92 Best Christmas Gifts for Boyfriends Under $20 or Less

June 27, 2022 17 min read

There is no need to spend a lot on a cool gift for your boyfriend and relatives. In fact, some of the coolest treats you can give him cost less than $20. Regardless of his preferences and interests, you can find the perfect inexpensive Christmas gifts for a boyfriend under $20 for any occasion.

1. Ugly Dog-Species Christmas Sweater

This Christmas gift for boyfriend under $20 will be sure to surprise him. With a variety of dog breeds available, these sweaters put the canine in the spotlight with their festive embellishments. They are ideal for wearing during the Christmas holiday, as they are endearing rather than ugly. 

In addition, you can  refer to many unique personalized Christmas gifts at Famvibe store including stockings, ornaments, t-shirts, pillows, mugs, tumblers. bandanas, sweatshirt, posters, flags, custom bone pet tag, blanket… that will make your boyfriend remember you so much.

46. Ugly Dog-Species Christmas Sweater_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

2. Dogs riding bicycles T-shirts

Whether he owns a dog or simply likes a certain breed, these t-shirts are hilarious and seriously adorable, because who wouldn't love a dog on a bicycle? There is a range of t-shirts with original designs in sizes XS to 5XL. Availability depends on the style. You can pick the Dogs On Bikes shirt style you like best: V-neck or crew neckline; short, baseball, or long sleeves; slim or loose fit; light, medium, or heavy fabric weight.

Explore more christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20 at Famvibe in order to show the recipient that you care enough to plan their present in advance.

5. Dogs riding bicycles T-shirts_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

3. Beard Decorations

Beards are synonymous with Santa, so add a festive touch to his facial hair with this assortment of red, green, silver, and gold clip-on ornaments.

What decorations are trending this Christmas? Get inspired with Famvibe’s collection of Christmas ornaments under $20 for your boyfriend.

christmas ornament for boyfriend

4. Creature Cups

If the coffee fails to rouse him, the creature staring up at him from the bottom of his mug will certainly do the trick. Choose from a variety of personalized Christmas gift to surprise him with each cup of coffee and brighten his day.

25. Creature Cups_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

5. Schematic Map

Are you itching for a vacation? During your travels, scratch off your location on the Scratch Map to mark the locations you've visited and to learn some entertaining travel trivia.

2. Schematic Map_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

6. Pick Punch

With the pick punch, you will never need to worry about running out of guitar picks. Use it to create genuine, usable guitar picks from old hotel keys, credit cards, and other materials.

3. Pick Punch_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

7. The Bed Wetness Hot Sauce

With a heat rating of approximately 35,000 on the Scoville Scale, this hot sauce may live up to its name, but since it contains no artificial additives, it will do him no harm.

4. The Bed Wetness Hot Sauce_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

8. Reusable Smart Notebook

This remarkable notebook seamlessly combines the traditional pen-and-paper experience with the digital age. This infinitely reusable "notebook" contains special pages that you can write on just like paper, then scan directly into your cloud-based applications using the corresponding app. Reuse the page by wiping it clean!

6. Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Smart Notebook_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

9. Hand Warming Device

A sleek metal hand warmer with a 12-hour lifespan is ideal for hunting, camping, snowboarding, and any other cold-weather activity.

7. Zippo Hand Warming Device_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

10. Neighborhoods Map Coasters

These engraved cedar coasters commemorate your shared city, whether it's where you met, got married, or now call home. Each set of four depicts one quadrant of the chosen city. One is finished with the city's name and date of establishment for a beautiful and useful Christmas gift for boyfriend under $20.

8. Neighborhoods Map Coasters_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

11. Skateboard Snow Brush

Want to give your hockey fan a memorable present? With this snowbrush, made from actually retired hockey sticks, a practical and useful gift becomes a cherished artifact. After completing their duty of scoring goals on the ice, they are prepared to remove the ice from your windshield.

9. Skateboard Snow Brush_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

12. Mosaic Picture Album

Give him the Christmas gift that enables him to create a physical representation of the memories stored on his iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Mosaic is a one-of-a-kind app that allows him to select his favorite photos and create a stunning photo book to share with his friends and family.

