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Best Christmas Gifts for Potheads

June 27, 2022 25 min read

Christmas is turning around. In honor of the event, we are going to count down more than 84 different gifts suitable for potheads, ranging from the top CBD products to snack box subscriptions.

When there were less options available, it used to be difficult to find the most appropriate presents for potheads. However, as a direct result of the legalization of cannabis, the market for high-end cannabis accessories has significantly risen. Consider the people in your life who participate in cannabis and think about what kinds of gifts would pique their interest. 

You are aware of the tastes that those who appreciate alcoholic beverages prefer, so why should this be any different? Don't be stressed out if you don't know what the greatest pothead presents are for the cannabis enthusiasts in your circle of friends. Simply browse through Christmas gifts for potheads and see what piques your interest. 

1. Bong Appétit: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Weed

This well-known cookbook is one of our favorite books about marijuana, and it includes a collection of dishes that are based on the Viceland television series that shares the same name. These meals have a considerably higher level of sophistication than your average pot brownie. In this context, "decadent choices" refers to dishes like charred shrimp and brown butter gnocchi, which are served alongside a white negroni. This centerpiece for your coffee table is one of the best books for potheads that has ever been written, and it is an absolute necessity for the gourmand in your life who has a genuine appreciation for gourmet ganja.

2. Candy Club Subscription Box

A happy grin is guaranteed to appear on the face of any pothead who merely glances at this colorful packaging. This box is for candy enthusiasts who have an extreme craving for sweets, as opposed to our other box options, which contain a variety of flavors. Each Candy Club membership comes with around three pounds of chocolates, sour candies, and gummy candy. All of the sweets come in canisters that can be resealed, allowing you to keep them fresh for longer and conceal them more easily in your hidden emergency supply. If the recipient of the present does not like the contents of the box, they have the option of exchanging it for a new one.

3. Botanical Cannabis Plant Print

This botanical poster, which is a stunning shade of green, provides an in-depth look at the cannabis plant. Plant images typically provide an unobtrusive but bohemian air to any environment, and they fit in effortlessly without being too obvious or pushy about it. The vibrant colors and high-quality paper used in these prints have garnered acclaim from customers who have purchased them.

 4. LEVO Glittery Gummy Kit

Let's imagine that this kit is being utilized in states where it is not only permissible but also absolutely legal to manufacture delightful CBD candy. It's possible that making your own gummy candy at home will seem like a challenging chore, particularly for people who have less experience in the kitchen. You are in luck because the same brilliant minds that developed the LEVO infuser machine have devised a delectable gummy kit that will allow you to make mind-blowing pothead candy in the comfort of your own house. After you've completed the steps in the recipe and added your infused oil, you can get ready to indulge.

5. Aerospaced by Higher Standards 4-piece Grinder

One of the best cannabis grinders is an essential component of any gift guide for potheads; nevertheless, it can be challenging to track down an elegant version of this item. Put away your tacky tie-dye designs and smiling faces, because this aircraft-grade aluminum version, which comes in eight different colors, is as smooth and seductive as it gets. The Higher Standards grinder is built to last and consists of four separate sections, including a pollen catcher to keep your valuable kief intact during the grinding process. The teeth are in the shape of a diamond and are extremely sharp, which guarantees an even and fluffy grind every time.

6. LEVO II Herbal Oil and Butter Infusion Machine

The majority of the cannabutter gadgets that are now available for purchase on Amazon are either dirty, complicated, or have an appearance reminiscent of a frat house. Purchasing a high-end infusion machine as a present for a pothead will not only guarantee greater results, but it will also be a more tasteful addition to the kitchen counter of any mature recipient. Before beginning the infusion cycle, the LEVO II completes a cycle known as the dry cycle or the activation cycle. You have the ability to change the time as well as the temperature, and you can use an app to operate the gadget wirelessly.

7. Raw Classic King Size Pre-Rolled Cones Bundle

Every smoker has experienced an instance of sloth in which they did not want to roll a joint or forget a crucial item that was required. What is the answer? This handy package of fifty Raw cones comes with a cone loader and a packing tool for your convenience. The value and simplicity of this product are enhanced by the presence of cardboard filter tips that are already connected to the paper.

