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Best Christmas Gifts for Travelers

July 21, 2022 15 min read

While a plane ticket may be the best gift for the jet-setter in your life, there are plenty of travel gifts on the market that can help maximize their safety and comfort on a trip. Whether the recipient is a frequent flier or a camping enthusiast, finding the most useful gifts for a traveler can help them in a variety of ways, such as a power bank that keeps their phones and cameras fully charged or a personalized suitcase that they'll never lose. To assist you in shopping for your travel-lovers, Reviewed has compiled a list of the best travel gifts of 2021 to inspire their wanderlust ways.

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1. For the car-camping enthusiast: A Coleman Two-Burner Stove

A functional stove is a must-have for car campers. This summer, I received this highly rated Coleman two-burner stove as a gift, and I can't stop raving about it. When folded, the stove is relatively light and takes up little space in the trunk.

2. For the one with a messy bag: Shacke Packing Cubes

Packing is difficult enough, but adding the task of keeping your bag organized throughout your trip creates an impossible task. After a few days, my meticulously arranged bag becomes a hurricane of bunched-up clothes and missing socks. If this describes someone you know, you should consider getting them some truly amazing packing cubes.

While packing your bag with more bags may seem counterintuitive, these nylon zippered pouches from Shake keep their contents organized and fresh, so you can rifle through your overnighter without fear of wrinkling your clothing or losing track of an outfit you really wanted to wear. They are game changers.

3. World Traveler 2022 Wall Calendar 

Any serious traveler is likely already planning a few getaways in 2022. This wall calendar will help them uniquely keep track of their travels, as each month is dedicated to an iconic city and various landmarks from around the world. It might even spark some itineraries for their next vacation!

4. For the coffee snob who doesn't compromise: AeroPress Coffee Press

If you know someone who values coffee as much as they do travel, this portable coffee maker would make an excellent gift. The AeroPress, invented by an aerodynamic engineer, has a cult following, with supporters claiming that this plastic device can make the best cup of coffee in the world. Whether or not the claim is true, it is undeniable that this coffee press can provide extra convenience for travelers who refuse to settle for bad coffee while on the road.

5. For the camper who sleeps in the wilderness: Coleman Skydome Tent

Because not all travelers prefer to fly, we've also included gift ideas for those who enjoy road trips, car camping, and hiking. If you know your giftee needs a new tent, our current favorite is the Coleman 4-Person Skydome, which is praised for its sturdy design, ease of setup, and spacious interior. It is available in two-person, four-person, six-person, and eight-person sizes.

6. For the family who road trips: YETI  Cooler

An indestructible, well-insulated cooler that can keep its contents chilled for an extended period, whether used for car camping or tailgating, can make life easier. The Tundra, YETI's flagship model, is famous for its incredible ability to keep food and drinks cold for days.

7. For the ambitious hiker: Black Diamond Trekking Poles

If your recipient spends their weekends hiking in the mountains, they might appreciate a new pair of poles. Hikers can avoid injury by using a sturdy pair of trekking poles to help them maintain their balance when hiking over rough terrain. These collapsible ones fit easily into a backpack and are lightweight, allowing hikers to enjoy long-distance trails without feeling weighed down.

8. For the one who packs light: American Tourister Triumph NX 20" Spinner

Not every traveler enjoys having their luggage checked. Some people prefer to travel light by using a durable, hard-sided carry-on to store their essentials. If that's the case for your giftee, we recommend the American Tourister's 20-inch spinner. Because it is surprisingly spacious, lightweight, and has excellent interior organization, it earned the best value spot on our list of top carry-on luggage.

9. For the weekend warrior: Away Weekender

Weekend getaways are the secret ingredient that makes long work weeks bearable. However, it is difficult to find the ideal bag for short trips that meets all of our requirements: heavy-duty yet lightweight, spacious yet not overly large, practical yet stylish.

The Away Weekender has a 15-inch laptop sleeve, a shoe compartment, and several zippered pockets, and it can be personalized with the giftee's initials. It's the ideal size and shape for the weekend warriors in your life.

10. For the hiker who spends days in the woods: Soto Amicus Cookset Combo

For serious hikers, nature's beauty exists in the true wilderness, which is only accessible after a day or two on the trail. In this case, bring a lightweight, compact cookware set that will allow you to recharge while on the go.

11. For the one who seeks relaxation in the woods: Kootek Camping Hammock

This two-person hammock is made of parachute material and can support up to 500 pounds of weight. It has adjustable straps and heavy-duty hooks to help users hang the hammock between two trees. Because it folds into a sack and can be carried around, this hammock is ideal for both car camping and backpacking.

