Best Christmas Gifts for Pregnant Daughter

June 27, 2022 20 min read

Congratulations on your upcoming promotion to grandparent! This is a wonderful new path for you as your daughter prepares to become a parent herself. And what better way to express your joy than with the ideal gift for your pregnant daughter this Christmas?

The finest present for a pregnant daughter ranges from gift boxes to jewelry and breast pumping equipment and is determined by her personality and what you believe will make her happy at this time. I've compiled a carefully picked list of Christmas gifts for pregnant daughter to help you decide. Make sure to read all the way to the conclusion!

1. Pampering Session

It would be much appreciated if you gave her a pedicure or a pampering session in a salon or at home; alternatively, you might offer her a do-it-yourself kit that includes a wonderful bath foam, nail paints, moisturizer, and other lovely goodies.

2. Frame For A Scan Photo

Because that first ultrasound scan is such a momentous occasion, you should treat her to a nice frame so that she can proudly exhibit it.

3. Yoga Classes

Give a gift certificate for prenatal yoga sessions since staying active and flexible can make all the difference in the world when it comes to giving delivery. Excellent for reducing feelings of stress as well.

4. Comfy Clothes

It is common knowledge that nighttime attire that is cozy and comfortable is ideal for lounging around the house during the day and night. If you add a cozy robe or shawl to the package, you will have the ideal present.

5. Accessories

It can be tricky buying her clothes, so buy her some great accessories instead. Why not give her something special like a beautiful necklace or bracelet, a pocketbook, or maybe her favorite fragrance?

6. Baby Photoshoot 

We all want to remember this beautiful time, therefore a photo shoot voucher is extremely kind. You might use it for a family photo shoot with your new baby, or you could use it for a photo shoot documenting your pregnancy.

7. Pregnancy book 

Why not put up a collection of useful books for the expecting mother? Or as an alternative, a Kindle that has some books on pregnancy and parenthood already put onto it.

8. Keepsake Box 

Photos of your bump, scan pictures, first curl and congratulation cards should be treasured, so look for a keepsake box to keep them all in.

9. Hamper Cravings

In the event that she has some bizarre food cravings (gherkins with chocolate, anyone? ), then a craving hamper will save her from having to go without those unusual pleasures during the hours when the stores are closed. In addition to that, her boyfriend won't have to get out of a nice warm bed because of it.

10. A Babymoon 

A Babymoon is a popular concept these days, and whether it's a trip overseas, a weekend in the United Kingdom countryside, or a couple of days in a borrowed campervan, she'll adore the time apart to reflect on the imminent birth of the baby.

11. Maternity Pillow BEDTIME BLISS

If you want to give a pregnant daughter the nicest Christmas gift possible, make sure she is comfortable while she sleeps by purchasing a pregnancy pillow and some new bedding for her. Memory foam pillows, as well as V and S shaped pillows, are helpful for achieving a comfortable position.

12. Foot Pampering

Because your feet can take a beating during pregnancy, you should get her a foot care pack so that she can ease the pain in her feet. If you give someone a foot spa, a foot lotion, and a pair of cozy slippers with padded soles, you will have the ideal present in your hands.

13. Birth Announcement Gift Card

It's possible that sending out birth announcement cards won't be a top priority once the new baby arrives because life can get really hectic at that point. If you want to show her how much you care, you might purchase her a gift certificate for baby announcement cards and then offer your assistance in making the cards once the baby is delivered.

14. TV or Music Voucher

If you know a woman who is expecting a child or who recently gave birth, consider giving her a gift card for a subscription music or television program to use during those times when she needs some time to herself. She will be able to watch the most recent box set or listen to her favorite songs, regardless of whether the subscription is for Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, or Spotify.

15. Angel Maternity Nursing Dress

The Angel Maternity Nursing & Baby Blanket Set receives a high ranking on our list due to the soft material that is included in both the nursing blanket and the baby blanket that is included in the set. The nursing practicality was taken into consideration while designing the soft robe with crocheted edging that is matched with the lightweight dress. This adorable ensemble may be finished off by either swaddling your new bundle of joy in the coordinating blanket or transporting it around in the accompanying diaper bag.

16. Diptyque Baies Candle

This luxury candle, like other scented candles, can help to warm the ambiance of the home, and it is not an exception. Roses and blackcurrant leaves contribute their distinct scents to this sweet and uplifting fragrance. This French-made candle has a sophisticated appearance even when it is not lit and is displayed on a shelf or other particular location in the home.