8. Cookie Herb Grinder

Make sure that the other person who enjoys cannabis doesn't try to eat this fake Oreo since, despite the fact that it appears to be the real thing, it's actually a highly convincing grinder. When you open up this best-selling two-chamber beauty, you'll find the cream hidden inside one of the chambers. It's possible that this herb grinder doesn't have the most cutting-edge technology that we've seen, but at the very least it's the funniest one we've seen, and customers report that it can store a surprisingly significant amount of herb.

9. Weed Wall Art Home Decor

When you hear the term "cannabis art," perhaps the first thing that springs to mind is a surreal depiction of a pot leaf that is illuminated by a black light. However, we choose this sophisticated piece of wall art over the gaudy options available for use in dorm rooms (and we say that with nothing but love in our hearts for tie-dye and psychedelia decor). The stark contrast between black and white in its design naturally makes any home decor look more sophisticated. Reviewers are ecstatic about the numerous compliments they get from customers on its understated and uncomplicated print. You might give the digital print to the recipient on its own, or you could go the additional mile and print it yourself, then place it in a frame made of wood or black. It's one of the best pothead gifts we've seen for pot fans, and it costs less than ten dollars.

10. Boy Smells Best Buds Candle Bundle

Oh, so your close friend loves to go back to the moon and back? If that's the case, this kushy candle bundle from Boy Smells should do the trick when it comes to giving presents. The Best Buds Bundle includes fragrances that have become synonymous with the Boy Smells brand. Although they are all centered on the aroma of cannabis, the four of them each have their own distinct personality. Your friend will be anticipating the smell of their OG Kush, Cowboy Kush, Cashmere Kush, and a brand new zesty Italian Kush to be included in the pack.

11. Freetophome Electric Herb Grinder

The use of hand grinders is typically successful, but when the time comes to roll up outside when there is wind, calamity often ensues. An electric grinder is an alternative that is preferred by many potheads due to its effectiveness and speed. This particular model can be charged by USB, so you will never need to worry about running out of batteries. Simply put the herb in the grinder, and it will be supplied to your paper or pipe. Users are blown away by the strength of the motor and the consistency of the grind. It is extremely portable, which makes it convenient for people who enjoy being outdoors but do not have access to a rolling surface.

12. GanjaLand Board Game

This GanjaLand board game is the epic journey that this pothead and his friends have been waiting for, especially if they enjoy sharing their high with others. And in case you were wondering, the prize package does include a cannabis crown for the victor to wear with pride. It's a light game that at first seems easy, but as players go, it becomes (hilariously) more tough. However, GanjaLand does not demand an excessive amount of concentration, however this may vary depending on how stoned you are when playing.

13. Mission Farms Rest CBD Goat Milk Soap

CBD products, despite the fact that they do not cause intoxication, have a remarkable therapeutic impact that makes it worthwhile to experiment with them. Take for instance the CBD goat milk soap offered by Mission Farms Rest. The combination of goat milk, CBD, and essential oils in this all-natural soap makes it not only one of the most successful soaps at smoothening the skin that we have ever used, but also one of the most calming. Tyler Schoeber, who is in charge of e-commerce for our company, can't get enough of this soap. He claims that because of it, taking a bath is once again his favorite pastime. "These days, the only things that make me look forward to anything are a nice bottle of wine, some great music, and this bar of soap."

14. Pax Vaporizer

Vaporizers have been popular among potheads even before they became mainstream. Vaporizers are preferred by people who are concerned about the health implications of smoking; nevertheless, we will not discuss the purported health effects of vaping because many vaporizers are constructed with hazardous components of low quality. On the other hand, the Pax Vaporizer has garnered a lot of praise due to the fact that it is both portable and multifunctional, and it also has a sleek and fashionable design. The Pax 3 is the most advanced model of vaporizer that they sell, but in addition to that, they have the Pax 2 and an Era Pro model that are both more affordable.

15. Dabtray

What's dabbing? If you are aware, then you are aware. This tray set is an excellent present for potheads since it helps dabbers stay organized and comes with materials that can withstand high heat. These materials include glass and silicone. Regarding the topic, we have nothing else to add.

