Best Oversized Christmas Ornaments

July 18, 2022 7 min read

Thinking big is one of the simplest ways to make a statement with your holiday decorations this year. When December arrives, it's time to display your best homemade wreaths, Christmas lights, and festive garlands. It's a big part of what makes Christmas so enjoyable. It's also a no-fail way to express your personal style. 

However, when it comes to holiday decorations, don't forget about your front yard, lawn, and front porch (especially if space isn't an issue for you).

We've rounded up some of the best oversized Christmas ornaments (including oversized bulbs and extra large baubles) we could find online right now to help you decorate your home for the holidays. These ornaments are fashionable enough to be displayed throughout the holiday season. 

You'll find a variety of affordable options, whether you want traditional hand-painted styles or unusual designs with playful LED lights. Take a look below if you're looking to make a big statement with your holiday decorations this year.

1. Inflatable Ball Ornament

This 23-inch inflatable outdoor ornament will stand out whether you place it on your porch or by your stairwell.

2. Red Ball Ornament

This 18-inch ball ornament is a must-have with multicolored LED lights and an assortment of snowflakes.

3. Mirror Disco Balls

These disco ball Christmas ornaments are the ideal way to adorn your tree and begin your holiday celebrations.

4. 3- Piece Blissful Figures Jumbo Ornament Set

This three-piece ball ornament set is far from ordinary thanks to its eye-catching hand-painted designs. They're 18-inches tall, so they'll be the center of attention in any room.

5. Poinsettia Artificial Christmas Flowers

If you like this popular holiday plant, you'll love these versatile eight-inch beauties that can be used to decorate staircases, windows, and anything else you can think of.

6. Giant Hanging Christmas Ornament

You do not need a Christmas tree on your porch to display ornaments. Rather, purchase a few of these 15-inch decorations to hang from the ceiling or porch railing.

7. Giant Party Ball

Scatter a few of these 12-inch bulbs across your lawn for a festive and fun look. The weather-resistant plastic ornaments are available in a variety of colors, including silver and gold, purple, and red.

8. Christmas Ball Ornament

This 23.6-inch-tall ornament is waterproof, shatterproof, inexpensive, and completely adorable. There are five adorable designs to choose from to match your decor.

9. Hanging Cherry Ball

This 13-inch hanging ball with 500 twinkling red, green, and blue lights will add a touch of disco to your holiday decor. You can use it as a festive tree topper in addition to hanging it outside.

10. Ball Ornament

These 21-inch ornaments with festive color-changing LED lights will brighten up your front door.

11. Ultimate Green & Berry Wreath – 1m

The 1 meter Christmas wreath sold by The White Company is a show-stopper. This large wreath, which features beautiful faux greenery, frosted foliage, mixed leaves, eucalyptus, and white berries, is perfect for hanging above a fireplace or decorating a wall that is otherwise blank. A natural vine serves as the base, and there is a loop provided for simple hanging.

12. Gemstone Forest Extra Large Bauble, Gold

This extra large Christmas bauble from John Lewis measuring 15 centimeters in diameter and made of glass and metal is the ideal ornament for decorating the bottom of your tree. Additionally, it is offered in the colors red and silver.

13. Nari Giant Bauble - Antique Green

The lime green on top and the rustic gold on the bottom create a beautiful two-tone effect on this bauble, which we adore. Create a wonderful decorating scheme for the Christmas tree by mixing and matching different sizes of ornaments.

14. Jumbo Hand Knitted Christmas Stocking

The stunning oversized Christmas stocking by Lauren Aston Designs allows you to go big or go home for the holidays. Hanging this stocking above a mantel or on a sideboard is also an option because it has sufficient space to accommodate stocking stuffers for everyone in the family.

15. Sparkle Wreath

A typical wreath is about 40 centimeters in diameter, but why settle for a typical wreath when you can go big? This glittery champagne-colored wreath measures 70 centimeters in circumference and was created with Christmas glitz in mind.

16. Jai Giant Glass Bell

This large glass bell measuring 25 by 15 centimeters is quite lovely. The effect of a crackle finish that sparkles when the light hits it is one of our favorites.

17. Giant Velvet Tree Topper Bow

A gigantic bow as the caper of the tree? Why should we? The fact that it is crafted from plush velvet gives it an air of extravagance, and you also have the option to customize it.

18. Giant Opening Bauble

Brass wire is used to form these large Christmas baubles, which are sculpted by hand. Even a small box of chocolates or a token of appreciation can be tucked away inside thanks to the easy closure.

19. Micro LED Bauble

This plastic bauble with a diameter of 30 centimeters and pre-lit with 140 warm-white micro LEDs will look absolutely stunning when placed by the window. It gets its power from a lead cable.

20. Large Wooden Christmas Felt Ball Star

This ornament takes the form of a star and is crafted from wood in the style of Scandinavian design. Inside, you'll find colorful Nepalese felt balls in white, red, and gray. Position it on a windowsill or a mantel.

21. Furry Snow Christmas Bauble

Amara is currently taking orders for a colossal fluffy snowball covered in a subtle glittering effect to be used as a Christmas ornament. This oversized bauble, which measures 40 x 30 centimeters and comes with a hefty price tag as well.

