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Best Geek Christmas Ornaments

July 22, 2022 12 min read

Christmas is fast approaching, the goose is growing fat, and that big red-suited anti-burglar is inspecting your chimney. However, without decorations, they may sleigh by. And without appropriately geeky decorations, he might not know what kind of high-tech equipment to leave you.

We've got something for everyone, whether you're a Trekkie, a Game of Thrones fan, or just a nerd who loves the periodic table. Admire the Christmas spirit, and make your neighbors envious with a lawn ornament or two. Or you could geek out your Christmas tree with nerdy lights and ornaments; there's bound to be something for everyone, at least if you like geeky things.

1. Wookie foot stocking

This officially licensed Wookie stocking is certain to be a hit with Star Wars fans. The ideal decoration for the mantle this holiday season. Just don't think about what happened to the poor Wookie it belonged to for too long.

2. Weeping Angel tree topper

This Weeping Angel tree topper might be the perfect addition to the top of your tree for any Dr Who fans out there. We're not sure if it's in the spirit of "Happy Holidays," but it's certainly nerdy!

3. Motherboard wrapping paper

We adore this nerdy motherboard circuit wrapping paper, which resembles an intricate circuit board blueprint rather than wrapping paper. A fantastic way to give geeky gifts this Christmas, especially if you wrap something geeky inside as well.

4. Deadpool Funko POP! party lights

Because of the red and white theme of Deadpool's mask, these officially licensed Deadpool string lights are a great addition to any Marvel themed Christmas, but they'll also blend in with standard decorations.

5. Vintage Batman tree skirt

This classic Batman-themed Christmas tree skirt is a fantastic addition to your holiday decor. A great way to hide the tree's base with a geeky decoration that old-school Batman fans will appreciate.

6. Periodic table Christmas ornament

These are possibly the most nerdy and understated geek Christmas decorations on our list. The periodic table has been used to spell out "holiday," "cheers," and "ho, ho, ho" - perfect for the science nerd.

7. Totoro Spirit ornaments

These Totoro Spirit ornaments, inspired by the fantasy film My Neighbor Totoro, are the ideal geeky gift for any Anime fan. Hand painted and customizable on shatterproof material.

8. Santa’s Trek - Santa Star Trek stocking

If you've ever wondered how Santa manages to travel around the world delivering gifts before the kids wake up on Christmas, this could be the answer. Star Trek and Santa Claus have teamed up to deliver gifts at warp speed. However, we believe that using the transporter to get presents down the chimney may be considered cheating. We adore this geeky stocking, and the level of handcrafted detail is superb.

9. Battlestar Galactica Christmas tree decoration

This frosted acrylic spaceship ornament is an excellent addition to any Battlestar Galactica fan's holiday decorations this season. Subtle, understated, and utterly nerdy.

10. White Walker Game of Thrones bauble

Winter is approaching, as are Christmas and these brilliant White Walker baubles.

Jon Snow may know nothing, but we know Game of Thrones fans will appreciate these creepy tree decorations.

11. Japanese Emoticon baubles

These nerdy Christmas baubles are decorated with minimalist kaomoji, Japanese emoticons, and the design allows them to glow when hung on a lit Christmas tree. Although Animoji are currently popular, these emoticons are timeless.

12. Star Wars Death Star tree topper

Someone has made a fantastic Death Star tree topper, and it's the icing on the Star Wars Christmas decoration cake. If you're a fan of Star Wars, this is the must-have decoration on our list.

You won't have to worry about it blowing up because it lacks a weak thermal exhaust port. It does, however, come with amazing lights, sounds, and a remote control.

13. Pokémon bauble

You've gotta catch 'em all! Pokémon merchandise is all over the place, and it's even made its way onto our Christmas trees.

The Pokémon-themed baubles come in four-piece sets and are a great way to show off your inner Pokémon nerd. We wouldn't recommend throwing them, however, because they are baubles and can break.