16. The New English Dictionary Metal Safe

This ingenious diversion safe is perfect for the pothead in your life who frequently has nosy guests or children over, since it allows them to conceal their stash from prying eyes. Nobody who visits your home will look up words in the dictionary, and even if they do, they won't be able to open this fake book because it's actually a secure metal safe that comes with a lock and two keys. The exterior is quite impressive and powerful, especially considering how inexpensive it is. Your pothead friends will appreciate your thoughtfulness if you use this strategy, which discourages would-be robbers and deters guests with excessive curiosity.

17. Cannabolish Smoke Odor Removal Spray

When it's cold outside, it's easy to feel like smoking isn't worth the effort, especially if you do it outside. This smoking odor removing spray eliminates the smell of weed from the air and fabrics in your home, which is beneficial if you are concerned about an offensive stench permeating your home or if you live in an apartment complex where your neighbors might complain. Because it is made with water and non-toxic plant oils, it is completely safe for use around children, animals, and the environment. Reviewers assert that it emits a scent that is fresher and more natural than that of Febreze or any of the other odor-covering solutions.

18. Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray

This rolling tray is so much more than a surface; it's the ultimate solution to simplify your smoking experience and make it more enjoyable overall. The rotating smoking accessory known as the "Cadillac of rolling trays" is referred to by the brand name Blazy Susan. Because it has a dedicated space for each smoking implement, this product not only frees up a significant amount of space on surfaces but also helps to keep those surfaces free of crumbs and ash. This organizational technique is a godsend for people who enjoy smoking cannabis but tend to make a mess of things.

19. Gold Leaf Cannabis Logbooks

There are some people who enjoy writing in a diary when they are high, and one of the best pothead gifts you can offer to a friend who is passionate about 420 is a journal that focuses on the act of consuming the plant itself. Goldleaf provides a variety of guided notebooks that may be used for a wide variety of purposes, including CBD therapy, monitoring cannabis consumption, managing grow operations, and more. Anyone who uses cannabis will find these science-focused publications easy to understand and enjoyable to use. The Patient Journal, The Grow Planner, and The Cannabis Taster are some of the most popular books in this category.

20. Urthbox Healthy Snack Subscription Box

Since having the munchies is an unavoidable aspect of the life of every pothead, why not offer the gift of nibbling on something that is not only delicious but also beneficial? Urthbox is a subscription service that delivers organic snacks and beverages to the health-conscious cannabis enthusiast in your life. You have a selection of options available to you in terms of the amount and duration of the subscriptions. Urthbox prevents its users from overindulging, while simultaneously allowing them to enjoy carefully curated, creative treats.

Snack subscription boxes are one of the finest gifts in our opinion for people who use cannabis, but there are lots of other options available. Check out our favorite snack subscription boxes for more fun pothead gift ideas if you or any of your pals who enjoy smoking weed are more interested in getting a sugar high than in supporting local organic supply chains.

21. Preternatural Joint Pass “The Creation of Adam” Case

Michelangelo's hands are depicted here, along with those of Adam and God in the original version of this work. But marijuana in and of itself is a work of art, so why not modernize that staple for cannabis enthusiasts? The beauty of a cigarette with a friend is commemorated on this ink-printed phone case, which is available for iPhones of all sizes and can be purchased online. The exterior of the case has been treated to prevent the buildup of fingerprints and is constructed of shock-absorbing TPU. The design makes the back of the device opaque, but the sides are transparent so that it is easier to use and access the ports.

22. Shine 24k Gold Rolling Papers

Is there anything that could make you feel more like a VIP than lighting up a joint made of actual gold? Shine is a revolutionary brand that has created gold rolling papers and blunt wraps so that customers can consume 24k gold flakes at a price point that is more affordable. These papers are a bit of a novelty, but the fact that they smoke substantially more smoothly, stay lit for longer, and burn better than conventional papers more than makes up for it. The crowning glory, if you will? The act of hitting that joint produces a cloud of gold ash.

23. Relief Bath Salts with CBD & Kava

These delectable CBD bath salts are an upgrade over the current trend of CBD bath bombs and can assist in giving your body the sensation of being renewed. Epsom salt acts as a carrier for CBD, which is then combined with organic ginger, arnica, and kava. Strong undertones of cedar and eucalyptus make this an excellent gift option for both male and female recipients. The person who receives them can put them to use as either a scrub or a soak.

