Best Mermaid Christmas Ornaments

July 18, 2022 6 min read

The holiday season has arrived! The time leading up to Christmas possesses a certain enchantment all its own. Are you looking for mermaid ornaments to hang on your tree this holiday season? After doing some research, Famvibe compiled a list of top favorite mermaid Christmas ornaments. You can find anything you're looking for in this place, whether it be humorous or refined.

1. Old World Glass Mermaid Ornament

The ornaments I had when I was a child were very similar to these. A timeless and elegant vintage look. There is even a Triton who can accompany her in this adventure!

2. Embossed Mermaid Christmas Ornaments

When tucked away in the warmth of the tree, these delicate mermaid ornaments have a presence that is both understated and moving.

3. White Sparkling Mermaids

These lovely ladies stand at a height of 6 inches and are sold in a set of three. These sirens are sure to entice any sailors that happen to be in the area.

4. Colorful And Vibrant Mermaid Ornaments

Do you think that tree could use some color? The combination of these with ornaments made from seashells would be so much fun!

5. Midwest-CBK Beaded Mermaid Ornaments

These mermaids are geared up and ready to take on the world! So Be-dazzled.

6. Kurt Adler Silver/Gold Under The Sea Mermaid Ornament 3A

If you have young children in the house, you might want to choose these Mermaids instead. It comes in a pack of three and would look fantastic when paired with gold ball ornaments or silver tinsel.

7. Lenox Disney's The Little Mermaid Ariel's Best Friend Ornament

Are you a devoted follower of Walt Disney? There are a plethora of Disney characters available to choose from when decorating your tree.

8. Disney's The Little Mermaid Ornament Set- (7) PVC Figure Ornaments Included

Why not include the entire cast? with some ornaments in the form of seashells, lights, and even a starfish placed atop it! You have a Christmas riddle that takes place under the sea.

9. Chubby Mermaid Ornament

It turns out that products featuring Chubby the Mermaid are in high demand! These women are not ashamed to show off their curves and are confident in their appearance.

10. Diamonds Jingle Merman Christmas Holiday Ornament, Red

These are extremely sought after... and I'm at a loss as to why that is (being sarcastic). What an incredible present this would make for a mermaid!

11. Matching Mermaid Ornament

Is it possible that your macho Santa Clause Merman could use a companion? In addition to that, they offer these sultry mermaid ornaments. The final three are all having a drink... In light of that, what are your thoughts?

12.  Diamonds Santa Baby II Mermaid Christmas Ornament Decoration

This Christmas ornament features a charming design of Santa holding a baby mermaid, which will immediately elevate the jovial and festive atmosphere of any Christmas tree. You can either use it to decorate your own holiday tree or give it to someone else as a thoughtful present for the holiday season.

13. Old World Christmas Mermaid Sea and Water Animals Glass Blown Ornaments for Christmas Tree

crafted by hand in the time-honored tradition of using methods that were first developed in the 1800s. The stunning appearance of the ornaments is achieved through a labor-intensive process that involves hand-painting and glittering each one individually.

14. Disney The Little Mermaid Kiss The Girl

This Kiss the Girl Keepsake Christmas ornament will help you create the perfect ambiance for a festive holiday romance. Magic Ornament for the Christmas tree that makes sounds and moves. Simply pressing the button on the ornament will cause the fish to swim around while "Kiss the Girl" music plays in the background. Powered by three (3) AAA batteries, which are not included in the package.

15. Mermaid Barbie, Light

This Mermaid Barbie Keepsake Christmas ornament will add a touch of enchanted color and sparkle to your holiday tree. Her sparkling mermaid tail, which is covered in gems and lights up like the one on the real Barbie doll. Ornament with a magic light effect for the Christmas tree. To turn the ornament's light on and off, press the button on its base. It takes three (3) LR41 batteries, which are included in the package.

16. Pottery Barn Mercury Gold Mermaid Christmas Ornament

Maritime or merry-time? You can have both by decorating your holiday tree with the Mercury Gold Mermaid Ornament, which gives off an air of coastal enchantment. Having a painted finish and being crafted out of glass and resin. dangles from a hemp rope hanger measuring 4" in diameter.

