Best Personalized Dog Christmas Stocking

July 15, 2022 10 min read

This year, Santa is giving away tasty treats and toys to all of the good boys and girls, but what about the dogs? Of course it's possible for them to get in on the fun. Give your four-legged pal their very own Christmas stocking so that Santa can leave them an extra bone or two to gnaw on when they wake up on Christmas morning. 

This compilation of personalized dog Christmas stockings features examples of every possible design. They are created by the age-old craft of needlepoint, in a variety of styles including classic and personalized, farmhouse-style with burlap and linen, and even a cozy felt option for your four-legged friend.

And while you're out picking out things for your canine companion, don't forget to pick up a few items for yourself or presents for the other people in your life who are dog lovers. We adore anything that relates to our four-legged companions, and we are aware that there are other people in the world who share our enthusiasm for this topic. 

Check out the cutest personalized dog Christmas stockings right here, and don't forget to start thinking about the best dog gifts as well.

1. Quilted Dog Bone Christmas Stocking

This dog stocking is the perfect addition to your Christmas decorations if your color scheme for the holiday consists primarily of neutral tones.

2. Sherpa and Plaid Stocking

Your dog is going to be the most fashionable canine there is if you get him or her a sherpa and a tartan coat.

3. Needlepoint Christmas Stocking

This traditional needlepoint stocking is not only beautiful but also entertaining for your four-legged pal.

4. Personalized Dog Bone Christmas Stocking

Stockings in the shape of fish and bones are paw-fectly adorable, and adding a bow and a name tag only adds to the adorableness of the gift.

5. Dog Crewel Christmas Stocking

The family pet's Christmas stocking can be personalized with his name and coordinated with those of the rest of the family.

6. Personalized Linen Dog Christmas Stocking

We are huge fans of the understated appearance of this burlap and linen stocking, which can be embroidered with your pet's breed and name for a truly unique gift.

7. Burlap Dog Christmas Stocking

This option is the one for you if you've been searching for the canine Christmas stocking that is ideally suited to complement the rustic aesthetic of your home. A bow made of burlap serves as the finishing touch.

8. Knit Dog Christmas Stocking

This knit dog Christmas stocking is the perfect accessory for you to bring a sense of warmth and coziness into your home during the holiday season.

9. Holiday Felt Stocking

You can put anything you want in this felt stocking, from cookies to toys to other items.

10. Embroidered Dog and Cat Christmas Stocking

This adorable stocking for pets is made to last for many years to come, no matter how rough they are treated. In addition to that, you will be able to purchase an identical one for your feline companion.

11. Pet Photo Christmas Stocking

There's no mistaking whose name is on this stocking.

12. Fireplace Needlepoint Christmas Stocking

This needlepoint stocking features a delightful scene that is sure to put a smile on the faces of both people and their canine companions.

13. Needlepoint Puppy Christmas Stocking

The adorableness level of Fido and Frosty can't be topped!

14. Dog Toys Stocking

With this stocking, you can cross off "decorating for Christmas" and "shopping for Christmas" on your lists all at once. It comes complete with a variety of unique holiday toys that are suitable for your dog.

15. Dog Breed Christmas Stocking

With this collection of dog breed stockings, you can give your four-legged pal a Christmas that feels extra special without having to spend a ton of money. With over 50 distinct varieties available, there is a very good chance that you will be able to find a pet that is an exact replica of your cherished pooch.

16. Paw Print Needlepoint Stocking

This holiday season, your cherished canine companion should be feeling like a candy cane.

17. Dog Bone Christmas Stocking

You should give your furry companion a bone, preferably a large one like this one, but you should also make sure it is stuffed with plenty of edible Christmas biscuits and bones.

18. Ruffled Dog Christmas Stocking

This Christmas stocking for dogs has a look that's a cross between country and chic.

19. Paw Print Cotton Canvas Christmas Stocking

This stocking is not only adorable but also very reasonably priced, coming in at less than $15 total.