24. Cannabis Pun Socks

Socks are nearly always an excellent choice for a stocking stuffer, but the traditional marijuana leaf socks have seen better days. This other possibility is one that we favor more. They are comfortable, reasonably priced, and certain to make you chuckle thanks to the wonderful puns that are printed on the bottom. The first one has the words "Sorry for My Bluntness" along with an image of a joint, and the other one has the words "That's Just How I Roll" written on it. These socks, designed by Jenuine Graphics, are warm and can be worn, but they also contain just the right amount of humor to make anyone who reads them laugh out loud.

25. Tile Key Finder

This present may not be directly associated with cannabis, but any ganja connoisseur will probably be able to relate to it. When smoking marijuana is a regular part of your routine, you run the risk of occasionally forgetting things. Tile is a water-resistant, cordless Bluetooth finder that will be useful to every pothead who has ever misplaced their keys or bags. Tile also features Bluetooth technology. When you are out of range, you can safely enlist the assistance of the Tile Network through the app, which will enable you to see its most recent location.

26. Original Apothecarry Case

Some of the stash boxes on popular sites have a simplistic design or an aesthetic that is too evident, which means that the box needs to be concealed somewhere. The Apothecarry Case has the appearance of a traditional cigar humidor, but its interior is constructed in a way that is optimized for maintaining the freshness of herbs. The elegant leatherette interior contains a protective cushion and straps to limit movement, and the exterior of the case is made of wonderfully stained wood that is resistant to odors. The price tag is further justified by the inclusion of eight humidity-control packs, four humidity-controlled glass jars with reusable labels, four containers for dabbing concentrates, a grinder, and a tray that can be removed.

27. Munchpak Subscription Box

After a session, we frequently have the want to indulge in some guilty pleasures; nevertheless, the standard sweets and chips sold in convenience stores become monotonous very quickly. This is why Munchpak provides customers with a wide variety of treats sourced from all around the world. Since you won't be able to leave the country while COVID is in effect, you might as well take your taste senses on an adventure around the world. They have thought of everything by including alternatives that are savory, sweet, sour, and spicy in each and every box. The Munchpak also comes with a trip guide, giving your loved ones the opportunity to imagine that they are away on vacation rather than sitting on the couch.

28. Grav Silicone Capped Glass Crutch

We've all evolved into germaphobes in a post-COVID environment, and many smokers are reconsidering tactics like puff-puff-pass. These silicone-capped glass crutches serve as filter tips and can be interchanged as needed.

29. Let’s Get High And Color: An Adult pothead Coloring Book

Coloring books aren't just for youngsters; they've also been proved to help people suffering from anxiety and sadness. This adult coloring book is designed exclusively for potheads and has 17 humorous (and original) designs as well as "blacklight" versions. It's excellent for when you're having a creative high but don't want the pressure of sketching alone.

30. Pot Plant Fake Weed Plant

A houseplant is a typical gift, but you know what's even better? Upgrade that present to one of these wonderfully detailed imitation cannabis plants. Weed isn't legal in every area, but if your present recipient has a true enthusiasm and appreciation for marijuana in all of its stages, this ultra-realistic plant is a must. The plant itself is symbolic of healing, and this present is a lovely reminder of that, as well as the craftsmanship necessary to successfully nurture this fickle plant.

31. FIREDOG Leather Smell Proof Bags

This black FIREDOG attachment only appears pricey for a cheap smell-proof travel bag. It has enough room to hold a flower, a pipe, and a lighter or rolling material. It's soft and convenient to store because it rolls up. The front zipper pocket offers a little, unobtrusive place to keep a small bit of smoking material. It has a properly aged appearance, with one reviewer comparing it to old cigarette cases from the past.

32. Keith Haring Glass Rolling Tray

If you want a rolling tray that doesn't appear like a rolling tray, this piece of art (courtesy of Keith Haring) is a great way to brighten up your coffee table or dresser without looking like standard potheadware. The tray is made of high-quality glass with a glossy surface and is heat-resistant and easy to hand-wash, unlike plastic counterparts, which can be difficult to clear of sticky crystals and residue. Raised sides prevent weed and supply spilling.

