Best Pet Christmas Stockings

July 25, 2022 13 min read

Pets make excellent Christmas gifts. Christmas stockings are an excellent gift for your pet. They often arrive with a mix of toys and edible surprises, making it much easier to find the perfect gift for your cat or dog.

The chances are that whatever you buy for your pets will be appreciated, but that doesn't mean you should settle for the cheapest option - as you can see from this list, there are plenty of pet Christmas stockings out there that are worth your time. There are plenty of stockings available to delight them with, including ones filled with the best dog treats(opens in a new tab), as well as exciting games and toys. Here is our pick for the best pet Christmas stockings available this holiday season.

1. 19"L Hooked Stocking, Reindeer

When Santa's reindeer arrive in town, everyone knows that Christmas is right around the corner. In contrast to the traditional Christmas red background, this stocking features an endearing depiction of a prancing reindeer who is wrapped up in a green scarf. This Christmas, hang it by your fireplace or anywhere else in your home where you display your stocks, and your house will be filled with the joy of the holiday.

2. Hooked Stocking, 3D Penguin

This holiday season, give your home a little something special and adorable to look forward to with the special little Christmas penguin. This rosy-cheeked penguin is doing its best to keep warm during the holiday season by dressing in layers, wearing a Santa hat with spots, and wrapping a red and white scarf around its neck. It is sporting a Santa hat and is wrapped in a scarf with red and white stripes. This adorable Christmas decoration can be displayed on your mantle to brighten up your house during the holiday season.

3. Frisco Holiday Stocking Variety Pack

This Christmas, show your cat some love by giving them this bumper stocking loaded with 25 different kinds of treats and toys. They will receive a variety of toys including chasers, plushies, pompoms, and balls that will provide them with countless hours of entertainment. For an extra-special Christmas treat that will make your cat feel loved during the holiday season, some of the toys have been stuffed with catnip. These toys can be found in the section of the store that sells cat supplies.

4. Kole Christmas Cat Stocking

If you have a cat, whether it lives indoors or outdoors, they will be grateful to you for the treats that are contained in this Christmas stocking for pets. It comes with a total of six distinct toys, such as a fish-shaped hanging toy, a metallic crinkle ball, a variety of multicolored plush toys, and a wheel with a bell, all of which are designed to combat boredom and keep them entertained throughout the holiday season.

5. Sub-Gift Christmas Stocking for Dogs Pack of 2

This pet Christmas stocking is stuffed with four different kinds of dog toys, ensuring that your canine companions will have a wonderful holiday season this year. It comes with a squeaky yellow boot, a squeaky rubber 'doggy news' newspaper toy, a Christmas tennis ball, and a Christmas rope toy. The enjoyment that can be derived from each of these delectables will last well beyond the holiday season.

6. BINGPET 5 Pack Christmas Dog Rope Toy with Stocking

If your dog enjoys playing with toys that they can chew on, then this would make an excellent Christmas gift for them. This Christmas stocking for pets comes with five different toys, three of which are made of rope, one of which squeaks, and one of which can be chewed on. The treats with a Christmas theme will make them feel like they are a part of the celebrations, and they will keep them busy so that they don't come sniffing around for your Thanksgiving turkey!

7. Midlee Toy Filled Christmas Dog Stocking Gift Set

This Christmas, spoil your dog with this luxurious toy-filled stocking that features five exciting toys for them to play with. Your four-legged pal is going to get a stuffed gingerbread man and star, a vinyl Santa, and a tennis ball with a Christmas theme and a rope attached to it. These toys are adorable and would make the best gift for active medium-sized to large dogs who enjoy playing with their toys.

8. Momoni Premium 5 Piece Dog Christmas Stocking Set

When it comes to toys for dogs, it's easy to make things more complicated than they need to be, which is why we think it's great that Momoni goes back to the fundamentals with this stocking set. Everything you need to make Christmas a special day for your dog, including a ball, some rope, a bone, and a couple of other toys, is contained within. This will ensure that your dog has a happy holiday.

