Best Christmas Gifts for Newlyweds

July 13, 2022 8 min read

Have a newlywed couple on your shopping list? For a number of reasons, selecting Christmas gifts for newlyweds might be challenging. You will need to go outside the box a little because, to start, they probably already have everything they need thanks to their wedding registry. Additionally, you need to win over not one, but two of your favorite people. Fortunately for you, we enjoy a challenge (especially when it comes to buying presents). We have some suggestions to help you with your search before you start purchasing. Below, you will find a ton of wonderful Christmas gifts for newlyweds that they will both love.

1. A Book Full of Date Ideas

50 imaginative scratch-off ideas are included in The Adventure Challenge to help spark the couple's upcoming date. Following that, there is room to make notes and include a photo, converting the book into a journal of their activities. Give it to the newlyweds as a reminder to maintain regular date evenings even though they are no longer just "dating."

2. A Meaningful Serving Tray

The newlywed pair will cherish this Christmas gift and will treasure it forever. A map of one of their favorite places, such as their neighborhood, the place they first met, or the setting of their wedding, is featured in the design.

3. A Helpful Planter

The newlyweds would value this clever indoor garden if they enjoy eating fresh herbs and vegetables but lack the yard area to grow them. The system provides everything their plants would require, including water and light. Even a free set of basil plant pods is included to get them going. It's a wonderful present for a young married couple who enjoys cooking together.

4. A Portable Fireplace

Until they use it, they won't understand how great this present is. They will then be perplexed as to how they ever survived without it. Indoors or outside, the portable fire pit creates a romantic atmosphere. The only thing they need to fire it up is some rubbing alcohol, and it creates the proper atmosphere without soot, smoke, or bother. Even s'mores can be roasted using it!

5. A Journal for Tracking Milestones

With this lovely anniversary journal, start the newlyweds' preparations for their upcoming milestone. There is room to record every significant wedding anniversary, from the first to the 60th. Choose the customized option, which has their names and wedding date printed on the cover, to take it a step further.

6. Bluetooth Speakers That Are Also Lamps

A warm, flickering LED light imitates the ambiance of a genuine flame in these unusual torches. The best aspect, though, is that they also function as portable wireless Bluetooth speakers that can be used both inside and outside. This adaptable gift is ideal for both couples who enjoy hosting guests and those who enjoy spending romantic date nights in their backyard.

7. A Funny (But Serious) Doormat

Their residence, their laws. The newlywed pair who is meticulous about keeping their home pristine would love receiving this hilarious "lose the shoes" doormat. It demonstrates that you are familiar with them and respect their need for spotless floors.

8. The Trendy Appliance They Wish They Registered For

Although the newlyweds may already have a kettle, we assure you that it is not like this. The fashionable cookware company Great Jones and Fellow's coffee specialists came up with a gorgeous design. All of the luxurious features of Fellow's original electric kettle are present in the limited edition model, which also features the distinctive mustard and broccoli colors of Great Jones. It contains a built-in stopwatch, a 60-minute hold mode, and a temperature control mechanism. The cherry on top is the deftly crafted spout, which was made with pour-over coffee in mind.

9. A Commemorative Ornament

Looking for a present to celebrate the couple's first holiday season or Christmas together? With an etching of the month of the year, this ornament is special since it commemorates their wedding date. Above the word "marriage," their names, and the year, a sweetheart denotes the date they said, "I do." It's a lovely reminder of their special day, and because it's not excessively seasonal, they can leave it out all year.

10. A Matching Underwear Subscription

Twining with your partner, especially when it's an item no one else can see, maybe surprisingly lovely. For this reason, we believe a matching underwear subscription makes a wonderful present for your newlywed pals. Just be aware that before you begin, you will need to know a few, shall we say, sensitive information (think: their preferred cut and size). It's a humorous present for newlyweds with a sense of humor (or who just enjoy matching outfits!).

11. Pillows That'll Help Them Relive Their College Days

Giving the newlyweds a gift that refers to how they met is a wonderful way to honor their love story. One of these lovely pillows will bring back wonderful memories of those they met while in college. Each whimsical home accent is embellished by the seller with collegiate-themed designs. Simply select their school and put it in your shopping cart.

12. A Cuddly, Custom Throw Blanket

With this sweet gift suggestion, you can help them stay warm the rest of the winter. Their initials or names can be added to the luxurious throw blanket (made of sherpa and cable knit).

13. A Nifty Picture Frame

Whether you're looking for Christmas gift ideas, meaningful housewarming presents, or wedding gifts for newlyweds, photo gifts are always a wonderful gesture. The couple can switch out the photos on display thanks to the basic wood block's capacity for up to 12 images. Simply select a dozen of the couple's photos that you love (including a cute candid from their wedding), and you're ready to go.

14. Cute Mugs for Cozy Nights

With these incredibly adorable mugs featuring an image of the happy couple, the happy couple will be ready for pleasant nights together. They're ideal for hot chocolates with tons of whipped cream if you're shopping for the holidays (or homemade eggnog to get them into the holiday spirit). What a sweet first Christmas as a married couple present!

15. A Portrait Honoring Their Wedding

Hire a professional portrait artist to create a wonderful work of art from one of their lovely wedding images. The artist creates a one-of-a-kind photograph of the couple, adding their names and wedding date to the creation. One of the best gift suggestions for newlywed couples is to add a pet if you want to go the extra mile with your gift.