33. Summerland Fruit Fantasy Apple Pipe

This Fruit Fantasy Bowl is a high-end throwback to the iconic apple pipe of our youth and a humorous present idea for potheads. It's entirely made of ceramic and finished with a lead-free, food-safe glaze. Because that's precisely what it is, this apple pipe could pass for a miniature sculpture.

34. Malin + Goetz Cannabis Eau de Parfum

NYC brand Malin + Goetz has been mastering smells for years and is a proponent of cannabis de-stigmatization with canna-scented items like this Cannabis Eau de Parfum. This unisex product with ganja-inspired aroma allows you to boldly wear your ganja addiction rather than hiding it. It smells deep, smokey, and peppery, with a flowery top and an aromatic, earthy base of patchouli, sandalwood, and cedarwood. To honor your passion for hemp, spritz this on your pulse points the next time you light up.

35. Printerior Design THC Molecule Hanging Wall Art

Consider this brilliant THC molecule wall painting as a gift for the sophisticated pothead, especially if they're well-equipped with smoking paraphernalia or are simply science-inclined. It was created using a 3D printer (no cheap vinyl tape here) and would make an excellent gift for oneself or a creative and stylish housewarming or holiday present. You can effortlessly hang this elegant piece of wall art with double-sided tape without harming or drilling into your wall.

36. Jan Leslie Hand Painted Cannabis Cufflinks

Are you ready to indulge and combine the worlds of fashion and cannabis? Forget about tacky weed leaf shirts and socks. Jan Leslie cannabis cufflinks are hand-painted with great detail and filled with just the perfect amount of flair. The imported product, made of 925 sterling silver with enamel embellishments, is pricey, but it is a memorable wardrobe essential to wear and treasure for years, ensuring that no suit or dress shirt is ever dull.

37. Waffle Waffle Maker

It's difficult to find a pothead who doesn't enjoy waffles, and Waffle Eye's handmade non-stick waffle maker provides the best opportunity to fulfill those major appetites. Making delectable waffles? It's not that difficult. But how do you create faultless waffle art? That's usually the domain of DIY experts and seasoned home cooks, but not with this elegant and inventive weed-leaf pattern. This kitchen appliance also makes it possible for everyone to eat weed-themed grilled cheese, home fries, and desserts.

38. GoHigher Journal: A Cannabis Discovery Journal

Cannabis reflection diaries are trendy right now, and we adore them. They stimulate thought and introspection in a unique way, and writing in one is a daily self-care routine that many people can benefit from. While companies like Pilgrim Soul emphasize artistic performance, the Go Higher journal includes 150 pages of guided notes, coloring mandalas, recipes, and quotes. This diary, in addition to assisting the author in becoming more productive and creative, employs active meditation while allowing users to archive their favorite strains in entirety.

39. Skunk Smell Proof Backpack

The Skunk Backpack, available in a variety of subdued tones, is the ideal way to tote your laptop, personal stuff, and weed. While many backpacks are large enough to hold cannabis and its accessories, a lack of compartments can require you to hunt around for things indefinitely, which can be deadly if a glass piece breaks. Furthermore, the backpacks rarely provide significant odor protection. The Skunk Backpack, on the other hand, has an anti-odor inside, a combo lock, and protective netting to keep your valuables safe.

40. The Houseplant Pocket Case

Seth Rogen's marijuana and home goods brand is called Houseplant. This handy and fashionable pocket case features a design that finally caters to cannabis enthusiasts everywhere. While it has a sleek notebook-inspired strap closing and a hole in the rear for cash and cards, one of its key selling points is the built-in lighter, which can be removed at any moment. This item is made of full-grain bridle leather and will age gracefully over time. To complete this wonderful pothead present, make sure to buy up some butane before it arrives.

41. Stundenglas Gravity Hookah

ROOR might be the most famous bong on the market, but when it comes to impeccable engineering, nothing beats the Stündenglass Gravity Hookah. Only high-quality materials, such as aircraft-grade anodized aluminum and borosilicate glass globes, are used. This masterpiece resembles a work of art and comes with a 10-year warranty.

