Best Gender Neutral Christmas Gifts Under $25 or Less

July 26, 2022 9 min read

Shopping for gifts may be extremely difficult, whether they are for Christmas, an anniversary, the holiday season, or just a small token of appreciation. It might be challenging to determine the ideal gift because each person has their own unique taste and fashion sense, especially if you don't know them very well. But here's a strategy to help relieve some of your pressure: Choose a gender-neutral gift. You know, something that practically anybody would enjoy? This is especially useful for adults who are *impossible* to buy for but who always want a cute little surprise on their special day. The ideal gift will demonstrate how amazing your giftee is, and it's also ideal when you want to celebrate someone but don't want to be constrained.

Need some illustrations? Fancy tech devices are always a good idea: Anyone would be excited to open a high-tech smartwatch that has all the features they want. And gifts designed especially for the kitchen are usually a surefire hit with foodies. I'm referring to things like exquisite shot glasses, gourmet foods, or expensive appliances. But don't worry, the assortment below has a variety of things, including clothing, sunglasses, and "one-of-a-kind" unique gifts. Everything from the inexpensive gift to the lavish gift, the gorgeous gift set, and the prezzie you can get on Amazon in a flash is available here. Prepare your wallet and scroll down for more gender-neutral gift suggestions that they (or you) will adore. Don't forget to submit those orders as soon as possible if you want your gift to arrive in time for the holidays! This year, we anticipate significant shipment delays due to supply chain concerns, so no putting things off!

1. Phone & Accessory Sanitizing Tray

This portable UV case that is bigger and better than all the other UV cases could benefit anyone in your life. This one is large enough to hold a phone, keys, and other essentials. It also kills bacteria two times more quickly.

2. The Oversized Shirt Jacket

On Everlane's website, there is a whole area devoted to gifts for everyone, but this gigantic beauty (made of super-soft cotton) stands out. It looks great worn alone or layered.

3. Bath Duo

This bath pod and candle set would be a great gift for someone who *loves* to take a bath. When they run empty, they also serve as reusable containers and have a delicious scent (orange blossom neroli, please).

4. Classic Lined Clog

Crocs are okay, but line them! The trendy shoe now has a fuzzy lining that declares, "I'm casual, but I'm also cozy!" Yes, this is available in a variety of hues.

5. Rollands Tote Bag

A tote not only reduces the usage of single-use plastic bags, but DL1961 also manufactures this one from leftover fabric stock so the recipient won't feel bad about using it.

6. The Starter Pack

(Inhales deeply) This wine is healthy, created from organic grapes, vegan, sustainable, and tasty (and unlike a lot of wines, it lists every ingredient on each bottle). It nearly entirely absolves you of guilt.

7. Always Pan

The ideal gift for somebody who despises clutter but enjoys cooking is a pan that can replace eight pieces of cookware.

8. Sea - All Gender Jacket

Warp + Weft now provides its best-selling jean jacket in a ton of sizes for all genders. If you're not feeling the blue, this is also available in aged black.

9. Active Noise Canceling Bluetooth Over-Ear Headphones

It's a pretty widespread demand to have fantastic headphones that drown out everything, whether people need to improve them due to a commute or just want to feel utterly fancy while doing chores.

10. Calming Toy Companion

Possibly the greatest innovation ever is the Purple. Do not be misled by the fact that it appears to be intended for children: Its heart rate slows down when your giftee cuddles it, and so will theirs. Who doesn't require relaxing techniques?

11. Heavenly Bodies T-Shirt

This t-shirt from one of our favorite LGBTQ, Black-owned companies features stunning bodies dancing around in joy. The act of putting it on instantly boosts your mood.

12. Clubmaster 51mm Sunglasses

If you're going to spend money, choose a gift that almost everyone will appreciate: A stylish pair of sunglasses with a modern twist that they never knew they yearned to wear.

13. Zero Waste Starter Kit

For the giftee who gives a sh*t about sustainability, now they can say it with their reusable tote! Straws, bamboo cutlery, mason jars, a bamboo toothbrush, and other necessary zero-waste items are also included in this set.