16. A Night Out in a Box

Make sure the newlyweds can still take time for themselves during the hectic period following their wedding. When a couple joins DateBox Club, they receive every item they require for a hassle-free date night at home each month. Any married couple would appreciate receiving it, even those who already have everything.

17. Mesmerizing Map Art

Personalized gifts are always warmly welcomed when it comes to gift suggestions for newlywed couples. This foil map masterpiece can be purchased with a traditional or contemporary frame so it is ready to put on display. Imagine the newlyweds' excitement as they unwrap a gorgeous piece of art depicting their favorite city or place.

18. A Cheese Board With Their Monogram

A Christmas present that is special and personalized for newlyweds? Count us in! For all of their favorite cheese and charcuterie, this unique cheese board changes from a single wedge into a tier-based serving wheel. The couple's monogram can be etched on a secret drawer that contains a stainless steel cheese fork and two useful knives. The bamboo board is so exquisitely made that when not in use, it practically serves as decor.

19. A Photo Calendar

With a personalized photo calendar for 2022, they can commemorate their promising future together. The newlywed pair will have 365 days of delight from this present. Make it theirs by including images of the couple as a married couple and emphasizing any significant events (ahem, their upcoming wedding anniversary). What's best? The images are perforated, allowing you to tear them off the calendar at the end of the year and save them for life.

20. A Pretty and Personalized Address Stamp

They ought to use official-looking stationery now that they are legally owed. With the help of this kit, they can add a unique, calligraphed return address label to their outgoing mail. If they still need to send wedding thank-you notes, it will be extremely helpful. Talk about practical wedding present suggestions!

21. A Tipple Delivery Service

The best presents for newlyweds often showcase their preferences. We've found a special subscription service they'll adore if that means bourbon (or scotch, or gin, or rum, or tequila—you get the picture). The couple will get a full-size bottle of their preferred alcoholic beverage once a month from a craft distillery. They'll adore it for developing their palates and having at-home date nights.

22. Well Wishes from a Celebrity

Give the newlyweds an unexpected wedding or holiday gift: a handwritten note from a famous person. There are so many fantastic choices for Cameo, including athletes, reality TV stars, and musicians. Can this gift be made more imaginative?

23. A Fun, Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener

They'll appreciate this extra present, especially if they registered for bar necessities. With a clear storage box to display the caps of all the craft beers they've consumed, the personalized bottle opener mounts to the wall. Make it unique by adding their wedding year and shared family name (if any) above the words "Brewery Co."

24. A Gorgeous, Sentimental Magnet

Although these magnets are expensive, they are made with unmatched quality. A heartwarming gift for the newlyweds who just moved in together, the merchant creates a little wooden duplicate of their home for them.

25. A Custom Gift Box

Affordable personalized presents are available for newlyweds. With Greetabl, you can completely personalize your gift without spending a fortune—from selecting your preferred on-theme packaging to embellishing it with images. On the inside of the box, there is space for writing kind wishes as well. Do you desire a better offer? Use our code TKWW15 for 15% off the entire website. If you're looking for a holiday present, the festive juniper and moss smell of this candle would be the perfect finishing touch.

26. Personalized Wall Art

How about this original present concept for the newlywed couple? It is a map of the night sky from a memorable occasion, such as the day they first met, were engaged, or got married. Without a frame, the wooden art is ready to hang or stand.

27. A Super-Chic Menorah

Bobbi Lin and Rocky Luten

They are probably shopping for Christmas decorations to help them celebrate as a family now that they will be spending the holidays together as husband and wife. This exquisite menorah is a priceless present for the newlyweds to use this Hanukkah or the following.

28. Cool Coasters

Married couples can never have too many coasters, in our opinion. These wooden "his" and "his" ones provide the ideal perches for morning mugs of coffee. (Spoiler alert: the Etsy seller also provides the options for "his" and "hers" and "hers" and "hers").

29. Somewhere to Store Their Vow Books

What gift should I still get the newlyweds? Create a stylish cloche display for their vow books as a way to help them remember their wedding day. This thoughtful present for a newlywed couple serves as both a distinctive piece of decor and touching remembrance of the vows they exchanged.

30. A Portrait of Their Pet 

If their life revolves around their furry (or scaly, or feathery) friend, this is the newlywed present for them. They will swoon over a priceless art print you have made of their pet.

31. A Sleek Luggage Set

Looking for presents for a newlywed couple who enjoys traveling (or who have not yet taken their honeymoon)? Look nowhere else. They have all they need in this contemporary baggage set for upcoming family vacations and romantic getaways. The hard-shell nesting bags are available in a variety of beautiful color schemes. Additionally, they can be customized in 12 various languages, including English, Spanish, and Chinese, with the couple's names or monogram.

32. A Genius Way to Make Decisions

They can use this amusing gift when they are unsure of what to eat. Dinner can be chosen by just rolling the dice. These innovative dice would be a welcome addition to any couple's collection, not just newlyweds.

33. A Way to Watch All Their Favorite Shows Together

Introducing the top device for streaming shows and movies. They can use this device to simultaneously access all of their subscription services, including Netflix and Hulu, from their TV. In actuality, you are giving them the gift of convenience and a ton of cozy nights spent at home.

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