Best Personalized Christmas Stockings

July 12, 2022 10 min read

The tradition of hanging holiday stockings will forever be one that is rich in meaning and filled with happiness. This year, why not buy a personalized stocking for a family member or friend to add a special touch to the holiday spirit? After all, it is a gift that they are aware was crafted particularly for them. Here are some of the best personalized christmas stockings that are given as gifts to friends and family during the holiday season.

1. Fair Isle Stockings

This stocking from PBteen brings a time-honored custom into the 21st century by combining a traditional Fair Isle knit with festive designs and three-dimensional detailing. In addition, the materials that are used to make it have been dyed in a manner that is not harmful to the natural environment.

2. Embroidered Ivory Faux Fur Christmas Stocking

You'll want to wrap yourself in these faux fur, fuzzy stockings as much as possible. Personalize them by naming them and choosing from a variety of different thread and font options. They are sure to lend a feeling of warmth and coziness to your home just in time for the holiday season.

3. Knit Argyle Personalized Stockings

These stockings have an air of classic elegance thanks to the fact that they were hand-knit, much like the traditional Christmas sweaters they were modeled after. On the cuffs of the gloves, the wearer's names are embroidered in a font that has a distinct homemade feel.

4. Jingle Bell Elf Pants Personalized Stocking

You're probably familiar with the "Elf on the Shelf" tradition, but what about "Elves on the... mantel"? Your home is sure to be filled with joy all throughout the holiday season thanks to these adorable stockings that feature an elf theme. Additionally, you are able to add names to the top of each stocking at no additional cost.

5. Santa's Letter Personalized Christmas Stocking

The work of applique and intricate stitching take center stage on this stocking. In addition to this, it is completely lined, which makes it exceptionally long-lasting and ready to be loaded with goodies.

6. Personalized Stocking Name Tags

These stocking name tags are the way to go if you already have your favorite stockings or if you simply want to add an extra touch of personalization to your mantel this year. They are available in a variety of colors and patterns. They are sure to give your home something extra special it's been missing.

7. Cowboy Boot Personalized Christmas Stocking

These stockings are not only adorable but also very reasonable in price. You have the option of selecting from a variety of fonts and thread colors for the embroidered names that are stitched into the side of the stocking.

8. Fishing Enthusiast Personalized Stocking

This stocking was designed specifically with the angler in your life in mind. This adorable fish stocking, which can be personalized with your name in vinyl black lettering and is hung as if it were on the hook of a fishing pole, is perfect for the holiday season.

9. Simply to Impress Create Your Own Stocking

Choose this option if you want a stocking that will stand out from the crowd because it can be personalized in any way you like. You can create a one-of-a-kind stocking by uploading any photos, phrases, or names that you like.

10. Buffalo Check Christmas Stocking

This stocking, which features a buffalo-check pattern and an ivory knit cuff, is practically begging to have its empty space filled with gifts. Because they appear to be so warm and inviting, you might even want to wear them after the winter holidays are over.

11. Cozy Cabin Buffalo Check Personalized Christmas Stocking

To decorate this gray stocking, you have the option of selecting one of five different designs that are inspired by the woods, such as a moose, bear, or deer. This warm stocking features a plush and velvety cuff, making it the perfect accessory for displaying in front of a crackling fire.

12. Paw Print Personalized Stocking

Make sure that your dog is included in all of the activities that the family enjoys. You can upload a picture of your canine companion, and it will appear on a cute stocking that has a paw print design on it. You have the option of including their name and selecting either an evergreen or snow white stocking for them.

13. Monogrammed Burlap Stocking

Not a huge fan of the colors red and green? These burlap stockings are versatile and will look good with any style. You have your pick of some really cute monogram designs, fonts, and text colors to use.

14. Knitted Stocking

This stocking is knitted to feel like your favorite turtleneck cable-knit sweater, and you have the option of selecting from eight different font styles and four different colors for the cozy stocking.

15. Family Christmas Stocking

This stocking comes with a personalized name tag and is available in eight different festive designs to choose from. The patterns feature a variety of animals, such as polar bears and penguins, as well as reindeer, Santa gnomes, and other characters.

16. L.L. Bean Christmas Needlepoint Stocking

These needlepoint stockings have an old-fashioned air to them despite being made with modern materials like cotton yarn and bold color schemes. Each stocking can be made unique by adding a name, and you can pick from seven different festive pictures, ranging from dogs sledding to a cozy cabin in the snow.

