Best Christmas Gifts for Someone Who Lost Their Mom

July 11, 2022 16 min read

The death of a mother can have a profound effect on a person's life, and even if you haven't been through it yourself, it's likely that you'll be able to acknowledge and acknowledge agreement with this statement. Because of this, it is essential to acknowledge and care for a friend who is going through the grieving process after the death of his or her mother this Christmas. If you know someone who recently lost their mother, they're probably going through the life she left behind. ConsiderChristmas gifts for someone who lost their mom to assist them in this process.

1. Provide meals for the family

For some people, the thought of preparing a meal for their family conjures up images of a refrigerator crammed full of chicken and rice casseroles, Jell-O molds, and trays of cookies. Because your loved one will be spending the majority of her time at her mother's bedside, she won't have the opportunity to prepare meals for herself. Therefore, a gift of pre-prepared meals is almost always welcomed and appreciated.

You can free yourself from the responsibility of cooking by making plans to eat with friends, coworkers, or members of your church, or by purchasing gift cards to area restaurants. Don't bother asking if you can contribute food; just go ahead and do it.

2. Memorial or sympathy jewelry

You are able to have a memorial diamond fashioned out of cremated remains or a lock of hair from a deceased loved one's mother by sending in the relevant materials. After having a consultation and waiting for the diamond to mature for a few months, you will have a unique diamond that you can have mounted on a ring, necklace, or other piece of jewelry of your choice.

Some businesses, such as Eterneva, cultivate diamonds in a laboratory and offer a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors from which to choose for your gemstone. Parting Stone is a company that creates beautiful cremation stones that are handheld so that you can keep your loved one close to you even after they have been cremated. 

3. Gas cards

Let's say that your friend has a bit of a drive to get to where his or her mother is staying, whether it be at home, in the hospital, or in a hospice. If your friend lives in a city or a large town, you might want to think about getting him or her a gift card to a local gas station or ridesharing service like Uber or Lyft.

4. Airline tickets

Think about buying plane tickets for someone you care about with some of the airline points you've accumulated. Your friend may not be able to make it to the funeral for their mother or to be with her at the hospice bed without your assistance. These could be some of the most significant days and hours of your friend's life.

5. Snacks, drinks, and coffee shop gift cards

There will be a gathering of other friends and family members wherever their mother is passing away, regardless of whether she is in a hospital, a hospice facility, or her own home.

It would be considerate of you to provide these out-of-town guests with pre-packaged snacks, small coolers filled with drinks, or gift cards to a local coffee shop. You may also want to think about purchasing fruit that is simple to eat as well as other healthy snacks such as granola bars or trail mix.

6. Clothing

You should give some thought to purchasing items of clothing for your friend to wear at the funeral because, between making arrangements for the funeral and spending time with relatives, your friend might not want to go shopping for his or her own clothes to wear to the funeral.

If you are familiar with your friend's physique, sense of style, and preferences, then you should only consider giving them this present. Send your friend photos of potential purchases before you make them, or try on a number of different ensembles with the intention of returning the ones that don't work. Still stuck? You might also be interested in reading our guide on appropriate attire for a funeral.

7. DIY Sympathy Gift Ideas

You could give your friend the gift of your time and effort by putting together something special for them. Not only are gifts made from scratch more personal, but they also require more time and effort to put together.

8. Photo presentation

Create a photo presentation for your friend that is full of images of your friend with his or her mother by combining your expertise in technology and art. You might be able to collect the images from social media, or you could ask to look through people's photo albums instead.

Your friend's decision about whether or not to present the slide show at the visitation will not change the fact that this project will be valued.

9. Memory book

Make a memory book for your friend using photos from social media or from albums that they have borrowed from you. You could use real photographs and an album that is suitable for archival storage, or you could create a photo book using a website. Before you adhere the photos to the pages, you should make copies of them, especially if you are using the original photographs.