20. Cat and Dog Personalized Christmas Stocking

This adorable pattern of dogs wearing scarves and hats is sure to melt hearts, regardless of whether it will be filled with presents for your dog or a dog lover in your life. Whether it will be filled with presents for your dog or a dog lover in your life, this pattern is sure to win hearts. In addition to this, if you also have a cat living in your home, you can purchase an item that is an exact match for them as well.

21. Transpac Polyester Multicolor Christmas Paw Shaped Stocking

There is no mistaking whose stocking it is when it is fashioned in the shape of a paw like this one! This would be a warm and inviting addition to any mantle thanks to the red buffalo check and faux shearling.

22. Personalized Dog Bone Christmas Stocking

Your pet will be overjoyed to receive a Christmas stocking in the form of their most cherished possession in the entire wide world. These bone-shaped stockings come in four different patterns that are just as festive and each one has a bow and a name tag that can be personalized. A bonus is that the stocking is made of cotton, which means that if your dog goes bonkers over their treats and slobbers all over the stocking, you can simply toss it in the washing machine to clean it.

23. Knit Personalized Dog Bone Stocking

It's possible that this jolly stocking tops the competition on this list! The design of this knitted bone, which is reminiscent of a winter sweater, exudes an air of extreme coziness. Because there are six distinct patterns from which to choose, this is an excellent choice for families that have more than one dog because it allows for the mantle to be decorated in a fashionable manner.

24. Personalized Velvet Dog Christmas Stocking

The addition of velvet stockings to your mantle definitely brings an increased level of sophistication to the space, and this is especially true for the stockings that are made specifically for your pets. The one that says "Dear Santa, I've been a very good doggie!" is our favorite of the bunch. Let's keep our fingers crossed that Santa will forget all the times your dog tracked dirt into the house on its paws....

25.Buffalo Plaid Personalized Bone Dog Christmas Stocking

Nothing says "rustic Christmas charm" quite like buffalo plaid, and this stocking in the shape of a bone gives us all the cozy winter cabin vibes we could ask for. The front pocket, in which you can put your pet's favorite treat, is one of our favorite features of this item. On Christmas morning, when your dog opens this stocking, you will almost certainly be able to see them overcome with happiness.

26. Dog Christmas Stocking

This hand-knit stocking that has the appearance of an antique is a special pick because it was made entirely by hand. This is the next best thing to getting your dog a Christmas sweater, in the event that you are unable to do so. The colors heather green and cranberry red will stand out against any fireplace, but it will be especially noticeable if there is already a warm fire going in it.

27. Personalized Christmas Stocking for Dog or Cat

When you look at this stocking, you can't help but crack a grin at the happy dog that's embroidered on it. Even the Grinchiest among us could get into the Christmas spirit with just one look at that Santa hat perched atop the tree. Additionally, if you have any other kitties in your life, you can order an equally adorable cat stocking for them.

28. Large Personalized Pet Christmas Stocking

Do you have an extra-large dog who requires treats and toys that are also extra-large in size? Consider giving them this enormous stocking in the shape of a bone that has plenty of room for all of the Christmas treats on their wish list. When you are ready to present them with their gifts, ring the small bell that is attached to the top of the package.

29. Valery Madelyn Personalized 3D Puppy Dog Stocking

The only thing that could possibly stop getting a stocking for your dog is getting one that is in the shape of a dog. This plush dog design with a sign that says "I bark for present" will absolutely captivate your attention and win your heart. It's an option that's perfect for rambunctious dogs because it has a playful spirit, just like them!

30. Embroidered Pets Pattern Christmas Stockings

This embroidered pet stocking is made from thick, sturdy fabric and features a whimsical dog pattern. It is an affordable option that doesn't skimp on the festive cheer, which makes it a great choice. Because of the large loop, it can be hung on a number of different hooks, and there are also cat patterns available, so your dog's feline companion won't feel left out.

31. St Nicholas Square Monogram Paw Print Pet Knit Christmas Stocking

This item that can be found on Amazon features a paw print that can be monogrammed and will work well with the traditional Christmas decorations that the rest of your family has. Watch as your dog sniffs with interest as you begin to stuff some treats into this extra-large stocking and see what happens next. You can almost hear them thinking, "Ugh, is it Christmas yet?! " when you talk to them.

