Best Christmas Gifts for Someone You Don’t Know Well

July 11, 2022 15 min read

Every Christmas, regardless of how careful and considerate a gift-giver you consider yourself to be, there will always be one person for whom you have no idea what to get. Maybe it's a new acquaintance or a promising love interest you're just getting to know, or maybe it's that friend you always promise not to exchange gifts with, even though you know you will anyway.

Finding the christmas gifts for someone you don't know well requires selecting an item that is neither too personal nor too impersonal. You want to give them a gift that shows you have a general understanding of who they are, without revealing that you have stalked their Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin accounts.

A Christmas gift card may appear to be the most obvious option, but for many it feels like a cop-out and should therefore only be used as a last resort. But if you're still stumped, consider any of the Christmas gifts for someone you don't know well below (including one gift card), which are all thoughtful options that aren't so personal as to freak out the recipient. We suggest keeping a few on hand in case you receive an unexpected gift (perhaps from a coworker you despise), so you are not caught off guard and unprepared.

1. Versailles Playing Cards

This set of playing cards by Jonathan Adler is a luxurious upgrade to any standard deck, as it features glamorous deconstructed Versailles patterns in lavender, green, and gold hues. In addition to enhancing the recipient's next game night, the 52-card deck comes packaged in a keepsake box imprinted with foil. With its magnetic closure and ribbon pull, this beautiful box eliminates the need for wrapping because the present is already ready to give.

Every home requires a deck of playing cards, and this one is particularly beautiful and already packaged in a pristine manner. What else could one ask for?

2. Pink Prosecco Glitter Tea

This hand-selected tea blend, priced at less than $20 (ideal for those price-limit gift exchanges), is an inexpensive gift worthy of a toast. Consisting of hibiscus petals, apple, rosehip, and orange crystals, the flavor profile is lightly sweet and floral, and the addition of sparkling sugar crystals makes it holiday party-appropriate.

This hand-picked tea has a celebratory quality and can be enjoyed by anyone.

3. Baies, Figuier, Roses mini candles set 3x70 g

Diptyque candles are practically synonymous with luxury, so regardless of who is unwrapping this set, they are certain to be pleased. The gift-ready box contains miniature versions of the brand's most popular fragrances. The first fragrance is Baies, a mixture of roses and blackcurrant. Then there's Figuier, which has fig wood notes. And finally, the fragrance of Roses, which is fresh and floral.

These are a far cry from the vanilla-scented candle you purchase in a pinch when you don't know what else to give; they are a completely refined, extravagant gift.

4. Gold Dainty Chain

This piece of jewelry is simple enough to be appropriate for most people, regardless of their personal style, and it also includes a thoughtful activity for the recipient. Included with the necklace are three tiny paper scrolls on which the recipient can write a New Year's resolution or intention. Then, they can place them in the capsule plated in 18-karat gold to keep them close.

This gift has a great deal of mass appeal due to the necklace's simplistic design and its significance.

5. Bathing with Flowers

Given that puzzles have been shown to alleviate anxiety in a number of studies, this present is ideal for anyone dealing with stress. Moreover, this 800-piece puzzle features a graphic design created by female craftswoman Alja Horvat. Once completed and framed, it will be an eclectic work of art due to the presence of greenery, floral, and other colorful elements.

In addition to its aesthetically pleasing design, this present offers a calming mental escape.

6. Beautifully Packaged Cookies

Everyone enjoys cookies, regardless of whether the recipient is a close friend or a friend of a friend. This artisanal batch consists of sweet and sticky marshmallows sandwiched between two gluten-free coconut cookies. The sweet treats are complete with rainbow sprinkles and ribbon-tied packaging.

Cookies are always a crowd-pleaser, regardless of the occasion, and these are packaged for parties.

7. Trio Of Shower Oils

This trio of opulent oils will transform your next shower into a spa-like experience. Each is scented with botanical oils and infusions of bergamot, jasmine, musk, lemon, English rose petals, and vanilla, among others. The formulas nourish and moisturize the skin as they cleanse, leaving it supple and delicately scented.

This shower oil set is something that anyone can use, but it has an opulent feel due to its beautiful scents and nourishing formulas.

