Best Christmas Gifts for Online Friends

July 12, 2022 12 min read

Internet friends are real friends. They were simply socially isolating themselves before the trend became popular. Even if you can't see them in person very often or at all, you should still show them that you love and care for them by sending them a small token of your affection. Any one of these Christmas gifts for online friends is certain to put a smile on the face of your internet besties.

All of these gifts are wonderful for Christmas, and other holidays, or for simply sending a thoughtful gift to the internet or long-distance friends and family members. Even in the case of true friendships that only exist online, the pleasant surprise of receiving something tangible in the mail is always appreciated.

1. Best Friend Keyring

This keychain for your best friend will serve as a constant reminder to them, even when you're not there, that you're thinking about them. Plus you can customize your own message if you'd prefer.

2. Poke Card

Poking someone in the rib in person can provide a higher level of gratification than poking them on Facebook. They are going to find this card hilarious, particularly because of the lengths to which you went in order to convey an irrelevant message. At this point, this kind of gift is best reserved for your more vintage internet friends—that is, those of us who have been around long enough to fully appreciate the Facebook poke.

3.  Tumbler Mug

Mugs of coffee make excellent gifts, but this tumbler mug is the ideal gift for friends who are "Miles apart yet still close to heart."

4. I Love My Computer Mug

It is very difficult to have a negative opinion of a computer when all of your friends are housed within it. Ideal for those of us who engage in significantly more social interaction online than we do in real life

5. Social Media Magnet Set

If you and your friend from the internet first connected through social media, this is an excellent way to bring their attention back to you. Now they can bring a piece of your connection into their own space, and every time they open the refrigerator, they'll be reminded of you.

6. I Miss You Card

Do you ever find yourself missing someone and turning to that person's Facebook page in an attempt to fill the void? Make it known to your friend you've met online that you'd like to interact with them in real life as well as on social media.

7. 3D Crystal Portrait Memento

Give a special gift to a friend you've made online with a 3D crystal frame that you can personalize by uploading a picture of yourself. Give them something fashionable to keep as a memento of their time spent with you in this way.

8. I Have Plenty of Friends Shirt

A thoughtful gift for that internet friend who, despite their constant presence online, appears to lead a solitary existence in the real world.

9. I Know You From The Internet Button

This adorable button can serve as a gentle reminder to your friend that even though you do not know them in real life, they are still someone about whom you care in some capacity.

10. Long Distance Mugs

These adorable mugs are designed to help you feel closer to your online friend by matching both of your personalities. You can now think about each other first thing in the morning!

11. Heart Tie Clip

This heart-shaped tie clip was inspired by Instagram, so it's the perfect accessory to give your internet friends who wear ties a "like."

12. Countdown Clock

Counting down the days until you all get together in person will be a lot more fun if you all have these fun gift ideas for internet friends.

A countdown clock is an excellent gift to give to a friend when you have plans to visit them in the near future. You can tell the clock to start counting down the minutes, hours, and days until the day you are scheduled to meet.

13. Chocolate Message

Send chocolates to your online friend as a way of letting them know you are thinking about them. The most mouthwatering way to show that you care about them.

14. Care Package

You are unable to be there, but you desperately wish you could be. Sending a care package to someone can be the next best thing you can do to cheer them up, make them feel better, or help them celebrate a special occasion.

15. Best Friends Shirt

You can keep one half of it for yourself, and your online pal can have the other. Obviously, you should wear them on the same day and coordinate the content of your Instagram posts.

16. I’m a Lot Cooler on the Internet Shirt

In honor of those acquaintances you've made online who give off the impression of being super cool but, after getting to know them better, you realize they're not.

17. Rouxbe Online Cooking Course

Your friends on the internet are likely very savvy when it comes to using the internet, but it's likely that they have never seen an online course... for cooking. Give them the opportunity to take one of these incredibly well-done online cooking classes so that they can level up their food game in real life. You can read an extensive review of Rouxbe by clicking here.

18. Browser History Bracelet Pin

Alert! After the passing of your friend, someone needs to clear their web browser's history. Now, even if the worst case scenario occurs, those who are responsible for their care will know what steps to take. Phew.

19. Social Media Family

Show them that your relationship with people you met through social media still feels like family – at least to you.

20. Food

Everyone has a passion for food. Your online friend will appreciate the surprise of receiving snacks that they can eat while spending even more time online with you.

21. Custom Bracelet

Create your very own hashtag to use with your online pals, and then have it engraved on a bracelet made of leather.

