Best Christmas Gifts for Piano Players

June 27, 2022 16 min read

If you're looking for the ideal gift for the pianist in your life this Christmas, look no further! We've put up the best list for individuals who enjoy tickling the keys! Of course, the most difficult aspect will be deciding which fantastic Christmas gifts for piano players in your life!

1. Grand Piano Ornament

This lovely Christmas ornament will be displayed on their tree every Christmas and is lovely enough to keep all year! The wooden ornament is packaged in a gift box and is ready to give.

2. Adjustable Exercise Finger Strengthener

This all-in-one hand exerciser is one of the best Christmas gifts for piano players who want to improve their grip and finger strength. It is ideal for those who play the piano, bass, guitar, or any other instrument that requires a solid grip for an extended period of time. It is also ideal for athletes, particularly those who enjoy rock climbing and other grip-related hobbies! Individual finger tension can be adjusted between 4LB and 7LB.

3. Piano Key Cufflinks

To the uneducated eye, they're just keys on a piano, but to a musician, those 88 notes are the foundations of expression, joy, and history. So, in your universe, give the major and minor chord creator this handmade cufflinks set. These conversation-starting accessories, painstakingly carved from holly and ebony, are a sharp accent to their jazz brunch smart duds or even their concerto-watching formal dress.

4. Mechanical Black Metronome

Timing is one of the most difficult qualities for musicians to acquire. If you play the guitar, piano, drums, or any other instrument that requires consistent speed, using a metronome is a terrific method to ensure you're keeping time. This lovely metronome comes in four different colors and will make a difference for any piano enthusiast who is fortunate enough to practice with it!

5. Silver Plated Vintage Desk Grand Piano Clock

This stunning silver-plated grand piano clock is an excellent Christmas gift idea for the mom in your life who loves pianos and watches. The lovely piano desk clock is chrome-plated and set with excellent Matashi Crystals. It is meticulously made to lend a touch of elegance and luxury to any area. 

6. Piano Bamboo Cheese Board

As long as they also like charming little cheese boards, the piano cheese board is the ideal present for pianists, vocalists, or general music fans in your life. The cheese board is a split-level cutting board in the style of a baby grand piano made of rich bamboo that reveals three brushed stainless steel wine and cheese equipment inside the 'piano,' including a fork-tipped cheese knife, cheese fork, and corkscrew. The engraved keyboard and the pole that supports up the piano lid will be a talking point at your next dinner party!

7. Piano Music Box 

This gorgeous grand piano music box is the perfect addition to any home or office desk! The inner workings are visible because it is made of acrylic. Carrying You From a Castle in the Sky is playing on the music box.

8. Metal Music Book Clip

Few things are more frustrating than when a keyboardist is playing classical music and their page closes just before the grand finale. This elegantly designed book clip page holder is ideal for keeping your sheet music open and your audience in wonder. This music book clip is an excellent present option for the pianist who enjoys performing in front of a live audience!

9. I Don’t Make Mistakes T-Shirts

This fantastic piano design is perfect if you have a favorite musical instrument. This amusing tee comes in men's, women's, and youth sizes, as well as five various colors. It's a great stocking stuffer for Christmas, or any other gift-giving occasion. So, acquire this for the exceptional musician, pianist, or music enthusiast in your life!

10. Cedar Thumb Piano

This small instrument carries thousands of years of Zimbabwean musical heritage with it. The original form of this handheld thumb piano appeared approximately 3,000 years ago in Zimbabwe. The thumb piano was the preferred instrument of traveling troubadours who would retell their tribe's history through song. It was lightweight and portable. So, whether you use it to tell your own tale or to teach children about music, this handcrafted thumb piano is the perfect tool for the job.

11. Musical Stationery Cards

This Christmas gift for piano players comes with 50 sheet music postcards, 50 matching envelopes, and a display box. Each handwritten note should be a unique experience. You want to provide the reader as much of your presence as possible while also imparting some of your own unique styles. These entertaining music note cards are ideal for the pianist who enjoys music!