17. Personal Creations Christmas Critters Stocking

Each member of the family can wear a stocking with a different animal design, and boy, oh boy, are there some cute options to choose from. It is going to be challenging to choose a favorite animal when there is such a wide variety available. You can have any name embroidered on it, and the maximum number of characters allowed is nine.

18. Modern Classic Designs Felt Christmas Stocking

These individualized stockings are perfect for a contemporary home because they are both sophisticated and festive. They are handcrafted using premium wool felt.

19. Penguin Portrait Christmas Stocking

This personalized stocking from Crate and Barrel is both adorable and of excellent quality. It is crafted from a luxurious fabric that contains a blend of wool, and it is embellished with hand-stitched snowflakes.

20. Blonde Hair Quilted Fairy Stocking

Your daughter will absolutely adore this enchanted quilted stocking if she is a fan of the Nutcracker ballet or of fairy tales in general. It depicts a blonde fairy with tulle layered over her dress in the form of an embroidered design.

21. Antoine Stocking

This stocking, which is adorned with gray reindeer hooves, exudes an air of refined sophistication that is sure to win your approval. The name of your choice will be foil-pressed into the leather tag that Minted stitches on for you, and the tag will be finished with an eye-catching stitch.

22. Quilted Christmas Stocking

If you order this plush stocking in gold or white, the quilting on it is made entirely out of linen, giving it a texture that is almost identical to that of rolling hills of snow. It will give your mantel a look that is crisp, sophisticated, and very wintery.

23. Holiday Icons Crewel Personalized Stocking

These cotton stockings are adorned with the cutest little gnomes that have been embroidered on them. In addition, a portion of the proceeds from each purchase are donated to the HERproject, which is an organization that works to improve the health of women who are employed in manufacturing.

24. Needlepoint Personalized Christmas Stocking

You can personalize one of these adorable needlepoint designs with your own family name or the name of your pet by adding it to the top.

25. Personalized Striped Stocking

This contemporary stocking can be embroidered with your name in the color of your choice.

26. Quilted Christmas Stocking

These warm and cozy quilted stockings are ideal for hanging on your holiday mantel, and you have the option of adding any name you like to the top of each one.

27. Snowman Merry & Bright Christmas Stocking

This adorable stocking, which was created using the classic Fair Isle knitting technique, has a cuff at the top where your name can be embroidered for a personalized touch.

28. Classic Tartan Stocking

A personalized monogram gives this traditional tartan stocking an updated and contemporary look.

29. Hand-Embroidered Linen Stocking

These lovely linen stockings are available in a range of jewel tones in a variety of colors. As a further means of individualization, you have the option of selecting the color of the embroidery as well as the hang tab.

30. Dog Bone Christmas Stocking

You can customize these adorable stockings in the shape of dog bones by picking out your own pattern, font, and color combination. These are a hit with the people in our shop just as much as they are with the dogs.

31. Handmade Linen Stocking with Monogram Option

This year's Christmas decorations for white farmhouse mantels must include uncomplicated linen stockings with the option to have them monogrammed.

32. Christmas Stocking in Hand Felted Wool

Put a smile on the faces of your four-legged friends by stuffing this felt stocking, which features a dog bone pattern, with actual dog bones.

33. White and Black Mudcloth Christmas Stockings

You get to choose the pattern that you want to use on these mudcloth stockings, and you can also decide whether or not you want a pompom and/or a name tag on the top.

34. Farmhouse Christmas Stocking

Personalized name tags for each member of the family. There is even a tag in the shape of a bone for your canine companion!

35. Canvas Dog Bone Stocking

If your child has been very good, you should reward them with a beautiful new Christmas stocking.

36. Buffalo Check Plaid Burlap Stocking

A fun update to a traditional burlap stocking is provided by the addition of a buffalo check collar and an initial monogram.

37. Stamped Pines Stocking

This lovely pattern brings to mind images of evergreen conifers and holly berries.

38. Knit Wool Fair Isle Stockings

These stockings come in coordinating red and white and are completely adaptable to your needs. You have the ability to select the design, as well as the font and the color of the thread.

39. Woodland Christmas Stockings

You can make your name stand out on a star tag that will be affixed to one of these adorable Christmas stockings that has a nostalgic appearance.

40. Linen Christmas Stocking

This chic and lightweight linen stocking is the perfect Christmas decoration if you live somewhere warmer and don't want heavier-looking Christmas decorations. It goes with any color scheme.