10. Mosaic Picture Album_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

13. Whiskey Stones

A set of whiskey stones is an elegant present for any man who occasionally enjoys a nightcap. Natural soapstone is used to fashion nine whiskey stones that are both elegant and functional. Utilize them to cool your beverage without diluting it.

11. Whiskey Stones_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

14. Magnetic Bracelet

A magnetic wristband serves as a third hand when he is occupied with home improvement projects and other to-do items. It organizes screws, nails, and small tools for quick and easy access.

12. MagnoGrip Magnetic Bracelet_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

15. 101 Skills Every Man Should Be Able to Perform

Give him the Christmas gift of knowledge and experience, all of which have been compiled into this practical manual for men.

13. 101 Skills Every Man Should Be Able to Perform_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

16. Hopside Down Beer Glasses

No one likes a warm, sweaty beer. Assist him in keeping his preferred brew colder for longer by giving him a set of innovative Hopside Down beer glasses.

14. Hopside Down Beer Glasses_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

17. Personal Water Purifier LifeStraw

A constant concern when camping, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, and engaging in other outdoor activities is the availability of clean water. The LifeStraw Personal Water Purifier is the optimal solution for individual water filtration. Don't allow him to leave the residence or lodge without it.

15. Personal Water Purifier LifeStraw_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

18. Black Poker Cards

For the card shark, illusionist, poker player, or anyone who appreciates the darker side of life, this deck of black playing cards features stunning artwork and a mysterious vibe.

16. Black Poker Cards_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

19. One-Piece Swimsuit Thanos

This swimsuit is definitely not for the type of man who prefers to blend in with the crowd. It features the face of Thanos and is tailored to fit and complement the male form.

17. One-Piece Swimsuit Thanos_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

20. Recuperate Fitness Cold Massage Ball

This inventive device is great for providing pain relief, reducing inflammation, and improving muscle recovery time, circulation, and mobility for men who enjoy working out. Utilize the roller on the neck, shoulders, knees, and even the balls of the feet for a more efficient and effective workout.

18. Recuperate Fitness Cold Massage Ball_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

21. The Original Bedside Shelf

This brilliant idea will transform your life! A space-saving bedside shelf that can support up to 15 pounds will keep your water, phone, glasses, and bedtime reading close at hand. The beautiful bamboo tray fits most beds without tools; simply tighten the hidden clamps to secure it.

19. The Original Bedside shelf, BedShelfie_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

22. 100 Deadly Techniques Book

If he considers himself something of a Navy SEAL, make sure he knows how to survive as one with this handy survival guide, which should assist him in escaping dangerous situations.

20. 100 Deadly Techniques Book_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

23. Striker Magnetic LED Light Mine

The Striker Magnetic LED Light Mine provides hands-free illumination whenever he requires it. Create a 360-degree, freestanding light source that he can use for home projects and repairs on the go.

21. Striker Magnetic LED Light Mine_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

24. The Dude Diet

Healthy eating doesn't have to entail rabbit food, so make sure your man gets his meals the way HE wants them (big and "dirty"), just prepared in a wholesome manner.

22. The Dude Diet_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

25. Magnetic Bottle Hanger

This ingenious and space-saving bottle hanger adheres to the ceiling of your refrigerator and uses incredibly strong magnets to hold up to six bottles upright while keeping them chilled.

23. Magnetic Bottle Hanger_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

26. Unbreakable Knife

The Unbreakable Hatchet is ideal for campers, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts of all types. It is lightweight, easy to use, and faster and more maneuverable than a conventional ax.

24. Unbreakable Knife_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

27. The Ductigami Art of Tape

It's true what they say: duct tape can fix anything. The entertaining and instructive Ductigami book contains eighteen duct tape-based projects.

28. Electronics Cleansing Compound

A batch of electronics cleaning putty is the best gift for men who adore their tech toys. It disinfects computers, keyboards, office equipment, and various electronic devices.

1. Electronics Cleansing Compound_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

29. Universal Socket

This universal socket set is a godsend for men who are constantly tinkering, as it automatically adjusts to fit the vast majority of sizes and shapes of nuts, bolts, hex heads, and screws.

27. Universal Socket_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

30. The Craft of Repairing

This exhaustive guide will help him master the art of fixing this. It includes 150 tips and tricks for extending the life of items and saving money in the process.