12. For the one who can’t pack light: Away Large Suitcase

Whether your recipient is traveling for an extended period or simply needs to pack a lot of shoes, it can be difficult to fit everything into a carry-on. That's why the best-checked luggage money can buy makes such an excellent present.

The Away Large, our favorite checked suitcase, has a tough yet flexible polycarbonate shell that protects its contents from crushing. It also comes in a variety of trendy colors and is scratch and dirt-resistant. There's 100 liters of packing space inside, as well as mesh pockets and a clip-in compression panel to hold two weeks' worth of clothing (and a ton of souvenirs), as well as a laundry bag and a combination lock.

13. For the happy camper: REI Co-op Sleeping Bag

As someone who has slept in a tent without a sleeping bag or a pad, I'd like to spare others the agony of doing so. A sleeping bag is required for maximum comfort and may work better with a sleeping pad underneath for those who are prone to back problems or simply want an extra level of comfort. This Sea to Summit sleeping bag provides extra comfort and can keep you warm in cold weather.

14. For the novice outdoorsy type: C Crane Emergency Radio

If you know someone who spends a lot of time in the woods, they will most likely appreciate this gift. This pocket-sized radio has two modes: hand crank mode, which provides 30 minutes of playtime for every 90 seconds of cranking, and solar mode, which provides six hours of playtime for every eight hours of charging. It also works with an AC adapter or three AA batteries. A USB-to-radio adapter is included to charge users' phones.

15. For the chronic overpacker: Dr. Meter Digital Luggage Scale

The best luggage scale we've ever tested is the Dr. Meter Digital Luggage Scale. Simply turn it on, clip it to the handle of your luggage, and lift. Because it's only about 3 ounces, you won't even notice it in your bag until you need it. And, unlike your home scale, it accurately measures all weight to a few decimal places.

16. For the one who goes for picnics: Coleman Cooler Bag

If long-distance travel is out of the question, your friend might be up for a picnic in a nearby park. We tested the best lunch coolers and discovered that this one from Coleman is the best at keeping snacks and drinks chilled, and its exceptionally large interior space allows it to fit a variety of items.

17. For the stylish traveler who stays cozy: Pendleton Wool Blanket

You might recognize these blankets from one of those YouTube van life vlogs. These stylish, handcrafted blankets are warm and cozy, allowing campers and travelers to stay warm in cold weather. They come in a variety of colors and patterns, and there may be one that your giftee will enjoy.

18. For the one who loves wall calendars: Minted Photo Calendar

A wall calendar can help the traveler in your life plan their trip, but a photo calendar can also help families remember their favorite vacations. They'll enjoy looking through their old travel photos, which will be on display throughout the year.

19. For the foodie with a sweet tooth: Bokksu Japanese Snacks Subscription Box

If the recipient is a foodie and world traveler, this box of Japanese snacks would make an excellent present. This box will bring deliciousness to their door until they are able to fly to Japan themselves. It includes rice crackers, sake candies, matcha cookies, and other treats.

20. For the one who wants to smell amazing: Briogeo Hair Travel Kit

Briogeo's travel set bundles four of their top-selling products, reducing any travel-related hair issues to a bare minimum. Briogeo is known for its nourishing hair products, which have over 10,000 likes on Sephora. This value pack contains a shampoo, a leave-in mask, and a deep conditioning mask, so it can meet all of your hair care needs while traveling.

21. For the caffeine addict: Zojirushi Travel Mug

Whether you're hiking through snowy mountains or flying on a red-eye flight, having a hot coffee or tea on hand will help you relax. This Zojirushi stainless steel travel mug is the ideal travel companion, topping our list of the best travel mugs for its ability to keep liquids hot overnight.

Its slim and sleek design allows it to easily slide into the side pocket of your backpack or purse, and its airtight, lockable lid provides peace of mind that nothing will leak and destroy your valuable personal items. Your giftee will be grateful.

22. For the pet parents who leave no one behind Sleepypod Pet Carrier  

It can be nerve-racking to leave our best friends at home while traveling. A pet travel bag enables pet owners to safely and conveniently transport their pets. This Sleepypod pet carrier outperformed the other models in our roundup in our testing because it is designed to meet airline and TSA requirements while also providing comfort to pets.

23. For the one always planning a picnic: Swivel Cheese Board 

A trip can sometimes be as simple as going to a nearby park for a picnic. This cheese board is a thoughtful and practical gift for a friend who enjoys these local outings (and loves cheese!). It folds up small and swivels into a round cheese board. The board folds into a wedge when not in use. Even cuter is the tiny drawer where the flatware and cheese knives are kept.

