, what do you give to someone who gave you life?

The good news is that the ideal gift for mom is available, and best of all, it doesn't have to be expensive to be memorable. When it comes to Christmas gifts for mom, whether large or small, thoughtfulness is essential. That's why we scoured the web for unique gifts that show your mom you care, all for less than $50.

Choose a gift that celebrates nostalgia, one of mom's favorite hobbies, or some quality time with you — whatever you choose, Mom will appreciate it.

1. Sweet floral tea set for one

A sip from this adorable floral print teapot is as soothing as it is enjoyable. With the teapot included with a teacup, the stackable teapot allows you to savor each taste for longer.

2. Cozy robe to keep warm

There's no better way to unwind than in this plush, velvet robe in the evenings or mornings. Whether you're layering or covering up, this cozy polyester robe provides extreme comfort and warmth.

3. Personalized video message

Cameo may not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering a unique gift for Mom. The online service has a long list of celebrities from whom she could request a personalized video message. Whether it's for her birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas holiday or another occasion, Cameo has something for everyone, with prices starting at $1. For $50 or less, you can get Jay Jackson from "Parks and Recreation" or James Cosmo from "Game of Thrones."

4. Meal from mom's favorite restaurant

Despite the fact that dining out is more difficult right now due to COVID-19, you can still treat mom to her favorite restaurant foods delivered right to her door. Goldbelly delivers food gifts from famous restaurants all over the country, from lobster rolls to bagels.

5. Dainty jewelry holder

This delicate piece of decor is as lovely as it is functional. It can be used to store rings, necklaces, and other small trinkets.

6.  Cool, minimalist puzzle

This 1,000-piece puzzle has an aesthetically pleasing gradient pattern that is pleasing to the eye but difficult to assemble. If Mom enjoys a good challenge, she'll enjoy attempting to get this one right.

7.  Cool, minimalist puzzle

This super-hydrating, skin-smoothing body lotion is our favorite. It contains nourishing, natural ingredients that will keep dry skin at bay. The chic packaging and skin-soothing formula will undoubtedly improve her post-shower routine.

8. Streaming stick to up mom's binge-watching experience

Upgrade Mom's next Netflix marathon without having to buy a new television. The Roku Streaming Stick + is a small but powerful streaming device that supports 4K, HD, and HDR.

9. Cute set of washcloths that'll hide stains

These soft and fluffy towels were designed to help her easily remove the day's makeup, and the dark navy color hides stains. Choose from three different embroidery styles that are all adorable.

10. Personal Foot Massager

This personal foot massager is intended to relieve aches and pains by stimulating tissues in the feet. Its secret is acupressure and reflexology, and it's ideal for tired mom-feet of all sizes.

11. Clever Travel Strap

This adjustable elastic band strap can help with a variety of travel issues. The luggage strap can be wrapped around a bulging bag or used to secure your carry-on to the top of your main luggage. The best part is that you don't have to use brute force to get it to work!

12. Family Recipe Journal

Everyone has recipes that transport them back in time, from grandma's lasagna to mom's bundt cake. Help Mom's favorite food memories are brought back by this wonderful book, which includes space for over 160 family recipes. It's destined to be a family heirloom.

13. Family Tree necklace

This personalized family tree necklace features all of her loved ones' birthstones and initials. It would make an excellent surprise Christmas gift for Mom or Grandma. It's tarnish-resistant and handcrafted to order.

14. Wine Saving Carafe

Imagine being able to enjoy a glass of wine rather than the entire bottle. Well, this simple wine preservation system will allow Mom to enjoy her favorite wine whenever she wants – without having to wait for someone to drink with her! Savino forms a barrier between the wine and the air, ensuring that the wine remains fresh glass after glass.

15. iPrep Stand

This tablet stand is suitable for all popular tablets on the market. It's a fantastic gift for moms who are constantly in the kitchen– no more balancing the iPad against books or lamps! The iPrep has four adjustable angles and a built-in stylus pen in the base.

16. Family Photo Frame

As a touching surprise Christmas gift for Mom, display nine of your favorite 46 family photos in this single picture frame. It doesn't matter if it's Christmas, Mother's Day, or her birthday. With a pre-mounted sawtooth hanger on the back, it's also simple to hang.

