Cyber Money Day: Meaning, Date, History, Activities & Advice

July 12, 2022 3 min read

Cyber Monday is a marketing term for e-commerce activities in the United States on the Monday following Thanksgiving. Retailers established it to encourage people to shop online. Unlike Black Friday, Cyber Monday allows you to browse the best Black Friday discounts from the comfort of your own home or office.

1. When is Cyber Money? 

Cyber Monday is observed on the Monday following Thanksgiving. Cyber Monday, launched in 2005, is the Internet's response to traditional holiday shopping. If you're a deal hunter, you should definitely mark that date on your calendar.

2. Cyber Money History

Ellen Davis, president of the National Retail Foundation, invented the term "Cyber Monday," which was used in the e-commerce market during the 2005 holiday season. Data showed that the Monday following Thanksgiving saw higher-than-usual traffic for retail shopping while people were at work. Analysts suggested that this was because people spent the weekend window shopping due to the chaos of Black Friday rather than buying and using the norm. Slower residential internet speeds, waited until Monday when they were bored at work to buy what they liked over the weekend. Many individuals had slow Internet connections at home at the time. Tony Valado came up with the notion for such a holiday while working at in 2003, and developed the term "White Wednesday" to refer to the day before Thanksgiving for online sellers. As the holiday increased in popularity, so did the day. Cyber Monday sales may begin the Monday before Cyber Monday (creating Cyber Week?) now. The classification is currently uncertain. But what we should know is that Cyber Monday has grown into much more than a foresight in 2005.

3. Cyber Money Activities

Take a shopping break instead of a lunch break

The disadvantage of Cyber Monday is that it falls on a Monday. The majority of us must work. But who needs a break for lunch? Take a vacation from shopping on Cyber Monday! Eating can be skipped later.

Allow yourself to be an Internet shopper

It's fine to fly your freak flag once a year. If you secretly enjoy online shopping but refuse to indulge, Cyber Monday is the one day of the year when you may do so without feeling guilty.

Crowdsource website recommendations

You're probably already on Facebook if you're perusing the Internet on Cyber Monday. Ask your Facebook friends to recommend their favorite e-commerce websites to broaden your purchasing horizons. Then prepare to be led down a delightful rabbit hole of Internet shopping heaven.

4. Some Advice for You 

Check-in early

We usually encourage checking in early to see what's on sale, just like we did with previous Black Friday discounts. While it is not always true that the "early bird gets the worm," there are occasions when flash discounts on sites like Amazon are only accessible for a limited time and in limited numbers. It's also likely that many of the top Black Friday offers will continue into the weekend, so keeping a close eye on things on Saturday and Sunday is always worthwhile.

Know what you're looking for

We'd recommend making a shopping list or a list of requirements well in advance of Cyber Monday. For example, if you're looking for gifts, create a list of possibilities based on personal research. You should set your budget, identify the size you require, and do some research on brands and features if you're looking for something like a Smartphone. Similarly, when it comes to laptops, consider what kind of features and power you'll require and visit sites like Dell and HP ahead of time to judge what they're likely to provide on the day.

Be prepared to buy alternatives

Following up on our second recommendation, we'd also recommend having an open mind about what will be on sale. You may have a clear idea of the exact laptop you want to purchase in advance, but it is not as heavily discounted as another comparable option. If you want to get the finest Cyber Monday deals, it's generally best to be brand-agnostic.

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