10. Create a book of letters

Maybe you were acquainted with the mother of your friend. If this is the case, inquire of those who were familiar with her about their recollections of the decedent. First, jot down or record these tales, and then compile your memories and put them on display.

When they are in the presence of someone who is grieving, people typically avoid discussing the deceased even if they have kind intentions to do so.

Instead, your friend might want to hear stories about the woman he or she loved and find solace in the knowledge that the woman was important to a lot of other people.

11. Create a photo display

At the visitation and the funeral, many people choose to have photo displays of their departed loved ones. Ask your friend if they need assistance putting something together by asking them directly. In order to put together an artistic display, you will need tablecloths, picture frames, easels, empty boxes for stacking, and pictures.

12. Sewing projects

It's possible that the mother of your friend was known for her unique sense of style. It's possible that she was a fan of a particular sports team. It's possible that she always wore clothes with the same pattern or color. It's possible that she was passionate about peacocks, grew sunflowers, or wrote books.

If your friend has a sewing machine and you're handy with one, you might consider making him or her a quilt, pillow, or doll out of fabric that brings back memories of the friend's mother.

13. Recipe book

Did your friend's mother have a reputation for being an excellent cook? You should probably think of a way to store those recipes and put them on display at some point. You might want to think about purchasing a recipe book of archival quality or a recipe box that you can personalize.

14. House Cleaning

When a member of the family passes away, visitors from out of town frequently come to pay their respects. It's possible that your friend is feeling overwhelmed right now as they prepare for a funeral and welcome out-of-town relatives. You should either hire someone to clean your friend's house before the guests arrive, or you should do the cleaning yourself.

You should inquire with your close friend about the optimal time for a housekeeper to arrive. Don't make your friend's life more difficult by surprising them with the arrival of a total stranger.

15. Custom Engraved Memorial Tumbler

First, we have this memorial tumbler from Northwest Gifts that is personalized. Receiving a sympathy gift that can be seen and used every day can be therapeutic. This tumbler is the ideal present for coffee, tea, and smoothie enthusiasts.

The mug comes engraved with the mother's name and birth and death dates and is available in seven colors.

It is also double-walled and vacuum-sealed to ensure that the beverage inside remains piping hot (or icy cold) for hours. The Polar Camel tumblers are comparable to the significantly more expensive YETI brand, so you know you're getting an excellent deal at a fraction of the price.

16. Floral Heart Personalized Memorial Plaque

This elegant floral heart memorial plaque would be the ideal present for a friend who recently lost their mother or whose mother's anniversary of death is approaching. It has a comforting saying and is personalized with their mother's name and birth and death dates.

The plaque is crafted by hand in Oregon from durable alder wood and birch ply and is available in two sizes.

17. Personalized Memorial Bird Feeder

Bird feeders make excellent expressions of sympathy for the loss of a mother. Particularly so when they are personalized!

This beautiful memorial bird feeder features the silhouette of a bird on a branch, with the name and dates of your loved one's mother laser etched on the front panel.

You can also easily include a gift note to the recipient in this sturdy, 10.5-inch-tall cedar wood box.

18. Bracelet with Handwritten Engraving

Imagine the delight on the face of your loved one when they recognize their mother's handwriting once again, only this time on a piece of jewelry.

Simply upload the signature, and Caitlin Minimalist will engrave it on a bracelet with the finish color of your choosing (silver, gold, or rose gold). Each bracelet is made of 925 sterling silver, and its length can be customized.

19. Willow Tree Figure

This adorable Willow Tree figurine will serve as a sweet reminder to your friend of their unbreakable bond with their mother. It is a replica of Susan Lordi's original "Chrysalis" sculpture. It is 9 inches tall and hand-painted to perfection.

20. Personalized Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle Company offers personalized photo candles as a unique way to commemorate (or memorialize) a special person.

Simply upload a photo of your friend's mother or of the two of you in happier times, and the company will print a personalized photo label for the candle. You can also choose the style of the jar, the label, and the fragrance of the candle.