41. Holiday Stockings

These adorable stockings, which are available in a wide variety of eye-catching patterns, are sure to put a smile on your face this holiday season. They are an excellent addition to any rural residence.

42. Canvas Santa Sack

Personalized "Santa Sacks" are sure to be a hit with your children this holiday season, even if you don't have a fireplace or other suitable place to hang stockings. It's possible that you won't hear them ask for stockings ever again.

43. Happy Forest Stocking

This Christmas, do your part to save the environment by decorating your mantel in an earthy, woodland theme.

44. Farmhouse Christmas Stockings

If these striped stockings weren't already pretty enough, the addition of the miniature wood slide and pine cone makes for a more rustic touch that fits in perfectly with the aesthetic of your farmhouse.

45. Dog-Themed Christmas Stockings

Are you a member of a household that adores canines? There is no reason to feel embarrassed about it. Show your love for dogs with one of these bright stockings, and don't forget to get one for your own four-legged companion, too!

46. Herringbone Stocking

This fashionable stocking features a trendy combination of two patterns—green and herringbone—and it can be personalized with leather tags.

47. Christmas Stocking Name Tags

With these individualized name tags, you'll be able to give your Christmas stockings a more special and unique look.

48. Needlepoint Christmas Stocking

This stocking is primarily made with cotton yarns in the color(s) of your choice, and it can be personalized with any name that is up to ten characters in length.

49. Classic Velvet Christmas Stocking

These velvet stockings, which come in a number of different colors, are a traditional option for decorating your mantel.

50. Name Tag Stockings

Not only are these stockings available in a wide variety of prints, but you can also personalize each one of them for no additional cost using foil-printed leather name tags.

51. Custom Chunky Knit Christmas Stocking

The trend of chunky knit is taking over Christmas, and that includes individualized stockings that are warm and cozy.

52. Needlepoint Christmas Stockings

These incredibly detailed needlepoint stockings that can be personalized are a great way to add some texture to the surface of your mantel.

53. Country Stockings

Your fireplace mantel can take on a more rustic appearance when you hang stockings with patterns like gingham, ticking stripes, or grain sacks.

54. Ice-Skate Stocking

The nubby white felt of the ice-skate stockings is a nice complement to the room's other neutral textures, such as the slip-covered sofa. Hanging these stockings will give the room a frosty finish.

55. An Unlikely Place

Even a simple stocking made of felt can add a touch of holiday cheer to an entryway, as this Washington family has discovered to their delight.

56. Simple Stamped Stocking

This linen number, which also happens to be quite large, brings to mind an old-fashioned mailbag from France. More space for Christmas gifts, and at a price that won't break the bank. 

57. Rustic Burlap Christmas Stockings

You get to pick your favorite stocking from this collection of seven different red and white burlap stockings. Choose the design that best suits your preferences, and then add an embroidered monogram or a bespoke name tag to further customize it.

58. Dog Bone Shaped Pet Stocking

Even your furry friend can have a stocking specially made for them, and you can even have it shaped like his or her favorite snack!

59. Pattern Stockings

Paper patterns can easily be transformed into long-lasting fabric for stockings by using iron-on vinyl.

60. DIY Stocking Tags

By tying on tags, you can make your own personalized stockings. In this instance, low-cost luggage tags have been ingeniously repurposed as markers.

61. No Sew Stenciled Stockings

You won't need a needle and thread to make these lovely ornaments; instead, you'll need a drop cloth, a hot glue gun, a pencil, scissors, faux fur, a reindeer stencil, and paint.

62. DIY Wood Christmas Stocking Tags

Make your stockings stand out from the crowd this holiday season by attaching thin slices of wood and stamping each letter of your name on them. The addition of these name tags to your holiday decor will give it a cozy and warm feel.

63. Pom Pom Trim Stockings

Before you hang them up, add some adorable personalized tags by crafting them out of birch slices and marking them with a sharpie.

64. Sweater Stockings

Get an old sweater or buy one at a thrift store, then draw an outline of a stocking shape and carefully cut it out of the sweater. After that, you will need to stitch the sweater pieces together and then tie a knot for it to hang from. Voila!

65. Vintage Rocking Horse Christmas Card Catalog

You don't have a mantel or a staircase to which you can attach your holiday stockings, do you? No worries! A blogger by the name of Liz Marie discovered an old card catalog and spruced it up for the holidays by painting it a lighter color and decorating it with horse figurines, a frosted silver wreath, and antlers.

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