28. The Craft of Repairing_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

31. Gripmaster Hand Exerciser

When men begin an exercise routine, they frequently neglect to include their hands, wrists, and fingers in the routine. The Gripmaster Hand Exerciser is an ideal present for men who spend all day at a computer or who use their hands frequently in their jobs or hobbies.

29. Gripmaster Hand Exerciser_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

32. Odd-Job Crescent Multi-Tool

A tool that functions as multiple tools is a safe bet when it comes to gift-giving for men. The Crescent Odd Job Multi-Tool functions as a hefty steel hammer, a mallet with a soft face, a nail puller, and a screwdriver, among other tools.

30. Odd-Job Crescent Multi-Tool_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

33. Develop Your Own Film Viewer

You remember the reel viewers we used as children, correct? Now available with authentic photographs! Whether it's his wedding photos, his graduation pictures, or a collection of snapshots from his childhood, this seven-picture reel viewer makes an awesome Christmas gift for boyfriend under $20.

31. Develop Your Own Film Viewer_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

34. Weighted Sleep Mask

Travel disrupts sleep patterns, making it more difficult to get enough rest. With this weighted sleep mask, frequent fliers will have the best chance of dozing off. This light-blocking mask uses the same technology as a weighted blanket to apply pressure to key points around the eyes to help him relax and sleep.

32. Weighted Sleep Mask_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

35. Single Edge Razor

It took one thousand prototypes to perfect this razor, but it was well worth the effort. This razor features a swivel head and a single (recyclable) blade, eliminating the painful nicks and cuts associated with double and even triple-blade models, as well as the waste associated with disposables.

33. OneBlade Single Edge Razor With a Lifetime Warranty_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

36. Customized New York Times Front Page Puzzle

Choose almost any date between 1851 and the present, and the front page of the New York Times will be transformed into an engaging puzzle. This paperboard puzzle, cut into 500 small jigsaw pieces, will assemble into a fascinating memento of that special occasion.

34. Customized New York Times Front Page Puzzle_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

37. Bonsai Forest

Even though he lacks the space for his forest, he can cultivate a miniature forest in the comfort of his own home. This bonsai kit contains everything needed to cultivate a miniature grove of Dawn Redwoods. It will take years for the trees to mature, making it a Xmas gift that keeps on giving.

37. Dawn Redwood Bonsai Forest_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

38. Embroidered Luxury Fleece Dressing Gown

This luxurious robe is ideal for use after a shower or bath, and it will also allow him to watch television in comfort. This incredibly soft and opulent fleece robe features two large pockets, oversized 34-length cuffs, and his name embroidered in a variety of attractive colors on the chest.

38. Embroidered Luxury Fleece Dressing Gown_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

39. Beer Soap Sample Set for Six

If he prefers beer over wines and spirits, this assortment of soaps will make taking a shower more appealing. Each of the six miniature soap bars is formulated with skin-nourishing ingredients, such as coconut oil and shea butter, and infused with beer for a homey, comforting aroma.

39. Beer Soap Sample Set for Six_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

40. Date Night Bucket List

If he's always at a loss for date night ideas, this Bucket List kit will provide him with a tube full of suggestions. Each of the 25 wooden sticks contains a different suggestion, ranging from romantic to stimulating the mind, so he can choose at random.

40. Date Night Bucket List_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

41. How Do I Love You From A to Z

This little book is sweetly romantic and a great way to say "I love you." It will melt his heart. With 26 A-Z prompts, you can personalize the pages with your own thoughts and handwriting, and then present the book to him as a keepsake he will cherish forever.

40. Date Night Bucket List_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

42. Customized Personalized Map of Anywhere

Create one of these unusual maps based on a location that is significant to him. Start by inputting the location, then personalize the design by selecting colors, orientation, finish, and up to three lines of text. You can even add a heart to mark the location.

42. Customized Personalized Map of Anywhere_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

43. 50 Cal Chrome Bottle Opener Engraved

In this instance, the phrase "there's a bullet with your name on it" is actually a compliment. This bottle opener is made from a once-fired, decommissioned 50 caliber shell casing and can be engraved with up to 25 characters. It is ideal for anyone with an interest in shooting.

