Best Christmas Gifts for Plumbers

July 06, 2022 16 min read

Christmas always seems to be right around the corner, and few people are more difficult to shop for than a plumber. Plumbers, whether men or women, are unique people with a unique set of tools that most people would rather avoid than learn more about, so finding the perfect gift can be difficult.

Famvibe racked our brains and enlisted the help of all of our friends and family to come up with Christmas gifts for plumbers to share with you. 

1. Kneeling Pad

One of the most common complaints we receive from plumbers is about sore knees. As a result, we recommend this lovely gift idea. There are several brands to choose from, but you want something sturdy with plenty of padding. 

2. Thermal Coffee Cup

Most plumbers work very early in the morning or are awakened in the middle of the night to restart a broken furnace or unfreeze a frozen pipe. A thermal coffee cup is a great way to let them know you're thinking of them while they're at work. These cups are inexpensive and will help your plumber get moving while also keeping them warm.

3. Personalized Coffee Mug

If your plumber made it through the night without being called out, a personalized coffee mug can be a great way to say good morning and show them how much you appreciate their work. Personalized mugs are available almost anywhere and are very affordable.

4. Personalized Shot Glass

When your plumber gets home, he or she may require a drink to unwind, especially if they had a long day or dealt with difficult customers. Another inexpensive gift that can help your plumber relax after a long day and give them something to look forward to while working is a personalized shot glass.

5. Novelty Socks

We all know that men enjoy receiving socks for Christmas or any other occasion, and plumber-themed socks can help brighten the day of someone who spends all day fixing toilets. There are many different themes available, but we think these toilet paper socks are the best.

6. Pullover Hoodie

A pullover hoodie is an excellent gift for the male and female plumbers in your life. They come in almost any design, and you can even have your logo or picture printed on them if you want. They are slightly more expensive than socks, but they will most likely be used more frequently and last longer.

7. T-shirts

Plumbing work is nearly as messy as mechanics, and your hardworking plumber is likely to go through clean shirts faster than you can replace them. As a result, a nice pack of high-quality t-shirts will be greatly appreciated.

8. Work Gloves

A pair of heavy-duty work gloves is something you can buy your plumber that they will undoubtedly appreciate. Your plumber will need to hold, move, and carry a lot of frozen, dirty, sharp, and hot things. On a cold night, a good pair of work gloves can protect the plumber's hands while also keeping them warm.

9. Flashlight

The flashlight is one of the most important tools in a plumber's toolbox. The majority of the jobs a plumber must perform are in dark corners of the house with little light. It's even difficult to see behind the toilet or under the sink, so a nice flashlight is bound to be one of their favorite gifts.

10. Batteries

Given that we were just discussing flashlights, now is probably a good time to mention what great gift batteries are. Flashlights are just one of several tools in your plumber's toolbox that will require batteries, and the majority of them will deplete the batteries quickly.

11. Personalized Cap

Putting your company's name on a baseball cap is a great way to promote it. A personalized cap will protect your head from dirt and debris while also allowing you to see better in bright sunlight and potentially gain new customers.

12. Skull Cap

If it's winter, you might want to wait until spring to wear the cap and instead opt for a warm skullcap. When your plumber is called to a job where the furnace isn't working, you know it's going to be very cold until it's fixed, so a skullcap can help keep the head and ears warm so your plumber can focus on the task at hand.

13. Skull Cap with LED Headlamp

While we're on the subject of headgear, another fantastic gift is the skullcap with a built-in led headlamp. This item combines two great gifts into one and provides a way for your plumber to warm the head and light the way.

14. Plumbing-themed Stationary

Your plumber will undoubtedly be writing bills, follow-ups, estimates, and so on, and some nice plumber-themed stationery can be just what you need to keep your plumber's business in the minds of the public.

15. Personalized Pens and Pencils

Pens and pencils are inexpensive to personalize and are an excellent way to promote your company. Your plumber can distribute pens to people as they sign receipts and other documents, which will help keep your plumber in people's minds.

16. Plumbing-themed Office Supplies

This concept is similar to stationary but expanded to include remaining office supplies such as a pen holder or paperweight.

17. Overalls

Overalls make an excellent gift because they allow you to quickly change into and out of your work clothes while protecting your more valuable attire. Overalls are ideal for when your plumber is called out for an emergency repair and you don't have time to change. You can wear the overall over your existing clothes and get to work.