9. Cupid & Comet Christmas Dinner Cat Stocking

This Christmas stocking for cats is stuffed to the brim with tasty treats that your felines will go crazy for, providing them with their very own Christmas feast in the process. It begins with a starter of salmon, continues with a main course of turkey, and ends with a dessert of cat cheese treats. The treats are said to have a shelf life that extends well beyond Christmas day, which means that they will keep your cat happy all throughout the holiday season. In addition, there are two stuffed toys for your cat to play with on Christmas morning that are included in the stocking.

10. Legendog Christmas Stocking Gift for Cats

This Christmas stocking is filled with sixteen different toys that are sure to keep active cats amused all through the holiday season. It is the perfect gift for cats that enjoy playing. You will receive an assortment of toys and treats that any cat will find entertaining, such as a catnip toy, colorful crinkle balls, a fairy cat teaser wand, fluffy mice, and more. All cats will find these items irresistible. This is the best Christmas treat for cats, whether they spend their time indoors or outdoors, and it will make them feel like they are a part of all the holiday cheer.

11. Dreamies Christmas Cat Stocking

What kind of kitty doesn't enjoy getting treats? The Dreamies stocking is the ideal gift for your feline friend to receive this holiday season. It comes stocked with five distinct 30-gram pouches of Dreamies treat varieties, such as chicken, salmon, cheese, beef, and more. If you give this stocking to your cat on Christmas morning, they will have a plethora of options available to them, and they will not be let down by the meal they receive.

12. Pedigree Christmas Dog Stocking

This stocking is similar to a selection box for humans, but it's filled with Pedigree treats that dogs will absolutely adore. The stocking is stuffed with a variety of candies and snacks, including Dentastix, a beef-flavored Jumbone, chicken Tasty Bites, and Rodeo Chicken Twists, among other things. The ideal solution to ensure the happiness of your canine companions while you enjoy your turkey.

13. Armitage Good Boy Pawsley Christmas Dog Stocking

A stocking for your dog that is stuffed with fun things like toys and treats. This Christmas, take your dog by surprise by giving them an Armitage stocking filled with treats like Choc Drops, beef bones, and bones flavored like turkey and cranberry so that they can feel like they are a part of the holiday spirit. In addition, they are given a Christmas tree and a toy that comes inside a Christmas cracker to play with after dinner.

14. Paradise Pets Christmas Cat Stocking

You'll want to make sure that your cat has the best Christmas possible, and what better way to guarantee that than with a stocking like this one from Paradise Pets? Should they find this under their tree, we are confident that they will make you their favorite thing during the month of their choosing because it comes with a felt wand for them to use to chase you and a couple of bags of treats that they are sure to adore.

16. Christmas Stocking for Dogs by Sub-Gift

Because this stocking comes as part of a complete set, all you need to do to finish shopping for at least one "person" on your list is to click the "Add to cart" button. Your dog will absolutely adore playing with the red and green tennis ball, the rubber squeaker newspaper, the rope bone, and the rubber squeaker boot that are all included in this set.

Key Features:

Includes 4 toys

Made with red and clear plastic material

12″ H x 5.5″ W

17. George Bailey - Pack 4 Unique Burgundy and Ivory White Knit Christmas Stockings

These stockings don't exactly yell "Dog Stockings," but we adore the fact that they don't exactly yell "Human Stockings" either. This is the ideal purchase that only requires one click and can take care of your entire family in a single fell swoop. And family is exactly what your canine companions are to you.

Key Features:

4 pack

Choose 4 burgundy or 2 burgundy and 2 white

18″ H x 5.9″ W

18. Monogrammed Me – Personalized Christmas Stocking, Red and White Felt with Dog Paws

This felt stocking is one that will fit right in with the normal stocking that your family uses, but the embroidered name and tiny paw prints will give your dog her own individual stocking, which will ensure that she feels extra loved during the holiday season.

Key Features:

Customize with pet’s name

Made with felt and trim embellishment

17.5″ H x 9″ W

19. Outward Hound Kyjen Christmas Paw Stocking

This paw print is so obviously designed for your canine companion that we believe she might even be able to recognize that it belongs to her, particularly when she watches you stuff it with all of her favorite toys and delectable treats. There is a smaller size that can be purchased for less than ten dollars, and its length is still 14.5 inches.