42. The Art of Cooking with Cannabis by Tracey Medeiros

Many cannabis cookbooks barely scratch the surface, but Tracey Medeiros' "The Art of Cooking With Cannabis" takes a thorough dive into North America's cannabis-based food industries. It's unlike any other cookbook for cooks, as it's a culinary guidebook for both beginner and professional cooks. Purchase this gift for potheads and let them tour the country with their DIY version of these buzz-worthy dishes, which include infused pesto, THC and CBD smoked cheddar, and green chile stone-ground grits.

43. Sackville & Co Rolling Papers and Mini Carry Case

Sackville & Co is a cannabis accessory brand with a design bent on making your stash look more upscale. This kit includes their characteristic rolling papers as well as a gold compact carry bag. This beautiful aluminum 2-in-1 keychain is one of the best pothead presents for any dog owner, nature lover, or anyone who likes to keep their stash with them at all times.

44. Puffo Budsy Water Bottle Bong

Every pot enthusiast needs to stay hydrated, but this brilliant innovation by Puffco is more than just a Nalgene. If you look closely, you'll notice that this water bottle is much more than meets the eye.

45. Craighill Brass Ashtray

Ashtrays can make a room appear dark and dusty. Instead, give your best friend a brass ashtray, which is just as utilitarian but also serves as a piece of coffee table art. Craighill designed this low-cost but stylish ashtray with four places for joints to rest. If a smoking break is required, this vessel can be empty and converted into a catchall tray for keys or change.

46. Sessions Good Essentials Starter Kit

While some head stores are beginning to move away from the gaudy cannabis souvenirs of yesteryear, the overall assortment remains disappointing. Every stash deserves a classy, mature look, and Sessions Goods delivers with their charcoal-colored Essentials Starter Kit. This beautifully designed set, which includes a stash container, ashtray, debowler, and cleaning solution, is one of the most practical pothead presents they can use day after day.

47. Moonpod Bean Bag

When your favorite pothead smokes from their favorite bong or pipe after work, all they want to do is melt into the sofa. Enhance their experience with the Moon Pod, an antigravity bean bag for grownups. This adaptable piece of furniture, filled with high-density beads, allows people to sit, recline, or totally lay down for a nap. A soft cloud to soothe aching lower backs and frazzled brains.

48. Janey's Cloud Hemp Wick Dispenser

A hemp wick is required for lighting cannabis without the noxious butane fumes produced by a lighter. It makes weed taste better and is also more environmentally friendly than matches. Still, hauling a spool of rope around isn't exactly cute or convenient. This appealing pothead organizes 4 feet of organic hemp wick and comes in a variety of coverings, one of which features a cloud on the dispenser cover.

49. Elevate Jane Glass Joint Holder

There are numerous advantages to using a joint holder. They keep your fingers from becoming burned and from smelling bad. Furthermore, they give a smoother, more pleasurable hit that is far less harsh. Elevate Jane's elegant glass holders are a great way to be a kind friend and avoid wet joint filters. These hand blown glass accessories are the ideal way to relax and enjoy a cigarette.

50. Stashlogix Durango Smell Proof Sling Bag

Sling bags are popular, and this odor-hiding style was created expressly to keep your cannabis stash safe. The Durango locking bag by Stashlogix completely locks in cannabis odor while organizing your tools inside for hiking, taking the dog out, or visiting a not-so-cannabis-friendly person or venue. It can be worn as a crossbody with an adjustable strap and padded back, or as a waist bag. A combination lock on the outside keeps inquisitive eyes at bay.

51. Growing Weed in the Garden: A No-Fuss Seed-to-Stash Guide to Outdoor Cannabis by Johanna Silver

With many states legalizing cannabis, there are lots of options for purchasing cannabis from dispensaries, but not as many resources for growing your own marijuana at home. This "seed-to-stash" tutorial is a thorough guide on growing cannabis in your garden outdoors. Author Johanna Silver not only provides extensive step-by-step instructions and ideas on creating tinctures, but the book is also packed with breathtaking photos of cannabis plants, making it a coffee table must-have.