12. Piano-Themed Novelty Socks

These piano novelty socks are ideal for pianists or anyone who enjoys classical music. The keyboard patterns stretch the length of the foot and ankle, making it a very attractive gift for the music-loving man in your life! This sock is ideal for Christmas and other occasions.

13. LED Music Light Stand

This stunning LED music light stand is ideal for viewing sheet music on a darker stage. This light has three color temperatures: 3000K warm, 6500K white, and 4200 mixed. In addition, each color has three brightness levels: low, medium, and high. Customize your light pattern by selecting different colors and brightness levels to express yourself. This useful light is a great present for piano and keyboard players since it protects your vision and decreases eye fatigue.

14. Metal Musician Figurine

This lovely metal pianist would make an excellent gift for the piano-obsessed interior decorator in your life! This twisted-metal sculpture is ideal for a tabletop centerpiece, a fun music room decoration, or a one-of-a-kind way to dress up a dining room! This artwork is approximately 66 inches long, giving it a great size for any area in your home!

15. Key and Note Piano Stickers

This multi-color piano note sticker pack makes learning every note and note placement on the piano a breeze! When you glance across your piano or keyboard and see the unlimited possibilities at your fingers, chords will come alive. This useful sticker pack provides a unique Christmas gift for that student who is just learning to play the piano or for that music teacher who is always helping to teach the future generation!

16. Inspirational Piano Cuff

This gorgeous piano cuff bracelet makes a unique and fun gift to give that stylish piano player in your life. If they don't play the piano but have always liked the sight of one, this bracelet makes an excellent Christmas gift for piano players. Because this bracelet is squeezable, you can adjust the size to fit your wrist as long as it fits within appropriate limitations.

17. Bach Necktie

The Maestro has arrived in grand fashion. A wonderfully crafted silk necktie that brilliantly shows J.S. Bach's masterpieces. This silk necktie is ideal for musicians, composers, and anybody who finds music inspiring. Design is understated and quirky. Handcrafted in New York City. It comes in a lovely tin can and is ready to present.

18. Piano Ornament

This lovely ornament will be displayed on the tree for many Christmases to come. The small touches, like sheet music and foot pedals, are great.

19. Handbag for Mini Crossbody Piano Keys

This chic crossbody purse is ideal for the fun piano player in your life who is always on the run! The bag is tiny enough not to be a bother, yet large enough to store all of your things for on-the-go. The purse is around 86 inches in length and will quickly become your go-to handbag!

20. Keyboard Play Mat

This child's piano keyboard is a wonderful method for your youngster to be active while also learning about music. They can play music on the blanket by touching it with their hand or foot. This playmat can help your youngsters strengthen their coordination and motor abilities. It has an on/off switch with a light and an automatic power off feature. It also folds for easy storage and transportation.

21. Piano Keys Music Necklace

This beautiful necklace is constructed of high-quality copper and water drill. It is lead-free and nickel-free, does not rust, alter color, or tarnish, and is hypoallergenic. The necklace has a piano keyboard with the words, "My life would be flat without music." It is an ideal present for the pianists who enjoy wearing their passion for the piano around their neck! A wonderful Christmas present for a piano teacher.

22. Music Notes Coffee Mug

The novelty coffee cup features a 3D musical note handle, a spiral keyboard on the top, and a musical note glaze on the mug. The ceramic coffee mug is ideal for hot or cold beverages and may also be used to store pens or as a desk ornament.

23. Pink Toddler Toy Keyboard Piano

This adorable toddler piano is available in pink or white and has 24 or 31 keys. Give a toddler in your life the gift of music. Please do not give it to my child. It is not welcome in my home. But I'm sure your brother or sister would love for you to share this beautiful present with their kid. This is an excellent Christmas gift idea for your older brother, who used to pick on you but now has a toddler.