Key Features:

2 size choices

Made of soft plush

14.5″ H x 7″ W for small and 18″ H x 9″ W for large

20. We Will Lovely Embroidered Pets Pattern Christmas Stockings Dog or Cat 16-Inch Length 

This stocking is perfect for you if you have both a cat and a dog and are looking for stockings for both of them that don't exactly match but do coordinate with one another. You will still need to purchase them independently; however, both items can be purchased from the same vendor and were designed to coordinate with one another.

Key Features:

  • Choose Cat or Dog
  • 16″ H
  • Made with felt material

21. Dog Breed Needlepoint Stocking

This is the stocking that should be given to your furry friend if you have a black Lab. The name of your canine companion can be embroidered onto this classic stocking made of high-quality materials.

22. Bone Shaped Stocking With Hook

This white stocking with a red plaid blow strikes the ideal balance between sophisticated and one-of-a-kind design elements.

23. Tangled Dog Stocking

This cotton stocking comes from Pottery Barn and features a cute Labrador Retriever who has gotten himself tangled up in Christmas lights.

24. 3D Dog Stocking

This vintage-inspired 3D Christmas stocking, which features a happy dog wearing a Santa hat, is a great way to spruce up your home for the holiday season.

25. Red Bow Bone Stocking

If you're a do-it-yourselfer, there's plenty of room to get crafty and make it your dog's own. This stocking is simple and classic, and it's shaped like a bone. It will go well with just about any Christmas decorations.

26. LED Light-Up Dog Stocking

This LED-light up dog Christmas stocking is putting on a light show this season, so move over, Clark Griswold; it's taking the spotlight! It is merry and fun, and it can compete with the most dazzling of Christmas trees in terms of brightness.

27. Good Dog Stocking

This dog stocking is decorated with bells near the top and features a picture of Santa Claus handing a treat to a dog who has been very good throughout the year.

28. Christmas Dog and Cat Stockings

These adorable stockings come as a set of a cat and a dog, and the front pouches are the ideal size for holding extra-special treats like bully sticks and catnip.

29. Red Buffalo Dog Bone Christmas Stocking

This bone-shaped stocking is the ideal accessory for your canine companion if you never see your dog walking around without their trademark bandana.

30. 3D Dog Stockings with Faux Fur Cuff

This adorably goofy stocking comes complete with all of the traditional holiday trimmings, including a Santa hat, a festive scarf, and, of course, glittery dog bones. Ideal for the dog who absolutely refuses to leave the house without his or her toys.

31. Green Paw Dog Christmas Stocking

This cheerful, cuddly stocking, with its perfectly velvety toe beans, will add a splash of color to any mantle you hang it on.

32. Hearth Hounds Husky Stocking

This soft and lovable stocking is available in a number of different dog breeds, from the German Shepherd to the Yorkie.

33. Christmas Needlepoint Stocking

This personalized stocking filled with fun activities is ideal for active canines who would rather be out having fun in the snow.

34. Santa Pup Christmas Stocking

This cute and jolly puppy looks like it's about to tear into some bones and toys for the holidays. Be sure to pick up a Santa hat for your dog so that the two of them can look adorable together!

35. Knitted Bone Christmas Stockings

This knit-style stocking, which looks like it was just pulled off of Grandma's knitting needles, is a great way to bring some coziness and comfort into your hearth and home.

36. Holiday Plaid Photo Frame Dog Stockings

Place a picture of your pet inside the frame to turn them into the protagonist of their very own stocking. This two-pack is ideal for households with more than one pet. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as having too many pictures of your pet.

37. Embroidered Dog Christmas Stocking

This adorable green and red Christmas stocking features a festive-looking dog who is holding a candy cane and a redbone in his mouth at the same time.

38. Pug Christmas Stocking

Pay attention, all you Pug fans. The traditional red and green hues of Christmas are replaced with a floral pattern in pink and blue on this stocking featuring a pug.

39. Cream Dog Bone Stocking

These bone-shaped stockings bring the holiday cheer without going over the top, which is perfect if your holiday aesthetic is more minimalist and contemporary than a North Pole explosion.