18. Bucket Boss

The Bucket Boss is a fantastic accessory and makes an excellent gift for plumbers. With this handy design that includes a bucket, your plumber can neatly organize and carry many of their tools. A bucket is one of the most commonly used tools among plumbers, and this gift allows you to keep everything together.

19. Knee Pads

We've already mentioned kneeling pads, but if you want something a little more durable, comfortable, and convenient, you should consider knee pads. These are similar to baseball catchers' pads, and they attach to the leg, so they stay on the body—no need to worry about losing or leaving a pad behind.

20. Plumber-themed Keychain

A personalized keychain is a great way for your plumber to advertise their business and may even help bring up the subject of their profession during get-togethers and other functions. Some keychains include a useful tool, such as an LED flashlight, while others include a humorous or heartfelt message.

21. Christmas Tree Plunger

If you're looking for a Christmas gift for your significant plumber, the Christmas Tree Plunger is hard to beat. This lovely yet practical gift attaches some tree branches to one of your plumber's most frequently used tools.

22. Plumber’s Belt Buckle

We've all heard of the plumber's crack; now you can help your favorite plumber keep his or her pants up with a plumbing belt buckle. A belt buckle is both an attractive and functional gift. Your plumber will appreciate it.

23. Portable Drain Auger

If your plumber is running low on tools, one of the most commonly used items is a portable drain auger, which can be used to clear drains and toilets. Even if your plumber already has one, this gift is sure to come in handy.

24. Pipe Wrench Set

A pipe wrench set is another fantastic tool for the plumber who is short on tools. These wrenches will be required by your plumber on almost every job, and unlike most other tools, there is no substitute or workaround if you don't have one.

25. Pipe Cutter

Another thing your plumber will have to do on a daily basis is cut pipes to make them fit together. A pipe cutter is a simple, low-cost tool that is extremely useful. Most resemble standard c-clamps, but they can easily handle even large pipes.

26. Plumbing Handbook

If your plumber is just starting out, or even if they aren't, a good handbook with detailed information can help elevate your plumber above the competition, bringing in more business.

27. Plumbers Joke Book

We've talked about plumber's manuals, but a plumber's joke book is also a great gift. A good joke book can help break the ice when meeting a new customer if your favorite plumber is quiet or has a dry sense of humor. Telling jokes can also help you appear more approachable, which can lead to more work.

28. Plumber’s Putty

When nothing else works, a plumber's putty can help stop leaks. It can be used on pipes, sinks, and drains, among other things. Plumber's putty can also be used to fill holes, making it one of those items with a million uses that no plumber should be without.

29. Plumbers Tape

If you are unable to stop the leak with a plumber's putty, plumber's tape may be effective. To prevent water from escaping, coat the threads of a pipe with plumber's tape before tightening. This tape isn't like regular tape because it doesn't have an adhesive, but it stops leaks, and your plumber will appreciate having a roll or two on hand.

30. Plumber’s Planner and Organizer

The plumber's planner will assist your favorite plumber in keeping track of appointments, to-do lists, and other important details, allowing them to use their time more efficiently and get more out of each day. A planner is also useful for keeping track of debts, call back information, and so on.

31. Plumber chocolate molds

Can your plumber do more than just fix the sink in the kitchen? Some plumbing themed chocolate molds could really hit the spot if they're a whiz with a wisk. These molds will enable them to create amusing "business cards" to promote their chosen profession.

32. Cartoon necktie

Ties are always a good idea as a gift, so why not get one that represents the plumbing profession? A cartoon eagle triumphantly wields a wrench on this tie. This is the ideal gift for a patriotic plumber who is proud of their job.

33. Leatherwork vest

There are so many tools and so little time! Your favorite plumber can carry all of their tools without the hassle of a belt or bag with this vest. It has cargo pockets, chest pockets, and a secure hook-and-loop pocket to keep everything organized and accessible. The vest is made of tough and fashionable occidental leather.

34. Snack box

Cookies, in a nutshell. This ultimate snack box is shaped like a toolbelt and is ideal for any plumber. It's brimming with chocolate chip cookies and milk chocolate tools that will make anyone's mouth water.