43. 50 Cal Chrome Bottle Opener Engraved_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

44. Kit for Making Your Own Hot Sauce

Include a kit that allows him to make his condiments in his present this year for a dash of flavor and sauce. With peppers, spices, vinegar, and all the necessary equipment, he can create six deliciously spicy sauces with the perfect amount of heat with F-Bombs, spices, vinegar, and all the necessary equipment.

44. Kit for Making Your Own Hot Sauce_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

45. F Bomb Commemorative

When they have this attractive paperweight on their desk, foul-mouthed men will be able to drop an F-bomb without saying a word. This paperweight, handcrafted from recycled steel and consisting of the letter 'f' and a round 'bomb,' will speak volumes to anyone who enters his office.

45. F Bomb Commemorative_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

46. Mars Dust Globe

Snow globes are lovely, but if you're looking for a less-cute Christmas gift for boyfriend under $20, this is the ideal option. With just one shake, a pair of astronauts standing inside against the backdrop of Valles Marineris and Olympus Mons will be concealed by a cloud of red Martian dust.

47. Personalized Shortbread Cookies

Are you searching for a way to entice him? Each of these individually wrapped cookies will bear the message of your choosing. With space for up to three lines of personalization, these buttery vanilla cookies make a cool present for men with a sweet tooth.

47. Personalized Shortbread Cookies_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

48. 5-in-1 Device Pen

If he is the type of person who can fix anything, this pen will ensure he is prepared for the task. Ingeniously integrated into the design are a screwdriver, stylus, bubble level, and ruler, while the pen itself features a clip for secure pocket storage.

48. 5-in-1 Device Pen_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

49. Infinity Cushion

Whether he uses it for travel or simply lounging, this infinity pillow will allow him to unwind in utter comfort. This pillow, made from soft bamboo fabric and filled with squishy polyester, can be squished, stuffed, wrapped, and folded to ensure that he is comfortable wherever he is.

49. Infinity Cushion_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

50. Minimalist Carbon Fiber Wallet

This aluminum wallet will spare him the discomfort and unsightliness of a bulging back pocket. This minimalist wallet is equipped with RFID blocking technology and can hold up to 12 credit cards and nine bills, eliminating the need for a bulky leather version that would compromise his sleek appearance.

50. Minimalist Carbon Fiber Wallet_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

51. Burrito Cover

This blanket will give him a taste of his favorite food every day. This enormous circular tortilla blanket is made of high-quality flannel and is available in four sizes, ranging in diameter from 47 to 80 inches.

52. The Book of Extraordinary Knowledge

Give him The Book of Unusual Knowledge to fill his head with useless knowledge. This book will keep him occupied for hours as he ponders the answers to some of life's most obscure questions.

53. Breakfast Sandwich Maker

If he is a firm believer in the adage that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, he will love this sandwich maker. Producing meals in four to five minutes, he can layer cheese, meats, and eggs in his preferred bread or bagel without the greasiness of fast food.

54. Customized Water Bottles

Provide him with a personalized S'well bottle to prevent his water bottle from being confused with another's at the gym. Triple-insulated to keep his beverages cold (or hot), the bottle is available in an assortment of attractive colors and sizes and can be engraved with up to 10 characters.

55. Box of Heirloom Chili Peppers

Allow him to work his way up the Scoville scale with this box of naturally grown, fresh chili peppers. This sampler includes the smoky Shishito and one of the hottest chilies in the world, the 7-Pot, as well as recipes for pickling, freezing, and smoking for year-round heat.

56. Fillet Knife

This knife is essential for avid anglers, especially those whose catches tend to be on the smaller side. This 6" knife with an ultrathin blade is ideal for filleting, cleaning, and detailing smaller fish such as Crappie and Panfish, while the non-slip trigger handle protects the user's hands.

57. Wine Cork Regions

Corks are a great way to remember a particular celebration or event, but they are typically hidden away. Display them in style with this Wine Cork Holder. This state-shaped holder crafted from Baltic birchwood makes an excellent present for men who appreciate visual reminders of good times.

58. Kit for Making Your Fortune Cookies

This fortune cookie kit allows anyone to make these delicious take-out treats with their own personalized 'fortunes' Fortune cookies are as much fun to make as they are to eat. WithExcept, extract, and salt, this kit is suitable for a variety of occasions.