21 Memory Journal

Here is another unique gift for the loss of a mother.

Currently, your loved one is probably more concerned with his or her mother's end-of-life journey than with the fond memories they share. With this beautiful Memories of My Mom Memory Journal, you can assist them in shifting their attention from the sorrow of loss to the joy of happy memories.

You choose the color of the cover. Additionally, choose between cream-colored or white inner paper, as well as lined or unlined paper. Each journal contains one hundred pages.

22. Cardinal Wind Chime

Cardinals appear when a loved one is close by. Have you heard this quote before? If you see one of these beautiful red birds while you're out and this quote comes to mind, it can be a great source of comfort.

Similarly, a person who has recently lost their mother may find solace in daily exposure to this cardinal wind chime and its soothing music.

23. “In Loving Memory” Photo Blanket

When you give your loved one this personalized memorial blanket, the comfort of their mother's love will continue.

Your new blanket can be personalized with a photo of your friend with their mother. Choose from six distinct frame styles and four distinct fabrics, including fleece, contrast stitch fleece, Sherpa, and velveteen.

24. Memorial Garden Stone

This lovely memorial garden stone will serve as a charming addition to your loved one's garden as well as a touching reminder of their late mother.

It is made of long-lasting polystone resin and has been treated to withstand the outdoor elements for many years. The memorial is 11.5 inches by 11.5 inches.

25. Custom pie tie with handwritten recipe

We could not pass up this opportunity. It is a ceramic pie pan with a handwritten recipe from mom. Choose a favorite recipe card, scan it in, and the artist will replicate the card's design on the tin's interior.

Every time you bake this famous dish, you will be reminded of the pleasant aromas and memories of your mother's cooking. It's the ideal present.

26. Tea for two (three, if you count mom)

Even if your friend is not an avid tea drinker, I adore the idea of a Teabloom Teapot Gift Set. It is more than just a token of sympathy; it is an invitation to converse, connect, and share memories. This teapot can accompany your handwritten invitation to grieve, share memories, and visit the home of your friend's mother. Loss must be acknowledged and commemorated, and an invitation to speak is a wonderful way to express condolences and support. This is an uplifting sympathy gift because it focuses on friendship and life rather than on the recipient's loss.

Give your friend the teapot, a Teabloom Blooming Tea Flowers teapot, and arrange a one-month visit. Keep in mind that grief following the loss of a mother does not subside quickly, and that many mourners wish to remember their mother. The memories are always present and eager to be shared.

In the days and weeks following the death of a mother, spouse, or even coworker, the bereaved have an extremely elevated risk of suffering a heart attack, according to research. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is difficult for a person whose mother has passed away; your friendship and tea invitations will help her grieve and heal.

27. A sympathy candle, for comfort and warmth

The Sympathy Comfort Candle is a beautiful sympathy gift, particularly if you include a message about eternity, reuniting, and the spirit and soul of a deceased mother. Even if we were not close to our mothers, the death of a mother is one of the most difficult farewells we ever must say. A candle represents comfort and warmth, as well as hope and healing.

The bereavement gift you select for a friend depends in part on your relationship with him or her. Furthermore, it depends on her personality. However you choose to express your condolences following a family member's death, remember that your presence and hugs are what matter most. The more you listen to your friends and make yourself available, the more comfortable they will feel.

28. Sea Glass fine art poster

After a mother's passing, the Sea Glass Fine Art Heart Poster is a beautiful and uplifting symbol of love. It is both uplifting and memorable, and will not bring your friend's heart down when she sees it...or when she recalls her late mother.

This sympathy gift is a part of The Heart Poster Collection, a collection of award-winning photographs by the renowned photographer Donald Verger. The fact that his work is collected by people from all over the world is less significant than how this poster makes people feel. It is a symbol of healing and hope, which a person whose mother has passed away desperately needs.

