Best Christmas Gifts for Neighbors

July 12, 2022 9 min read

Ever have a neighbor that you could always borrow their salt and sugar from? Or perhaps that neighbor who throws the nicest holiday gatherings? Remember that Christmas presents for neighbors don't have to be expensive—and shouldn't—to show them how much you value them. With some of the best neighbor gift suggestions that will cheer up the whole block, we've got you covered. Our list is full of thoughtful Christmas gifts for neighbors to make them happy, from tasty homemade food gifts and DIY projects to famous brand jar gift ideas and gifts that won't break the bank.

1. Hot Cocoa Gift Set

Hot chocolate is the epitome of the holiday season! Four varieties of hot cocoa, including double chocolate, French vanilla, peppermint mocha, and gingerbread, are included in this adorable gift box. There is a glass bottle for each blend. Six ounces of water should include two tablespoons. Stir, then drink up!

2. Succulent Pots

These six ceramic containers are ideal for growing ferns, air plants, or succulents. Each pot has a bottom drainage hole. You can order the plants online, but they are not included. If you need to buy Christmas presents for multiple neighbors, these are fantastic.

3. Candle

It can be challenging to think of present ideas for a neighbor you don't know well, but practically everyone appreciates candles as gifts. The aroma, which combines vanilla, sandalwood, and amber, is warm and inviting—perfect for the chilly winter months! The soy candle is packaged as a gift and is available for giving.

4. Ornament

Perhaps give them this present a few days before Christmas so they can enjoy it before the tree is taken down for the season! This ornament will express your gratitude to a neighbor who, despite not being very near, is nonetheless nice. The ornament is made of ceramic porcelain and comes with a gift box, as well as a gold cord for hanging.

5. Traveling Neighborhood Plate

One of the most original and thoughtful neighbor gift suggestions we've ever seen is this one! This plate is a mobile community plate. Giving it to your neighbor with treats inside is a nice gesture. The following neighbor receives it, and so forth. It is a mobile feast that spreads joy wherever it goes. It has a 10-inch diameter and is made of ceramic.

6. Around The World Coffee And Chocolate Sampler

From the comfort of your kitchen, travel the globe. The whole tour of the top coffee-producing nations in the world, including Kona, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Colombia, Panama, Brazil, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Indonesia. Discover earthy Sumatran blends, fruit-forward African roasts, chocolaty Latin American coffees, and everything in between. The finest coffees in the world are hand-selected by Bean Box and expertly roasted by Seattle roasters like Fundamental, Slate, and Vita.

7. Olive Oil Gift Set

A dish can benefit greatly from good olive oil. These olive oils are extra virgin, organic Greek olive oils that have all been herb-infused. Basil, garlic, red pepper, and rosemary are the flavors. Each bottle weighs 1.7 ounces and is housed in a simple wooden box.

8. Wind Chimes

This gift is also for you if your favorite neighbor lives right next door! Compared to many of the others on the market, these wind chimes are far more melodic because they have been tuned. Six 30-inch rust-proof aluminum tubes make up the chimes. Tones are softer and gentler because of the bigger tubes.

9. Gourmet Gift Basket

Many food gift baskets contain subpar foods, odd processed foods, and those disgusting small strawberry-flavored candies. Not this one; this is a basket of gourmet goods! The basket has a good mixture of sweet and savory foods, including caramels, crackers, cheese spread, olives, cookies, and more. A customized note is included in the basket. Realtors might give their clients this as a thoughtful farewell present.

10. Kitchen Towels

Set of charming and bright Christmas kitchen towels. six flour sack dish cloths in total. Fun kitchen towels include Belief in the Magic of Christmas kitchen towels, Merry Christmas kitchen towels, Santa towels, and festive holiday red truck kitchen towels. These colorful dishcloths contribute to the design of a chic and adorable kitchen for the winter.

11. Taste of Italy Gift Basket

This gift box includes everything they require for Italian night. Pasta, seasoning, biscuits, salty crackers, mixed olives, and a chocolate bar are all included in the basket. Everything is packaged in a charming tin basket that may be used again.

