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Best Family Christmas Ornaments

July 22, 2022 7 min read

The warm spirit of the holidays is embodied by decorating the Christmas tree. In fact, there is likely no other single festive event that signals the official start of the season for people all over the world like trimming the tree. The careful unboxing of each themed ornament and string of lights (no doubt with favorite carols humming in the background) brings families and friends together to reflect on cherished Christmas memories of the past.

While heirloom ornaments tell the story of your family's personal holiday history, there's no shortage of new chic holiday decorations and baubles to help write the next chapter of your Christmas story. From snow-covered pine cones for sparkling white trees to playful glass grapefruit slices, this collection of our favorite ornaments available now elevates holiday opulence to new heights. 

1. Della Robbia Glass Ball Ornaments

The addition of these priceless pink bulbs to the tree will leave your guests in a state of embarrassed flushing. These adorable ornaments, which are embellished with glitter and miniature faux jewels, will bring a jovial spirit to the tree's branches.

2. Velvet Drop Ornaments

These ornaments, which are wrapped in velvet, are so irresistible that you won't be able to keep your hands off of them.

3. Stork Ornament

Commemorating Michael Aram's newborn child by decorating the tree in the new family's home with ornaments can begin. Also available in pink and blue colors as well.

4. Wax Pine Cone Ornaments

To give the tree a more natural look and feel, we've added some pine cones made of wax that look just like the real thing.

5. Handmade Basket Reed Woven Stars

These woven stars, which are made of reed sourced from Baskauta in Nevada, take their design cues from both Native American and Scandinavian patterns. In addition, the two largest sizes can each be used as a tree topper by themselves.

6. Candle Holder Clip-On Ornament

These ingenious clip-on ornaments designed by John Derian lend a touch of romance and old world charm to any setting.

7. Vintage-Inspired Copper Egg Ornaments

You can even use these egg ornaments for Easter if you hide little treats inside of them and use them as decoration.

8. 43in Mercury Glass Ball Ornament Garland

Forget string lights. Wrap the tree in mercury glass ornaments with a vintage-inspired pattern, such as this strand sold by Jamali Garden.

9. Jewel Tones Paper Ornaments

The tree will have more texture and a touch of modernity thanks to these fun paper accordion ornaments in wonderful jewel tone shades.

10. Beaded Holiday Ball Ornament

Beads that sparkle add glitz and texture to an outfit without making it feel excessive.

11. Lenox Annual Ornament

A jewel-like ornament designed by Lenox features intricate filigree and accents made of 24 karat gold.

12. Raindrop ornaments

These ornaments are made to look like glass teardrops, and they will sparkle beautifully alongside the lights on the tree.

13. Green Filigree Leaf Ornament

The verdigris ornament from Arhaus is the perfect way to impart a weathered look to your tree.

14. Noel Annual Ornament

When the light shines through this cut crystal ornament from Baccarat, it will illuminate the Christmas tree.

15. Christmas Tree with Red Star

The tree that can be found on 1st Dibs features a swirled pottery tree that was made by Irma Starr. This tree has an old world European feel, which is sure to add charm to the tree.

16. Brilliant Glass Gold Star Ornament

This exquisite glass ornament is the work of skilled Egyptian artisans who blow it by mouth, cut it by hand, painted it, and polished it.

17. Papa Leo's Pasta Ornaments

A set of pasta noodles, including arfalle, ravioli, cavatappi, rigatoni, shells, and the flower-like ruote, are made of snow-white porcelain that has been embellished with golden edging to create a glamorous appearance. Crate and Barrel will donate $10 to organizations fighting hunger in the United States of America and Canada for every purchase made.

18. Ribbed Glass Memory Christmas Bauble

These keepsake ornaments are great for displaying those small family treasures or making into a fun craft activity for the whole family to participate in.

19. Lyngby Rhombe Bauble

The pattern for these baubles, which can be found at William Sonoma, was taken from the archives of the Danish porcelain maker Lyngby. As a result, they have a feel that is distinctly mid-century.

20. Christmas Ornament Stelle Cadente 

This exquisite ornament for the holiday season comes from Buccellati and is crafted of sterling silver and gold vermeil.

21. Marie Antoinette Ornament

This whimsically clay ornament of Marie Antoinette was designed by ceramicist Andrea Kashanipour. It is sure to add a touch of whimsy to any Christmas tree.

22. Sterling Silver Tree Ornaments

A shell made of sterling silver will lend a touch of refined elegance to the Christmas tree, and it will also make an excellent stocking stuffer for someone who adores the beach.

23. Brilliant Glass Ornaments

Egyptian glass ornaments decorated with intricate filigree patterns are an excellent example of a sophisticated ornament.