35. Adjustable wrench

The most important tool in a plumber's toolbox is a wrench. An adjustable wrench is one of the best plumbing gift ideas because it allows them to use the same tool for multiple jobs rather than switching tools frequently.

36. Belt buckle

The stereotype of a plumber's pants falling down is well-known. With this stylish belt buckle, you can help prevent this from happening. Maybe your favorite plumber will be more willing to wear a belt to work if it has a cool buckle!

38. Leather tool bag

Every plumber requires a place to keep their tools. This fashionable bag has 20 exterior pockets and 9 interior pockets for easy organization. It's made of heavy-duty fabric with a reinforced bottom, so you can be confident that it'll hold up to the toughest jobs.

40. Funny Hoodie

Is there a sense of humor in your plumber? Do they enjoy going home and complaining about their customers? If so, this cozy sweatshirt would make an excellent gift. It's made of cotton and polyester and has a convenient front pocket, making it an excellent addition to any plumber's wardrobe.

41. Tie bar

It sometimes pays to look nice. Consider this pipe wrench tie bar if the plumber on your gift list enjoys dressing up. It is available in sterling silver, brushed silver, antique brass, and brushed brass. It's the ideal present for the stylish handyman in your life.

42. Flask

This stainless steel flask is ideal for a plumber who works long hours and needs to relax (though hopefully they won't bring it to work!). This flask is printed with a cute vinyl design and is durable and fade-resistant, so they can use it for years to come!

43. Plunger and toilet ornaments

If your giftee enjoys getting into the holiday spirit, these tree ornaments could be the ideal present! These adorable blown-glass ornaments will shine brightly on any plumber's Christmas tree. These are ideal for even the most inexperienced handyman.

44. Hacksaw

What could be more festive than chopping things up? This handy hacksaw can easily and quickly cut through wood, metal, and plastic. It's sharp and durable, so it'll be a great asset to any plumber on the job.

45. Magnetic level

This is a great gift idea for the plumber in your life to help them keep their work clean and precise. When working with metal, this level is magnetic, which keeps it straight and secure. It's lightweight and durable, and it even comes with a holster to make it easy to transport on the job.

46. Plumber figurine

This figurine is kitschy, but it's too cute to leave out! This durable polyresin figurine depicts an adorable plumber hard at work. It's suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, so the plumber on your list will undoubtedly find a use for it!

47. Personalized Carpenter’s Pencils

Is your plumber constantly misplacing pencils? Consider giving them a set of 50 personalized carpenter's pencils! The pencils are flat for easy grip and can be personalized with your own message. The best part is, with 50 pencils in a pack, they can lose a few and never be without one!

48. Wooden clock

This clock may be just what you're looking for if you're looking for a classy gift that appeals to interests other than plumbing. It's ideal for the fantasy nerd who fantasizes about dragons as much as wrenches. This clock is made of solid oak and laser engraved with a funny Game of Thrones quote that honors your plumber's trade.

49. Christmas sweater

It's the holiday season, so why not get them a gift that will keep them warm while also allowing them to celebrate in style? This vibrant knitted sweater features the world's most famous plumber: Mario!

50. Framed art

This is another piece of classy decor that will look great in any room. This piece describes the history of plumbing in a beautiful and tasteful way using words and photos. To further personalize this gift, you can include an engraved plate.

51. Laser measure

Who doesn't appreciate receiving tools as a gift? This useful present will make any plumber's job easier. It has an auto-level, backlit display, and long-range measurements to ensure accuracy every time. It's small and sturdy, and it comes with a handy wrist strap for added convenience.

52. Cargo pants

They should be comfortable if they have to spend the day at work. These cargo pants will help your plumber get through the day with ease. These pants are long-lasting and stain- and water-resistant. They also have 11 pockets for storing various tools.

53. Bucket Organizer

One way to help your boyfriend's job as a plumber is to tidy up his belongings while he is on the job. As a result, this bucket organizer will make an excellent gift! It will aid him in organizing his tools and inventories. It allows him to work more efficiently because he knows his items are neatly stored.

54. Tie Clip Evolution Ape to Man Plumber Cufflinks

These cufflinks, like the ties before them, will elevate your boyfriend's fashion sense. It's an excellent gift for your boyfriend, especially if he's a plumber. He can wear it to formal events like plumbers' parties.