22. Weirdos on the Internet Card

The ideal greeting card for those times when you merely want to convey your feelings of concern to a peculiar online friend.

It's a bummer to be separated from the people who matter the most in your life. It is my sincere hope that at least some of these suggestions for gifts will assist in bringing the two of you closer together.

23. Glass Travel Fund

If you have made a friend on the internet, you probably have the desire to meet that person in person at some point in the future. Those who wish to save up to visit one another would be well served by receiving a glass travel fund as a gift.

24. Long distance Friendship Candle

Candles are a universally beloved item, and friends made online are no exception. Give them a candle with the message "I miss your face!" written on it.

25. Long Distance Friendship Light

Those lights regifting friendship are so cool! They make use of WIFI so that when you touch the lamp, the other person will know that you are thinking about them because their light will turn on.

26. Wine

I can't think of a single person who wouldn't be thrilled to receive a bottle of wine as a gift. I mean, life can get stressful, and every once in a while, all you want to do is drink some wine and relax. This Keep Cool Gift Basket is the ideal wine gift for any friendship because it contains a variety of refreshing beverages.

27. Long Distance Friendship Frame

A picture frame that depicts a long distance friendship is an excellent way to demonstrate that no matter how far apart you are physically, you will always be connected emotionally. Obtain a personalized version with the name of your friend, the state, and any other specific requests.

28. Friends Wine Glasses

No matter how far apart you are in your relationship, there is never a point where you are too far apart to enjoy a glass of wine together. These charming friends' wine glasses would make the ideal gift and would pair nicely with a bottle of wine as well.

29. Long Distance Friendship Pillow

Buy a personalized long-distance friendship pillow for your friend who you've met through the internet. This pillow can be customized in a variety of ways, including the fabric, the dimensions, and even the cities or states where you and your significant other live.

30. Books

You could start an online book club with the help of these gift ideas for internet friends.

We all know we don't read nearly enough, but none of us actually does. Sending your friends some books as a gift is a great way to encourage them to take some time for themselves and read more.

31. Friendship Poster

These cute ideas for gifts to give to friends on the internet would look great on any shelf!

The poster that reads "Friendship knows no distance" makes for an excellent gift for someone looking to decorate their home. It demonstrates to your friend that distance will never be an issue in your relationship, regardless of how far apart the two of you are.

32. Long Distance Friendship Necklace

This is a very sweet necklace that can be personalized, and it allows you to put the states on it where each of you lives. This is a wonderful way to demonstrate that friends can be located in different parts of the world but can always be found in our hearts.

33. Customized Wine Glasses

I enjoy receiving personalized gifts because they give me the opportunity to express myself in any way I choose. Get these personalized wine glasses with the sayings engraved on them if you and your significant other have a lot of fun saying them just between the two of you.

34. Yoga Kit

In recent years, yoga has seen a meteoric rise in popularity. This is due to the fact that it offers a wide variety of advantages. However, it can be difficult to find time to rejuvenate with some yoga; however, if you give your friend a yoga kit, she is guaranteed to get what she requires.

35. Internet Password Book

They won't have to worry about anyone finding out thanks to this thoughtful gift idea for internet friends!

If you've met your friend for the first time on the internet, there's a good chance that you both work online from home. When you have a job like that, you are constantly making new accounts and coming up with new passwords. This internet password book is a life saver. 

36. Apple IPAD Mini

If you really want to go all out for your friend, an Apple iPad Mini is a great gift idea, particularly for people who rely on the internet on a daily basis. People who make their living on the internet would be thrilled to receive one of these as a gift.

37. Chromebook

With these ideas for gifts for people you know through the internet, they will always have access to surf the internet.

A Chromebook is yet another excellent and comprehensive choice. Chromebooks are adaptable devices that can be transported to a wide variety of locations. This ensures that you will never lose touch with the people you've met through the internet.

38. Partners in Crime Necklaces

There is no doubt in my mind that my best friend and I are "Partners in Crime." You shouldn't assume that the fact that someone is an internet friend precludes you from working together or being a partner in crime with them.

39. Willow Tree Friendship Keepsake Box

Keepsake boxes are an item that are required for everyone. This Willow Tree Friendship Keepsake Box is the ideal trinket to give to a friend you've met through the internet. Not only can they store things in the box that bring back memories of you, but it also makes for an excellent decoration piece.