24. Nutcracker Ornament

A nutcracker must be hung from the tree, and if possible, one created by Michael Aram that is covered in glitter would be ideal.

25. Vermont Evergreen Ornament (Gift Boxed)

A glass Vermont tree gives the impression that it is covered in a layer of snow.

26. White Bronze Italian Christmas Ornaments

This traditional wreath ornament is made of white bronze and was handcrafted in Italy. It is sure to become a treasured heirloom in your family.

27. Swarovski Ornament, Size One Size - White

In Swarovski's annual ornament, faceted crystal is arranged to form a one-of-a-kind star shape that is ideal for reflecting light.

28. Mercury Glass Adorned Ornaments Set of 6 - Red

These bauble ornaments have a distinct Victorian vibe to them, and the color of red they feature is just right for the Christmas tree.

29. Camel Tassel

For a more international feel, adorn your Christmas tree with tassels similar to those used in the Thar Desert.

30. Freja Star Ornament

This ornament from Dear Keaton is made of woven straw, and it has a lot of different textures that will look great on the tree.

31. Shagreen Holiday Ornaments

A trio of shagreen ornaments designed by Blue Carreon will make a statement that is understated but sophisticated.

32. Gourd Fine-Carved Ornament

Ornaments made of carved gourds are a traditional part of the Christmas celebration in many Latin American countries, such as Mexico and Peru. These ornaments are sure to draw attention to your Christmas tree.

33. Crystal Bell

A crystal bell from Lalique. will look oh-so-cute adorning your tree with a delicate red satin ribbon at the top, and it will give the tree an elegant finishing touch.

34. Crystalline Ornament

This traditional round ornament designed by Simon Pearce has been given a stunning new look with the addition of a pattern that is inspired by the stars and constellations.

35. Hanging Pearly Tassel Ornament

This delicate tassel is the best possible piece of jewelry for your Christmas tree because it is crafted out of acrylic pearls and finished with velvet ribbon.

36. Pattern and Butterfly Glass Ornament

This glass ornament by Jay Strongwater exudes old-world opulence with its hand-painted design that resembles an antique textile pattern and its embellishments of gold butterflies and Swarovski crystals.

37. Wedgwood Frosted Pine Bauble Ornament

This frosted pine round ornament is new for the holiday season and is designed in the classic Wedgewood style.

38. Ring in the Season Legacy Bell Sterling Ornament

The classic bells made of sterling silver by Reed and Barton can be engraved with a message or the year, and they are certain to become treasured heirlooms in your family.

39. Gold Pomegranate Ornament

You don't want to decorate the tree with actual fruit, do you? This sparkling gold pomegranate, designed by Michael Aram, will add a touch of seasonality to each and every occasion.

40. Gold and Pearl Oyster Shell Christmas Ornaments

Why not also decorate your Christmas tree with seafood, seeing as how in many parts of the United States it is customary to serve seafood for Christmas dinner? Lacquer is applied to real oyster shells in order to achieve a gilded effect. The shells can be found in a number of different colors, including red and silver.

41. Partridge in a Pear Tree Ornament

This rendition of the famous verse from "The 12 Days of Christmas" is both playful and sophisticated, thanks to Michael Aram's background as a sculptor, which can be seen in the piece.

42. Silver Twist Candy Cane Ornament

This delicious candy cane is also available in gold, silver, and a combination of red and silver twists.

43. Holly Hedgehog Ornament Set

These whimsical forest creatures have been given a sophisticated, hand-crafted quality by the addition of embroidered details such as the hedgehog's coat and its holly bough.

44. Merles et Raisins

This crystal pine cone was handcrafted in France, and it was designed to reflect wintry light on each bough. You can add some shimmer to a white tree by decorating it with them.

45. Christmas Holly Gold Ornament

The Italian silverware manufacturer Greggio, which is renowned for the quality of its craftsmanship, created this silver-plated gold ornament in the shape of Christmas holly.

46 .Statement Ornaments

During significant life events such as wedding ceremonies, the women of the nomad Peul tribe adorn themselves with these ornaments, which they make themselves. Each piece is one of a kind, and when strung along the tree, they will create a stunning visual effect.

47. Clear Glass Ball Ornament Set

These Jamali Garden bulbs are not your typical Christmas ornament; instead, they shine thanks to the honeycomb patterns and silver glitter that cover them.

48. Crafted Woodland Ornaments

This gift box contains five evergreen trees, each of which has been carefully carved into a different form that is whimsical. They will transform any Christmas tree into an extra-woodsy wonder when they are nested together with hooks made of solid brass, which will not bend or warp.

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