29. Memorial Stepping Stone for Mom’s Garden

If your friend is a gardener or simply enjoys spending time outdoors, the "Those We Love Don't Go Away" Memorial Stepping Stone is a thoughtful bereavement gift. On it is engraved the above poem, which is a wonderful sympathy message for the sympathy card. 

A garden stepping stone is a thoughtful gift for someone whose mother has passed away, particularly if she enjoyed gardening, flowers, or landscaping. This present contains a message of encouragement and remembrance. It is a bereavement gift for anyone with even the smallest yard or balcony, not just gardeners. It can be hung indoors or outdoors, making it a versatile gift after the death of a mother.

30. Holiday Memorial “Gift From Heaven” Ornament

The Merry Christmas From Heaven Ornament was not my first choice when searching for mother-loss sympathy gift ideas. However, it received so many positive "comforting sympathy gift" reviews on Amazon that I realized this gift could be given to the entire family following the death of a mother. After the loss of a mother, the holidays are the most difficult time; a gift of sympathy that helps people cope with Christmas or other holidays would be especially thoughtful.

This oval pewter ornament makes a wonderful gift not only during the holiday season, but also in the days and weeks following a loss. It's a gift for everyone following the death of a mother in the family, and it can help you say "I'm sorry your mother passed away" in a way that acknowledges the holiday season.

31. Heartfelt “Piece of My Heart” Sympathy Ornament

The Engraved Remembrance Heart Personalized Ornament can be given during the holiday season, but it is more than just a tree ornament. "A piece of my heart is in heaven" is a sentiment applicable throughout the year.

I appreciate this sympathy gift because of its familial nature. You may only know one family member, but there are likely other relatives who are mourning this mother's passing. By presenting a family-sized ornament, you express your sorrow and condolences to the entire family. This is a meaningful gift that conveys to the entire clan, "I'm sorry for your loss of a mother," and can be comforting to everyone.

32. Hand-Painted Angel Figurine

The inscription on the Sympathy Angel Holding Stars in the Sky reads, "Perhaps they are not stars, but rather openings where our loved ones shine down to let us know they are happy."

This is a comforting and soothing sympathy gift for the loss of a mother because it reminds us that we are not alone in the universe. If your friend's mother believes in God, and if your friend does as well, it is comforting to know that she is in Heaven with the angels. Her family will one day join her on the other side, where she is currently resting in peace.

33. Willow Tree “Forget Me Not” Carving

The Willow Tree Forget Me Not is a beautiful token of sympathy for coworkers and friends. The beautiful Willow Tree figurines speak softly to heal, comfort, protect, and uplift the recipient's spirits.

Because death is difficult to discuss, expressing your condolences following the loss of a mother may feel awkward; the best sympathy gift you can give is an expression of beauty and affection. What do you tell a person whose mother has died? "I am sorry for your mother's passing." After a mother's death, the best gift you can give is your simple, sincere condolences. After a person's mother's death, it is normal to feel helpless and awkward when speaking to them. It is awkward and sad, and it can be challenging to find the appropriate sympathy gift. Below are numerous ideas and suggestions for expressing your condolences.

34. Personally Inscribed / Engraved Comfort Candles

This Angel Candle Holder may not say, "If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away, We Know You'd Be Here Today," but it conveys that sentiment. There are both large and small beings in our lives that leave a lasting impression long after they are gone. Why is this a good gift for someone whose mother has passed away? It can be displayed on a home windowsill or an office desk. It is simple, sophisticated, and meaningful.

The candle holder can be personalized by engraving the birth and death dates of your friend's mother. This memorializes and honors a mother's passing in a more personal manner. How to Cope With Regret After a Loved One Passes Away featured a different kind of solace candle in an article about a different type of family loss.

35. Tear Soup (a book about loss and grieving after a family death)

I discovered Pat Schwiebert and Chuck DeKlyen's Tear Soup: A Recipe for Healing After Loss by attending a seminar on bereavement. It's a sad, touching tale of slow, meaningful loss grieving. It is one of those gifts for the bereaved that induces tears, which can be difficult for many. However painful grief may be, it is necessary to cry and say goodbye. After the death of a mother or other family member, Tear Soup is both comforting and useful. The gift of tears is a curative one.