14. 20-Ounce Slim Insulated Storage Bottle

All of their necessities will be kept in one place in this bottle with a secret chamber. Amazon offers a ton of colors and is both stylish and practical.

15. Creme de Corps Nourishing Dry Body Oil

Everyone's skin needs a little hydration in the cold or unpleasant weather. To feel smooth, hydrated, and residue-free, your giftee simply mists this dry body oil where they need it. Bonus: They'll experience the benefits of a massage!

16. Personalized Address Stamp

Put this in the "OMG, I didn't know these existed, but I'm so glad to have one!" category. For those who write letters or simply wish to imprint their name everywhere, these stamps can be customized with a name, address, or other personal information.

17. Merino Wool Beanie

Get your recipient a cozy beanie from Official Rebrand, a project by non-binary artist MI Leggett. (After that, be sure to check out the rest of their collection, which honors those who identify as gender non-conforming.)

18. Roomba 694 Robot Vacuum

Absolutely everyone desires a cleaner home, and this may be "the thing" they desire but are hesitant to get. You are their saving-giving hero!

19. Logo-Jacquard Wool-Blend Sweater

Making a streetwear statement with this sweater is simple. In order to create expressive clothing that pulses with edgy and honest energy, Jeffrey's unisex line "channels the dynamic spirit of lived gay experience" and is becoming more and more well-known.

20. Soleil

In addition to being exceedingly luxurious, you can customize the front of this notebook by adding a name, title, nickname, term, or quote. You can select between a soft or hardback based on the recipient's "vibe."

21. Veja V-10 Sneaker

Refresh their collection of vintage sneakers with this well-known, eco-friendly company. Veja strives to provide the cleanest shoes on the market by using fair trade and organic raw ingredients. They also have style!

22. Classic Full-Zip

These heavy, American-made sweatshirts are made to last; you won't need to buy another for years and years. It's available in a variety of hues and is precisely the loungewear they merit.

23. Face Mask 3 Pack

Masks are still a need in life today, so why not get them some of these cozy, adaptable, durable pairs? Allbirds is environmentally friendly and long-lasting because it employs repurposed materials (this is a Tencel lyocell and wool combination).

24. Pastel Rainbow Standard Candy Charcuterie Board

I'm not going to lie—you might decide to buy yourself this gift as well. This mouthwatering rainbow-colored assortment of sweet candies is both gorgeous to look at and delicious to eat.

25. Cookie of the Month Baking Set

But if the recipient of your gift prefers to make their own sweets, offer them this cookie cutter set, which comes with a design for each month and the supplies needed to make the most elaborate cookies ever.

26. Vegan 1460 Bex Mono

In addition to being unisex, these vegan leather alternatives to the traditional Dr. Marten shoe are both comfortable and retro at the same time.

27. Window Solar Charger

The concept of this Shark Tank invention is the best; all you need to do is suction cup these solar panels to a window. Because the panels store energy, your gift recipient may charge all of their devices day or night. Brilliant.

28. Ingres Impact Case

Yes, this phone case was created in association with the real Louver, and it's ideal for everyone who loves art.

29. Cozy, Classic Cabin

Who wouldn't enjoy a weekend break at a stunning Airbnb, I'm just saying?

30. Frama Apothecary Body Wash & Lotion Set

This luxurious soap and lotion gift set is not your typical hand soap; it has only the best sandalwood, cedarwood, and ylang-ylang fragrances.

31. Metro Duffel

Not your typical gender-neutral duffle, this one. It is made of exquisite vegan leather and has a trolley sleeve so your gift recipient can simply place it on top of their suitcase and leave.

32. Leather-Wrapped Vase

These glass vases wrapped in leather make excellent gifts, whether you fill them with flowers or stationery.

33. Baomint™ Leave-In Conditioning Styler

Unwrapping this leave-in conditioner that would hydrate and untangle their strands would be a treat for anyone with wavy or curly hair types.