55. Nuts and bolts sculpture “Plumber”

This one-of-a-kind metal figurine will look great in a plumber's home. A plumber is repairing a sink in the sculpture. Given that the statue is made of small pipes and bolts, it is an amusing item.

56. Lego Plumber With Plunger Toolbox

Aside from sculpture, Lego is a great idea for gifts for plumbers, especially if their room is unadorned. This brand new Lego will add a pop of color to the room. Plumbers who are enthusiastic about their work will appreciate the small token!

57. Personalized Plumbing Metal Sign Art With LED Lights

This, like sculpture and Lego, is ideal for decorating a plumber's room. The personalized plumbing LED light represents the professionalism of plumbers. To ensure a smooth finish and durability, the signs are made of high-quality 1mm stainless steel and coated with a dependable polymer powder coating. It will, in any case, brighten the plumber's room.

58. Koalified Plumber T-shirt

This t-shirt says koalified plumber instead of qualified plumber! It's a hilarious pun that will make any plumber laugh! You should get this shirt for your boyfriend or father, who is constantly dealing with pipes.

59. Fairly Odd Novelties Urinal Shot Glasses

Do you want to know how to make a plumber laugh? If so, you should get him this unusual novelty shot glass! It's shaped like a miniature urinal! The odd item will undoubtedly make those who work in the toilet repair industry smile.

60. Grantwood Technology Ornament

This Christmas ornament would make an excellent gift for a plumber. It shows a plumber in the middle of repairing a broken sink! This lovely item will be appreciated by anyone who is enthusiastic about their job.

61. Odd Novelties Redneck Plunger Christmas Tree

Looking for a Christmas tree ornament to decorate the home of a plumber? Look at what we've got here! This odd novelty redneck plunger will be a one-of-a-kind addition with a hilarious twist.

62. Knitting Mario the Super Plumber

Who hasn't heard of the knitting pattern? It looks like Mario, the greatest plumber in the universe! This adorable plushie will make a wonderful gift for plumbers. In any case, the doll is ideal for a table decoration, stocking stuffer, or a fun gift in general.

63. Toilet Seat Water Sprayer Toy

Do you want to play a joke on a plumber? With this amusing toilet seat-shaped water sprayer, you can brighten their day! It's a great gag gift that will be received with joy and laughter. Plumbers who have to fix a lot of toilets all year will appreciate the hilarious joke present.

64. Luigi Super Mario Bro Figurine

Because of his appearance in Super Mario Bros., Luigi is one of the most well-known fictional characters in the world. The amusing design, trademark green hat, and his reputation as a plumber make them ideal plumber gifts.

65. Carhartt Men’s Acrylic Watch Hat

This fantastic plumber gift will keep them warm at work on those cold days. This Carhartt toboggan comes in 27 fantastic colors, and any plumber will appreciate it on those blustery days. They are warm and comfortable because they are made of 100% acrylic stretchable rib-knit fabric. Sizing is simple because one size fits all.

66. Vibelite LED Magnetic Pickup Tool

This is a brilliant gift. It combines two practical and useful tools for any tradesman. It's not only a flashlight with a bending neck and 360-degree flexibility to light up awkward, cramped, and difficult-to-reach areas, but it also has a magnet to pick up items that are out of reach. It's a must-have tool for working in tight spaces and makes an excellent gift for any plumber.

67. Caterpillar Men’s Defender Pant

These pants are far more durable than standard cargo pants and are an essential piece of clothing for any plumber. Not only do the cotton-poly blend pants, which come in two different colors, look great, but they are also stain-resistant and water repellent. Fold-out tool pockets and top-loading knee pad pockets are included. A gift that is hardworking but not difficult to work with.

68. Tape Measure

This 25-foot tape measure is built to last. Because of the rust-resistant, thick nylon-wrapped blade, it can withstand even the wettest plumbing jobs. The flat bright white tape is easy on the eyes and makes it easy to read the numbers, allowing them to keep their reading glasses in their pocket. Measures in both standard and metric units; a gift that any plumber will treasure for years to come.

69. PlumBest Water Meter Key

A working plumber will use this high-quality water meter key on a daily basis. It's 27 inches long, which is plenty to get the right amount of torque on difficult-to-turn valves. The handle is covered in vinyl to protect your hands and ensure a good grip. A must-have for any plumber or homeowner.