8. Purse-Sized UV Sanitizer

Regarding something everyone can use... This portable sanitizer is certain to be useful. It can reportedly disinfect and destroy up to 99.9 percent of germs in just five seconds using a high-precision UV light. It is the ideal size for tossing into a purse or backpack, and its iPhone and Android-compatible plug makes charging simple and convenient.

This small gift is a must-have due to its sleek appearance, portable size, and practicality.

9. Ultra-Luxe Dog Treats

If all you know about a coworker is that they adore their dog, you can still get them (and their dog) the ideal gift. Six bite-sized macarons for dogs are presented in a lovely gift box with a gold trim. The pastries for pets are made from human-grade, all-natural ingredients and feature a rose yogurt filling for a delectable treat.

With their fresh-from-a-Parisian-bakery appearance, these are certain to be the recipient's most refined dog treats ever.

10. Cute Keepsake Box

This terrazzo trinket box is diminutive and whimsical. You could even include a note, a gift card, or candies to enhance its value. Each box is handcrafted, making it slightly unique, and each piece of resin is finished with a durable cork bottom.

The terrazzo pattern on this keepsake box is a fun way to make a statement.

11. Sleek Wine Purifier

If the recipient isn't already decanting their wine, this will make them question why they haven't begun sooner. This hand-blown, lead-free crystal carafe is topped with a purifier that removes sulfites and sediments from wine for a purer, more authentic flavor. In addition, the glass carafe will look lovely sitting atop their table due to its minimalist design.

This purifier-carafe hybrid combines science and design to produce the perfect wine glass every time.

12. Sunflower Growing Kit

Your recipient does not need a green thumb to cultivate a beautiful sunflower. The Shine Bright kit from Modern Sprout simplifies the activity: It includes seeds and a terracotta-colored pot, as well as a refreshing facial mist and a brightening sugar scrub to pass the time while they wait for a sprout.

This kit for growing sunflowers is full of good vibes.

13. Craft Cocktail Set

Cheers to gift-giving simplicity: Your gift recipient receives five handcrafted tonic syrups, each of which represents a distinct geographical region. They consist of the California Citrus Tonic Syrup, the Silk Road Tonic Syrup, the Alpine Tonic Syrup, the Superbloom Tonic Syrup, and the Nordic Tonic Syrup. Because they are alcohol-free, they are also ideal for those who prefer nonalcoholic beverages.

Whether they prefer spirits or alcohol-free spritzers, this assortment of specially blended tonics will elevate their holiday beverages.

14. Artful Gratitude Journal

This 365-day journal offers the opportunity to practice and increase gratitude through the use of weekly prompts and challenging and uplifting quotes. It is open-dated, so the recipient does not have to waste valuable real estate if they miss a day. Plus, the colorful design of the cover ensures that they will never need to conceal it.

Practicing gratitude can be beneficial to one's emotional health, and this journal makes the activity simple and meditative. In addition, it will look great atop their nightstand.

15. Gilded Bookmark

Help the recipient reserve their spot in the most fashionable manner. This bookmark's unique design is absolutely stunning. It measures just over six inches and is crafted from solid brass that has been polished and formed into a wavy, contoured shape.

This curved bookmark is far more stylish than any receipt or Post-It note haphazardly stuck in a reader's book and will make any reading session more enjoyable.

16. Beautiful Baguette Board

This bamboo baguette board from Arthur Court will not only add rustic charm to their table, but it will also make hosting easier, as it features notches on both sides that ensure perfectly uniform slices. It also includes a grape knife to prevent bread from becoming smashed.

The gift's rustic appearance and functionality make it a winner.

17. Small, Stunning Vase

This simple yet stylish round vase is available in both gleaming gold and matte black. Whether filled with fresh or dried flowers, a bouquet of blooms or a single flower, it is the ideal container for displaying flowers on a desk, nightstand, or coffee table. Add a bouquet to this present to really take it to the next level.

While undeniably beautiful, this vase is simple enough to complement a variety of decors.