22. Giant Commercial Shatterproof UV Resistant Plastic Christmas Ball Decorations

UV and moisture resistant finishes ensure that your ornaments remain vibrant and beautiful season after season, both indoors and out. Commercial Grade - Made of super-durable plastic material for maximum durability, with ultra-secure screw on threaded caps and long-lasting protective finishes. 

Child and Pet Friendly - Shatterproof plastic ornaments are ideal for use in areas where children and pets are present, as they will not break like traditional glass ornaments. 

Indoor & Outdoor Use - Because of their durable construction and finishes, these ornaments are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use by both consumers and commercial decorators.

23. Set of Giant Harmony Cow Bells Huge Vintage Handmade Rustic Lucky Christmas XXL Bells On Rope

The golden color is actually a brass coating. These bells are baked in fire, which gives them their distinct brown rustic color. These cowbells have been purposefully given a rough appearance. Because each bell is handcrafted, minor variations are possible. Produced from reclaimed iron sheets. Metal with a weathered paint finish

24. Vickerman 7" Rose Gold Matte Glitter Pinecone Christmas Ornament

7" Rose Gold Matte Glitter Pinecone Christmas Ornament by Vickerman. This lovely pinecone ornament will add a touch of glitz to your holiday decorating projects. This shatterproof plastic ornament has a soft matte finish with sparkling glitter accents and a drilled cap secured with green floral wire. Each pack contains four pieces.

25. Decorative Hand Painted Stained Glass Window Suncatcher

Beverley Gallagher's Celtic Glass Designs create meaningful and expressive gifts. The design is taken from the Rose Window at the Roman Catholic Basilica in Paris and represents the Sacred Heart. The colors are stunning, especially the central piece depicting the Sacred Heart. 

The Sacre Coeur 'Coeur' Roundel is a hand-painted glass window decoration that comes with a window suction cup. In double-glazed and drier window conditions, a smear of egg white on the back of the window suction cups is recommended to prevent them from drying out. 

Traditional stained glass lead frames the Window Art Roundels and Panels, which are hung with a trace chain. A lovely gift for cathedral and church stained glass window enthusiasts.

26. Mercury Row Silver Starburst 

Add one or more of these plastic starbursts to your holiday decoration to create a look that is reminiscent of the midcentury. They are offered in two colors, silver or red, and three different diameters ranging from 15 to 23 to 40 inches. You could suspend them from the overhanging branches of your enormous tree, or you could hang them from the eaves of your house.

27. Candy Ornament Wayfair

Using one of these supersized pieces of plastic garlands, you can make your home look like something out of a candy land fantasy. Each one stands a towering 18.5 inches tall and can be purchased in one of four different color combinations: red, cerise, purple, or lime.

28. Candy Swirl Drop Drill Finial Ornament

Hang these plastic finial ornaments, which measure 16 inches in height, from the eaves of your front porch or from a balcony (or hang them from the boughs of an oversized Christmas tree). They are offered in a variety of subdued colors, such as burgundy, blue, and white, amongst others.

29. The Holiday Aisle Jumbo Christmas Finial

Imagine this multicolored and checkered finial hanging high above the fireplace, suspended from a vaulted ceiling, or serving as the focal point of your holiday decoration scheme. a height of 45 inches and a width of 10 inches at its greatest point.

30. LED Lighted Ball Ornament

Imagine this enormous ornament made of fiberglass hanging from the ceiling or on the front porch of your home, with its LED lights emitting a soft glow. This jumbo Christmas bulb has a diameter of 37 inches and is offered in either red or blue. There is also an option for a Christmas bulb with a diameter of 26.5 inches.

31. Illuminated Xmas Ball

These Christmas globes have 240 LEDs that twinkle and chase one another around the orb as part of the decoration. These Christmas balls come in red, green, or silver and have a diameter of 12 inches. They can be used either indoors or outdoors and come in all three colors.

32. Member's Mark Pre-Lit Metal Ornament

It's an ornament for the Christmas tree. This is a scene from a holiday diorama. It is a wonderful way to greet visitors to your home, and it is large and red. This ornament is made of metal and has a height of 31 inches, a width of 23.5 inches, and a depth of 12 inches. It weighs 13 pounds and has these dimensions: tall, wide, and deep.

33. Alpine Christmas Ball

What could be more festive than a single gargantuan Christmas ornament? What say we go with two? This ornament can be displayed either indoors or outdoors and features eight LEDs that cycle through different colors. Additionally, it has a timer that prevents the batteries from being used up too quickly. This item has dimensions of 21 inches by 16 inches by 30 inches and weighs 20 pounds.

34. Vickerman Radical 3D Snowflake

That certainly grabs ones attention. This glittery, glossy, and matte-finished snowflake made of plastic measures 30 inches in diameter and is a delight to look at thanks to its explosion of geometric shapes. There is some putting together required.

35. Northlight Silver Splendor Disco Ball

These mirrored disco ball ornaments have a diameter of 6 inches and can be used to add a touch of glitz and glamor to your Christmas tree.

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