Best Christmas Gifts Under $30 or Less

July 10, 2022 11 min read

It has been a year in almost every way, including Christmas Day. Not only will our travel plans be altered, but our regular gift-spending budget may be reduced. That doesn't mean your gifts have to be any less spectacular! There are a plethora of fantastic products available right now for as little as $30—or less.

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Reviewed has you covered with a slew of awesome options, all of which are sure to make your wallet happy, whether you're a sentimental gifter with a penchant for the personal (might we suggest this charming song lyrics print?) or a practical gifter who prefers something they'll use for years to come (this cordless wine opener is just the thing). We tested products all year and whittled them down to the best Christmas gifts under $30 this year, along with other highly rated items.

1. For the traditionalist: Personalized Mantle Christmas ornament

You'll be giving your recipient more than just a Christmas tree decoration when you give them a personalized ornament—you'll be giving them a memory to cherish. We adore this top-rated, hand-painted pick from Gifts for You Now, which can be personalized for free with up to six names and the year. It even includes a satin ribbon for hanging!

2. For the audiophile: These inexpensive buds

The AirPods Pro are the best wireless earbuds for iPhones on the market, but if your giftee is prone to misplacing items, the JLab Go Air true wireless earbuds are the way to go. For the custom fit (both pairs come with multiple sizes of silicone ear tips), good sound, and long battery life, a similar pair topped our list of the best wireless earbuds under $100. When you enter the coupon code beneath the price, this pair is currently 45 percent off.

3. For the homebody: Asakuki 100mL essential oil diffuser

Scent is the most effective way to make your home more inviting. Homebodies will adore this high-quality essential oil diffuser, which will fill the air with sweet, energizing, or soothing scents depending on the essential oils your giftee prefers. In our testing, we liked the Asakuki 100mL essential oil diffuser for its portability, quiet operation, aesthetically pleasing design, and even stream of mist.

4. For the budget fashionista: Coach corner-zip wristlet

For the fashion-forward friend who’s always dressed to the nines, you can’t go wrong with a chic and timeless gift from Coach Outlet. As an example, consider This coated canvas corner zip wristlet features the brand's classic signature logo and a gorgeous leather trim for an ultra-luxe feel. It comes in a variety of colors, has an attached wrist strap, and two credit card slots inside—all for a little more than $30.

5. For the wine connoisseur: Oster cordless electric wine opener

A gift is only as good as the use it will get, and this cordless electric wine opener from Oster is one you can bet will be used frequently. This kitchen gadget, which has an impressive 19,700+ reviews, was a hot seller during Black Friday. It has a foil cutter to easily remove bottle seals and claims to remove corks in under 30 seconds, which we found to be true in testing. It can also handle up to 30 bottles on a single six-to-eight-hour charge, according to the company. It comes with a charging base, and it worked flawlessly for us.

6. For the tea guru: Fred & Friends Infuser for Manatea tea

With the gift of this adorable manatea tea infuser, you'll instantly brighten someone's day. Because of its adorable and "wonderfully functional" design, we named this pick the best on the market. It stayed securely in the mug, even when sipping at a 90-degree angle, and was simple to clean, with small enough holes to prevent tea leaves from escaping. It's made of silicone, which is dishwasher and microwave safe.

7. For the Romy to your Michele: Personalized best friend mug

Do you want to express your gratitude to your coworker? Hit them with this adorable mug featuring two friends, which you can personalize with names, skin tones, hair color, and even cocktail preferences. You can also choose between an 11-ounce or 15-ounce mug with a white or black handle.

8. For the self-care devotee: Finishing Facial roller with vibration

Rose quartz and jade rollers are popular, and according to L.A.-based medical dermatologist Dr. Tsippora Shainhouse, they may help to make skin appear less red and inflamed. This vibrating version from Finishing Touch, which is intended to stimulate circulation, will go above and beyond to give your giftee a touch of luxury.

9. For the one who’s always stressed: Earth Therapeutics comfort wrap

If 2021 has taken its toll on a loved one, this handy wrap can be heated in the microwave or chilled in the freezer to comfort, soothe pain, and ease stress. It has a fleece exterior and Earthy clay beads inside and is scented with calming chamomile and lavender to help your giftee relax deeply. More than 200 Bed Bath & Beyond customers have tried it, with one writing that it keeps them warm just long enough to help them fall asleep.

