Best Gender Neutral Christmas Gifts Under $10 or Less

July 26, 2022 6 min read

The holiday season undoubtedly adds to the burden of gift-giving, especially if you don't want to give someone anything that is gender-specific or if you like to keep a few extra gifts on hand in case the situation calls for them. But whether it's opulent candles, gourmet chocolate treats, designer headphones, or even bar cart accents, there are amazing gender-neutral gifts you can stock up on to give to just about anyone. Here are some of our picks for the upcoming year.

1. Feu de Bois Scented Candle

No matter who is in the room, there are some scents in the house that simply work. Top of the list is Diptyque's Feu de Bois, a cult classic and the ideal seductive, smokey candle.

2. Spa Set

No matter who you are, nobody should have to go without the luxury of a nice robe and fluffy towels.

3. The Weekender

Away's weekender bags come in great colors and silhouettes that are stylish no matter who is carrying them.

4. 5-Piece Stainless Steel Bar Tool Set

A set of bar tools is a classy addition, regardless of who owns the bar.

5. Wyatt Set of 4 Leather Coasters

Not only are leather coasters incredibly stylish (they just feel so opulent), but they also provide the benefit of assisting a loved one safeguard their furniture from unpleasant water stains.

6. Ball Animal 2 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

High-end vacuums make wonderful gifts. Sorry, the rules are not set by us. When it comes to assisting someone in maintaining order in their life, there is no price too great to pay.

7. Noise Cancelling 700 Over-Ear Headphones

Even without considering their noise-cancelling qualities, Bose headphones have some of the best sound quality in the industry. When you combine it with the modern design, you may assist your loved ones in settling into a state of quiet, peaceful happiness to the music of their choosing.

8. 5200 Blender

A Vitamix can seem like a luxury to the foodie in your life. Spend lavishly on them in the knowledge that you will earn their unwavering love.

9. Tough Stuff Collection

With a collection of plants from Bloomscape that are ideal for beginners, you may encourage them to indulge their nurturing side. What better gift could there be than evidence that they really do have a green thumb?

10. JFK Special Edition Ballpoint Pen

Add some flair to their desk with a limited-edition ballpoint pen. It will undoubtedly lead to some fantastic thank you notes.

11. Small Leather Notebook

Everyone could benefit from having a good notebook to record their ideas or a to-do list.

12. Moroccan Amber Reed Diffuser

If candles aren't really their thing, a chic reed diffuser will upgrade their room. A win-win is decor that smells fantastic.

13. Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watches are practical, cutting-edge devices that may be worn in a variety of ways. Give them the newest item in the group; who could refuse such a gift?

14. Theme & Variations 

For the avant-garde or the art enthusiast, Plate Fornasetti is a great way to differentiate their houses.

15. Gourmet Chocolate Dipped Pretzels, Oreos, and Grahams Gift Box

Given that they contain chocolate, Compartes chocolates are a terrific gift for anyone, but they are especially appreciated by those who need to indulge. Not to mention that the firm uses only natural ingredients to hand-make their confections, which is a bonus if the receiver of your gift is picky about what they eat.

16. Foot Massager

This is the ideal gift for someone you know who is on their feet all day. Heaven is waiting for them; all they have to do is sit down and place their feet into this infrared heat massager. Check out all the options here.

17. Mini Drone

This is a good way to give a drone to someone without going overboard with costs. These little fellows are a lot of fun to play with and are ideal for flips and turns. Find out what is possible here.

18. Fitbit 

Although many of us don't own one, most people have probably heard of Fitbits by this point. It comes in a wonderful black color that makes it gender-neutral, making it a great gift for someone just starting out with fitness tracking. View every choice and the data they track here.

19. Essential Oil Diffuser

Over the past few years, interest in essential oils has skyrocketed. This is a fantastic diffuser to get if you are thinking of someone you know. It is adjustable and provides a soothing mist. Learn more about diffusers for essential oils here.

20. Amazon Fire Stick

The Amazon Fire TV stick is available for a great cheap price if you want to cut the cord or just to supplement your TV consumption.

You may try out Amazon Prime, which will offer you access to Amazon Prime TV, their music streaming service, photo storage, and much more, if you really want to step up your game with it.

21. Electric Wine Opener

Any gift that has anything to do with wine is certain to be a smashing success. This electric wine opener is excellent. We become jealous whenever we see someone using something at their home. Don't you think they just look so cool? Visit this page to learn more about electric wine openers.

22. Tile Tracker

These little trackers are excellent for locating misplaced keys and other items that frequently disappear around the house (or elsewhere). You can track your tile to the last location it was left thanks to the beautiful environment that Tile has developed. Once you have them, you can't live without them.

23. Sonos Speaker

Just for appearances, this small speaker is awesome! Because it is wifi, it can connect to almost any device you own, and it produces respectable sound. But the way it seems is the best part! We have these fantastic speakers all over the house, and they make playing music so much simpler thanks to the built-in Alexa!

It has a futuristic appearance thanks to the lighting, and it would be a fun gift.

24. Virtual Reality Headset

You are missing out if you haven't tried virtual reality yet! Everyone who uses the PS4 VR headset we recently acquired is astonished by the experience. All of them leave with the desire to go out and purchase their own!

If you don't own a Playstation 4, you can purchase smaller models. Although they are less potent, they are a terrific way to dangle your toe in the VR water.

25. Keurig Coffee Machine

I cherish my Keurig. The best aspect of my morning routine is this. There's another reason to adore the Keurig Single-Serve coffee machine now that they are even more ecologically friendly!

I admire that they are avoiding using only black models. With the help of these hues, you may give your kitchen a distinctive personality. Their most recent product, the Keurig K Express, has a wonderful price range for gifts and is compact enough to fit anyplace.

Whoever purchases one of these will adore it. Here are some of the best Keurigs, I promise.

26. Ice Cream Maker

Making your own ice cream is the most enjoyable thing ever, maybe with the exception of eating it. These are now more user-friendly than ever before and have decreased in price over the years.

27. Mini Cork Globe

This cork globe would be a tremendous success if you know someone who enjoys traveling. This is something we received for Christmas last year, and it always sparks conversation.

It's a wonderfully entertaining method to highlight your trip spots and find new places to visit because you can put pins into where you've visited. Check them out here; they are quite affordable.

28. GoPro Hero 8

It's good to have a camera that is capable of taking amazing shots underwater but doesn't have your entire life tied to it (like your smartphone). This is the best option if you're looking for a thoughtful gift.

A terrific unisex gift for any adult, this one.

29. Portable Charger

A portable charger is the most reliable gift you can give someone in the office. It's ideal for those who frequently take the bus to work or for anyone who needs to charge their phone.

These are great, and we have a few of them. It's essential to have when you need electricity for your phone!

30. Weighted Blanket 

If you have a friend who enjoys a thick blanket, you'll adore this. These blankets are excellent for calming down people and can aid with insomnia and lack of sleep.

31. Slate Cheese Board Set

I don't know about you, but all I see in restaurants these days is charcuterie. This slate cheese board makes a wonderful gift for anyone who enjoys entertaining or who frequently brings cheese to get-togethers.

Despite the incorrect wording, you get what I mean. You can stick a fork in this gift if you know someone who enjoys mingling with others (sorry, stupid joke). You can check them here if you require one of the greatest cheese knife sets.

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