Best Crochet Christmas Ornaments

July 22, 2022 12 min read

When will you put up your Christmas tree this year? I know a lot of people are starting to decorate for Christmas earlier this year.

There is no condemnation here! After this crazy year, we could all use some holiday cheer. Crochet ornaments are the perfect way to make your Christmas tree look better than ever.

Crocheted Christmas ornaments are beautiful and durable. Make them once and use them again and again. They also make wonderful heirlooms to pass down to children and grandchildren.

There are numerous free crochet ornament patterns available! We've compiled a quick list to get your creative juices flowing. Do you prefer crocheted elves for your Christmas tree or hot cocoa ornaments?

There's something here for everyone! Did I mention that these are all FREE Christmas crochet ornament patterns? Sure thing!

1. Snow Globe Christmas Ornaments Free Crochet Pattern

Those who are looking for a quick and easy holiday project will find that these adorable snow globe ornaments are the perfect choice. Put your own personal touch on your snow globe by adorning it with the decorative buttons of your choice (or other embellishments).

2. Amigurumi Holiday Lights Free Crochet Pattern

These lights are the ideal size and shape to brighten up the occasion you are celebrating (without using actual light). The production of each bulb takes only about 15 minutes on average.

3. Alberelli Christmas Decoration Free Crochet Pattern

This adorable Christmas decoration can be made in just a few hours, and it even has a smile on its face! If you think it would be too weird to decorate the tree with trees, you can make a hanging decoration (that can be used either indoors or outdoors) by simply adding twigs and a piece of cord. It is possible to use it as a Christmas gift tag or a placeholder if the hook is removed, and there are an infinite number of ways to personalize them. You can embellish it with things like beads, buttons, or even some small embroidery.

4. Gingerbread Man Christmas Ornament Free Crochet Pattern

This pattern can be used to create a variety of decorative items, such as a wreath, garland, tree ornament, place holders for the dinner table, and so on. It is a slightly larger and more durable version of the Gingerbread Man Cookie ornament. Additionally, you can transform your gingerbread man into a gingerbread woman by decorating him with additional accessories, such as a bow.

5. Happy Little Christmas Trees Free Crochet Pattern

A sweet little tree, ideal for using as a hanger for garlands, gift tags, or even on the tree itself. You will be able to find the pattern for the tree, the star, and even a very small star there as well. The patterns are simple enough for first-timers to tackle.

6. Ugly Christmas Sweater Ornament Free Crochet Pattern

You can use this fun and easy-to-make Ugly Christmas Sweater Ornament as a decoration for your Christmas tree, as a gift tag, or as a component in the creation of garlands, magnets, keychains, or any number of other items.

7. Rudolph Christmas Ornament Free Crochet Pattern

Any Christmas tree that features Rudolph, with his blazing red nose and bright, happy eyes, is sure to be illuminated. If you use him as a gift topper or for an ornament swap, this adorable little guy will steal the show.

8. Mini Stocking Christmas Ornament Free Crochet Pattern

When it comes to stockings, good things can be found in the smallest of packages. These miniature stockings are perfect for storing a sweet little something! You can use them as ornaments by suspending them from the tree, or you can use them to top off packages as gift toppers.

9. Vintage Noel Christmas Ornament Free Crochet Pattern

The designer of this Christmas tree ornament drew inspiration from traditional Christmas decorations that he or she remembers seeing hung on trees when they were children. It has a classic appearance thanks to the traditional colors and pattern, but it can be updated to have a more contemporary look by using more vivid and bright colors.

10. Quick & Easy Angel Christmas Ornament Free Crochet Pattern

You'll want to crochet these adorable angels over and over again because they are so straightforward to create. If you want the wings to have a magical look for Christmas, add some metallic thread to them.

11. Christmas Elf Ornament

The elves that assist Santa would be more than happy to assist you in the decoration of your tree as well. These little cuties are made just like amigurumi. You will be working in rounds of single crochet in a continuous pattern. The striped hat, the ears, and the frilly collar are all constructed independently. After that, the facial details and the hair are stitched onto the top.

12. Christmas Granny Baubles

The granny stitch is an old technique that's still popular today. It's just one of those stitches that looks amazing no matter what, but it really pops out in these brightly colored baubles. This pattern is worked in two halves, which are then sewed together to form a bauble to decorate a Christmas tree. You could make one for the whole family in each member's favorite color by following the instructions given.

13. Vintage Noel Ornament

These vintage ornaments, with their cheerful array of colors, will transport you to a more innocent era. These ornaments are sure to stand out from the crowd thanks to the bohemian tassels that give them a finishing touch. You'll need to be familiar with single crochet, double crochet, and picot stitches in order to complete this free crochet pattern. You are down to the final step of selecting your color schemes at this point!

14. Christmas Cactus Decoration

Do you live in a region that rarely or never experiences snowfall? To have a good time during the holiday season, snow is not required. Instead of using flowers, you could decorate with these incredibly festive cacti. Create the simple single crochet cactus, and then let your imagination run wild with the embellishments. You could use mini pom-poms, beads, or sequins for this project. The only limit is the sky!