17. The Bouqs Co. Flower Subscription

A flower delivery subscription will make any house more cheery! Send flowers once a month during the final trimester, when the baby is born, or at any other time that you see appropriate. Bouqs delivers freshly cut flowers that come from sustainable farms directly, so that they maintain their freshness for a longer period of time. a present that shows thought and consideration, particularly coming from a buddy who lives far away.

18. Nom Maternity Light Support Everyday Seamless Legging

These leggings from Nom Maternity are a godsend for any woman who is pregnant or planning to become pregnant because leggings are a pregnant woman's best friend. These leggings are crafted from recycled polyester and are machine-washable; the design takes into consideration a child's changing physique as it develops. They provide additional support by going over the belly and come in only one color, which is black.

19. Wavhello Belly Buds

By using belly buds, you can facilitate an even more meaningful connection between the mother-to-be and her unborn child. The hydrogel pads that are included in the package make it possible for the earbuds to be attached to the expecting mother's bump in a way that is both safe and secure, allowing for a soothing listening experience. The audio splitter, which enables both the infant and another person to listen to music at the same time, enables other members of the family to join in on the fun of singing along to the songs. These baby bump speakers let parents play any music or voice messages straight to their unborn child from any iOS, Android, or standard audio device without risking the child's safety.

20. Burt's Bees Shea butter and vitamin E are both included in Mama Belly Butter.

Use a nourishing belly butter that has been developed specifically for expectant mothers to relieve the discomfort of a growing bump. This lotion, which contains cocoa butter, shea butter, and jojoba butter, makes the skin more supple and smooth. This mild formulation is ideal for use before, during, and after pregnancy because it does not contain any fragrance.

21. Bodily Care for Birth Box

Assist a woman who is expecting a baby by giving her this box, which contains a variety of postpartum necessities, to pack in her hospital bag. This kit has everything you need for a comfortable and healthy pregnancy, breastfeeding, and recuperation. A postpartum recovery latte, fuzzy socks, and guidebooks are just some of the items that will be included in the box that will be sent to Mom.

22. Infant Optics Video Baby Monitor

This compact and lightweight video monitor has won multiple awards, and it will provide Mom with much-needed peace of mind. Because this model is plug-and-play, she may skip the complicated procedure of setting it up. Keeping an eye on the baby will be a snap because of the particular capabilities of the baby monitor, which include night vision, remote temperature monitoring, two-way communication, and more.

23. Birkenstock Arizona Soft Footbed

Give Mom a brand new pair of shoes that are specifically designed to accommodate her enlarged feet during pregnancy. These Birkenstock sandals have a footbed that is both comfortable and supportive of the arch. You have your choice of a number of various colors, and the breadth of the shoe can even be customized to your preferences.

24. Ritual Essential Protein Pregnancy

During pregnancy, it is essential for the mother to consume adequate amounts of protein so that the tissues and organs of the baby can grow, particularly the brain. This plant-based, gluten-free, and major allergen-free smoothie was developed by Ritual with both pregnancy and postpartum in mind. It provides the much-needed protein and is free of all major allergens.

25. Leachco Snoogle Maternity Body Pillow

Give the valuable Christmas gift of a restful night's sleep by presenting the recipient with a one-of-a-kind body pillow. Because it provides support for the hips, back, neck, and tummy, the Snoogle was designed specifically to be used in place of many standard pillows. Even while it will make you seem ridiculous, it will be well worth it if it helps you get a few extra winks of sleep.

26. Kibou Brown Diaper Bag

This astonishingly simple solution combines two popular styles: the diaper bag and the fanny pack. The careful design makes room for everything, such as an integrated changing pad, a pocket for waterproof wipes, a keyring, a credit card holder, and more. The lightweight vegan leather bag has a fantastic aesthetic and does not restrict movement in the arms, shoulders, or hands.

27. As You Grow: A Modern Memory Book for Baby

This contemporary, gender-neutral book is a baby memory keepsake and notebook that is elegant, sophisticated, and timelessly made. It is stunning enough to be shown and shared with others. There are sections that are guided to assist every family in recording significant memories beginning with pregnancy and continuing through age 5. When it comes to commemorating the mom-to-journey be's from pregnancy to parenting, families are free to fill in as much or as little of the blank space as they see fit.