34. Color-Dipped Clay Wall Planters

These hanging planters are the coolest way for anyone in your life to exhibit their plants because they are both functional and artistic.

35. Deco Handle Tray - Brass

Here is a fantastic host gift. There are countless uses for it, including using it to adorn their ottoman or serve food.

36. Hunter Small Toiletry Bag

These little, compact bags make the ideal multifunctional pouches because they have so many small pockets within. This one can be used as a travel bag for cosmetics, tech accessories, and even toiletries.

37. Modern Collection Double Wine Carrier

a glass of wine? Great. But two wine bottles? Better still. You may make a gift that you'll probably want to keep for yourself by adding a nice carrying bag to the mix.

38. Ombré Leather Eau de Parfum

This unisex fragrance is a necessity if they enjoy spicy smells. Patchouli, black leather, jasmine sambac, and cardamom combine to create the coziest, warmest fragrance ever.

39. Classic Slippers

What more could a person want for in a pair of house shoes than rubber soles, plush cushions, and fuzzy fabric?

40. Magnetic Travel Containers

These little magnetic containers make it much simpler to pack jewelry, toiletries, and other small essentials.

41. Succulents Needle Felting Kit

Get this kit, which includes everything they need to make the gorgeous little felt succulents, for that crafty friend or family member who enjoys doing their home design projects. Plus: they are invulnerable!

42. Artwork Display

How can a standard collection of posters or images be transformed into a piece of art? using this original wooden hanging frame.

43. Retro 80s Color Blocking Nintendo Switch Skin

These vibrant skins are perfect for any gamer in your life who enjoys personalizing their controllers.

44. Sparkling Water Maker

If you know someone who drinks more sparkling water than regular water, you already know why this makes such a good gift idea.

45. Travel Boss Blanket Set

This blanket, mask, and bag combo will be useful when they want to take a sleep whether they are taking a road trip or flying.

46. Unisex Ripped 90s Straight Leg Jeans in Stonewash Blue

Give each of your friends a pair of these stylish, gender-neutral jeans, and they'll remember you every time they wear them.

47. Get Clean Body Wash Holiday Kit

They'll enjoy reading these humorous messages on their body washes whether they prefer to shower in the morning, the evening, or both.

48. Stacking Planter

This stackable planter has a secret saucer at the bottom so you can properly drain your plants without damaging the overall look, as if that weren't charming enough.

49. Chuck Taylor All Star

A classic gift, like a pair of Chuck Taylors, is always in style. So give them a vibrant color they've been itching to explore.

50. Vodka Shot Glass

This set of shot glasses in rainbow colors. When they can host again the next time, they'll be prepared to create many memories with them.

51. Glow in the Dark Zodiac Art

Why not give them a divine gift since it was preordained that you two would cross paths?

52. Bath Salt Spa Gift Set Collection

With this relaxing package of bath salts and a stylish wooden spoon, you can assist them in learning the art of self-care on Sundays.

53. Unisex Check Shirt 

Fact: You can't have too many plaid button-downs. This type of black-and-white checkered shirt looks excellent on everyone and complements nearly anything.

54. Peace & Honey Teas

When they're drinking these teas, they'll be reminded of how lovely you are. And with just a touch of CBD, they're made to aid with relaxation as well.

55. Tea + Sympathy

The gourmet treats you give them, like these shortbread cookies and this elegant container of honey, will always be appreciated by the foodies in your life.

56. '50s Retro Style Electric Kettle

With a vintage-looking kettle, transport them back in time. They won't mind this beauty taking up some space in their tiny kitchen.

57. Apple Watch Series 3

A person who is constantly on the run requires a smartwatch that can perform nearly all of the functions of their smartphone.

58. Travel-Size Starter Set

ICYMI: Everyone was considered when Rihanna created her skincare brand. And this set of necessities is the ideal beginner pack.

59. ZZ Plant

This straightforward shrub makes it simple for everyone to take care of plants. In addition, plants have a reputation for elevating the mood. In essence, you are giving them the gift of happiness.

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