15. Christmas Mug Ornaments

A traditional sweet for the holiday season is a cup of hot chocolate topped with marshmallows. Simply contemplating it brings a smile to my face and fills me with a sense of contentment. This straightforward crochet ornament for a mug can be fashioned into virtually any design you can imagine. The snowman that can be seen in the following image is just one illustration out of many that can be found in the blog post.

16. Owl Christmas Ornaments

Are you looking to do something a little bit different this year? Are you looking for a reason to smile? Making these rainbow owl ornaments will be a hoot of a good time for you! Simply using single crochet stitches makes the project go by incredibly quickly and easily. It's up to you whether you want to glue or sew on the eyes and nose. You also have the option of constructing a loop to hang the owl from if you so desire.

17. Christmas Mitten Ornaments

The addition of vibrant Christmas mittens is the ideal finishing touch for any crocheted Christmas tree decoration. You can make them in any color you'd like, and I really think they'd be appropriate for any kind of motif you choose to go with. You only need to know how to do a single crochet stitch and a half double crochet stitch to make them. The crochet thread is used to make the optional snowflake embellishment that is crocheted.

18. Snow Globe Ornaments

Is it possible to buy a snow globe these days? I sure hope so! Shaking a snow globe is entertaining to do at any age; children and adults alike can enjoy this pastime. The use of only single crochet stitches is all that is required to give your Christmas tree this dash of whimsical charm. After you've decorated the inside of your snow globe with jolly buttons, it's finally ready to make its debut.

19. Christmas Star Ornament

Twinkle twinkle little star…

Your tree is going to look absolutely adorable in its finished form. I know that doesn't rhyme, but come on, how adorable are these star ornaments? This crochet project using scrap yarn can be completed in just three rounds using the bobble, double, and treble crochet stitches respectively. It's all about being nimble and adorable when you play this game!

20. Christmas Angels

Do you happen to be able to hear the angels singing? As can be seen, these crochet angel ornaments look wonderful in any shade you choose to work with. They may appear to be difficult, but you shouldn't be concerned. This is not merely a pattern in written form. It's a how-to guide complete with illustrations of each stage, so you won't get lost along the way. Now all you have to do is choose which colors you want to use to make yours!

21. Mitten Gift Card Holder

This precious crochet mitten ornament can be used as either an ornament or a gift card holder, giving you the opportunity to adorn the Christmas tree with additional gifts for each and every person. The fact that the crochet snowflake appliqués can also be used on their own as lovely little ornaments for trees is an added bonus.

22. Christmas Wreath Gift Topper

This crochet wreath was originally intended to be used as a gift topper to add a personal touch to the gifts you give, but it would also make an excellent choice for an ornament to hang on your tree. The fact that these flat appliqués can also be used as bunting or attached to larger crochet items demonstrates the incredible versatility of this particular Christmas design.

23. Ribbon Christmas Tree

This pattern for a miniature crochet Christmas tree is one of the most original holiday crochet patterns that can be found anywhere. A cute and graphic ornament is produced by using fundamental crochet stitches, which are then assembled in an entertaining manner. This will be visible from a distance on any tree.

24. Thread Crochet Christmas Ornament Cozy

You don't need to make an entire ornament from scratch; instead, you can use crochet to make a cozy place that you can put around ornaments that you purchase from a store. This is a fantastic way to repurpose all of the baubles you have stashed away in your storage space. This particular example is a thread crochet cozy that has a lacework design that exposes the underlying ornament. The cozy is intended to keep the thread from unraveling.

25. Crochet Christmas Ornament Cover

Another example of a crochet cover that can be slipped over pre-existing ornaments is shown here. It is a free pattern for crochet that incorporates a touch of granny stitches, which provides the design with a timeless quality that makes it ideal for use during the winter holidays. Make use of all of those yarn scraps by crocheting a set of colorful ornaments with this project; it's a great way to clear out your yarn stash.

26. TeaCup Crochet Christmas Ornament

You can create a one-of-a-kind look that is full of romance, whimsy, and charm by decorating your Christmas tree with crochet teacups. The pretty colors of the teacups themselves are complemented by the addition of a holiday touch by the pops of gold thread that are worked into the crocheted ornaments.

27. Mouse Xmas Ornament

Another adorable character that can be crocheted and turned into a cute ornament is gifted here. Pip the Crochet Mouse was designed by Corina Cook and is available as a free download on Ravelry. The book "The Christmas Mouse" is just one example of a holiday story that includes mice; mice are a cute and entertaining element that is associated with the holiday season.

28. Angel Christmas Ornament

Angels are a wonderful registration of the winter holidays, and they also make wonderful ornaments for a Christmas tree or any other holiday tree. This is a free pattern for an angel that you can crochet. It could also be used as a garland for the holidays. You would need to crochet a large number of these in order to make the garland, and then you would string them together using a crochet chain to create a lovely ornament.

