Best Christmas Gifts for Tweens

July 11, 2022 7 min read

The wish lists are up, and the tree is up, so it's time to board the Christmas shopping train. Of course, there's the problem of actually selecting a thoughtful gift. Gift shopping can be especially perplexing for young adults—will they like it, or will it end up in the donation bin? 

Tweens and teens can be particularly difficult. It's difficult to know what they're into right now because they're in a stage of life where they're experimenting with various creative hobbies and interests. Fortunately, there are plenty of fail-safe options for even the most finicky gift-openers. Over Christmas gifts for tweens are included below, ranging from brightly colored headphones for the techie to earrings for the stylish fashionista.

1. Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker

This Bluetooth speaker and alarm clock set will bring a splash of color to her nightstand. She'll love being able to select the color that best suits her mood and playlist. It will follow her from her bedroom to her dorm room, I promise.

2. Cat Lamp

This tiny light emits a rainbow of six colors. She'll be smitten even before she turns it on.

3. Pack Microfiber Hair Drying Towel

Give her something she will use for many years. The bright colors and mermaid scale pattern are merely bonuses.

4. Bed Floor Lounger Cover

This floor lounger cover would look great in any tween's room. Simply fill it with pillows to create the ideal portable spot for reading, homework, FaceTiming, or whatever else she's up to!

5. Ombre Curtain Lights

String lights in a room simply add that extra something. But what about colored curtain lights that change from pink to green? Those are fantastic.

6. Daisy Huggie Hoop Earrings

These adorable earrings come in a variety of shapes, such as diamond-studded feathers and rainbow-jeweled shells, so you can choose the one that best matches her style. All are perfectly dainty options that will go with everything in her closet.

7. Plush Robe

She's not sure what she likes. This luxurious, plush robe that's a wearable blanket will appeal to anyone, regardless of age.

8. Recycled Court Sneakers

These recycled-material sneakers by a low-waste brand are ideal for the environmentally conscious tween. Thousand Fell will be a slam dunk for their style and the brand's mission. They can simply send these to Thousand Fell to be responsibly recycled when they're ready for a new pair of sneakers.

9. Fashion Design Sketchbook

She'll love this sketchbook whether she's always doodling or always shopping. It includes stickers, templates, and a wealth of advice to assist her in designing her ideal closet. Don't forget to bring rainbow-colored pencils!

10. Scrunchie Holder

If she's always wearing a scrunchie on her wrist, she'll be overjoyed when she sees this scrunchie holder. It's small enough to fit anywhere in her room and will look adorable filled with her favorite things. Bonus points if you fill it with these adorable velvet scrunchies—keep some for yourself, of course.

11. Instant Camera

This portable camera, which comes in six different colors, is a gift she'll never forget. It includes everything she'll need to make her photos, including color filters, a photo album, and a special selfie lens.

12. DIY Charm Bracelet Making Kit

This kit contains enough beads, charms, and string to make several bracelets and necklaces. It's ideal for the aspiring fashionista who is constantly changing her accessories.

She'll enjoy giving some to her friends as well.

13. Color Your Water Bottle And Pencil Case

This two-in-one gift will delight any budding artist. She'll be overjoyed when she discovers the sheet of rhinestone stickers inside, and they're both gifts she'll use every day.

14. Character Sheet Masks

Pamper her with these fun sheet masks, which feature cute animal patterns and are ideal for selfies!

15. Growing Experimental Kit

If she's into colors and crystals, she'll enjoy this experimental kit. She'll be especially proud and awestruck by the stunning crystal collection she ends up creating.

16. Adjustable On-Ear Headphones

Every child requires a good pair of headphones, which are brightly colored, comfortable, and foldable. They come in nine different colors, so there's bound to be one that your tween will like.

17. Scrapbook Journal Kit

The best gifts are those that include an experience, and she'll love this massive kit.

It includes everything she needs to create her scrapbook journal from scratch (including the notebook itself).

18. Lettered Light Box

A small lightbox is an excellent gift for the girl who is constantly redecorating.

This one changes colors, emojis, and letters to fit any room. (This is the one you've been seeing all over TikTok.)

19. Butterfly Spinner Suitcase

You can't go wrong with a tried-and-true suitcase if she's constantly jet-setting somewhere new. The spinner wheels make it easy to maneuver through the airport, and the bright pink color makes it easy to find on the luggage carousel.

20. Mermaid Tail Blanket 

Everyone appreciates a fuzzy blanket, but a mermaid tail blanket is just that much better. This one is available in eight different colors and patterns, allowing you to select the one she'll never want to part with.