17. Pie Cutter

The Pie Marker, also known as a pie divider, is intended for use with 9-inch or larger frozen or homemade pies. It eliminates uncertainty while assuring siblings that they are receiving EQUAL shares of the apple pie. Why not include a bright new pie dish for Mom as well?

18. Sleep Mask

Whether Mom is a traveler or simply enjoys a good night's sleep, these 100 percent Pure Mulberry Silk sleep masks are a little piece of heaven. Real silk is not only luxurious. However, unlike cotton or satin sleep masks, it is cooling and gentle on the face.

18. Table Top Pasta Maker

For a Mom who enjoys experimenting in the kitchen! This tabletop pasta maker can make ravioli, fettuccini, linguini, noodles, and more with eight levels of pasta thickness and two levels of width. The machine has a non-slip base and a bench clamp to keep it in place.

19. Decorative Pillow 

These pillows are ideal for melting Mom's heart and encouraging extra snuggles with those who matter the most. The neutral design makes them an ideal addition to any decor, and they can be personalized with all of the siblings' names. You can add the insert for $7 more and have it ready to use the moment she receives it.

20. Glass Water Bottle

Glass water bottles are the healthiest to drink from, and when wrapped in a rubber casing, they no longer shattered. Origin water bottles come in a variety of lovely colors and are easy to transport thanks to the loop on the lid. They also collaborate with a non-profit that drills water wells at rural Ghanaian village schools.

21. Personalized Wall Art

The best Christmas gifts for mom under $50 are personalized, and this adorable personalized wall art is ideal. Create a one-of-a-kind gift for Mom that she will treasure, printed on premium fine art paper. Select from a variety of hair colors and styles, as well as quotes. 

22. Cribbage Board

Cribbage Board The classic 3-player cribbage board's simplicity, functionality, and beautiful construction make it a fast favorite! A deck of cards and 9 pegs are stored inside the solid-wood board, which has a magnetic closure. All she needs now is a worthy opponent. 

23. Candle

Say it simply with a sweet quote and jasmine, sea salt, wood, and cream. This soy candle is a great last-minute gift for Mom that is still classy, sweet, and touching. Pair it with some stunning matches.

24. Beautiful Gift Box

This lovely, high-quality gift box contains everything you need to express your love and appreciation for Mom. A designer gift card, a 14K gold plated necklace symbolizing your bond, a box-framed keepsake quote, and a hand-painted trinket tray are all included. Everything comes in a lovely box.

25. Organic facial steam

When she doesn't have time to visit the spa, this facial steam will improve her regular skincare routine. All she has to do is heat some water, steep the dried leaves, and place her face over the steaming herbs — this will increase blood flow and open her pores, allowing her skin to absorb whatever product she applies next.

26. Book subscription service

If she's always asking for new book recommendations, she'll love this monthly service that curates great books and sends them to subscribers. Each monthly delivery will be a pleasant surprise as she discovers a new book she might not have discovered otherwise. Our editor used the service and enjoyed it.

27. Refreshing and decadent bubble bath

A little extravagance can go a long way. This rich bubble bath made with fresh, calming lavender will help your mom relax completely.

28. Fancy bottle of olive oil

A bottle of high-quality olive oil is the ideal Christmas gift for mom under $50 who enjoys cooking or simply eating delicious food. Brightland's Alive adds a vibrant, zesty flavor to any dish, and she'll appreciate the lovely bottle.

29. Disney+ membership

Give Mom unlimited access to Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and 20th Century Fox movies and shows. She'll have plenty of great content for home movie marathons.

30. Practical and chic multipurpose pouch

A bag that can multitask as well as she can is an excellent gift. This pouch will keep her small items organized in her purse during the day and can double as a clutch at night.

31. Tea with some extra love

This Christmas gift for mom allows her to enjoy a nice cup of coffee while also showing her some extra love. Each set includes five English Breakfast teabags, five Earl Grey tea bags, and five White Berry tea bags.

32. T-shirt that shows off her values

Give Mom a shirt she'll be proud to wear. When you purchase a tee from this collection, Everlane will donate to the ACLU, an organization that promotes equal rights for all.

33. Heart-shaped succulent

This adorable heart-shaped succulent will add some life to their space. It's a great Christmas gift for mom under $50 for both novice and experienced plant parents because it requires little attention. When Mom really needs to sleep, she can use a silk eye mask. Mom definitely deserves some rest. With this comfortable, silky smooth eye mask, you can make it a little easier for her to get it.