70. 11 in 1 Screwdriver

This screwdriver ensures that you always have the appropriate size screwdriver for the job. You'll never be caught short with this 11-in-1 screwdriver, and you won't have to carry around multiple tools. This is the ideal stocking stuffer for the plumber in your life.

71. Tools Folding Stick Ruler

When not in use, this 6ft ruler is strong, double-sided, and easily folds down and packs away. A simple gift, but one that will be greatly appreciated for making a plumber's job easier. It's made of tough nylon that's been reinforced with glass fibers to withstand wet conditions. They will be proud of this well-made tool.

72. Vintage Toilet Patent Prints – Set of 4

Your favorite plumber will adore these one-of-a-kind vintage toilet patents. They come in a four-pack and can be ordered in black, brown, or blue to match your existing decor. Ideal for an office or a bathroom. Simply frame and hang for many years of enjoyment.

73. 5 in 1 Universal Cross Control Cabinet Key

This durable and functional tool, made of high-quality stainless steel, will be a welcome gift for any professional plumber. The four different keys are required for opening public area doors, windows, toolbox doors, electrical doors, panels, hose bibbs, and water sources. Also, be sure to pick them up with a 4-Way Sillcock key for water applications. They'll wonder how they ever got along without these gifts!

74. Channellock Tool Roll

We've discussed replacing specific tools, but how about going all out and replacing their entire tool kit? This useful set of eight high-quality tools rolls up into a compact package that fits easily into their tool bag. Channellock is a reputable company. This is a great option if you want to go above and beyond for your plumber's Christmas gift this year.

75. Personalized Plumber Christmas Tree Ornament

This personalized Christmas ornament is ideal for hanging on the tree of your favorite plumber. It's made of resin and colorfully painted, with a plumber hard at work under the sink with his tools and your choice of name on the toolbox. 

76. The Pipefather – Funny Plumber T-Shirt

This shirt is for the plumber who is working hard to build their plumbing empire. It has a stylish appearance and is made of high-quality, lightweight material with a double-needle sleeve and bottom hem. It is available in five fantastic colors.

77. Empire 18-inch Magnetic Tradesman Aluminum Level

If you're looking for a tool that will last your plumber for years, look no further than this 18" aluminum level. It is strong and long-lasting, with levels for vertical, horizontal, and diagonal angles. A useful plumbing gift that is made in the United States and is built to last.

78. Plumber Knowledge Poster

This poster would look great in any plumber's office. It's printed on high-quality paper in the United States. Simply frame and hang in two sizes: 16′′ x 24′′ and 24′′ x 36′′. A lovely present that will look great in any home or office.

79. Funny Plumber Cup

This mug is sure to make any plumber laugh as it mocks some of the customer annoyances that they are all too familiar with! It will not only make their plumber friends laugh, but it is also durable and machine washable, so it can be enjoyed for years.

80. Personalized Plumber Zippo Lighter

There are many different types of lighters on the market these days, but none compare to the satisfying 'click' of a Zippo lighter! This genuine Zippo product also has a fantastic plumber-themed design. This is an excellent present for the plumber in your life.

81. Plumber Place Street Sign

This attractive novelty sign would make an excellent gift for any plumber. This sign is a handsome green with white letters and comes ready to hang with mounting holes. This sign is proudly made in the United States and is made of durable materials for years of enjoyment. See the black and white Plumber Dr. sign for a different look.

82. Dewalt 10-inch Straight Jaw Pliers with Pushlocks

This plier set will quickly become one of their favorites. These pliers have nineteen non-slip locking positions and an easy jaw adjustment. The jaws are designed with a long reach and additional gripping area. This gift will be appreciated by the plumber in your life every time they use it on the job.

83. Plumber’s Wrench Cast Iron Bottle Opener

The ideal wrench to pick up at the end of the workday. This cast iron adjustable plumber's wrench bottle opener belongs in every plumber's toolbox. This bottle opener is an excellent Christmas present for a plumber. Every day at Beer:30, it will be used.

84. Plumber Patriotic American Flag PopGrip

This patriotic plumber American flag PopSocket will look great on the phone of any red-blooded plumber. It's an excellent Christmas gift or stocking stuffer. If they live on their smartphone or tablet, this is the perfect gift for them. Also, see the humorous Will Fix Plumbing For Beer PopSocket. It's also a great holiday gift for your favorite plumber.

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