12. Cheeseboard

Cheese Boards are ideal for an unplanned get-together with neighbors. Everything you need for informal entertaining is included on this board, including numerous cheese knives for dishing. The board is made of bamboo, and when not in use, all of the accouterments tuck away neatly in the swivel drawer.

13. Hummingbird Houses

These are the houses of hummingbirds, in case you've ever wondered what they looked like. The houses are handwoven from hibiscus grass and are entirely environmentally friendly. The hemp rope loop can be used to hang the dwellings from a branch, vine, or fence. The miniature homes can also be utilized as interior decoration.

14. Storm Glass 

This hurricane glass is sure to be a hit. Depending on the weather, the liquid in the glass appears differently; for instance, clear liquid indicates clear weather, murky liquid indicates clouds and precipitation, and little spots in the liquid indicate fog.

15. Hand Sanitizer 

Lavender, sweet orange, lemon verbena, olive, and thyme are the smells. If you need to buy gifts for more than one neighbor, you may divide the set, making it more affordable. The set comes in a lovely gift box.

16. Reusable Shopping Bags

These reusable bags are fashionable and reliable! Leather handles with a strong cotton canvas construction. The bags' flat bottoms prevent contents from being crushed and they can store up to 25 pounds each. Added to the set is a drawstring bag. These bags work well for grocery shopping and double as a gym or beach bag.

17. Chocolate Covered Pretzels

These pretzels will demonstrate what a terrific neighbor you are! Food gifts make wonderful Christmas neighbor presents! The 6.5 ounces of milk chocolate-covered pretzels in this bag are the ideal balance of sweet and salty. Additionally, dark chocolate-covered pretzels are offered.

18. Vase 

You can never have too many vases because they are a need in any home and make wonderful holiday gifts! This vase is perfect for a minimalist neighbor because it is so lovely and sleek. The vase is roughly 6 inches high and is constructed of pottery. The best gifts are sometimes the simplest!

19. Wine Rack

Over shared glasses of wine, many neighbors have developed friendships. This wine rack will be appreciated by your neighbor, who also happens to be your wine buddy. Iron construction, no assembly necessary. Up to nine standard-sized bottles of their preferred wines can fit on the stand.

20. Gourmet Biscotti

 A Barnetts Fine Biscotti Gift Box is ideal if you're trying to express your gratitude, offer a heartfelt desire of remembrance, or just want to treat yourself. Twelve gourmet biscotti with fruit/nut toppings are included in this elegant gift box. They are crafted from the finest ingredients and are tasty until the very last bite. This is a gift that will undoubtedly be treasured and used to its fullest extent.

21. Garden Stepping Stone

A beautiful stepping stone is always a nice touch in a garden, and this one honors friends! The stone is manufactured from polyresin, and the sentence is carved and painted into it. The stone can be mounted as a wall plaque or placed outside.

22. Funny Oven Mitt

When your neighbor invites you over for dinner, you sometimes have to wear your eating pants because they are such a terrific cook! They need an oven mitt like this! The glove is 100 percent cotton, machine washable, and has additional quilted insulation to shield the hands from heat.

23. BBQ Set

Start the grill! They have everything they require in this stainless steel barbecue set to get dinner from the grill to the table. The set comes with a convenient carrying bag for storage or traveling with the show, and it is dishwasher-safe.

24. Playing Cards

With these beautiful playing cards, your neighborhood poker night will look classy! The 24K gold foil coating on the cards makes them not only glamorous but also tough and waterproof in case you accidentally drop your gold flake Martini on the card table. It is a common deck of playing cards, and it is packaged in a lovely mahogany box.

25. Flame-Free Candles

Candles are a classic gift but may not be the best choice for families with young children or animals. With these flameless candles, those homes can still enjoy lovely candlelight. They have a timer that can be set for 2, 4, or 6 hours, and they operate on 2 AA batteries (not included). The candles are especially wonderful during blackouts because they provide forth light without a fire risk. The candles are especially wonderful for events held outside.