59. Hydros Filtering Water Bottle

If filtered water is a daily necessity for him, the Hydros bottle will make a thoughtful present. The Hydros filters water five times faster than other systems, reduces single-use plastic, and uses eco-friendly coconut shell carbon with a BPA-free outer shell to hold 20 fl oz.

60. Kit to Infuse and Pour Alcohol

This kit will provide an aspiring mixologist with a variety of delectable infused spirits to help him get started. Each kit comes with dehydrated fruits and spices and an infusion bottle, and there are four different varieties to choose from. All he needs to add is alcohol.

61. Personalized Better Together Book of Love

Better Together is the absolutely adorable book that demonstrates to your loved one how life is enhanced by his presence. The two characters in the book (you and he) are completely customizable, including name, skin tone, hair color, and gender, and come with a selection of cover colors.

62. Wine Soaps Collection

With this set of four deliciously scented soaps, wine connoisseurs can enjoy inhaling a beautiful bouquet while showering. These beautiful vegan soaps have been infused with the scents of Chardonnay, Cabernet, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Grigio. They are handcrafted from natural ingredients such as cocoa butter and shea butter.

63. LuminAid Solar Lantern

Whether he enjoys hiking and camping or simply takes pride in being ready for a zombie invasion, the LuminAID will make an excellent Christmas gift. Fully collapsible, the lightweight light will charge via the solar panel on top and provide up to 24 hours of illumination on a single charge lasting 10 to 12 hours.

36. LuminAid Solar Lantern_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

64. Classic Stanley Flask

Whether he is camping or attending a party, he can sneak a drink with the durable Stanley Classic Flask. It fits easily in pockets and camping packs and has a wide mouth for effortless pouring. If it's a gift, you can use the space on the bottom for engraving.

65. Bullnose KeyRing

A keychain with a bull's head is mounted directly on the wall, demanding to be noticed by anyone entering or exiting the building. He will never again misplace his keys.

66. Ticket Stub Organizer

A ticket stub organizer allows him to keep a small piece of some of his most memorable trips and visits. He can keep ticket stubs, programs, and flyers from baseball games, concerts, museum exhibits, and film screenings, among other events.

67. Set of Personalized Socks

This set of five high-quality cotton socks can be personalized for any occasion – add a classic monogram on the ankle for an elegant touch, write his full name across the toe, or include a birthday greeting for a truly unique Christmas gift for boyfriend under $20. He will realize his uniqueness in these.

68. West Coast Style IPA Beer Brewing Kit

With this clever kit, your beer enthusiast can now have a personal microbrewery in his kitchen. It includes everything he needs to brew one gallon of ale, including 100 percent malt extract, specialty grains, premium yeast, and, of course, aromatic hops from Washington state.

69. Video Games Collection Puzzle

This inventive puzzle mashup combines electronic gaming with decidedly offline activity. A 1,000-piece puzzle depicts a large collection of vintage game consoles, controllers, and cartridges as a tribute to all gamers. This is a fantastic method for bringing gamers into the real world while they continue to enjoy their hobby.

70. Artisan Subscription Box from GlobeIn

Does he embrace the boho, artisanal aesthetic and appreciate beautiful objects in his home? Then, this monthly subscription box will provide him with 4-5 handcrafted items from 50+ countries.

71. Gin and Tonic Glassware Diagram

These glasses are the ideal present for a man who enjoys gin and tonics. The graphics humorously depict the correct ratio of gin, ice, and tonic. Also, remember the lime! Package with all the necessary ingredients to make a batch on the spot, and you have a Christmas gift winner!

72. Man Bar Soap Set

These delightfully scented soaps from Man Bar will keep your man smelling fresh. The combination of three masculine fragrances, musk and sandalwood, sage and bergamot, and cardamom and juniper, serves as a cleanser, a refresher, and an exfoliator. These large soap bars are not your typical puny ones.

73. Mountain Escape Desktop Organizer

With this inventive caddy, you can head for the hills. Two jagged mountain compartments with a row of evergreens on the front are laser-cut from birch and hold all of your office supplies, including pens, paper, folders, and business cards. It would also be an ideal organizer for art supplies and a mail catcher.

74. Wooden Serving Slices

There is nothing more masculine or cool than serving food on a thick slice of wood. This wood slice serving board looks striking on the table, and you can make it yourself if you have the ability to cut wood.