17. Diamonds Backdraft Christmas Tree Ornament

This firefighter merman is sure to bring the heat to any room! This ornament is sure to complement all of the other red Christmas decorations you have displayed around your home. This merman could even be displayed permanently on a wall hook alongside your other Diamonds ornaments.

18. Diamonds Flaming Oh Merman Christmas Ornament

Who doesn't adore a gentleman with a salt and pepper beard? He even has a tattoo and some glitter is sprinkled on him here and there. When the weather gets warmer, this gorgeous merman can be moved from the tree to a decoration on the patio. After all, he is floating around the pool on a float.

19. Diamonds Bedtime Santa Christmas Tree Ornament

This Bedtime Santa merman who is holding a teddy bear looks so cute and cuddly, doesn't he? This ornament is an absolute necessity, and it does not matter what kind of Christmas aesthetic you are going for this year.

20. Fatigued Merman Christmas Holiday Ornament Diamonds

A one-year warranty is included in addition to the fact that the item is in flawless new-like condition. It is in pristine condition as a result of the thorough refurbishment, inspection, and cleaning that was performed by qualified sellers. The item will come in brand-new generic packaging and will come with either the original or brand-new accessories. For more information, please refer to the seller's listing.

21. Diamonds Sir Leather Merman Christmas Holiday Ornament

This holiday ornament features a design of a Sir Leather merman that will give any Christmas tree a one-of-a-kind look and feel. The glittery touches really set it apart as something extraordinary.

22. Diamonds Dr Pet A Vet Merman With Puppy Christmas Holiday Ornament

This Dr. Pet A Vet Merman With Puppy Christmas Holiday Ornament is sure to become one of the most talked-about decorations on your Christmas tree. It is truly one-of-a-kind thanks to its one-of-a-kind design, which features rhinestone gems and sparkling glitter accents.

23. Diamonds Cupid Merman With Bow And Arrow Christmas Holiday Ornament

This ornament's design features a sexy cupid merman, which is sure to quickly win over your heart. It would look fantastic as a one-of-a-kind addition to your Valentine's Day display or on top of your Christmas tree. The fact that it was hand-painted and has glittery accents makes it a one-of-a-kind item.

24. Diamonds Bride and Groom Wedding Mermaid and Merman Holiday Ornament

Any newlywed couple's Christmas tree would benefit from having this adorable bride mermaid and groom merman ornament hanging on it. You can buy it for yourself, or you could give it as a considerate holiday present to a friend or family member who has just gotten married.

25. Pina Mermaid Pineapple Yellow Christmas Holiday Ornament Diamonds

It is constructed out of painted resin and features exquisite detailing all over. Adorned with glitter, three dimensional.

26. Diamonds Bruno Bronze Merman Christmas Holiday Ornament

Well hello! This ornament is as eye-catching as it possibly could be thanks to the mermaid design that was created by Bruno Bronze. You can hang it on your Christmas tree to make a memorable statement, or you can give it to a friend as a present during the holiday season.

27. Disney Ariel Fairytale Moments Sketchbook Ornament – The Little Mermaid

Ariel, after spending her first night in a human bed, decides that she wants to continue to be a part of the human world. This charming ornament, which brings to life a memorable scene from "The Little Mermaid," would be a wonderful addition to your Christmas tree.

28. Diamonds Rainbow Merman Christmas Ornament

The magnificence of this Rainbow Unicorn Merman cannot be overstated. Ideal for any celebration or even just to hang around the house as a general decoration. This merman is nothing short of exuberant, and it will add a sparkling touch to any environment in which you place it.

29. Diamonds Fire Island Merman Ornament

This Diamonds ornament features a charming design of a merman swimming near a fire island. You can use this ornament to liven up the look of your Christmas tree or keep it around the house all year long as a unique piece of decor. It also makes a cute or funny present for someone special.

30. Diamonds Mardi Jester Mermaid Christmas Holiday Ornament

This lovely Mardi Jester Mermaid Christmas Holiday ornament is available all year round and is not limited to just the winter season. She stands out amongst other Mardi Gras collectibles due to the fact that she has blonde hair, a colorful mermaid tail, and strands of beads adorning her body. This is unquestionably a piece that should be added to the collection of any person of respect!

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