10. For the one with wanderlust: Homesick Road Trip candle

Do you know someone who is getting restless after being stuck at home for so long? We have the perfect solution. Bring the open road to them with this Homesick soy wax blend candle, which was created to capture the scent—and spirit—of the freeway. With top notes of leather, lime, and marine, mid notes of fresh air and cedarwood, and base notes of amber and jasmine, adventure is guaranteed from the moment this candle is lit. It has a burn time of 60 to 80 hours, according to the company, and its natural blend makes it non-toxic, as it contains no lead, plastics, parabens, synthetic dyes, or phthalates.

11. For the lounge-lover: Barefoot Dreams CozyChic socks

Barefoot Dreams is well-known for its cozy-chic products: the brand is all about luxurious bliss, from its ever-popular CozyChic cardigan to its celebrity-loved throw. You can provide your giftee with the same high-quality comfort for a fraction of the price with these well-reviewed socks, which come in four different colors and are adored by over 2,300 Amazon customers for their soft, blanket-like feel.

12. For the book aficionado: Kindle Unlimited subscription

With a Kindle Unlimited subscription, you can ensure that your favorite reader is never without great material. They'll get access to more than one million book titles, thousands of audiobooks, and a slew of magazines for half a year with this gift, all for the shockingly low price of $4.99 for four months. After the trial period expires, simply cancel or continue the party for the rest of the year at the regular monthly rate of $9.99.

13. For the one who’s always cold: The Big One oversized plush throw

There's a reason why over 5,000 Kohl's customers have praised this cozy, oversized throw. It's machine washable, lightweight, and super soft, according to buyers. It's sure to match any room in your house, with more than 160 fun prints to choose from, and it measures 60-inches by 72-inches to cover you from head to toe. You can also get it for $9.99 right now. What's not to love about this?

14. For the one with the green thumb: Hoya Heart plant

Bring some greenery into your loved one's life with this heart-shaped Hoya plant from The Sill, a Reviewed-approved plant delivery service. Pet-friendly and low-maintenance (it only needs to be watered every three to four weeks), this tropical, succulent vine is easy to care for as long as there's some sunlight—or even indirect sunlight! It comes pre-potted in a mini ceramic planter in your choice of colors for $32, or you can save $18 by ordering the plant in a plastic pot for $14.

15. For the one who’s always on their feet: Conair pedicure foot spa

Whether your recipient is a nurse, a waitress, or simply someone who is constantly on their feet, it's safe to say their tootsies could use some TLC. Enter: The Conair pedicure foot spa, also known as our best value pick for high-quality foot baths. While it didn't heat up as quickly as our top pick, the Ivation foot spa massager, we were pleased with the Conair's performance for less than one-third the price. The frictionless bumps on the bottom, as well as the removable splash guard, made cleaning a breeze. It also has a vibrating massage feature for a more spa-like experience.

16. For the adventurer: LifeStraw personal water filter

If your giftee has a thirst for adventure, this personal water filtration device will help them quench it safely. With claims of removing 99.9999 percent of waterborne bacteria and 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites and filtering up to 0.2 microns, this little tool is a must-have for any hike, camping trip, or RV trip. When it's on sale, both reviewers and Amazon shoppers go crazy for it, and thanks to you, your favorite explorer will get to see for himself what all the fuss is about.

17. For the film buff: 100 Movies scratch-off poster

Thanks to this clever movie poster gift, they'll never have to argue about which movie to watch on a Saturday night (or, let's face it, any night). This poster, printed on wood-free glossy paper, features classic films by Steven Spielberg (Jaws, The Goonies), Wes Anderson (The Grand Budapest Hotel), and Stanley Kubrick (A Clockwork Orange, The Shining). It also covers a wide range of genres—all your gift recipient has to do is scratch off a square to make their choice. 

18. For the eco-enthusiast: The FinalStraw

If your recipient is environmentally conscious, they will adore The FinalStraw. This Kickstarter/Shark Tank-created product is the best reusable straw we've ever used. It's made of stainless steel for durability, but it also has silicone tubing inside that allows it to fold up for storage inside the included case—a feature we found to make drinking more comfortable. It attaches to your recipient's keychain so they always have it on hand, and it even comes with a cleaning brush to keep it clean. The best part? Your giftee will never throw away plastic again for a sip again.

19. For the apple of your eye: Song lyric art

Check out this personalized song lyric digital print if you really want to tug at their heartstrings this year. This best-selling creation, which can be personalized with a title, name, anniversary date, song title, and words, will instantly transport him or her back to the special moments you've shared together while listening to a favorite song. You have the option of selecting one of four pre-set sizes or creating your own custom size. You should be aware that this item will be delivered as a digital download for you to print at home or at a printing store such as the UPS Store.