26. Gingerbread Man Sugar Scrub

How adorable! These sugar scrub bars are designed to resemble a Christmas gingerbread man biscuit. Shea butter and organic cane sugar are used to make the bars, which are also mica-colored and scented with essential oils. There are six scrub bars in each jar.

27. Beauty Gift Set

Burt's Bees produces top-notch skin care goods. Some of the most popular items from the firm are included in this set: lip balm, body lotion, cleansing cream, hand salve, and foot cream. Because each item is portable, the set is ideal as a present for a neighbor who enjoys traveling.

28. Magnetic Wristband

This present will be much appreciated by any neighbors you have who enjoy DIY projects or who have recently purchased a fixer-upper. This magnetic bracelet can contain the small metal tools they need for the project, like bolts, nuts, screws, and other fasteners. Even simple actions like hanging a picture or painting are made simpler by it.

29. Personalized Coffee Mug

A gift with a special message is always appreciated. The receiver is aware that it was specifically chosen for them. The name, the color, the size, and the design of this porcelain mug can all be changed. A matching coaster and gift box are optional additions.

30. Going Away Coffee Mug

Our favorite neighbor sadly occasionally goes away. They probably won't be as fortunate with their subsequent neighbors, though! With this amusing coffee mug, send them off and wish them luck. The porcelain mug comes in 11- or 15-ounce sizes and is microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe.

31. Coaster Set

These coasters are a great example of how practical gifts can be gorgeous! There are six neutral-colored braided cotton coasters available, which are ideal if you need to buy a present for new neighbors whose furnishings you haven't yet seen. Compared to coasters made of other materials, cotton coasters are more absorbent.

32. Spoon Rest

Santa himself couldn’t do better! Gifts like this lovely porcelain spoon rest are thoughtful for both cooks and non-cooks. It is large enough to be used as a jewelry dish or as a catch-all trinket dish when not in use as a spoon.

33. Mason Jar Measuring Spoons

Because they make me think of summer, I adore receiving gifts in mason jars. These measuring spoons will also serve as a reminder of warmer times ahead for them, when those warm summer days seem so far away during the winter holiday season. These lovely and useful measuring spoons are made of ceramic. One tablespoon, one teaspoon, half a teaspoon, and a quarter teaspoon are included in the set.

34. Pocket Magnifying Glass

This is a kind gesture if you have an older neighbor. It is a portable magnifying glass with a light, making it ideal for tasks like reading the small type of medicine bottles or food packets in a poorly lit restaurant. The glass is lightweight and compact, readily fitting into a purse or pocket.

35. Multi-Tool

This tool is small enough to slip into a wallet and is around the size of a credit card, but it has several uses. The tool has 40 functions in one; it may be used as a can opener, a wrench, a screwdriver, a pry bar, and more! In contrast to many comparable tools, this one has smooth edges throughout to prevent cutting or snagging on a pocket or wallet.

36. Jewelry Dish

Because it can be used for so many things, a catchall dish makes a great standard gift. Jewelry, keys, phones, change, cash, and soap bars can all be stored on the plate. Basically anything small that you want to keep centralized. This ceramic dish has a neutral finish to match any decor and is constructed from ceramic.

37. Ring Toss Game

Are the kids next door your favorite neighbors? The whole family will enjoy receiving this ring-toss game as a Christmas present. The game can be rapidly set up and played indoors or outdoors, making it ideal for chilly or inclement weather when everyone is cooped up inside. All ages will enjoy receiving the game.

38. DIY Christmas Ornament Set

The ideal gift for children in the neighborhood is this DIY ornament kit. They can use it as a fun project during the break and use it to create homemade Christmas presents for their loved ones. 130 wooden decorations in ten different shapes, markers, string, and jingle bells are all included in the set. Jingle bells are the epitome of "Merry Christmas," after all! The wooden forms can be glued to gift wrapping paper as ornaments or as tags for presents.

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