Best Dog Christmas Ornaments

July 22, 2022 9 min read

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The holidays are a time to get together with loved ones, exchange gifts, and express gratitude for everything that makes our lives so full of happiness. People who are into dogs are aware that puppies are a significant source of happiness, and that's why Santa should put them on the nice list as well as under the Christmas tree.

Check out this list of dog ornaments that can be purchased from an online store if you are interested in adding a piece to your holiday ornament collection that is dedicated to your canine companion. You will not only want to give one to yourself, but you might also find that you want to get a dog ornament for each member of your family. Not only is this an adorable addition to any Christmas tree, but it also makes a thoughtful gift.

1. Lighted Snoopy Tree Topper

The air is filled with snowflakes, and it's time once more to watch "A Charlie Brown Christmas." Put this holiday-themed Snoopy on top of your Christmas tree, along with Woodstock, to spread some holiday cheer.

2. “I Love My Dog” Glass Tree Ornament

This hand-painted glass dog ornament is the perfect way to show how much you care for your four-legged friend during the holiday season.

3. Chihuahua Christmas Stocking Ornament

This adorable puppy tucked away in a stocking on Christmas morning is the only thing that could possibly top being showered with Chihuahua kisses. Someone in your life who adores Chihuahuas would absolutely adore having this hand-painted resin ornament hanging from their tree.

4. Corgi Buns Wooden Christmas Ornament

If you know someone who is completely obsessed with Corgi butts, then this charmingly painted ornament of their famous floof would make the perfect gift for them.

5. Boston Terrier Ornament

Only BT devotees need apply! With his dapper tuxedo and festive Santa hat, this lovable youngster will elevate the level of cuteness that any Christmas tree already possesses. You can also get the entire set of 25 different dog breeds for somewhere if you want to do a Christmas tree decorated entirely of doggos this year.

6. Leather Pit Bull Dog Christmas Ornament

Personalize this adorable and crafty handmade leather Pit Bull Christmas ornament with your dog's name to make it even more special.

7. Golden Biscuit Ornament

This ornament for the Christmas tree is a glass dog that has been blown, and it has been hand-painted with the prettiest, creamiest gold. Glitter has been dusted over it. It's a traditional ornament that looks great on any tree and is the perfect gift for anyone you know who has a good boy or good girl.

8. Pug Ornament

This ornament's endearing quality can be attributed, in no small part, to the dangling legs of the dog featured here. In addition, there is a space for you to write in the name of your own dog.

9. Border Collie in a Red Gift Box

This sociable Border Collie is excited for the upcoming holiday season! Check out the other dog breeds that Eyedeal Figurines has packaged up in adorable Christmas boxes.

10. Custom Paw Print Ornament

Put your own spin on it by having your dog's name laser-etched into this paw print ornament made of birch and basswood. Not only is it eco-friendly, but it also adds a personal touch.

11. Paw Print Photo Ornament

This holiday season, as our thoughts turn to our families and close friends, this dog Christmas ornament would make an especially thoughtful gift for anyone who has ever treasured a special bond with their canine companion. Who among us wouldn't squeal with delight if they looked up at their Christmas tree to find a friendly, furry face beaming back at them?

12. DIY Paw Print Ornament

A joyous way to ensure that those adorable little paws are forever remembered (or toe beans, as you prefer).

13. Assorted Dog Christmas Ornaments

This four-pack of adorable little resin puppies is decked out in all of the holiday merriment you could ask for.

14. Spoiled Rotten Bone Ornament

This Christmas dog ornament is the perfect gift for pet owners who are unable to deny the fact that they take great pleasure in doting on their canine companion.

15. Cotton Bone Ornament

This cotton bone is the ideal dog Christmas ornament for a traditional celebration because it is both festive and cuddly.

16. Pearhead Pawprint Keepsake Kit

Using the Pearhead paw print keepsake kit, you can immortalize your dog's paw print in the same way that you did when you were a child by making cement stepping stones. Your ornament will maintain its shape even if it is knocked off the tree thanks to the air-dry clay that is included in the kit. The clay dries to a smooth and velvety finish.