40. Engraved Wooden Coaster

Believe me when I say that having coasters is a good idea because even if you already have some, you will inevitably lose them just when you need them. This engraved coaster is a wonderful way to show the love you have for your friend, particularly if you first became acquainted with them through their work.

41. Wine Subscription Service

If you and your online friends have ever wished you could hang out in a bar or pub together, the solution is simple: sign up for a wine subscription box. Even better, purchase a bottle of wine for yourself so that you can "virtually share" the bottle with your friend.

42. Love You Friend Coloring Book

Adults have only recently become aware of the many benefits that can be gained from coloring for adults. This coloring book, which is titled "Love You, Friend," is the ideal stress-relieving coloring book for friends.

43. Butterfly Suncatcher

This butterfly suncatcher is a particularly endearing example of a wind chime because it features an embedded piece of glass, a metal frame, and a friendship charm. Chimes that play music when the wind blows are wonderful gifts for friends who live in houses or apartments with balconies.

44. Golden Girls Friend Book

We all got a good education on what it means to be a friend thanks to The Golden Girls, didn't we? Your friend will learn everything she needs to know about life from the fearless wisdom of the Golden Girls in this Golden Girls Friend book!

45. Thankful Bitch Keychain

Do you have one of those friends who you can swear with and who you can just have a good time with in general? If you do that, your friend is going to love this Thankful Bitch Keychain so much that they might even become your friend. Just anticipate receiving something equally as funny in return.

46. Coffee Spoon

Even if you live in different cities or simply aren't able to see each other every day, you can still get together for a cup of coffee. Every morning when your friend enjoys their cup of coffee, they will be reminded of how much you care for them by the spoons that say "Having coffee together."

47. Wine Socks

I adore how comfortable, cushy, and fluffy my socks are. The giving of socks as a gift is always well received. These socks, on the other hand, are ideal because they alert everyone in the house to the fact that your friend could use some wine.

48. I Love You Friends Blanket 

The months of fall and winter, when it's colder, are perfect for receiving a blanket as a gift. If your friend has a home-based business, this is the ideal throw for her to use in the mornings as she relaxes with a cup of coffee in hand and works on her computer.

49. Forever Friends Figurine

This figurine is just the cutest thing ever! Your close friend will be able to get a good sense of how much you care about them on a daily basis simply by looking around the house. They make me think of the figurines sold by Willow Tree.

50. Trimmed Box Sign

Two friends are like the smallest gang in town, but if you would do anything for each other, then you are a gang. A gang is defined as a group of people who work together to accomplish a common goal. This adorable Trimmed Box Sign illustrates just how incredible your group is to everyone who sees it.

51. Fuck this Shit O’ Clock Journal

This is the ideal gift to give to a friend who does not think it is necessary for you to always act prim and proper. If you have that kind of a friend, then you are in luck. Why?! Because there are times when you just want to scream, "Fuck this sh*t! " and walk away.

52. Streaming service subscription

As a result of the vast amount of video content that is available through streaming services these days, cutting the cable completely has become increasingly common.

Giving a friend a subscription to a video streaming service such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+ as a gift is an excellent way to add items to their list of things that need to be watched.

53. Online class subscription

Give your friend a subscription to an online learning platform if they are someone who is interested in continuing their education.

Websites such as Skillshare and Masterclass hire highly qualified professionals to instruct students in a wide range of subjects using a variety of pedagogical approaches.

54. Online gaming pass

The majority of gaming devices on the market today have an online membership that enables users to play with friends (and strangers) over the internet, thereby elevating the level of collaboration that can be experienced during game play.

It would be fun for all of your friends to participate in this activity if you knew what kind of gaming system your friend uses. You can get these through a Nintendo, Xbox, or Playstation console as well as through Steam.

55. Virtual happy hour

After a long day of work, a lot of friend groups get together for drinks during the happy hour. A happy hour that takes place online is an excellent replacement for an in-person gathering that cannot take place for whatever reason.

In order to get together, you should make some drinks and use a video chat service. Sending a Kindle or electronic book version of The Essential Cocktail Book: A Complete Guide to Modern Drinks along with a unique set of glassware in which to serve your cocktails is an excellent way to make the occasion feel even more memorable.

56. Virtual scrapbook

The deepest and most meaningful memories often involve close friends. It is a fantastic way to share these fun times with your friend in the digital realm if you create a virtual scrapbook and fill it with all of your favorite photographs, videos, and other mementos.

Because there is such a large selection of apps, both free and paid, it is now much simpler than ever before to communicate the experiences that are significant to you.

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