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National Nonprofit Day: Date, History, Activities, and Facts

July 18, 2022 4 min read

Every year, National Nonprofit Day is observed to honor nonprofit organizations' continued efforts to benefit the local community. If you've ever volunteered, you understand the importance of these philanthropic organizations. Nonprofits across the country aim to raise awareness and provide support to people who might otherwise be unable to do so. Their activities help to shape our society and give us hope for a better future. We all contribute in some way, whether it's by volunteering, donations, or simply spreading the news about a nonprofit. Americans gave more than $400 billion to charitable organizations in 2017. What a fantastic example of collaboration!

1. What is the Date of National Nonprofit Day? 

National Nonprofit Day (NND) is celebrated on August 17th to honor the goals and good impacts that organizations make on communities and the world.

A volunteer reads to schoolchildren somewhere. A patient receives consistent medication at the same time. A lawyer helps low-income people with legal issues. A nonprofit funeral home ensures that the life of a lost person is remembered with dignity. A first-time homebuyer also moved into his own home. NND reminds us that the nonprofit sector makes each of these scenes possible. It is the outcome of the efforts of skilled individuals and organizations.

2. National Nonprofit Day History 

On August 17, 1894, the Tariff Act was passed into law. It exempted philanthropic organizations and charities from the federal income tax imposed on companies. Despite significant modifications throughout the years, N.G.O. exemptions have remained stable and continue to speed the operations of charitable organizations. This type of incentive makes the nonprofit sector more accessible to new organizations.

National Nonprofit Day was founded by Sherita J. Herring, an author and well-known speaker. Its mission was to educate and empower everyone to be the change they wished to see in the world. Recognizing that there are people in our midst who need help is the first step toward effectively transforming our culture. Charitable organizations have been fierce fighters in the fight to reduce the wealth gap. They provide a platform for people to directly or indirectly help the underprivileged.

The National Center for Charitable Statistics reports that there are 1.5 million registered groups in the United States. These groups contribute significantly to community development by providing services such as food banks, cheap housing, medical care, legal advice, and education. After-school activities are another key contribution of the nonprofit sector; the daycare centers they provide are vital assets to these communities.

The nonprofit sector contributes significantly to the national economy by hiring professionals such as lawyers, engineers, and nurses. Following the recession in 2012, the nonprofit sector contributed up to $887.3 billion, or 5.4 percent of the nation's GDP.

3. National Nonprofit Day Activities

Investigate the needs of your community

Determine what is required in your neighborhood and how you may contribute to its improvement. It could be as simple as starting a project or volunteering at a local business.


By volunteering, you can assist a local food bank or homeless shelter. Many charitable organizations work on a low budget and would be thrilled to get free support.

Increase awareness

Contribute to the activities of local NGOs by raising awareness on social media. You can also start a blog to promote your charity or nonprofit to the rest of the world.

Volunteers Should Be Honored

Your organization cannot realize its goals without the assistance and support of enthusiastic volunteers. On this day of honor, thank your volunteers and call those who go above and above for your organization every day.

Create A Donor Wall

Display the names of all donors, from large to little. When you're attempting to help others, every dime counts. A digital donor wall may be quickly set up on your website or at your next event as a live feed of donor names who help your organization achieve its goals through generous giving.

Make A Remark

Share a post about your group, its goals, and why you care about the cause. Use the hashtag #NationalNonprofitDay to raise awareness and encourage others to get involved.

Recipients of Special Recognition

What better way to commemorate this day than to highlight who or what you have dedicated your life's effort to bettering? From rescued animals to first responders in natural catastrophes, school safety, and individuals suffering from life-threatening diseases. This can give us the extra strength we need to keep going, fighting, and advocating for those who cannot advocate for themselves.

Start a fundraising campaign.

Launch a themed fundraising campaign in honor of National Nonprofit Day. Make use of messages that mention the day and encourage donations. You might also ask your donors to make a donation based on the year. "Join us in commemorating National Nonprofit Day 2021 by making a special donation of $20.21 to our organization!" for example. Make sure to advertise your fundraising effort on social media. This is the primary method that people will learn about the day and your organization, so make sure to include it in the conversation! To raise exposure for your organization, use the hashtag #NationalNonprofitDay.

4. National Nonprofit Day Facts

It is a crowd pleaser

Every year, one-quarter of the American population registers to volunteer.

The end-of-year blues

December is the month when nonprofit organizations receive the most donations.

The job-creating genie

With approximately 12 million employees, the nonprofit sector is the third-largest employer in the United States, after only retail and manufacturing.

The world is changing for the better

In the previous ten years, donations to charitable organizations have reached historic levels.

We are becoming friendlier as a result of our use of mobile phones

Mobile devices account for more than 10% of all nonprofit donations.

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