17. GadgetsTalk Custom Dog Paw Christmas Ornament

This personalized dog ornament is a sleek metal paw print that features your dog's name in fun script on the inside. You can purchase it on Amazon from the GadgetsTalk store. Each paw print ornament also has a delicate snowflake design on it, which will enable it to perfectly capture the glimmering lights that are on your Christmas tree.

18. Design Toscano Black Labrador Retriever Ornament

Those who adore black labs will find the ornament made by Design Toscano featuring a black lab wearing a Santa hat and a scarf to be utterly irresistible. But that isn't the only breed that this brand offers; you can also get a jolly Chihuahua, dachshund, Yorkie, or any of the other available options. You also won't get in trouble for purchasing the whole collection at once. They are all just the cutest little things.

19. Willow Tree Angel of Friendship Ornament

Those who have a soft spot in their hearts for canines and who are avid collectors of Willow Tree ornaments will find the Angel of Friendship to be an ideal gift. One pet parent wrote that they had recently been forced to euthanize their Benji mixed-terrier lookalike who was 15 years old. "During his entire life, our neighborhood veterinarian was the one who provided him with all of his care. During this, his final visit, she displayed an incredible amount of compassion. We wanted to give her a gift that was meaningful to her and something that she might actually keep, and he had a lot of personality. This ornament was absolutely flawless."

20. Pearhead Pawprint Metal Photo Frame Ornament

Put your dog's most adorable photo inside this locket-style ornament that has 4.8 stars, and wear it around your neck like a necklace! This metal frame dog ornament from Pearhead is available on Amazon and perfectly accommodates a photo measuring 1.5 inches square.

21. Old World Christmas Glass Blown Ornament

If you already own the dog ornament of your dreams and are looking to expand your collection of dog-themed ornaments, you need look no further than the glass-blown ornaments line that is offered by Old World Christmas. The company sells dog bowls, bones, and treats in the form of ornaments. These items are decorated with glitter and vibrant glazes in the vintage style.

22. Design Toscano Holiday Angel Dog Ornament

The angel ornament from Design Toscano is available in a variety of canine designs, including this German shepherd, as well as a beagle, Doberman, border collie, and other canine breeds. One pet owner shared their heartbreak in a letter by writing, "We had to have our precious border collie, Tess, put to sleep just a couple of weeks before Christmas." "In honor of her, we will hang this sweet little angel on our tree each and every year."

23. Holiday Traditions Personalized Christmas Ornaments

This ornament from Holiday Traditions is perfect for getting the whole family involved in making. These ornaments can be personalized so that they read not only your names but also your dog's names, and the year can also be included.

24. Primitives by Kathy Rustic Wood Dog Ornaments

One customer who gave the Primitives by Kathy wooden dog ornaments five stars wrote that the ornaments are "attractive" and "lightweight," which allows them to "hang well" on a tree. Each box contains a set of three dachshunds, all of which are of a different color and are adorned with jolly Santa hats and collars bearing holiday designs.

25. Old World Christmas Pet Lovers Glass Blown Ornament

Dog lovers all over the world will be pleased to learn that Old World Christmas sells another adorable dog ornament on Amazon. This sparkling ornament is made of mouth-blown glass, and it depicts a happy dog holding a large love heart that says "I Love My Dog." Words have never been written or spoken that are more accurate.

26. Plaid Silhouette Dog Ornaments

Heather, who blogs at Kitchen Concoctions, has spent her entire life with dogs, both as pets and as members of the family. She will walk you through the process of making these adorable and festive dog silhouette ornaments for your tree. Do you agree that the addition of the plaid fabric is a fantastic choice?

27. Stuffed Fabric Photo Dog Ornaments

Designer Rochelle will walk you through the process of creating these adorable do-it-yourself fabric dog ornaments, just like the ones she made of her dog Henry and her sister's dog Abby. These are taken to a whole new level of adorableness with the addition of the bow tie and the hair bow.

28. DIY Dog Bone Holiday Ornament

In no time at all, Canadian Living will show you how to craft these adorable dog ornaments using a milk bone frame. Because of the straightforward nature of the instructions, this DIY project is an excellent choice for involving children in the production process.