14. BB-8 lights

This Christmas, these officially licensed Star Wars BB-8 droid lights can be hung on any nerd's tree, wall, or spacecraft cockpit. A brilliantly bright set of lights to add a little nerd flair to your holiday décor.

15. Comic book upcycled paper decorations

Recycled comic book pages appear to be a popular choice among geek decorators. These pages have been turned into ornaments that appear to be too expensive for standard Christmas decorations but actually have superbly nerdy taste.

16. Trek The Halls banner

You've heard the old adage about decking the halls with holly, but in a Trekkies home, the halls are far more likely to be trekked out with something geeky.

These straightforward banners are an obvious and completely unsubtle addition to the nerdy decoration pile.

17. Dr Who Tardis Christmas decoration

You don't have enough room in your living room for a Tardis, nor do you have the baking skills to make a gingerbread model? No worries. These fantastic ornaments will look great on your Christmas tree.

18. Game of Thrones "Christmas is coming" decoration

With these geeky Christmas decorations, you can declare your undying love for all things Game of Thrones. Christmas is approaching, and there will be no Night's Watch to stop it.

19. 99 little bugs in the code

If you know a developer or a coder, they're probably nerdy enough to enjoy these decorations.

20. Boba Fett Star Wars decoration

Fans of Star Wars will adore this 8-inch fabric mache Boba Fett table centerpiece. What says Christmas more than a bounty hunter protecting your food?

21. Potion bottle Christmas tree lights

If the first thing that comes to mind when you see these decorations is "I wonder how much HP and Mana those potions grant?" We have good news for you.

You're a huge nerd, and these will go great with the rest of your decorations. They're also subtle enough that the average "normal" person would miss the distinction.

22. Firefly

A classic Firefly quote can now take pride of place on your Christmas tree. What better way to bring the holiday spirit into the room?

23. Die Hard Christmas tree decorations

No Christmas would be complete without a belly full of mince pies and a viewing of Die Hard. With these handmade Die Hard tree ornaments, you can show your love for this classic film series.

24. Pac Man ornaments

Pacman is a gaming classic that is also instantly recognizable. We adore these ornaments, which are colorful, nerdy, and magnificent. This is an excellent addition to any gamer's Christmas tree. These are also made from recycled paper, so you'll be helping the environment while geeking out this Christmas.

25. Gingerbread Tardis

That is, indeed, a gingerbread Tardis. Yes, it is possible to make it yourself using Instructables.

26. Star Trek 7-Inch Spock and Tribbles table centerpiece

Star Trek's Spock is a Vulcan. He is befuddled by emotional holidays such as Christmas. That is perfectly captured in this Christmas decoration for the discerning geek.

27. Official Star Wars baubles

For about £13, you can have all of your favorite Star Wars characters hanging from your Christmas tree in the form of baubles. R2-D2 and the others look fantastic, though C-3PO appears more surprised than usual.

28. Super Mario tree topper

Putting the star on top of the Christmas tree is a traditional Christmas tradition, but that doesn't mean we can't have fun with it. As opposed to putting a Super Mario star on top.

29. Skeletor

With this awesome Skeletor ornament, you can give your tree that classic '80s nostalgia vibe. What better place than dangling from your Christmas tree for the Overlord of Evil to plot his evil plans?

30. Home Alone Bauble

If your partner or family members are put off by your loud Christmas decorations, this bauble could be the perfect solution. It's a Home Alone bauble that looks like any other bauble.

31. Hal 9000

Ordinary ornaments are so uninteresting. Why not have one that looks like Hal 9000 and plays classic movie sounds?

32. Pickle Rick

Forget about Christmas pickles; if you're a Rick and Morty fan, this is the only pickle you should have hanging on your tree.

33. Captain Kirk With Ripped Shirt Statue

The only reason this isn't higher on the list, despite the fact that it's completely awesome, is that it may not be available for purchase. It's on designer Kurt Adler's website, but we couldn't find a place to buy it. Nonetheless, the idea of Kirk getting a new shirt for Christmas while wearing a ripped one is brilliant (and if you find it for sale anywhere, please let us know!).