52. Fashion Craft Roast & Toast Single Wall Mug

If you or a pothead you know appreciates a good wake and bake, you'll love this inventive mug that allows you to hit a bowl while sipping your favorite roast. After all, if the caffeine makes you jittery, you can always relax with a little smoke session. One buyer complains that the bowl hole is too large, but this may be fixed by inserting a mesh filter. If you frequently microwave your drinks, remember to empty the bowl beforehand!

53. EricX Light 100% Organic Hemp Wick Spool

When you use a lighter to smoke, you're inhaling all of the butane fumes that come with it. This has an effect on the flavor of the herb, but it can also irritate the lungs. Instead, try this organic option: a beeswax-coated hemp wick on a big 200-foot spool. Simply ignite this slow-burning rope to enjoy the entire flavor of your marijuana without any chemical aftertaste.

54. GRAV Milk Carton

This effortlessly chic milk carton glass sculpture is a great discussion starter for any surface. The glass milk carton, shaped like an old-school milk box you'd get at noon, is one of the best pothead gifts we've ever seen.

55. Stashlogix Bamboo Stash Jar With Humidity Sensor

Potheads prioritize keeping their weed fresh, and maintaining a balanced humidity is the greatest method to safeguard the plant, protecting its terpenes and all the other nice stuff in cannabis. Instead of putting your bud in a conventional mason jar, consider storing it in a Stashlogix bamboo stash jar with a built-in humidity sensor. It can contain up to a half-ounce of liquid and comes with a changeable humidity packet.

56. Wave Washer Ultrasonic 420 Cleaning Machine

Dirty glass can be a nuisance. Cleaning pipes, bubblers, and bongs isn't fun, but it's necessary for a healthier and tastier smoking experience. Instead of the time-consuming salt-and-shake procedure, invest in this automatic 420 accessory cleaning, which uses warm water and ultrasonic sound waves to blast resin off till your piece looks brand new. It's a simple and easy method that any pothead can utilize on a regular basis, so you never have to worry about resin build-up.

57. Trova Go Biometric Stash Case

If you know a pothead who doesn't want anyone getting into their stash, this attractive and discreet cannabis storage solution is the ideal pothead present. This case is one of the finest pothead presents since it takes privacy to a whole new level. The odor-resistant Trova Go can only be unlocked by an app connected to the user's phone, which uses the phone passcode or Face ID. A must-have for any smoker on the go.

58. Flameless Lighter

Face the elements with this flameless, pocket-sized torch. This lighter makes it very easy to light 'em up whenever, wherever, no matter the weather, whether at the beach, on a hilltop, or anywhere the elements are in full force.

59. I Like Big Blunts Tshirt

You probably couldn't lie about liking huge blunts if you tried. Your glazed, crimson eyes told everyone how you felt about blunts before they could read the shirt - but you should still get this shirt for Christmas anyhow.

60. pothead's Delight Cookbook

This is a terrific addition to the Fresh Baked apron for the boyfriend who would look beautiful in it. It will assist in putting that apron to good use as soon as possible. Bonus: reciprocal cannabis pleasures. Without a doubt, one of the best pothead gifts.

61. Rolling Tray

Rolling trays are a must-have equipment for any serious pothead. Instead of spreading their stash across album covers and past issues of High Times, your friends could be breaking up their buds on this top-of-the-line tray.

62. The Pothead’s Coloring Book

Do you want to unwind with some strange visuals? Aside from smoking, coloring is a calming activity. The pothead's Coloring Book is filled with surreal visuals to help you relax after a hard day of...smoking. Make good use of your pipe hand!

63. Cannabis Killer Candle

Beamer created a scented candle that fully eliminates the odor of marijuana smoke. With this acid green, scented candle, you can get rid of that skunky odor in your living room before your family arrives for dinner. Reusable glass mug as a bonus!

64. Official High Times Activity Book

It's like Highlights for potheads, and I expect to see these in waiting rooms soon. After a long day of hanging, kickin it, chilling, and/or mellowing down, unwind with these enjoyable pastimes.

65. Pothead Coffee Table Book

"If you go to someone's house and they don't have any books, don't f*ck them," stated John Waters. Excellent suggestion. Enter this really sophisticated coffee table book filled with highly interesting stuff to look at for extended periods of time. What else do you need on a coffee table that is probably already covered in smoking supplies?