29. Silver Dog Biscuit Ornaments

An adorable way to decorate the Christmas tree with a dash of doggy flair. Make your own easy ornaments with the help of Miss Molly Says!

30. Dog Biscuit Reindeer Ornaments

Another entertaining take on the dog biscuit ornament theme. Make them look like reindeer! Visit the website in order to read the instructional guide.

31. Glittery Poodle Globe Ornament 

This tutorial will walk you through the steps of creating a glittery poodle silhouette ornament (or another breed, if you'd rather).

32. Salt Dough Paw Print Ornaments

You can learn how to make these straightforward, all-natural, and individualized paw print pet ornaments from Ashley over at Hello Nature.

33. Wood Slice Pet Photo Ornaments 

These adorable photo transfer wood slice ornaments are easy to make thanks to the tutorial provided by my friend Chaney. Choose one of your favorite pictures of your furry companion and glue it onto a piece of weathered wood. Is it just me, or did these come out looking absolutely stunning?

34. Homemade Clay Paw Print Ornaments

These fantastic paw print ornaments can be made using a homemade recipe for air-drying clay, and Dean from 365 Designs shows you how to make them. Isn't that wonderful?

35. Snow Globe Dog Ornaments

These classic, wintry ornaments are the perfect place to keep a cherished photograph of you and your canine companion, and Cheryl from Tidy Mom has provided an easy-to-follow tutorial for their creation.

36. Salt Dough Puppy Paw Print Ornament

Christmas trees have stories. Each ornament can have a different meaning, such as who gave it to you, when you got it, or who made it.

Making your own puppy paw print ornament lets you say your dog was involved. You need your dog's paw and some dough to make a paw print ornament.

You'll always have the ornament with your dog's paw print after they're gone. Hang it high so your dog won't eat it.

37. Dog Bone Christmas Ornament

Make a dog bone ornament to honor your pet. Any art store has clay.

First, smooth clay. Roll out the clay before shaping it. Then, use a dog biscuit cookie cutter to make a bone shape and smooth out the edges.

You can decorate the bone with your dog's name and colored clay. Putting foil under your bone and watching it closely will prevent it from burning.

Once hard, remove from the oven and cool before decorating.

38. Dog Cookie Christmas Wreath

Dog biscuit Dog lovers love Christmas wreaths. It's a fun way to get your dog in the holiday spirit.

This decoration uses no tape or glue, so your dog's treats are safe to eat. If you want to give your dog a treat, snip the ribbon or break off a biscuit.

If you want to be extra special, make your own treats. This wreath lets you give your dog a treat every day until Christmas.

39. Gingerbread Dog House Crochet Ornament

This year, give your gingerbread house ornament a doggy twist.

This is a cute way to make a Christmas decoration dog-related. This crochet gingerbread house has dog bones sewn on the front.

This Christmas decoration may take longer if you're not familiar with crocheting, but it's fun to make.

40. Clear Ornament With Doggy Decorations

Clear ornaments are easy to decorate for Christmas. This video shows how to customize a clear ornament.

Follow the tutorial, but use dog-themed decorations. Instead of sprinkles, use dog biscuits to fill your ornament.

Use chalkboard paint to make a dog or paw print ornament. You could put a photo of your dog inside the ornament to hang on the tree.

41. Doggy Mistletoe

Christmas mistletoe is traditional. Dog lovers can doggy-up their DIY mistletoe this Christmas.

This tutorial shows how to make mistletoe from felt, hot glue, cardboard, a sharpie, scissors, and ribbon.

Trace and cut out felt dog bones or paw prints to glue on mistletoe.

42. Plastic Cup Dog Christmas Bell Decorations

This tutorial shows how to make Christmas bells from recycled cups. It's an eco-friendly way to celebrate Christmas.

Cups, paint, Styrofoam balls, stickers, ribbons, and a bell. Instead of reindeer stickers, you can buy dog or bone stickers.

You can add paw prints, dog-themed ribbons, or even your dog's name. You can use the bells after Christmas to call or train your dog.

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