34. Star Wars Holiday Waterball Ornaments

How else could a miniature snowfall be created around the disembodied heads of Chewbacca, Darth Vader, or C3PO?

35. Cardboard Skull Wreath

Sure, it's unconventional. And, yes, it is a little macabre. However, if you've ever wanted to show your Christmas spirit by decorating while also proving that you're a rebel against mainstream tradition, you won't find a better way. It's also really cool.

36. R2-D2 and Yoda String Lights

Yes, your lights can be geeky as well. Are they any odder than the well-known chili pepper lights? Yes, they are... but that's part of what makes them so appealing!

37. Flying Spaghetti Monster Ornament

If the religious aspect of Christmas isn't important to you, or if you simply want to be inclusive of other belief systems, why not put an image of His Noodliness on your tree?

38. Firefly/Serenity Reaver Ship Ornament

Because nothing says "Christmas" like a ship full of cannibals gone insane.

39. USB Computer Decoration Kit

Because computers are such an important part of every geek's home, it seems only natural to decorate them as well.

40. Cthulhu Plush Wreath

Ignore the fact that Cthulhu is the polar opposite of Jesus — in this version, he's green and red and resembles a wreath. "I've got the Christmas spirit, but it hasn't caused my sense of humor to untwist," says no one better.

41. Darth Vader Nutcracker

And you thought he was tough when he force-choked Admiral Ozzel remotely in The Empire Strikes Back. He can now crack your nuts as well! (Actually, we believe he cracked a lot of nuts, but George Lucas chose not to include that in the films because it would have made them less family-friendly.) But, seriously, choking is one thing, but someone has to clean up the corpse, right?)

42. Yoda Tree Topper

You can ensure that no Sith lords will attack your tree. In Empire, Luke probably thought Yoda had a stick up his sleeve... but we digress. How cool would this look on your Christmas tree?

43. That’s No Moon

When people ask about the moon on top of your tree, you can now say the immortal words of Obi Wan. This tree topper's incredible detail will draw guests into its tractor beam as it plays The Imperial March and Star Wars: Main Title music and lights the way through a festive galaxy. Will you put its power to good or evil use?

44. It's-a-Mario

What would Christmas be like without an Italian plumber to come to the rescue? Not to worry, Mario tree ornaments are here. Mario, dressed in his iconic blue overalls and red hat, will show off your geeky side this holiday season with his arms open wide and mustache on point, keeping any cat at bay. “Let's-a-Go!”

45. U.S.S. Enterprise

Santa, beam me up. This ornament will demonstrate your dedication to being a Trekkie, from its missions under Captain Kirk in 2265 to your Christmas tree. With incredible details down to the windows, engine nacelles, and ship serial number, this is a decoration you'll hang on the tree year after year.

46. Minecraft Undead

With the Minecraft zombie ornament hanging from your tree, you can bring your gaming world to life. The zombie has a pixelated cube for a head and blocks arms, body, and legs in true Minecraft fashion. The zombie appears to have crept out of the darkness and into your tree, using the same colors as in the game.

47. Rubik's Cube

Do you remember the 1980s? It was the heyday of the geek. Video games were widely available, films such as Weird Science were in theaters, and the Rubik's Cube was the symbol of all geekiness. With this useful ornament, you can transport yourself back in time. It is not only a moving Rubik's Cube, but it can also be hung once completed to demonstrate your intelligence.

48. Ya Filthy Animal

Do you ever have the feeling you've forgotten to put something on your Christmas tree? KEVIN!? No, Kevin, but removing this ornament will give you that impression. The bright shiny red decoration, adapted from the famous line from the 1992 hit Christmas movie Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, will have you shouting, "Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal!"

49. Festive Tardis

When you're a die-hard Whovian, there's no time of year when you can't show off your devotion to the Doctor. Christmas is no exception. The iconic blue police box can now be found on your Christmas tree. To celebrate the holidays, the Tardis is dusted with snow and adorned with its own wreath. Keep an eye on it because it could vanish at any time.