18. Blue-Hued Diffuser

This gorgeous obsidian diffuser demonstrates that aromatherapy does not require an unattractive vessel on the coffee table. The ceramic diffuser has marble swirls on its exterior, along with two mist modes for up to eight hours of use, auto shutoff, and a 100mL capacity. Include a collection of essential oils to round out the gift.

With its painterly design, this diffuser will not be concealed after use.

19. Set Of Glow-Getting Masks

We adore "treat yourself" moments, and this assortment of masks provides plenty. Inside are six masks that will literally leave you glowing from head to toe. There are also peppermint foot masks and hydrogel lip patches.

With ingredients such as hydrating hyaluronic acid, anti-aging collagen, and detoxifying charcoal powder, these skin-saving masks provide an excellent value for only $25.

20. Stylish Socks

Socks with a bold design are an ideal present for people you do not know well. These mid-height socks from Curated Basics feature a windowpane pattern and coral and blue hues that contrast with one another. They are composed of 80 percent cotton and a poly-spandex blend for a snugger fit.

Everyone can use more socks, and this window-pane pattern feels fresh and contemporary.

21. Cool Candle

Your gift recipient will be excited to light this candle by cool-girl candle brand Boy Smells. Candles are always a safe bet, and this candle by Boy Smells will be a welcome addition to their home. It has a captivating woodsy aroma with notes of cedar chips, dried tobacco, and spiced flowers. Its coconut and beeswax blend has an impressive 50-hour burn time and is housed in a black glass tumbler with a glossy finish.

The fragrance of this cult-favorite candle is complex and lovely, and it is still holiday-appropriate despite not being sweet or piney.

22. Retro Peg Game

This peg board game made from sustainably sourced haldu wood and Indian rosewood is the ideal way to stimulate the mind, pass the time, or give yourself a good challenge. The objective is to leave only one peg on the board, which is much more difficult than it sounds. Its vintage design makes it an adorable addition to a living room or office.

Due to its diminutive size and clean, vintage design, the recipient can place this game on the coffee table for guests to play.

23. Industrial Wine Rack

Graydon Living's metal wine rack is a bit pricey, but any recipient will cherish it. The stylish-meets-industrial design accommodates seven bottles (it's time to bring them out of hiding! ), and it will fit seamlessly on a countertop or mini-bar.

It is the ideal way to instantly elevate a wine collection, owing to its sleek iron framework.

24. Go-Anywhere Mug

Soma's ceramic mug will not end up in a stack of drinkware collecting dust. The recipient of the 2018 Design Lab Vessels Award, this ceramic container features a bamboo lid that prevents leaks. The mug holds 12 ounces of hot or cold liquid, and the double-insulated wall ensures the temperature is maintained. Available in mint, pearl, and black, nobody will fault you for purchasing one for yourself.

The streamlined design and lid of this mug will make it a frequent choice.

25. Kardashian-Approved Robe

This incredibly cozy robe is part of Kim Kardashian's coveted SKIMS line. The cream-colored robe features a short, flirty silhouette, bouclé texturé, and enticingly soft nylon-blend fabric. The winter-morning-ready garment features long sleeves, rib-knit cuffs and hem, a shawl collar, and patch pockets.

Kim K would be the one to create a cozy, at-home robe with such a refined appearance.

26. Le Labo Body Scrub

Instead of a Starbucks gift card, choose Le Labo's coffee body scrub. The cleanser, formulated with coffee grounds, sunflower seeds, and safflower oil, revitalizes dull, dry skin, leaving it visibly softer and smoother. Alongside a cup of coffee, it's the perfect way to start the day.

27. Brightland The Pair

When you present someone with Brightland's raw champagne vinegar and raw balsamic vinegar set, you are not only presenting them with fruit-forward, double-fermented, farm-to-table vinegars, but also vinegars that are highly Instagrammable. You will be responsible for increasing their social capital, the greatest gift of all.

28. Crown Royal bottle and box

As 2020 draws to a close, it is safe to say that this year's holidays will be somewhat different. Thus, a bottle of premium whisky is an ideal holiday gift, and you need look no further than the illustrious Canadian distillers Crown Royal to find one. Regardless of who you're shopping for, they have an expression to suit the occasion, from the traditional Deluxe to the velvety Reserve to the sophisticated XR. This holiday season, everything is available with customizable labels and bags, allowing you to give the perfect gift with a personal message to your loved ones. Our suggestion: "Merry Christmas, and may we soon raise a glass together again."