24. Orba Handheld Multi-Instrument

Have you ever fantasized about having a rhythm section at your disposal at any time? If so, you've found your new best friend/ bandmate with this small powerhouse of an instrument. It's a hand-held device that connects a musician's playing to the creative possibilities of digital sound. So tap, slide, and beat your way to endless tunes on the move without tuning a single string or setting up a single drum. It also makes a fantastic Christmas gift for the pianist who wants to try something new!

25. Toddler Musical Toy Piano

This engaging musical toy piano is ideal for the baby in your life who is just beginning to explore their surroundings by mixing touch, sight, and sound. This toy will teach your baby the first few notes and familiarize them with hearing and playing music. It's the ideal Christmas gift for those musical families in your life who want to get their youngsters started studying music as soon as possible!

26. A Great Music Teacher Keychain

A great music teacher is difficult to find and difficult to forget. Show your appreciation to your music teacher. This adorable keychain is constructed of stainless steel. It is lead- and nickel-free, as well as hypoallergenic. It does not rust, discolor, or tarnish. If you want to express your gratitude to a special music teacher in your life, this keychain is an affordable yet considerate way to do it.

27. Mini Crystal Grand Piano Music Box

This magnificent piano music box will immediately become your favorite small crystal music box depicting a grand piano in your entire home! This nice-sounding music box has been described as pleasant to the ears because it is equipped with Castle in the Sky's classic and calm song. This piano box, with its good creativity and eco-friendly materials, is the ideal gift for adding a little leisure to your loved one's life.

28. Adjustable X-Style Cushioned Piano Bench

This x-style cushioned piano bench is a must-have if space is an issue and you need to be able to put the piano bench away at the conclusion of your session, or if you need a pleasant piano bench to sit on! Even if you currently have a regular piano bench, this adjustable black alloy steel cushioned piano bench is a welcome complement to duet practice and teaching! It can support up to 370 pounds and comes in three different heights.

29. Teach Yourself Piano Book For Adult Beginners

Do you aspire to be a Chopin-like master? Then you must begin at the beginning! This book and streaming video course, recommended by Rolling Stone Magazine as the finest beginner piano instruction book, are all you'll ever need to get started playing the most famous and cherished piano classics! This simple method, utilized by thousands of piano students and teachers, is intended to be interactive, engaging, and enjoyable.

30. Piano Ring 

Ring lovers will be amazed by this next product. Even though it's just a ring, the Piano Ring says a lot about the thoughtfulness and audacity of the recipient.

Silver is used in the manufacture of this high-quality item, which, to put it mildly, exudes a lot of charm. It's a little bit pricey, but in my opinion, it's definitely going to blow your mind. To begin, items that have been handcrafted rather than just acquired at a store have a more unique quality about them. The fact that this was crafted by hand demonstrates both warmth and character, which means that you will most certainly get some friends as a result of this.

In the event that the form does not meet your expectations, you have the option of requesting from the manufacturer that another model be created that is more conforming to your tastes.

31. Nanoblock Grand Piano

One word adequately describes the Nanoblock Grand Piano, and that word is "awesome." This incredible present has everything you require for a response that will leave people in awe. To begin, anything in the shape of a piano is guaranteed to elicit an enthusiastic response. Second, you can tell that this was done with a lot of care and effort just by looking at it!

If you consider yourself to be a thoughtful friend, then this particular point will undoubtedly speak for itself. Either you put it together yourself or you may give it to a friend to put together for you; either way, this will undoubtedly earn you some points in the process.

This Nanoblock piano is painstakingly built to absolute perfection, and as a result, it is an all-around gift that will make any pianist happy who receives it.

32. Piano Infinity Scarf

The Piano Infinity Scarf is an option to take into consideration if you are looking for a present that is both pleasant and within your price range. Scarves, particularly ones with fun patterns or designs, are a favorite accessory for a lot of people. If you know someone who is talented at playing the piano, this would be a thoughtful and wonderful Christmas gift for piano players.