40. Christmas Sweater Pet Stocking

A cozy and attractive Christmas sweater is always a hit. This holiday season, extend the theme to your mantle by hanging this stocking in the style of a Christmas sweater.

41. Sherpa Dog Bone Christmas Stocking

A Samoyed or a Bichon Frise would look adorable wearing this stocking because of its soft and fluffy white fur.

42. Puppy Paw Christmas Stocking

With a length of more than a foot and a half, these extra-long stockings are the ideal container for large gifts such as bones and ball launchers.

43. Handmade Hooked Dog Christmas Stocking

Woof! Your home will have a touch of rustic charm thanks to this handmade stocking that has been hooked.

44. Pet Christmas Stocking

This plush velvet stocking is adorned all over with teeny tiny white paw prints, bringing to mind the adorable paw prints left behind by your dog as he or she runs through the snow.

45. Dog Christmas Stockings

How adorable will it be to see these stockings shaped like bones hanging on your fireplace mantle? Both of them are adorned with bows, lace, and tags that you can personalize with your dogs' names. One of them is made of a plaid fabric, and the other is made of a linen fabric. One reviewer who gave the product five stars said, "When we had people over, we received so many compliments on them." "The tags hanging on them are great as well and make them very cute and personalized," the author writes.

46. Dog Christmas Stocking

This stocking for dogs features a plaid ribbon and jingle bells for embellishment. It is an excellent choice for households that have a beloved black dog. Because it is 19 inches long, it can accommodate all of the gifts that Santa brought for your dog, and the cuff has sufficient room on it for you to write your dog's name on it using fabric paint or a marker, if you so desire.

47. Embroidered Dog Stocking

The embroidered dog stocking is made from sturdy felt and comes in two different shades of green. It is durable enough to hold all of your dog's toys on Christmas morning and is available in both of these shades. Because the design is entirely embroidered onto the product, you won't need to be concerned about it flaking off or fading over the course of time. Check out this link for an additional dog-themed embroidered stocking that is available for purchase; you might like it.

48. Paw Christmas Stockings

This Christmas stocking set features two stockings in the shape of paws and is ideal for households that have both dogs and cats. The fishbone tag is attached to one of the paw stockings, and the dog bone tag is attached to the other. Alternatively, you could simply remove the tags and use these stockings for two dogs; each one has the same capacity as a conventional mantle stocking in terms of the amount of stuff it can hold.

49. St. Nicholas Square Paw Print Stocking

Are you looking for something that is a little bit more traditional? This knitted stocking with a traditional red-and-white design comes from St. Nicholas Square and features an embroidered paw print at the top. The stocking is made of knitted fabric. One pet owner joked, "I would like to tell you that my dog was over the moon with excitement upon seeing it, but I don't think she really cares." However, I think it would look even better if it were hung in front of the fireplace. It's a good size and it'll hold a lot of goodies from Santa, which Her Majesty will probably look askance at.

50. Cheap Chic Dog Christmas Stocking

“WOOF!” This dog-themed stocking is so adorable! This stocking measures 19 inches and features an embroidered "Woof" motif that includes an adorable dog. It also has a faux-fur cuff that makes it look like something Santa would wear. You are welcome to look at the other designs Cheap Chic has available for stockings with a canine motif included in the listing and choose your favorite; however, this particular design is already taken.

51. Personalized Dog Paw Christmas Stocking

The custom paw stocking can be found on marketplaces and is an excellent option if you are in the market for a personalized stocking for your canine companion. You can personalize this plush stocking by having the name of your canine companion embroidered on the cuff. One pet parent commented, "Got a customized one for my pup, and it's super cute!" on the product. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was larger than I had anticipated it being, which meant that there was enough space to store three different kinds of toys in addition to some treats.

52. New Traditions Simplify Your Holiday Dog Stocking

Another fun and customizable option is the dog stocking that can be purchased from New Traditions Simplify Your Holiday. On the front of this stocking is a plastic protector pocket that allows you to place a photo of your pet inside. In addition, the size of these stockings is larger than the average stocking, which means that on Christmas morning, you will have plenty of room to stuff them with goodies and gifts.

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