29. The Sill Holiday Cactus

When giving a plant as a gift, especially to someone you don't know well, you run the risk of giving it to someone without a green thumb. Therefore, if you opt for plants, err on the side of caution with a cactus, such as this one from The Sill. This is a Schlumbergera cactus, which is renowned for its late-fall and early-winter flowers.

30. HAY Enamel Mug

Enhance their morning coffee ritual with this enamel mug from Swedish design powerhouse HAY. Due to the design of the sprinkled pattern, no two coffee cups are identical, so you will be giving a truly unique present.

31. Degen Face Vessel

Neal Drobnis's hand-blown glass vessels feature unique and unusual designs. The recipient of this gift must have a penchant for unusual items, but they will undoubtedly appreciate their uniqueness and eccentricity. Each glass has a distinct form, making them the ideal cocktail conversation starter.

32. Printworks Night Puzzle 

Puzzles are cool again! Take this example from Printworks, which features a difficult motif of the shifting night sky. As colder temperatures make outdoor activities less feasible, anyone would be grateful to have this 500-piece puzzle to keep them occupied indoors and stave off boredom.

33. Craighill Closed Helix Keyring

Craighill's Closed Helix Keyring is the most stylish way to remain organized and never lose your keys. To add or remove keys, one need only unscrew the knurled side of the turned end caps on the brass keyring.

34. Milk Bar Peppermint Bark Truffle Dozen Box

When in doubt, give someone food, specifically a seasonal delicacy from Milk Bar. The Peppermint Bark Truffles are delectable spheres of double chocolate chip cake and crushed candy cane bits, rolled in chocolate and red sprinkles and minty sand.

35. Alex Mill Boiled Wool Scarf

It would be difficult to find someone who would not be delighted to receive this understated yet fashionable scarf from Alex Mill. Inspired by vintage shirt fabrics, the scarf's boiled wool gives it a teddy-bear-like softness that is warm and itch-free.

36. Anonymous Ism Multi-Pattern JQ Socks

It is time to grow up and get rid of any preconceived notions you may have about socks being a dull and unimaginative gift. Socks, especially this festive pair from the Japanese brand Anonymous Ism, are a priceless present. The vibrant pattern will look amusing peeking out of a pair of boots, and the thick wool composition makes these socks ideal for winter days spent indoors.

37. Outdoor Voices Gift Card

Generally, we are opposed to gift cards, unless, of course, it's an Outdoor Voices gift card. Depending on how well you know the person (or how much you like them), you can select a gift amount between $25 and $300.

38. A must-have book for anyone who loves to globe-trot

Even the most seasoned travelers can learn something from the GOAT. This posthumous publication chronicles Anthony Bourdain's travels and provides advice on what to eat, where to stay, and what to avoid when traveling. It also contains essays from friends and family, which will give the recipient a deeper understanding of the man behind the screen. Bon voyage.

39. Retro-inspired speaker

Because music is the most effective way to unite people. With Bluetooth, an internal rechargeable battery, and nine hours of play time, the modern functionality of this device shines through despite its retro appearance. A dance party is imminent.

40. Flannel PJs

Because they are cozy, warm, and wayyyy too Instagrammable to pass up. These ensembles from Old Navy put the "win" in winter. And come in a variety of adorable prints that the whole family can wear. Including, you got it, a glow-in-the-dark design.

41. Houseplant

It is irrelevant how green their thumb is. This air-purifying plant is tolerant of low light and requires watering only every two to three weeks. It comes in a pot made of recycled plastic with a drainage hole. This is what we call a foolproof holiday present.

42. Artful coasters

These natural sandstone ones will prevent drinks' condensation from damaging their surfaces. The cork backing provides protection against scratches and scuffs. Because they are extracted from stone formations, no two are identical.