20. For the budding artisté: 100 Animals adult coloring book

With this awesome coloring book by Jade Summer, you can help them unleash their creative side. Each animal outline has intricate patterns that will keep you entertained for hours. If your artistic friend doesn't have any markers, check out this lovely Ohuhu 60-marker set for $15, which thousands of Amazon reviewers adore (some even compare them to the iconic Copic markers!). Even if they've never held a crayon before, this coloring book makes it simple and enjoyable for them to fill in the charming artwork until they fall asleep.

21. For the binge-watcher: Cuisinart pop and serve popcorn maker

With the colder months ahead and plenty of binge-worthy shows to keep you entertained, this high-performance popcorn maker will be exactly what the doctor ordered. In a test of ten different models, we named it the best because it consistently produced the most savory popcorn of any maker in the bunch. What is the secret? Its wide, flat bottom kept kernels from piling up on top of each other, allowing for even cooking. It also collapses for use as a serving bowl and has small handles to keep your giftee's mitts from getting burned.

22. For your bearded mate: Philips Norelco MG370 multigroom all-in-one series 3000 beard trimmer

Not all beard trimmers are created equal, and the last thing you want to do is go cheap and end up with nicks and cuts. Fortunately, this low-cost Philips Norelco option has razor-sharp blades that won't catch, even on coarser hair (we should know: We put it to the test.)

23. For the beauty junky: Aztec Secret Bentonite Clay Mask

Aztec Secret Indian Healing clay mask is an excellent gift for anyone who enjoys pampering their skin. If they are unfamiliar with clay masks, the clay draws out the nasty gunk that is hidden in your pores. The best thing about this mask is its short list of ingredients: bentonite clay. That's all. There are no strange preservatives or additives to irritate the skin. This mask will undoubtedly delight your recipient, but you may find yourself inviting yourself over for skincare sessions as well.

24. For your favorite little one: Personalized story book

Storytime just got a whole lot more interesting. For less than $30, you can create a hardcover book featuring your favorite child as the hero or heroine. Simply enter your child's name, surname, pet's name, or other details, and they'll be whisked away to their very own adventure. While there aren't many reviews, Shutterfly is our most-trusted online photo printing service due to the high quality of our orders. 

25. For the coffee mega-fiend: Zojirushi stainless-steel mug

On a chilly day, nothing beats a lukewarm cup of coffee. This superior Zojirushi stainless-steel mug, which nailed our heat retention tests, will keep your loved one's coffee nice and piping hot. This little beauty worked so well that it actually raised the temperature of our coffee by six degrees and kept it warm overnight. It's no surprise that it's our favorite travel mug!

26. For the glam girl: Alaska Bear natural silk pillowcase

While sleeping on a silk pillowcase may not do exactly what it claims, depending on your giftee's skin and hair type, it will feel extra nice against the face and reduce bacteria. "The main benefit of sleeping on a silk pillowcase is less bacteria and particles trapped in the fabric, which can lead to irritation and acne," Allison Britt Kimmins, a dermatologist with Advanced Dermatology PC in Philadelphia, recently told Reviewed. Our personal favorite? The Alaska Bear natural silk pillowcase is an affordable option that is sure to please your favorite glam girl.

27. For the marathon sprinter: Run Ink marathon poster

With one of these adorable Run Ink prints, you can help the runner in your life remember their greatest accomplishments. These non-framed pieces, which depict famous marathon routes, will not only make for a cool piece of art but will also serve as a sweet reminder that you're always rooting for your favorite sprinter in their most cherished endeavors, as well.

28. For the friend who lives in a rainy climate: Totes bubble umbrella

If you live somewhere where it rains all the time, you need a reliable umbrella, and we've got one that your giftee will appreciate if they get caught in a storm: the Totes bubble umbrella. Its unique shape will keep your loved one dry no matter what the weather is like, and its slim, clear design means they won't run into anyone on the sidewalk. They'll also be shielded from strong gusts of wind, providing all-around protection.

29. For the one who can’t stay away from the gym: Mpow Flame waterproof Bluetooth earphones

No matter how small your space or budget are, a good set of resistance bands is one of the best investments for home workouts. This Whatafit set includes handles, ankle straps, and a door anchor for a full-body workout that can be carried in a backpack. If your fit friend can't seem to stay put, they'll love this inexpensive resistance band set.

30. For the hobbyist: Mr. Root Beer home brewing kit

Give the gift of a new hobby—and a tasty beverage—with this root beer-making kit, which makes 2 gallons of root beer. They'll get everything they need for the job, including a bottle of root beer extract, two packets of flavor crystals, one packet of root beer yeast, a no-rinse cleanser, and four 1-liter bottles to store the delicious drink. With near-perfect reviews from over 1,000 Amazon customers, this is one gift your recipient will undoubtedly appreciate.

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