32. Burlap Pet Christmas Stockings with Picture Frame

This Christmas, make sure to show your dog all the love and attention they deserve with this burlap stocking that features a clear slot on the outside where you can place your dog's favorite photo. Because it comes in a pack of two, you should either keep both of them if you have two dogs or give the other one to the person on your list who is your favorite dog owner.

33. Glitzhome Hooked Dog Stocking

This knit stocking, which depicts a dog proudly standing in a wintry landscape while wearing a scarf that is flapping about in the wind, has a certain air of royalty about it. Let's face it: your dog does control the entire household, so it's only natural that he should have the title of master.

34. Christmas Stockings Pet Dog Personalized Fireplace Hanging Stockings

A large snowflake made of burlap is used as a decoration. It is recommended that you pair it with a burlap lattice snowflake Christmas tree skirt for the best results.

Rude feeling. Snowflakes made of 100% high-quality jute, classic plaid, and plush faux fur were also included. Include some coziness and opulence in your holiday decoration.

Prepare yourself to shower the entire family with presents. Unique family stockings for Christmas.

35. Christmas Stockings Cute Cat Dog Paw Hanging Socks

It was designed specifically for Christmas, and it works wonderfully as a decoration for Christmas fireplaces, Christmas trees, Christmas gift containers, and homes hosting holiday parties. Your family will have a jolly and festive spirit all thanks to the stocking this Christmas. This adorable and delicate personalized Christmas stocking in the shape of a dog paw uses the fabric to demonstrate the tactile sensation of a real dog claw. If it were not quite so big, you might even be fooled into thinking that this is the actual paw of the dog.

36. A Pets World Needlepoint Snowing Dog Bones Christmas Stocking

The front panel of this hand-crafted needlepoint Christmas stocking for dogs is made from velvet made of 100 percent cotton, and the back panel is made entirely of wool. Navy, warm white, red, and green make up the color scheme. The finished stocking has a width of approximately 11 inches and a height of approximately 17 inches. A loop is provided so that it can be hung. Only accepts dry cleaning.

37. Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Christmas Stocking

The humorous nature of the personalized Christmas stockings makes them an excellent option for the Christmas Day decorations market. It can be hung on a variety of surfaces, including stair railings, fireplaces, bedside tables, cabinets, and other surfaces. You could also conceal it so that it comes as a surprise to the other members of your family.

38. Luxury Deluxe Personalized Embroidered Christmas Stocking

This year, make Christmas extra special for your dog with our gorgeous Personalized Embroidered Christmas Dog Stocking. It's the perfect way to celebrate the holiday. The width of the opening on the deluxe Christmas stocking is 20 centimeters, and the length of the stocking from toe to top is 40 centimeters. These Personalized Christmas Stockings allow you to choose any name to be embroidered on them. A convenient hanging tag is attached to the stocking, which ensures that you will be able to stuff it to the brim with presents and other goodies.

These stockings are of the highest possible quality and are fully lined throughout.

39. Shetland Sheepdog Christmas Stocking Personalized

You have the option to personalize this Christmas Stocking at no additional cost when you purchase one of these Christmas Stockings for your home. A script-style font is used to embroider the personalization on the item. Because a script font is being utilized, the initial letter of a person's name will be the only letter that is capitalized. We will customize the stocking by using the spelling that you provide in the form (up to 12 letters only). It is important that you keep in mind that personalized items cannot be returned or exchanged for any reason other than defects caused by the manufacturer. Please send us an email after placing your order with the name that you would like to appear on the stocking.

40. Personalized Christmas Stocking Kits Shiba Inu Dog Cute Animal Large

Loops are typically sewn into Christmas stockings, making it simple to hang them in any room of the house. candies and other small gifts can be accessed through the top opening. This is the ideal Christmas decoration because it enhances the joyous spirit of the season and makes a wonderful present for close friends and family.

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