If your music teacher, a close friend, or your significant other meets the requirements, you can give them this item as a present! It is wonderful that it comes in a total of six distinct colors. All that is required of you is to figure out which one is best, which should not be too difficult. Simply take into consideration the colors they wear the most, and match your selection to their taste. This will not only gain you some points, but it will also establish you as a considerate friend and partner in the process.

33. MusicNomad Piano All-In-1 Cleaner

The piano is a huge instrument that requires a significant amount of upkeep. This is a procedure that not only requires a lot of time but also requires financial investment. If your friend plays the piano, getting them the MusicNomad Piano All-In-1 Cleaner as a Christmas gift will not only help them save some money but will also demonstrate that you are a thoughtful friend.

The name of the product pretty much sums up everything about it. It is a one-bottle solution that contains everything necessary for a pianist to successfully clean their instrument.

It is a nice present that won't break the bank, and receiving it will endear you to the recipient while also establishing you as a reliable friend. There is no question that your close friend will be content with this option.

34. Piano Bench

Have you ever considered the possibility that the piano stool in question is unsuitable for the particular pianist in your life because it is either too uncomfortable or simply not the proper height? This is where the Piano Bench could be of great use to you!

It has a hefty price tag, similar to the present on the list that came earlier, but it will absolutely blow the mind of the pianist in your life. If you are in a position to do so, this high-quality piano bench would make an excellent choice for a present.

It arrives with legs that need to be constructed, but the process takes less than a minute to complete and the chair is really comfortable to sit in. Keeping in mind that this is a handmade product, it not only contributes to the overall worth of the item, but it also says a lot about the kind of person and thoughtful person that you are.

35. A Piano Lamp To Set The Mood

When you play the piano in the evening, you may not want to have the house lights turned up to their highest setting all the time.

Consequently, making use of a piano lamp is an excellent approach to see what you are doing and to be able to read your sheet music while you are playing the piano.

The first item on our list of possible presents for someone who plays the piano is one of these lamps since they produce an ambiance that is very conducive to musical performance.

Our advice is that you purchase them a piano light made by House Of Troy because they are known for producing exceptionally high-quality products and your Christmas gift will look fantastic perched on top of their piano.

Simply pick the type of lamp that they like best from the many available options, which include floor lamps, lamps with arms that perch on top of the piano, clip-on lamps like the one shown above, and lamps that hang from the ceiling.

36. Sheet Music From Their Favorite Composers

The majority of pianists learn to play the instrument by following along with sheet music versions of their favorite compositions.

It would be a wonderful present for them if you could get them a collection of sheet music books written by some of their favorite composers.

Because these books are of the highest quality, they are authentic and true to the original composition, they are simple to read, and they offer a selection of books written by 55 different pianists and 55 different sonatas.

37. A Blank Sheet Music Notebook For Their Own Compositions

If you know a pianist who enjoys writing their own melodies in addition to playing along with the great maestros, then purchasing a blank sheet music notebook for them would be an excellent choice for a Christmas gift.

Because of this, it provides them with the opportunity to rapidly write down their ideas whenever inspiration strikes, and it allows them to keep all of their ideas in one location so that they do not lose any of them. You should look at the Moleskine Art music notebooks for a collection that is perfect for giving as presents. 

38. A Tablet Holder For Sheet Music On An iPad

In recent years, rapid advancements in technology have led to changes in the manner in which some piano players choose to practice and perform their instrument. Rather than reading sheet music from traditional sheet music books, many younger people who play the piano now opt to read sheet music directly from the piano playing apps that they have downloaded into their mobile devices, such as tablets, phones, or iPads.

And this comes with its benefits, as they have access to all the sheet music they could want right at their fingertips, and they don't need to worry about keeping it or not damaging it. In addition, they don't have to worry about other people stealing it.

Consequently, if you are familiar with a pianist who practices in this manner, a tablet holder, such as the one manufactured by Manos and displayed above, would make an excellent present for that person.

