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Mount Washington to reopen for Father’s Day weekend as cold weather drags on

June 14, 2022 2 min read

According to an old proverb, what one person considers to be garbage, another person views as priceless. On the other hand, the weather that some people consider to be terrible might be a skier's paradise on Vancouver Island.

The Mount Washington Alpine Resort has declared that it will resume operations in time for the Father's Day holiday weekend, despite the protracted stretch of cold and rainy weather that continues until the beginning of summer.

This weekend, the resort will open with the Whiskey Jack Chair operating from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., provided that the weather cooperates. Guests will have access to a limited amount of terrain, as well as the coaster and the terrain park. In addition, Eagle's Flight Ziptours will be ready to welcome guests for tours every hour.

Tickets for a single day of skiing will cost $29 for people of all ages, but dads will be allowed to hit the slopes for free. Those who have a season pass from the previous ski season as well as those who have passes for the following ski season will be given free passes to the event that will only take place on the weekend.

According to Environment Canada meteorologist Derek Lee, who was interviewed by CHEK News earlier this month, temperatures on Vancouver Island have been between one and one and a half and two degrees cooler than what they normally would be so far this spring, making for weather that is colder than normal.

"So, you know how everybody is talking about how the unique weather on this island is keeping us on our toes, right?

On Tuesday, the resort posted a message on its website that said "We're rolling with it." Put your toes back into those ski boots so you may experience the exhilaration of gliding down the snow one more time before the beginning of the season for biking and going to the beach.

Even though there have been numerous reports of people complaining about the winter-like weather, the mountains to the north of Nanaimo have maintained their snow cover.

According to Lee, " It was definitely wet in the last three months across the area, receiving somewhere between 200 and 300 millimeters of precipitation, which amounts to roughly 130 percent more rainfall than typical."

This has resulted in a snow pack that is greater than 150% of what is considered to be usual for this time of year in areas that are located in mountain ranges.

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