50. Stocking Who

Another Doctor Who ornament to add to your collection to take your fireplace to a new level. This stocking will be proudly displayed, ready for Davros to fill with gifts (he's such a nice guy). It includes details such as the phone box's windows and the instructions on its door. I'm curious if the interior is as spacious as the original.

51. R2D2

These are the Christmas tree lights you seek. This ten-light set of everyone's favorite droid will brighten any geek's Christmas tree. You won't have to worry about anything because R2D2 will be watching over the rest of the ornaments. The entire family can gather around the tree and sing "BEEP BOOP BEEP" with great detail down to R2's wiring.

52. HAL 9000

Is it the year 2022 or 2001? In any case, HAL 9000 will provide you with a glimpse into the future from the past via the ultimate in space odysseys. This geeky ornament will light up your tree with a red dot and say several memorable phrases from Stanley Kubrick's classic 1968 film. "This decoration is too important to me to risk jeopardizing it."

53. SS Georgie

For all you horror fans out there, board the SS Georgie and set sail down the nearest drain to meet Pennywise the Clown. Following its resurgence with the 2017 reboot, this ornament will distinguish those in the know. The sailboat made of "newspaper," covered in Georgies blood, will give your tree a sinister vibe.

54. Astronaut

Since the dawn of time, geeks have gazed up at the moon, fantasizing about what might be discovered on its surface. With this sparkly astronaut ornament complete with moon boots, space helmet, and American flag, geeks can look at their Christmas tree and imagine how Neil Armstrong felt taking the first steps in 1969.

55. Stranger Eggo

Stranger Things, Netflix's hit show, launched geeks all over the world into nostalgia mode. Creating a new generation of nerds who love all things 80s and reigniting the nation's love for a particular brand of frozen waffle. This bright yellow decoration in the shape of an Eggo also says 'Eleven' on one side and 'Stranger Things' on the other.

56. Pickle Rick

Fans of Rick and Morty will undoubtedly identify this character as their favorite incarnation of the mad scientist Grandfather. What begins as a way to avoid family counseling (yes, by turning himself into a pickle), the episode takes us on a wild ride as usual. Rick is wearing a Santa hat in the bright green decoration, complete with pickle bumps, which I'm sure he despises.

57. Link

Link, one of Nintendo's greatest heroes, has been the star of The Legend of Zelda series since 1986. See him guarding your Christmas tree with his iconic green hat, shield, and sword, always ready for a fight. A fantastic addition to any geek's Christmas tree, just don't put him next to your Ganon ornament.

58. Hermione Granger

What would Harry have done without you for all those years, Hermione? The voice of reason and sanity that we all wished we could have had at Hogwarts. This light-up decoration from the franchise that has enriched geeks and norms of all ages all over the world now has a home on your Christmas tree. What better character to have than the most intelligent?

59. Science!

Science! The thing that distinguishes humans from Strauss' apes. We geeks have always been the bespectacled faces behind science's most significant breakthroughs. This beaker ornament celebrates your love for these triumphs, from cloning Arnie to time travel. What potions will fill your decoration made from antique beakers?

60. G.O.T

Where is a sword-wielding geek supposed to keep all the spoils from their travels through Westeros? Try this 19-inch Game of Thrones stocking. Only a true King will be able to name each one without thinking, as it is decorated with the crests of each house from the blockbuster TV series and never-ending books. Christmas is approaching...too obvious?

61. Bob Ross

From Iron Throne Kings to the King of the Canvas Bob Ross has been demonstrating the joy of painting since 1983, and his spoof appearances in Family Guy and Deadpool 2 have introduced him to a new generation of fans. With his show gaining popularity on YouTube, there is no better time to commemorate his life with this ornament.

62. Batman Stocking

There's only one stocking hanging on Bruce Wayne's massive fireplace, but would a Batman stocking be too obvious? This decoration would be ideal for a double bluff in Batman's original colors of black and blue, with the old school yellow Batman symbol on the side and even its own cape. Ideal for any holiday caped crusader.

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