34 Best Christmas Gifts For Coworkers Under $15

June 20, 2022 8 min read

Having difficulty choosing the perfect Christmas gifts for coworkers under $15? Something that won't break the money since you still need to purchase presents for your family and close friends, but yet makes an impression?

Do you just want to offer a modest present or pay attention to someone you appreciate working with? Great, because Famvibe is trying to provide you ladies and gentlemen some fantastic budget-friendly ideas for precisely that in this piece.

When I worked in a large corporation, Secret Santa was one of my favorite holiday traditions. We used to do it by placing your name in a bucket, then everyone selects a coworker's name, keeps it secret, and then buys something little and sometimes hilarious to signify your connection for approximately $10 to $15. In my view, the modest act of even participating in Secret Santa (there were those who did not want to be a part of it for various reasons) just makes the environment at work more pleasant and helps you gradually create a friendship or tells the individual that someone thought of him/her. Some coworkers you know better, and you may even see them outside of work. Others may be less so, but this is an excellent time to show them another side of you.

It might be difficult to choose how much money to spend on a present and what to purchase. It actually depends on the organization and how well you know the colleague you're purchasing a present for, but in most circumstances, I'd say $10 to $15.

It is better to be safe than sorry, therefore my advice is to act quickly and acquire your present, since most items sell out quickly during this time period. These are some Christmas gifts for coworkers under $15 for you.

1. Black Socks

Black Socks Christmas Gift for Corworkers

The softest socks you've ever worn, and the ideal Christmas gifts for coworkers under $15. (Have you ever met a guy who didn't need additional socks?)

2. Funny Memo Pads

Funny Memo Pads christmas gifts for coworkers under $15

Some individuals like stationery, so why not brighten their vacations with a few amusing notepads to make a dull day at work more enjoyable? These amusing notepads may give hours of entertainment while taking notes, making lists, and setting visual reminders. Plus, since they're so cheap, you can afford to present a variety that will have everyone in the workplace giggling all year.

3. Lip Balm

Lip Balm Christmas Gift for Corworkers

With the current chilly weather, everyone might benefit from a lip balm.

4. Cooper Head Massager 

Cooper Head Massager Xmas Gift for Corworkers

I received one as a gift last year and it's so much fun; it rubs your hair really softly and practically caresses it. Your coworker will undoubtedly like it.

5.Wide Glitter Picture Frame 

A pretty nice frame in which individuals may add a photo of themselves and their loved ones.

6.Palette of Eyeshadows

Shadows that are ideal for professional makeup.

7. Eggling Planter (DIY)

I'm not sure if you've ever seen eggling, but it's an egg that you can open and develop a little plant within. You may read more about it on the internet and choose other colors, but I believe it's a perfect Christmas gift for coworkers under $15 who want to decorate their workplace or simply need a tiny plant in the corner.

8.Avocado Halves Socks 

Do you know someone who likes avocados? They may like these. (I have white ones)

9. UO Gift Card

If you can't find something you like or don't have enough time to get it, I recommend purchasing a gift card so the receiver may shop anywhere they like. It's probably the simplest method, however most websites need a minimum of $25, which you may increase if necessary.

10. Candy Bomb Frizzer

Do you know somebody who might love a beautiful colorful bubbly bath? They will undoubtedly like this.

11. Pack Print Pants 

Has one of your coworkers lately given birth? Perhaps the finest Christmas gift for coworkers under $15 is a tiny gift for her baby.

12. Glazed Ceramic Planter

I really like this unique ceramic handcrafted planter.

13. Faux Bunny Pull On in Gray

These will keep your coworkers' feet fashionable and toasty all year long.

14.Bright Boost Oil 

The skin will be silky, soft, and never greasy after using this oil.

15.Envelope Card Holder in Leather

You might think that we are going over the budget with this one but no, it’s 100 percent leather, very classic and beautiful, a lovely gift for your co – worker.

16. Desk Plants

Brighten up a boring desk with these totally adorable mini owl planters. At only 2.5 inches tall, these ceramic pots are perfect for growing miniature herbs or low-maintenance succulents, giving your co-workers a little dose of natural beauty during their workday.

17. Wine

Assuming your gift recipient isn't celebrating sobriety and they aren't underage, then why not make them smile with a spirited surprise? You can generally find a good bottle of wine for $15, or grab two OK varieties for around $6 to $7 a pop (depending on how much you like your colleague). Does your co-worker prefer beer? Splurge on a six-pack of craft brew, throw on a bow and we promise your gift will be well-received.

18. Adult Coloring Books

Work might be a drag, but your Christmas gifts for coworkers under $15 doesn't have to be. Give your co-worker a fun surprise by gift-wrapping an adult-themed (but not X-rated!) coloring book and markers. These zen-inducing activity books help grownups tap into their childhood creativity and can be a fantastic outlet for stressful work days.

19. Movie Tickets

Maybe $15 can't buy two tickets to the luxury cinema, but it can definitely cover the cost of two matinee tickets and maybe even a small snack. For the coworker who loves the movies or the gift-giver who's short on ideas, a gift card to the theater is a great quickie present that can bring a lot of enjoyment.