43. Multilevel bamboo cheese board

This one expands to four tiers, providing ample space for cheese, cheese, and more cheese. In addition to fruit, nuts, and crackers. Because everyone enjoys a delicious spread with condiments. One tier features concealed storage for the three stainless steel serving tools that are included.

44. Wine chiller 

Ice cubes? Who uses them? This natural marble bucket maintains a cool temperature, allowing them to linger over their wine. Did we mention how sophisticated it is? Cheers.

45. Wine 

Wine’s a standby gift option for a reason. Instead of grabbing a bottle from the grocery store shelf and hoping it's good, try ordering from Wine Access. Master sommeliers and other eminent wine professionals curated the entire collection. You will receive a high-quality bottle at an incredible price, without any hassle. We will toast to that.

46. Pair of artful bubble candles

Because candles are guaranteed to please an audience. Your gift recipient will have no trouble finding a home for these unique items. On a bookshelf or coffee table, this playful pair of soy wax candles will fit in perfectly. Plus, the aromas are unparalleled. The white flower is freesia, while the blue flower is bluebell. 

47. Whipped honey sample

Here's a buzz-worthy item: a three-pack of 100 percent pure honey. They will sample the original flavor in addition to cinnamon and chocolate. All three sound delicious, making it difficult to choose. BTW, they're all gluten-free and kosher. A little sugar improves the flavor of everything.

48. Elegant set of knives

Even the most artistic cheese spreads can be ruined by using the incorrect utensils. This set of stainless steel does the exact opposite. There is a knife for each type of cheese, including soft, semi-soft, spreadable, and hard varieties. Dig in.

49. Compact matcha kit

This travel mug allows the recipient to enjoy barista-quality matcha on the go. Simply scoop one of three flavored matcha powders into the filter, fill the remainder with warm water, and shake, shake, shake. Thanks to you, mornings are made easier.

50. A portable coffee cup that’s actually practical

Nobody enjoys disposable plastics. Something else nobody likes? Transporting an empty thermos. This silicone coffee cup holds 12 ounces of coffee and collapses flat when the drinker is finished. It is available in twenty different color options.

51. Geometric Piet Mondrian calendar

Let's be sincere: the WFH lifestyle makes it difficult to keep track. Enter this timeless calendar with a modern block design. They need only flip the cube over to reuse it year after year. And it will never become outdated.

52. Olive oil that looks just as great as it tastes

This EVOO duo from Brightland is a surefire hit with any home cook, as it complements nearly any dish. We're talking bread and pasta, grilled veggies, or salad dressings. In addition, the olives, which come from a California family farm, are pressed within 90 minutes of harvesting to ensure freshness. Can you say delicious?

53. Wine-infused dessert sauces

Chocolate or caramel sauce are already difficult to resist. However, one containing spices, whole fruits, and zinfandel or merlot? Best of luck. The only alcoholic component of these small-batch sauces is a fruity wine flavor. Ideal for use on ice cream, cheesecake, and even yogurt.

54. Automatic Pan Stirrer

So they don't have to sit there constantly stirring their homemade gravy and tiring out their arms.

55.Game of Phones card game

A Game of Phones card game for a tech-geared scavenger hunt everyone will enjoy playing. Their phone is their most trusted companion so why not invite them to the game night?

56. Neck And Back Massager

So they can have an at-home spa day without spending copious amounts, complete with eight massage modes, a carrying bag, and a car adapter so they can ~relax~ even on the go.

57. Nidra Deep Rest Eye Mask

Help your sleepiest of friends catch some midday ZZZs with a contoured sleep mask. Rather than just resting over your eyes, these eye masks are shaped to keep light out and sleep in. After napping with the best sleep masks on the market, this one from Nidra took the top spot in our tests because it actually stayed in place throughout the night. It may look a bit silly, but your friend will appreciate how much easier it is to get some shuteye.

58. Custom Photo Book

Taking photos together is one of the best things you can do to preserve years of happy memories with the important people in your life, and if you and your best friend are perpetually saying that you wish you could have a physical representation of your time together, a photo book may make a great gift. These photo books allow you to choose your layout, photo sizes and design details to create a special gift for the person you've most enjoyed making memories with.

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