29. Candy Cane Christmas Ornament

Candy canes are the most delicious of all the Christmas candies, which is saying a lot considering that Christmas is all about sweets and treats. An ornament in the shape of a candy cane can be crocheted using this free pattern, which can be downloaded from Ravelry. This pattern is adorable both as an ornament that can be displayed on a tabletop and as one that can be hung on the Christmas tree. You can give this to anyone as a gift, or you can use it as an accessory to decorate the outside of another gift that you've already wrapped.

30. DIY Crochet Snow Globe Ornaments

There is a good chance that snow globes are already displayed among your holiday decorations because, after all, they are quite lovely. With this one-of-a-kind project, why not incorporate them into your tree?

31. Boho Christmas Crochet Baubles

To make these cheery and entertaining baubles, you can put your collection of colorful thread to good use. Additionally, they can be used as adorable gift toppers.

32. Crochet Mittens Ornaments

Make some adorable mitten ornaments for your Christmas tree by following this pattern. You have the option of selecting one with embroidered faces or one with a festive snowflake design.

33. Ugly Christmas Sweater Crochet Ornaments

This holiday season, you absolutely must sew one of these adorably cozy little Christmas sweaters for each and every person on your list. Use the colors that are associated with Christmas, or make them bright and clashing for an intentionally "ugly" look.

34. DIY Crochet Stocking Ornaments

Take your time and hang these ornaments on your tree carefully. These ornaments are evidence that stockings look equally as beautiful hanging on a mantel as they do on a Christmas tree.

35. DIY Traditional Crochet Ornament

To adorn your Christmas tree, you are not restricted to only using ornaments made of round glass. Try out this crocheted model instead of the traditional one if you want something that is equally as beautiful but is less likely to break.

36. DIY Crochet Christmas Light Ornaments

It's possible that you won't even need to use real string lights if you decorate your tree with these lovely ornaments.

37. DIY Crochet Little Christmas Mouse

We wouldn't mind if this adorable critter decided to make their home with us!

38. DIY Crochet Christmas Tree Ornament

On this itty-bitty tree, the faux pearls sparkle just like real ornaments but are much smaller.

39. Crochet Bells Christmas Ornament

It just wouldn't be Christmas without bells, and these adorable bell ornaments are as simple to make as they are to look good hanging on the tree.

40. DIY Crochet Snowflake Ornaments

When you decorate your tree with these snowflakes, it will appear to be in the middle of a wintry wonderland.

41. DIY Crochet Reindeer Ornament

This Rudolph has an oversized red nose, button eyes, and a toothy grin, all of which contribute to his adorableness.

42. Retro Ornament Garland

You can be sure that these groovy retro ornaments will look out on sight whether you choose to hang each one separately on your Christmas tree or as part of a garland along your mantel.

43. Crocheted Snowman Ornament

This adorable snowman measures about four inches in height and is dressed to impress for your Christmas tree with a top hat, scarf, and a few blue buttons sewn onto his belly.

44. Mini Christmas Baubles

We are head over heels in love with the pastel colors that are featured on these adorable miniature baubles, and especially when they are accented with gold, they are sure to look wonderful with any and all Christmas decorations.

45. DIY Crochet Santa Claus Ornament

The figure of jolly old Saint Nicholas is complete with a round stomach, which is most likely stuffed with a variety of Christmas cookies.

46. Crochet Rudolph

This crochet pattern for a Rudolph the Reindeer ornament designed by Knots & Thoughts is an absolute necessity to complete for the month of December.

47. Joy Christmas crochet bunting

Our hearts are definitely being filled with joy thanks to this free Christmas bunting crochet pattern by Thoresby Cottage; we intend to hang oars across the mantlepiece.

48. Crochet Christmas Robin

This Free Christmas Robin crochet pattern from Furls Crochet is the pinnacle of crochet Christmas ornaments, and it will look absolutely adorable perched in your Christmas tree.

49. Mini crochet ice skates decoration

When it comes to Christmas, everyone's favorite sport is football, so why not make a tiny homage to the sport for your tree? Pattern for a free ice skate crochet ornament that was designed by Suzetta is now available.

50. Christmas crochet candy cane

What is the most mouthwatering sweet to eat in December? Sticks of candy! Create your own with the help of this straightforward candy cane crochet pattern that can be found on the Amination blog.

51. Free Candy Cane Ornament crochet 

Can't get enough of those mouthwatering desserts? Then, here is a Free Candy Cane Ornament Crochet Pattern from Caron with a surprising twist - it's just two coiled pieces of crochet sewn together to create an impressive result! Here's hoping you enjoy it!

52. Santa hat crochet ornaments

The tiniest crocheted versions of Santa hats are by far the cutest Christmas ornaments that can be made. This is the mini Santa hat crochet pattern tutorial video that was created by Crafty Maluz. You can still easily follow along with the video even though it is in Spanish, and if you require English subtitles, you can turn those on as well.

53. Free Santa crochet motif 

If Santa's hat by itself isn't quite what you're after, you can always crochet our fabulous free Santa motif pattern if that's more along the lines of what you're after! If you are going to use them as crochet Christmas decorations, you could stiffen it with PVA glue and add a loop, but it would also work brilliantly if you added it to the front of a Christmas card.

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