66. Weed Leaf Socks

Weed leaves are a fashion statement. That cannot be argued. "I'm here to party, but I also practice excellent foot hygiene," these summer socks declare. There are worse things a pair of socks can say.

67. Weed Word Magnets

Stoner does not have to take place in a coffee shop or during an open mic night. It can and should happen after a smoke session in front of a fridge. In fact, my petition to keep stoner poetry hidden under the fridge and out of sight begins right now.

68. Wooden Cigarette Holder

One of the finest pothead gifts available! It's handcrafted from Brown Knotwood and has received high praise. Also, very reasonably priced!

69. Fresh Baked Apron

This cute apron is a must-have for your favorite maker of all things dank. Bonus: you know the baker will reciprocate with the most delicious delicacies prepared with genuine love and pure marijuana butter. This is without a doubt one of the best pothead gifts.

70. Hemp Wick Lighters

Hemp wicks are a long-burning, non-toxic alternative to ordinary lighter fuel. They will lengthen the life of your lighter and limit the amount of fuel you may inhale. These wicks are also refillable, so a smoker may end up keeping disposable lighters for a long time!

71. Smoke Buddy

Personal air fresheners are an important tool for sly smokers. To erase traces of fragrant terpenes when smoking in public, simply exhale into the smoke buddy. We don't advocate smoking marijuana in public (or anywhere else it's not permitted), but smokers will smoke, am I right?

72. Vegan Pothead Cookbook

Some potheads are serious about eating ethically. With this Vegan pothead Cookbook, you can ensure that your munchies are delicious and not merely ill-conceived. Plus, these meals are simple to prepare after a smoking session.

73. Stash Tray

What a great spot to keep your treasures! This high-quality stainless steel stash tray has a bowl stand, tiny ashtray, rolling tray, and other useful features.

74. Rolling Tray

Rolling trays are a necessary item for all dedicated potheads. Instead of spreading their stash across album covers and past issues of High Times, your friends could be breaking up their buds on this top-of-the-line tray.

75. Remove the American Flag

For the true weed patriot in your life, a flag they can proudly salute. But don't hang it on your porch (unless it's 4-20), because this falls squarely into the "dorm room décor" category.

76. Lighter Bro Multi-Tool

A vital component of a Swiss Army Knife is missing: fire. That was taken care of by the lighter bro! It's one of the best features of a multi-tool, but it can also be used to light up. A great present for the Macgyver-like smoker in your life.

77. Roach Clip Charm Bracelet

There is usually a cool person at the party with a hidden clip on their body. When the blunt becomes too short for your fingers, the inconspicuous clip on this not-so-discreet bracelet will delight the entire party.

78. Vader Skull Grinder

You won't be able to find it at Hot Topic or Spencer's Gifts, but this adorable item is ideal for the emo/scene pothead. By the summer, they'll be the most popular joint roller at this year's Warped Tour.

79. Handmade Stash Boxes

 Handmade stash boxes are a considerate gift for the smokers and tokers in your life. This hand-burned box is more than just a work of art; the wood will keep the stash fresh and wet, almost like a little pot humidor.

80. THC Molecule Mug

Fill this THC molecule cup with hot tea to calm your throat after a particularly harsh toke, or with cannabis-infused chocolate to unwind. In either case, this mug works best when used with THC.

81. THC Molecule Necklace

Discreet pothead style that you may wear in front of Grandma. If she asks, just tell her it's helium or something harmless.

82. Weed Beanie

Don't allow the cold weather dampen your ambition to promote your pot enthusiasm. This fuzzy beanie is trendy and extremely wearable. Wear it all winter long to let everyone know you're into "that life."

83. Marijuana Cookie Cutters

Baked goods and baked people are inextricably linked. These cookie cutters capitalize on that association. The dank baker in your life desperately needs them, and you desperately need to enjoy the cookies they create with them.

84. Puff Puff Pass Ashtray

There is no rule that says ashtrays must be fashionable. In fact, this golden butt collector may provide a truly opulent smoking experience. Any long-winded smokers will be kept at bay by the mantra written within.

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