75. Bacon Salt

The combination of bacon and salt is sufficient to induce salivation in the majority of men. They can sprinkle this on anything they eat, and it will magically acquire a bacon flavor. Excellent for soups, salads, and other foods.

76. Lemon Butter Lip Balm

This lip balm will keep his lips kissably soft and smooth throughout the entire year. Unlike store-bought balms, this one is made with natural ingredients, so you can feel good about giving it to him.

77. Wine Bottle and Glasses Holder

This one-of-a-kind wine glass holder attaches directly to the wine bottle and allows him to carry four glasses and the bottle of wine simultaneously. It is a cool present that he can use when hosting a small gathering.

78. Barbaric Hand Scrub

Men will appreciate receiving this hand scrub as a present because it is clearly labeled as masculine. It will assist them in restoring their hands to their normal condition after working in the garage or around the house and getting them extremely dirty.

79. Shaving Lotion with Rosemary and Mint

This homemade shaving cream infused with the wonderful and natural ingredients rosemary and mint makes a great Christmas gift for boyfriend under $20. This will prepare his skin for shaving and soothe it, preventing razor burn.

80. Diy Leather Media Player Case

Do you know anyone who still uses an MP3 player or other media device to listen to music? They will appreciate this custom leather case that is pocket-sized, lightweight, and protective. On the material itself, you can customize the color and even print patterns. Your thoughtfulness will surely be appreciated by the recipient.

81. Diy Stamped Metal Bar Tags

Check out this simple guide if you've never tried hand-stamping metal for your first project. These adorable bar tags are worth the trip to the craft store for the specialized tools and materials required. As soon as you get the hang of it, you will stamp everywhere.

82. Crafting Your Beer Glasses and Carrier

This exquisite present contains a beer caddy, beer bottles, and beer glasses. What else could a beer drinker want? Follow the simple woodworking plans to create your own clever caddy, then design stencils and engrave two pints with a monogram. Finish the meal with a couple bottles of his preferred beer.

83. DIY Mustache balm

Make a batch of this incredible beard balm for your scruffy gentleman, and he'll be looking dapper in no time. Not to mention the hair on his head. This is a great styling gel for the entire head! Putting it in a cute tin and affixing a vintage label transforms it into a Christmas gift-worthy DIY.

84. Diy Beer Coasters

Coasters are not always seen as cool Christmas gifts, but these ones truly are as they are made using beer mats that have been Mod Podged onto inexpensive ceramic tiles.

85. Diy Tool Crack

Encourage him to keep his man cave organized with this do-it-yourself "hold everything tool rack," which does exactly what it says on the tin.

86. Diy Unbreakable Pullup Bar

If he spends more time at the gym than at home, entice him back with this homemade pull-up bar constructed from metal pipes and connectors.

86. Diy Unbreakable Pullup Bar_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

87. Diy Baseball Lamp

Any baseball fan will be blown away by this incredible DIY lamp, which can be made using a glove, baseballs, and this detailed guide.

87. Diy Baseball Lamp_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

88. Ammunition Crate Table

This coffee table can be made using only an old military ammo crate and a few basic DIY supplies. It is ideal for the man cave or the backyard during the summer.

88. Ammunition Crate Table_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

89. Diy Chandelier

This chandelier is created with mason jars rather than shades, and can be made with clear or brightly colored jars to suit the mood and décor.

89. Diy Mason Jar Chandelier_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

90. Homemade Paracord Seat

This paracord chair would make an awesome present for any guy who enjoys kicking back and relaxing in his way. Its low height makes it ideal for lounging.

90. Homemade Paracord Seat_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

91. Diy Fire Pit

With the addition of a grate, these fire pits can also be used as a grill, making them ideal for outdoor use. They are constructed from nothing more than old tire rims and power tools.

91. Diy Fire Pit_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

92. Diy Wooden Tool Carrier

Grab some wood and assemble this open toolbox, which is ideal for transporting a few tools, including longer ones, to whatever task is at hand.

92. Diy Wooden Tool Carrier_christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20

On their special day, all men deserve a cool present. Fortunately, some of the coolest Christmas gifts for boyfriend under $20 can be found without breaking the bank. Regardless of his age, occupation, hobbies, personality, or style, you can find the perfect Christmas gifts for him under $20 or less.

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