25 Best Christmas Gift Ideas For Coworkers Under $5

June 20, 2022 5 min read

Some workplaces have secret Santa, while others just promote a gift exchange. Whatever the case, it's not always enjoyable trying to locate inexpensive presents for your coworkers, particularly when you're paired up with someone you hardly know. Finding a present, on the other hand, does not always have to cost an arm and a leg, or even be a dull concept. Here are some inexpensive Christmas gifts for coworkers under $5 that will certainly make them giggle while also being beneficial to their work routine!

1) A Unisex Rubber Watch

This is the ideal Christmas gift for coworkers under $5 for either a male or female worker. It's waterproof, features a touch screen, and comes in a variety of colors. The greatest thing is that it just costs a dollar.

2)  A Practical Notebook

This notebook, with over 100 lined pages, is ideal for anybody who wants to jot down some serious ideas. One of the most affordable Christmas gifts for coworkers under $5.

3) Everyone Loves A Good Game Of Mad Libs

Because everything in this game is related to office life, everyone in your workplace will chuckle. A fantastic low-cost present for a coworker!

4) Some Toilet Paper For Your Republican Coworker

This is an amusing Christmas gift for coworkers under $5 who enjoy discussing politics. Get them a toilet paper roll with a picture of their "favorite" politician on it!

5) A Nice Soap Bar

Okay, so this is 99 cents above our budget, but a bar of soap blended with tea tree and eucalyptus oils is an excellent present for anybody, much alone a worker. If you have a stinky coworker, give them this Christmas gifts for coworkers under $5 as a subtle suggestion!

6) A Coffee Mug That Says It All

On those hard days at work, this humerus mug speaks for all of us. Sometimes you just need a little pick-me-up before participating in discussion, and this lets everyone know where you stand!

7) The Classic Yo Yo

You may think you're too old for this game, but let's be honest: anybody can get caught up in the excitement of a good old-fashioned game of yo yo.

8) You Do Need These Knock Knock WTF Notes

These humorous notes are great for leaving on coworkers' desks throughout the workplace. Definitely uplifting, and one of the finest Christmas gifts for coworkers under $5.

9) A Adorable Business Card Holder

These business card holders, which come in a variety of shapes and patterns, are the ideal Christmas gifts for coworkers under $5. Simply choose the design that best compliments them, and you've got yourself a terrific present for about $4!

10) A Funny Mouse Pad For The Dog Lovers

You can't look at this photo without going "aww," and your coworkers will as well. Get this mouse pad for 99 cents and make one of your coworkers happy!

11) A Funny Lanyard For The Pot Smoker

Yes, every business has a marijuana smoker that you and your coworkers are aware of, so why not give them a humorous lanyard? Hey, marijuana is now legal in many places! I don't recommend doing this in front of your supervisor.

12) A Box Of Pens

If you're anything like me, you're always running out of pens at work. One of the apparent yet necessary Christmas gift ideas for coworkers under $5!

13) Everyone Wants Coffee

You can't go wrong with coffee, and your coworkers will appreciate such a thoughtful present that will help them get through the forthcoming work week!

14) Some Cute Hair Clips

This is a fast and simple method to style your hair, and your coworkers will appreciate a present that will help them look their best on those hectic mornings!

15) For Their Cubicle, A Convenient Key Holder

We all need somewhere to keep our keys, and what better way to do it than with this little guy? He's unquestionably trustworthy, and you'll never lose your vehicle keys again.

16) Cookie Dough Gift

Nothing beats Christmas cookies, and you can give them exactly that this holiday season with these simple Christmas gifts for coworkers under $5. All that remains is to add the tag.

Nothing beats Christmas for eating sweets, and we adore ALL of them! We're not choosy when it comes to dessert. But cookies are the traditional Christmas dessert, and we certainly enjoy them in December.

Everyone puts cookies out for Santa, so why should he have all the fun? Your friends and neighbors certainly like cookies as much as we do, if not more than Santa, so why not give them some this year? That is why we like these adorable cookie presents for neighbors or friends.

17) Snowball Caramel Apples

Caramel apples aren't only for Halloween! These lovely snowball white chocolate caramel apples would make an ideal Christmas present for a friend. It's both beautiful and delicious!

18) Printable Christmas Gift Tags

These Printable Christmas Present Tags are a quick and simple last-minute gift idea that the recipient will like. Simply attach these adorable tags to nail wraps, paint, a manicure gift card, or any other nail-themed item.

19) Cinnamon Roll Gift

This clever neighbor gift idea is ideal for giving to neighbors and friends this holiday season. It will make them happy, it will be something they will use, and it is quite easy to put together!

It's incredibly fast and simple! Just a roll of cinnamon buns with a charming tag that reads "Just Rollin' By to Wish You a Merry Christmas!" Could it get any simpler?

20) Wrapping paper gift

It might be difficult to think of a helpful yet enjoyable present for the neighbors during the holiday season! This Christmas wrapping paper present is ideal since it is both humorous and functional!

21) Santa Suit Christmas Hand Towels

This adorable Santa hand towel is a perfect Christmas present for neighbors or friends. It's simple to create and adorable!

Is it true that, with the entrance of Pinterest into the globe, neighbor presents have become more creative? I know my neighbors are becoming really good at dropping off tiny presents. So inventive! It puts a little pressure on you to come up with something charming!

So, after some thought this year, here's what I came up with as a nice, unique, and fun neighbor present. Oh, how I adore it!

22) Lip Balm

It's early November, so I'm sure we all have the greatest intentions when it comes to creating presents, but if you're like me and need a fast Christmas gift in about a month and a half, the Lip Balm gift is for you!

23) Gingerbread Sugar Scrub Cubes

They're ideal for enjoying a mini-spa treatment with a buddy, and they're also a cheap present to bulk make. If you're unfamiliar with sugar scrub cubes, they're a simpler, more handy sugar scrub alternative. Sugar scrub cubes make it simpler to grab-and-scrub individual usage without worrying about getting water in your scrub, which would limit its lifetime. These gingerbread sugar scrub cubes are not only gorgeous, but they also smell like a gingerbread cookie!

24) Christmas Candy Bar Wrappers

This one is really inexpensive and would suit anybody - teacher, friend, neighbor, students, etc.

25) Christmas Tic Tacs

These are really simple to create using a Silhouette – and the snowman wrap may be made with only a few circle punches.

Do you have any cheap Christmas gift ideas for workers that we missed? Please share your thoughts in the area below.

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