24. For the frequent flier who needs a power nap: Parachute Merino Travel Kit 

If you can't avoid long-haul flights, this travel kit with a blanket, an eye mask, and a carry bag can help you nap wherever you are. Merino wool is soft and smooth, as well as lightweight enough to be carried around.

25. For the techie: CapraLeather Electronics Organizer 

Traveling is enjoyable, but packing causes stress. People carry a lot of electronics in their bags, so there's a need for a bag that can organize the gadgets and cords so they're easily accessible when needed. This handcrafted bag has full grain leather, seven slots of varying sizes to hold smaller items, an Apple Pencil holder, and a hidden money pocket.

26. For the first-time camper: a BioLite portable fire pit 

A fire pit is an important aspect of camping that many newcomers may overlook. A heat source is required when it is dark and cold in the woods. We tested this portable fire pit, which allows you to control the intensity of the fire via Bluetooth and is rechargeable via a built-in USB cable that can be used to charge phones and other electronics.

27. For the one who needs some shut-eye: Nidra Sleep Mask

If you've ever woken up to the sun because of sheer curtains or needed to sleep in the middle of a long travel day, you understand the value of a good sleep mask.

We gave this Nidra sleep mask one of our top spots after testing the best sleep masks on the market. It's like having your blackout curtains for your eyes, except they won't fall off in the middle of the night. The contoured design also relieves pressure on the eyes, allowing you to blink while wearing it. You'll be well-rested whether you sleep for a nap or eight hours (and in complete darkness).

28. For the resourceful adventurer: LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Whether your giftee enjoys day hikes with friends or month-long expeditions, this LifeStraw personal water filter can help them access safe and clean water wherever they go. Access to clean drinking water is essential for a successful outdoor adventure, and this small but incredible device uses hollow fiber membrane technology to make water safe to drink.

29. For the one who's serious about skincare: SK-II Facial Treatment Mask

Traveling is tiring, and exhaustion can cause skin dryness and breakouts. When I'm traveling and can't sleep, I use this SK-II cotton face mask to save my skin. It reduces redness and dark circles, and its world-renowned formula gives my face an instant boost comparable to a spa treatment.

Unlike face cream, which can take up a lot of valuable suitcase space, the mask is small enough to fit into any small pockets or packing cubes in luggage bags.

30. For the one who's always thirsty: Brita filtering Water Bottle

It is critical to bring your water bottle when traveling. To begin with, who has the kind of disposable income to pay $5 for a tiny bottle of water? Second, fresh water is not always readily available, even though hydration is critical: Dehydration on busy travel days will only make you feel like a grumpy garbage can.

This Brita water bottle is the best we've tested, meeting all of the criteria we look for in a water bottle. It's not overly large at 20 ounces, but it holds enough that you won't need to refill it multiple times throughout the day. Its wide mouth easily accommodates ice cubes, its slim design allows it to fit in car coffee holders or bag pockets, and a securely locking lid (topped with a handy loop for comfortable carrying) protects against spills. We like how it opens with a one-handed push of a button and has a straw attached.

31. For the one with ankle swelling: Dr. Scholl Compression Socks

Because my legs swell up like balloons after a couple of hours of flying, I always pack a pair of compression socks or leggings in my carry-on. Compression socks can improve blood circulation and lower the risk of clotting during a flight.

32. For the friend who always wants to sleep: Cabeau Evolution Neck Pillow

Sleeping on an airplane is nearly impossible for me. The circumstances must be ideal: a window seat, a dark, warm cabin, and, ideally, an empty middle seat. Even so, as soon as my head lulls to the side, I'll lurch awake (or, cringe, if I slump onto my seat mate). However, our favorite neck pillow can turn anyone into a true plane sleeper. It has an incredibly supportive memory foam interior that is taller than other options on the market, as well as an adjustable clasp that allows you to adjust how tight it fits around your neck.

33. For the one who walks everywhere: Allbirds wool sneakers

Allbirds sneakers outperform the rest of the footwear market in terms of comfort and design. Their trendy design and soft material make them ideal for gifting, and their durability ensures they won't fall apart during long hikes or city strolls. They're also machine-washable, making cleaning a breeze.

34. For the traveler who craves silence: Bose Noise-Canceling Headphones

Is there anything more upsetting than a crying baby on a plane? Yes, there are loud chewers. And noisy neighbors. As well as snoring seatmates. Traveling is stressful enough without all of these extraneous noises.

