International Cat Day: Date, History, Traditions & Activities

July 18, 2022 5 min read

Every year, the world celebrates International Cat Day. The International Fund for Animal Welfare established it in 2002. It is a day dedicated to raising cat awareness and learning about ways to aid and protect them. International Cat Care, a non-profit British organization that has been working to enhance the health and wellbeing of domestic cats worldwide since 1958, will take over custodianship of International Cat Day in 2020.

1. What is the Date of International Cat Day? 

The 8th of August is International Cat Day, a day to honor one of man's most ubiquitous and oldest companions. They were even venerated as gods (we see you, Egypt.) Cats are one of the greatest organisms on the earth because they are independent, inquisitive, adventurous, have an amazing physiognomy, and have the ability to heal themselves – at least most of the time.

2. International Cat Day History

Cats are carnivorous little hairy creatures with four legs, a tail, and claws that people have domesticated as pets from ancient times, despite the fact that they descended from the African Wildcat and were once employed to catch vermin.

The first historical human record of cats can be found in the culture of the Ancient Egyptian Civilization. We all seem to associate cats with Egyptians because of their veneration and worship of cats as gods. During the First Dynasty, Mafdet was the first known cat deity and was regarded as the guardian against snakes, scorpions, and evil, therefore cats were not only deities, but also protectors.

After the Egyptian Dynasty fell, cats were popular all over the world! Cats were initially possessed by rich and wealthy individuals in the East and were utilized as pest control by the Greeks and Romans. However, during the Middle Ages in Europe, cats became connected with superstition and suspected of transmitting the sickness during the Black Death of 1348, which is why too many cats were slaughtered at the time, and it wasn't until the 1600s that cats' reputation began to improve.

Cats were part of the cargo aboard the colonization ships in America to reduce vermin and sickness, so those cats ashore and thrived. Cats appear to be one of modern society's pop idols; we have approximately half a billion of them. And, according to the "International Fund for Animal Welfare," cats have had their own holiday since 2002!

3. International Cat Day Traditions 

On International Cat Day, cats are treated like royalty. Not that they aren't treated and showered with love on most days, but they are especially pampered and showered with love today.

Cats are the pickiest members of the family, so the day is spent catering to their every need: purchasing their favorite treats and expensive catnip, allowing them to shred to their hearts' content, allowing them to wail, and even tuning in to their favorite TV show (there are videos on the internet of cats obediently watching "Tom and Jerry.")

Not every cat is fortunate enough to live in a loving home with a rich lifestyle. Stray cats are prone to cruelty and injury as a result of car accidents and other unpleasant situations, so donations to animal shelters and welfare organizations are appreciated. Cats are also adopted and placed in new homes, particularly by children acquiring their first pet.

4. International Cat Day Activities

Adopt a cat from a shelter or cat rescue in your area

If you're ready to welcome and care for a cat, this is the ideal way to commemorate International Cat Day. You may offer a lucky cat with a lifetime of love and protection while also possibly improving your own well-being! Read our checklist for first-time cat owners before you adopt.

Volunteer in a shelter in your area

Your local animal shelter most likely has a large number of cats and other animals in need of your assistance. Offer to play with the available cats, clean cages and litter boxes, feed cats, or assist with anything else they require. You'll undoubtedly make a lot of feline pals in the process!

Make your cat some tuna cookies

If you truly want to reward your cat, make - or bake - her something special, like these homemade cat tuna snacks.

Invest in your cat's safety by purchasing a GPS tracker

Keep your kitty safe with cutting-edge technology - you can now buy a GPS tracker designed exclusively for cats for about 50€. This is also an excellent way to express your affection for a friend's, colleague's, or family member's cat.

The GPS tracker for cats can be purchased here. If you have numerous cats, you may track them all at once using the simple and user-friendly Tractive GPS mobile app.

Purchase a nice new toy for your cat

Whether you get your cat a new cat condo, bed, toy, or treats, she'll show her appreciation with lots of purring, love, and cuddling. Cats Will Play's eco-friendly cat items are fantastic.

Give your cat some enjoyable exercise by installing some wall shelves just for him/her

What cat wouldn't enjoy climbing your apartment's walls, exploring the ceiling, and hiding in a comfy position out of sight? Furthermore, this may prevent him from harming your furniture or becoming bored. You can buy ready-made cat climbing shelves or get crafty and construct your own!

Brush your cat to get rid of extra fur and hairballs

Oh, yes, it is the location! On International Cat Day, spend some time cleaning your cat's fur and giving her the attention she deserves (or any day).

Give your cat a collar and tag with your name and phone number in case they get out and become lost

If your cat does not already have a collar and tag, now is a terrific time to get her one! A collar tag can help discourage a well-meaning neighbor from snatching your cat by accident. You should also microchip your cat and consider a GPS cat tracker for complete protection and safety.

For a fun photo shoot, hire a professional pet photographer

If you truly adore your cat, what better way to commemorate International Cat Day than with a photo shoot? To best commemorate World Cat Day, share your purrfectly gorgeous images on social media.

Throw a party on International Cat Day and invite all of your friends and their cats

What about a cat-themed party? Cats getting together over tuna treats and toys? Where do we register?! Make the most of this special day by tailoring it to the felines that you and your friends adore. Then email us a photo of how much fun you had!

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