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Gifting is a frequent and sometimes simple way to express love, caring, appreciation, or just to return a kind gesture. But, as simple as that sounds, most people find giving or giving the proper gifts challenging for a variety of reasons. Many people struggle with selecting the suitable present item and understanding the appropriate time to deliver a gift or its intricacies. It's not like gift-giving is taught in school; you have to learn by doing.


1. It’s the thought that counts

There's a reason this appears cliche: it's a generally acknowledged gift-giving rule. A creative but affordable gift is far more likely to be appreciated than a generic, costly one.

2. Don’t expect a gift in return

You may have some friends or coworkers for whom you intend to buy gifts during the holidays. However, just because they're on your list doesn't guarantee they're on theirs. Give gifts because you want to, not because you expect to receive some as well.

3. Try not to overspend

There is no award for spending the most money on someone. Receiving extravagant gifts, in fact, might make some individuals uneasy. A heartfelt present is as good as a costly one.

4. Presentation Matters

No matter how expensive a gift is, it can look bad if it isn't presented properly - that is, unwrapped or with price tags still attached. Taking the time to wrap a gift or place it in a gift box or bag, on the other hand, might make a less expensive gift appear more valuable.

5. Add a greeting card 

Cards provide the ideal space for a personal message. They're also useful for delivering cash, cheques, or gift cards. Cards can also be used for various purposes. If someone receives a large number of gifts at a party or for a particular occasion, they can use your card to help them remember what you gave them.

6. Avoid giving presents in front of others

You should not give gifts in public unless you have been invited to a party. If it's a Christmas present, you may make others feel left out if you don't get one for them as well.

7. Avoid Regifting

It's tempting to regift something you don't want or already have, but doing so can be extremely upsetting if the person who gave you the gift finds out. A better option is to donate or give the present away. If you do regift, make sure the gift is still in good shape and isn't personalized - and that the original giver will never know. There are plenty of other things you can do with a present you don't want that don't involve regifting.

8. Personalized gifts are thoughtful

Consider a personalized item to indicate someone you were thinking about them. A personalized gift surely enables consumers to realize their relationships and establish a special bond with those they care about. This is what a personalized present does: it establishes a relationship, celebrates it, and strengthens it over time. The person will undoubtedly never forget how much you enjoy such a wonderful friendship with them.

Most important thing to remember

When it comes to the unwritten rules of gift-giving, there is only one right answer: the one that is right for you!  At Famvibe, we offer a range of meaningful gift collections which are personalized for every family member. Browse our website to empower yourself to give consciously, in harmony with your own values now!

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Angela Brown
Angela Brown

July 18, 2022

I Love to give because it comes from my heart

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