20. Butt Cushion

Sitting at a desk all day can make our legs, butts and backs totally sore. Give your co-worker a gluteal boost by gifting them an affordable memory foam seat cushion. Not only can they provide support and make sitting for long hours a little less miserable, they're also super affordable!

21. Cell Phone Camera Lens

For the co-worker who's always taking photos of their lunch, a fun gift to up their picture-quality game is this attachable cell phone camera lens. Priced at just under $14, these lenses provide crisper, clearer shots with less glare, making their Instagram feed sparkle with high-res images. Just be sure you get a lens that's compatible with their phone model!

22. Personal Fan

Sharing an office means sharing a thermostat, and everyone knows that means someone is likely to be uncomfortable. For the coworker who needs a little more wind, these affordable USB-powered desk fans are the ideal present. The little but formidable fans produce a continual stream of chilly air to keep coworkers comfortable when your employer is cheap about operating the AC.

23. Warm Touch-Screen Gloves

Speaking of thermostats, you've probably got a coworker or two that are always chilly. Why not provide them with a stylish pair of touch-screen gloves to keep their fingers warm? These practical gloves are designed for cold hands that need to work and are comfortable to wear while using computers and, yes, even touch displays.

24. Personal Journal

A guided diary might be the ideal Christmas gift for coworkers under $15 who are interested in self-improvement. These enjoyable and relatively affordable books, with suggestions to help unlock inner creativity, identify objectives, and drive action, are like a daily dose of personal therapy to assist motivate and encourage your colleague to live their best life.

25. Multi-Purpose Pen

Talk about uniqueness! Multipurpose pens are a fun and flexible present to offer this holiday season. From glass-cutting tactical pens to pens that morph into useful tools like screwdrivers, tiny saws, bottle openers, and even flashlights, these one-of-a-kind presents will make your coworker feel like they're on an episode of "MacGyver."

26. Desk-Size Games

Everyone has to let off some steam now and again, and one of the greatest ways to do it is to play a game. Because most offices lack bowling alleys, basketball courts, pool tables, and cornhole boards (unless you work at Google headquarters), tiny desk versions are a welcome replacement that every coworker will appreciate.

27. Glass Water Bottle 

Water is essential, but so is avoiding the hazardous chemicals and pollutants contained in plastic. A sleek glass and bamboo water bottle is a perfect present for the health-conscious coworker to help them keep hydrated during the workday without worrying about BPA and microplastics in their beverage. These adorable bottles may promote greater health and well-being.

28. Aromatherapy Diffuser 

With this tiny essential oil diffuser, humidifier, and calming light, a personal workstation means some much-needed personal aromatherapy. Give the presence of aromatic zen with these elegant diffusers, which may create a peaceful or even stimulating environment with their favorite aromatherapy oils.

29. Foot Hammock 

This Christmas gift for coworkers under $15 is so brilliant that you may want to get one for yourself. Foot hammocks make long days at the office much more pleasant. These lower-leg slings, which cost less than $15, are ideal for resting weary feet at the office, and are cushioned with soothing memory foam for extra-comfortable leg support.

30. Books

Books are timeless Christmas gifts for coworkers under $15, and they're likely to be the most appreciated by the keen reader in your workplace. There are almost unlimited titles to pick from that are well under the $15 budget, allowing you to gift someone a few books to enjoy this holiday season, ranging from amusing, work-themed books to novels, autobiographies, and more. Can't determine what they should read? Give them a gift card to a bookstore and let them choose their own books.

31. Lottery Tickets 

Unless you reside in one of the six states in the United States that do not play in the lottery (Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Mississippi, Nevada, and Utah), a bundle of lottery tickets is a present that literally keeps on giving. Whether you purchase a box of fifteen $1 scratch-offs or combine them with quick select lottery tickets, your entertaining holiday present might be worth hundreds (or perhaps millions) of dollars for a very modest investment.

32. Amusing Mugs

Long days at the workplace need copious quantities of coffee, chocolate, or tea, so a new set of hilarious mugs is the ideal Christmas gifts for coworkers under $15. These caffeinated delights, ranging from sardonic to sassy, are fantastic conversation starters and will make waking up for work a bit more joyful. Plus, since they're so cheap, you may be able to splurge on a bag of coffee, a box of cocoa, or a box of tea to go with them.

33. Mug Warmer 

Why not splurge on this cheap desktop mug warmer for the coworker who already has enough cups to keep them happy? This clever device keeps hot drinks wonderfully hot while taking very little space.

34. RFID Security Wallet 

While there is some disagreement over whether RFID wallets are really essential, this safe wallet may be a fascinating present to get for the technologically savvy coworker. These elegant wallets serve double duty to ensure you're the only one spending your money by preventing fraudsters from skimming data from your credit cards, IDs, and even passports.

The adage says that coworkers are the family you pick. Similarly, coworkers are the family chosen for you by the enigmatic forces of business. Whether you're back to seeing your teammates in person or still holding meetings via Zoom, these gift ideas will signal the individuals you work with that they're special, cherished, and more than simply "work friends". Look no further than World Market for amazing presents on a budget! You'll find a wide range of christmas gifts for coworkers under $15 here, including games, food, candles, cooking utensils, accessories, and much more.

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