These top-rated noise-canceling headphones can provide peace to your giftee whether they're on a family road trip or stuck in a crowded airport on a long layover. Yes, these headphones are pricey, but don't let that deter you from purchasing them: These Sony headphones are well worth the investment due to their true-silence noise cancellation and unparalleled comfort.

35. For the avid reader: Kindle Paperwhite

Traveling is a great time to unplug and catch up on reading, whether you're camping or flying. You don't have to lug around a bunch of hard copies, though, thanks to our favorite e-reader, the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite. With an adjustable backlight and an excellent battery life that lasts about three weeks on a single charge, the Paperwhite can put thousands of books at your fingertips.

What's the best part? Because this new and improved version is lightweight and waterproof, you can read in the tub, on the boat, in the pool, and so on. The possibilities are limitless.

36. For the one who's always online: Mophie Powerstation PD

As they navigate a new location, travelers rely on their phones for everything. A smartphone can serve as a compass on a hike, a resource for finding the best dinner spots, a better camera than your DSLR, a navigation system for new terrain, a flashlight in the middle of the night, and so much more—it should come as no surprise that our phones die by 10:30 a.m. That is why a good external phone charger can be extremely useful for travelers.

Because of its small size, the Mophie Powerstation PD is our top pick, even though it has enough power to charge two phones at the same time. No more limiting your phone usage while waiting for a flight due to a low battery.

37. For the business traveler: Evecase Laptop Sleeve

Laptop computers are indispensable travel companions, but their fragile nature makes them vulnerable to damage. The frequent travelers in your life will appreciate a well-made, long-lasting laptop sleeve that protects against water spills, accidental drops, and scratches from sharp objects. In our roundup of the best laptop sleeves, our best value pick, the Evecase Diamond Foam Neoprene Sleeve, proved to be an affordable option that provides excellent laptop protection.

38. For the one who's all about good vibes: JBL Portable Bluetooth Speaker

While smartphones can play music, the quality simply cannot compete with a speaker that creates the volume and depth required for the perfect ambiance. As portable Bluetooth speakers improve in functionality, it becomes even easier to bring good music and good vibes wherever we go. The JBL Flip 5 Bluetooth Speaker is an excellent gift for travelers who enjoy music wherever they go, thanks to its long battery life, hard plastic chassis, and excellent sound quality.

39. For the passionate photographer:  JOBY Portable Tripod

Taking photos is an excellent way to capture every memorable moment on a trip. However, capturing that moment can be difficult at times. Carrying a tripod like a pro can help you capture the best photos no matter where you are, making your expensive cameras worthwhile. Furthermore, having a tripod makes taking selfies much easier, especially for those who are hesitant to ask strangers to take their photos.

40. For the globetrotter: Bonazza International Adapter

No, this isn't a glamorous present. However, it is one of the best gifts for world travelers who frequently find themselves in countries with unfamiliar plugs. This universal adapter takes up little space in a backpack or suitcase, its slim design doesn't interfere with other outlets, and it has two plug outlets and four USB ports for charging multiple devices at once.

Because it, like most adapters, does not convert voltage, it should not be used with electronics that require different voltage (such as hairdryers).

41. For the friend who’s obsessed with Polaroids: Fujifilm Instant Camera

While digital cameras aren't for everyone, instant film cameras are entertaining and easy to use. We tested the best instant cameras and chose this model from Fujifilm because it is both durable and portable—and it outperforms the competition. The retro-style camera is available in black and brown leather finishes, and it allows for double exposure in low-light conditions, resulting in better photos no matter where you are.

42. For the journal keeper: "I Was Here" Travel Journal

This travel-centric journal is ideal for any creative traveler, just like a classic Moleskin notebook. Its bright illustrations and clear instructions encourage readers to investigate the often-overlooked details of their new surroundings. "Have a local draw you a map to their favorite place in their neighborhood," for example, or "For one day, shoot all photos from hip height."

There is also plenty of space in the journal to record discoveries, addresses, itineraries, reviews, and local tips. There's even a compartment for storing mementos. It's ideal for anyone ready to push themselves outside of their comfort zone.

43. For the water sports adventurer: an Oru Foldable Kayak

If your giftee spends a lot of time doing water sports, this foldable kayak can be a great present. The original "origami kayak," its innovative foldable design allows users to transport it and provides a better storage solution for people living in small apartments. Our editor tried it and fell in love with it because of its portability and convenience.

44. For the one who enjoys quality coffee: a World Tour of Coffee Subscription

Atlas Coffee Club, one of our top-rated coffee subscription services, can deliver the highest-quality beans from all over the world without requiring you to leave your home. Each batch is roasted to order, ensuring freshness and aroma for their customers.

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