Tear Soup is a gorgeous coffee table book suitable for all ages. It will help family and friends comprehend what loss is like and how to navigate the grieving process. This sympathy gift is especially meaningful if your friend is a parent, as it helps children grieve the loss of grandmothers and great-grandmothers.

36. Plush Comfort Blanket

The Chanasya Warm Hugs – Positive Energy – Healing Ideas – Ultra-Soft Throw A comforting and compassionate sympathy gift is a blanket. It is also a practical idea because it allows the mourner time to be still, grieve, and reflect upon her mother. The death of a mother is one of the most difficult losses a person can experience; this gift allows them to hide, grieve, sleep, and work through their grief. It is comparable to giving a stuffed teddy bear, but not as juvenile.

A soft, comforting, warm, and cozy blanket is one of my favorite gifts in my 17 Gift Ideas for After Mastectomy Surgery article. After undergoing surgery, all I wanted to do was sleep in a soft, warm nest. Same after my grandmother passed away.

37. Clinging Cross 

The Wonderful Clinging Cross: Handheld Comfortable Cross is ergonomically designed to fit any hand. This sympathy gift after the death of a mother serves as a constant reminder that God is present and real.

Perhaps because I am not Catholic, I have never heard of this type of sympathy gift. I wasn't sure whether or not to include it on my list of sympathy gifts for the loss of a mother because you can't give it to just anyone! But if your friend is Catholic, this would be a lovely gift for a mother's funeral.

38. Sympathy Gift Basket

The Massive Arrivals In Loving Memory Sympathy Gift Basket includes a beautiful sympathy card, snacks that are easy to share and eat, and free shipping.

I love giving gift baskets because they (usually) last a long time. If your colleague does not want the items in the gift basket, they can be shared with others. If you know your coworker well enough to visit her home, you can deliver the gift basket along with a bottle of wine in person.

39. Memory book for the funeral or celebration of life

A Celebration of Life, In Memory of Your Mother is a journal containing a page for each guest to write a note in remembrance of the deceased.

This Celebration of Your Mom's Life is appropriate for a funeral or a celebration of her life. When you don't know what to give or say when someone's mother dies, it is an appropriate gift. If your friend needs assistance planning the memorial service for her mother, "In Memory Of Your Mother" will be of assistance.

40. "One a Day" Memory Jar as a Condolence Gift for the Loss of a Mother

The Keepsake Gift Jar of Messages for Condolences, Bereavement, Passing, Loss, and Funerals is an original way to commemorate the passing of a mother. It is a beautiful keepsake glass jar filled to the brim with linen decorative cardstock envelopes that can be displayed and cherished at home or in the office.

This jar contains Vintage Letters, which are 31 positive and uplifting condolence messages to be opened daily throughout the month. Or, the recipient can reach for a sympathy note whenever they are feeling down and need a boost. This is a unique and thoughtful way to use the power of words to comfort a friend or loved one during difficult times.

41. Fresh Flowers

The Fresh Orchids Condolence In contrast to some funeral flowers, Bouquet of Flowers is not gloomy or depressing. After a mother's death, a bouquet of flowers is a heartwarming and uplifting way to express your condolences and support. It is a gift that bestows vitality, brilliance, and freshness.

Should you give a sympathy bouquet to someone whose mother has passed away? I'm not sure. My father-in-law passed away last month; the family received four elaborate flower arrangements. They were lovely, but required a great deal of maintenance, such as removing dead flowers, changing the water, and deciding what to do with the vases. The strong, overpowering scent of the flowers was another issue. After the death of a mother, a bouquet of sympathy flowers may not be the best gesture, but it depends on the family. If your friend or your friend's mother enjoys flowers, this could be an excellent gift!

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