34. Silk eye mask for when mom really needs some sleep

Certain things simply breed nostalgia. Grafomap will create a custom map of your choice, complete with personalized labels. Choose a place where she grew up, a place where you have fond memories together, or a family vacation favorite. It's a lovely piece of home decor that also means something to her.

35. Map that reminds mom of her favorite place

After all those years of caring for you, caring for her plants is a piece of cake. These planters, which can be used indoors or outdoors, are both attractive and functional.

36. Set of soaps that smell like a bouquet of fresh flowers

There's something magical about the smell of freshly cut flowers. This soap's mood-lifting scent, combined with all-natural, soothing ingredients, makes it one-of-a-kind and a welcome addition to her bathroom.

37. Framed photo she’ll always cherish

Nothing beats a Christmas gift she can keep hung up as a reminder of the wonderful times you've shared — that's what makes this framed photo so special.

38. Candle that smells like mom's favorite place

With these nostalgic candles, transport her to her favorite location. Whether it's the scents of spring in New York City, such as flowers, concrete, and fine department store fragrances, or the salty seaweed, morning coffee, and ocean air of the beach cottage she visited as a child, these Homesick candles are sure to bring back fond memories.

39. Set of wines

If she enjoys trying new wines, this trio of three Italian varietals will make it simple. It's not a trip to Tuscany, but it's still pretty tasty.

40. Retro-style indoor herb garden

These mason jars make it simple to grow fresh herbs. All she has to do is plant the seeds, fill the jars with water, place them in a sunny spot, and wait for the herbs to grow. It requires little effort on her part, but having fresh herbs on hand will make all the difference in flavoring her favorite dishes.

41. Pair of soft slippers

Allow her to pamper her feet with these slippers. She'll enjoy lounging in them all day because they're cozy and cute.

42. Pair of plush slippers

Chances are, she was the one who told you to eat your vegetables as a kid, but that doesn't mean you can't express your gratitude to her with this spiralizer, which can grate, slice, spiralize, and shred her favorite vegetables for a variety of uses.

43. Adorable animals to hold her rings

These little animals are perfect for showing off her rings or making sure she doesn't lose them. They're adorable as decor, but they're also very functional. To begin, you could even pair these with a cute ring.

44. Bath caddy with room

This bathtub caddy is the only thing that could make a bath more relaxing than some luxurious bubbles. It can hold everything she needs, including a device to watch her favorite show, a glass of her favorite drink, and even a candle for ambiance.

45. Fitting diffuser 

This diffuser, with scents of shiso leaf, wild mint, and Meyer lemon, will look and smell great anywhere in the house.

46. Fashionable water bottle

S'well vacuum insulated water bottles come in a variety of shapes and sizes and do an excellent job of keeping all types of beverages hot (for 12 hours) or cold (for 24 hours) (for 24 hours). They come in a variety of fun colors and patterns, making using a reusable water bottle a lot more enjoyable.

47. Bouquet of fresh flowers

Flowers are a classic for a reason: they are full of color and lovely scents, and they bring life to any space. The Bouqs is one of our favorite places to order flowers online because of their large selection of vibrant, fresh arrangements.

48. Soft throw 

She'll want to cuddle up with this cozy throw all winter long, and then some. It's not too heavy, so it's appropriate for all seasons, but this super plush faux fur is just what she needs for your holiday family movie marathons.

49. Bookends that double as flower vases

What could be better than being both beautiful and useful? Mom will enjoy storing her favorite books between these sturdy concrete vases, which she can fill with her favorite flowers.

50. Delicate necklace featuring meaningful initials

Whether it's her initials, your and your siblings' first names, or any other letter combinations that mean something to her, this necklace is a small but thoughtful way to keep those close to her close.

51. Trendy tote bag

This canvas tote can be used as a grocery bag or a work bag. It can hold a 15-inch laptop and has adjustable straps, so she can carry it around all day.

Your mom is a complicated person, which is why you love her so much. But when you're trying to find the perfect gift for her, it can be hard to come up with something that shows everything she is: creative, thoughtful, funny, kind, and the list goes on (and on). Famvibe put together a list of the Christmas gifts for mom under $50 that you can give on this holiday or any other special occasion, big or small.

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