Because these can be attached into anything like a microphone stand and then positioned at the ideal height and angle for them to read music from their tablet while they play, they are an extremely useful accessory. Which is a vast improvement over trying to keep them balanced on top of the piano stand.

39. A Bluetooth Pedal To Turn The Pages On Their iPad

When playing along with sheet music on the piano, one of the most difficult parts for pianists is when they reach the point where they need to turn the page. Because kids will be using both hands to press the keys, it will be very difficult for them to find a break in the action where they can turn the page.

Because these pedals are Bluetooth-enabled and linked to the app on the pianist's iPad or smartphone, the pianist can change the page of the sheet music displayed on the screen by merely tapping on the pedal. Allowing the listener to more easily lose themselves in the flow of the music while minimizing distracting interruptions.

40. An Upgrade To Their Old Piano Bench

Traditional piano benches are wonderful, but only if they allow you to find the ideal seating position at the piano given your height.

Because your body can be thrown out of alignment, making you uncomfortable, and leading to aches and pains in your back, neck, and shoulders if the seat is too high or too low in relation to the piano. This can be avoided by adjusting the height of the seat.

Giving a person who plays the piano a comfortable and supportive piano bench with an adjustable height would be an excellent Christmas gift idea since it would allow the person to always be in the ideal height and position to play the piano.

41. An Audio Recorder For Immediate Feedback

It is possible to obtain a broad idea of how your playing sounds by paying attention to what your ears are picking up, but there is no substitute for recording yourself with a high-quality audio recorder. Because of this, every element of what you are doing will be captured, and you will receive quick feedback that will show you where you are succeeding and where you still have room for improvement.

Therefore, one of these audio recorders would make an excellent present for a pianist who is trying to hone their skills and improve their performance. Because it comes with a variety of microphones and recording settings, all of which produce sound that is exceptionally clear, and because it enables users to store their tracks in MP3 format.

42. A Melodica For Having Some Fun with

Now this final gift idea is just for fun rather than improving their piano performance, but it works perfectly as a Christmas gift for piano players. Because it enables them to show off their hand abilities and blow out a melody whether they are at parties or family events, purchasing them a melodica is a great gift idea.

Therefore, they could use this as their new signature party piece, which they would put into a bag and then bring with them to other events and get-togethers. Because I can almost guarantee that you won't be able to track down a portable grand piano that they can use instead!

43. Piano Care Kit

Maintain your piano’s concert-quality appearance by keeping it streak and residue-free using this premium piano care kit. It provides complete piano cleaning to keep your beautiful piano free from fingerprints, dust, and smudges, and ready for the next student.

44. Music Sheet File Paper Documents Storage 

Sheet music folders and file organizers are ideal for storing sheet music and documents in their music studio, office, home, or school, allowing you to reduce the clutter. Musicians and piano players would love this practical gift that can be used to safely store large amounts of paper. It can stand up to years of repeated use—a great gift for Christmas.

45. Piano Mouse Pad

Those individuals who enjoy everything piano-related will find this to be an excellent Christmas gift suggestion. This considerate present is sure to be appreciated by both piano teachers and their pupils.

46. Piano Table Runner

Both music lovers and pianists will be impressed by this table runner because of its understated elegance.

47. Musical Piano Pencils

These cute pencils with piano and music note designs will make a lovely gift for students or stocking stuffers.  They’re useful for making notes in their piano books, or just as a reminder of how much they love music.

48. Sticky Notes for Sarcastic Musician

These hilariously snarky post-it notes are perfect for musicians who have a good sense of humor.

49. Chocolate Piano

Why not just give them a piano made entirely out of chocolate as a gift? Don’t worry, these Christmas gifts are definitely not going to fall flat when you give them to a pianist.

50. Lanyard Notes Black/white

This lanyard has a keyboard design all over and makes a great Christmas gift for piano players.

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