And if you're close, you should get a matching one so you can be mermaid twins!

21. Unicorn Slime Kit

If you're perplexed by current slime trends, your web search should end here. This unicorn-themed kit includes enough materials to make several batches of slime and boasts "hundreds of possible slime combinations."

You don't have to understand it, but believe us when we say she will.

22. Glitter Nail Polish Four-Piece Kit

Manicures are timeless, and this nail polish set includes four glittery shades she'll want to try right away. Alternatively, choose one of the other four color options, which range from iridescent pastels to a galaxy-themed set.

23. Felt Sewing Kit

Crafty tweens will appreciate a gift that allows them to make a mess. They will learn how to sew their own felt toy creations with this kit.

24. Unicorn Sleep Masks

Fuzzy sleep masks are even better than regular sleep masks. These unicorns even have metallic details for that extra wow factor right out of the box.

25. Soap-Making Kit

When in doubt, give her something she can make her own. This kit includes all of the colors, molds, and glitters she'll need to make eight different soap bars (similar to crafting and experimenting).

26. Butterfly Wall Decals

Purchase a truly massive set of 75 three-dimensional butterfly decals for her. She can place them anywhere—in her room, on her furniture, or even in her school locker.

27. Tie-Dye Kit 

This cute kit comes with all the supplies she'll need to tie-dye a headband and two scrunchies—and maybe a shirt or two, once she gets going.

28. Evil Eyez iPhone Case

Who can deny the beauty and enchantment of an evil eye print? You may become envious, so you should get one for yourself as well.

29. 18ct Gold Mask Chain

The always-trendy tween girl demands that everything she wears be fashionable, even her face masks. Get her a few of Natalie Mills' gorgeous face mask chains, and she'll remember you every time she receives a compliment (which will be a lot). To be honest, these would make excellent stocking stuffers for everyone on your list.

30. Bubble Cake  

This isn't food: A bubble cake combines the benefits of a bath bomb with the addition of bubbles! Choose from ten delectable scents and wait for the compliments to pour in.

31. Glass Lip Gloss

A good lip gloss can be difficult until you find this one. It's not sticky, and it has just the right amount of sheer pink tint. Furthermore, the fancy packaging makes it appear more sophisticated.

32. Moon Milk Crystal Candle in Various Sizes

Candles and crystals, two of her favorite things, combined into one deliciously scented gift.

33. 4-Piece Mini Skincare Set

Obtain Kylie Jenner's *glow*. This set includes all of the Kylie Skin staples needed for billionaire skin.

34. HARRY POTTER™ Chenille Crest Throw

With one of these Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw House throw blankets, you can transform your dorm room into Hogwarts.

35. Finn Asymmetrical Earring

You can skip the neck stack; these earrings are enough to make a statement on their own.

36. Cherry Bomb Lip Duo

Exfoliate your body three times per week, and do the same for your lips. Treat them to this delectable cherry scrub set.

37. Tartan Daze Authentic

Replace your old sneakers with a pair covered in leather and studs. They're essentially every pair of Vans you've ever desired rolled into one.

38. Classic Chess Set

Her Queen's Gambit era is about to begin.

39. Happy Daisy Phone Strap

You need one of these if you don't already have one.

40. Filium Cardholder

This is, without a doubt, the sickest wallet you've ever seen.

41. Opulence Shimmer Dreams Set

With this pearlescent skincare set, you'll shine from head to toe.

42. 32 oz Wide Mouth

This VSCO girl favorite will appeal to any tween.

43. The More, The Merrier Beauty Advent Calendar

Looking for an excellent beauty advent calendar? This baby is among the best.

44. Standard Baggu Set of 3

This reusable bag will save both the environment and your outfit.

45. Matzo Ballin Glass Ornament

It wouldn't be the holidays without a steaming bowl of matzo ball soup in the shape of an ornament.

46. Skull Glycerin Soap

If this isn't in my stocking on Christmas morning, I'm going to throw it all away.

47. Urban Skin RX

Here's my secret weapon for instant stress relief. This bad boy will chill you out in a matter of swipes.

48. Sacred Heart Necklace

This delicate chain is ideal for layering, but the quirky heart motif stands alone.

49. Mystic Time Hand Wall Clock

It appears to be a cute piece of room decor. It's really a reminder to get ready for school.

50. Take Me With You Brush Set

"There can never be too many makeup brushes." —me to myself as I add yet another set to my shopping cart.

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