28. Hatch Hatch-to-Hospital Box 

Help Mom prepare her hospital bag with a box that provides comfy maternity essentials for the hospital stay and beyond. Hatch includes an organic bamboo nightgown and a matching robe made of the same plush material in this four-piece set. Both pieces are made of bamboo. In addition, there are some socks for her to wear to keep her feet warm, as well as some organic bamboo briefs that do not have any irritating elastics or skin tags.

29. Susanne Kaufmann Stretch Mark Oil

This stretch mark oil is formulated with jojoba oil, wheat germ oil, almond oil, and vitamin E, and it is intended to be used on any type of skin. The oil aids in the gentle stretching of the skin while simultaneously nourishing, firming, and elasticizing it. Just apply it to your skin after it has been soaked to help prevent or lessen the appearance of stretch marks.

30. Parachute Cloud Cotton Robe

The Parachute Cloud Cotton Robe is a luxurious option for expectant mothers because it is made of Turkish cotton in its whole and features a cloud-like design. The robe is designed to evoke the relaxing atmosphere of a day at the spa even if it is worn in the comfort of one's own home. It is knee-length and contains a waist tie as well as hidden side pockets. Because it is not overly heavy but still gives out enough heat to keep you toasty, it is an excellent choice for wear during any time of year.

31. Hatch Fresh Mama Deodorant

During pregnancy, it can be difficult to find products that are gentle on your skin, so a good place to start is with something that the mother probably uses on a daily basis: deodorant. This deodorant does not include any aluminum and only employs natural chemicals. It is formulated with a mixture of Japanese citrus and chamomile that is not overly potent but is still capable of addressing hormonal shifts.

32. Kate McLeod The Mama Stone

Because pregnancy might cause a woman to have dry skin, you might want to consider giving her a bar of lotion that is both gentle and moisturizing as a present. Because it contains raw cocoa butter and other nourishing oils, the Mama Stone is designed to melt into the skin easily, leaving it nourished and radiant after use. Not only may she utilize it while she is pregnant, but it will also be of great service to her after the baby is delivered.

33. Herschel Supply Co Diaper Bag

This top-rated tote is an excellent option to consider purchasing as a Christmas gift for pregnant daughter if she is interested in purchasing a timeless and unobtrusive diaper bag that doesn't scream "baby." This bag is not only attractive but also very lightweight and easy to arrange. The bag has a full-length zipper for a closure and comes with a change mat that folds up.

34. Bunco Baby Bum Brush

The new mother will find that the fantastic baby device she never realized she needed is this handy silicone spatula instead. Using this ingenious bum brush, which helps diaper cream go on smoother, thicker, and quicker, you can finally say goodbye to the days of having cream-covered fingertips. Simply place some cream on the brush, and then use the brush to apply it on the baby's bottom. After cleaning the brush with a wipe, you are finished with this step.

35. Kindle Paperwhite 2018

If your mother enjoys reading, you should get her an e-reader so that she can read with just one hand. Because the Kindle Paperwhite comes in four different colors and has an adjustable light that is built in, she can read it anywhere, anytime—inside, outside, during the day, or at night—even while holding a sleeping baby. Because of its lightweight and compact form, it is easy to store in a backpack or on a bedside table for convenient reading. A single charge of the battery can last for weeks rather than hours.

36. Golden Superfood Latte Kit 

Moms who love trying out new things (and women-owned businesses!), will love the Golden Superfood Latte Kit, which comes with three different superfoods. The company, which is owned by Black people, put together a package including the following critical superfoods: Original turmeric is great for your skin and immune system, cacao turmeric is great for calming your mood, and matcha turmeric is great for giving you a surge of energy. Your pregnant daughter who is pregnant and trying to limit their caffeine use should hold off on drinking matcha until after the delivery of their child.

37. Bedford Swivel Glider

Because new mothers can anticipate spending a lot of time feeding and bonding with their babies, having a chair that is both comfortable and convenient is crucial. This chic and environmentally friendly glider features a high square back, slanted arms, and velvety cushions that will provide the utmost comfort even if (and when) mom falls asleep as well. The flexibility to swivel and move the chair allows bonding with the infant, nursing, and providing comfort and an enjoyable experience.

38. Weleda Skin Food Original Ultra-Rich Body Cream

Weleda Skin Food, which is a best-seller for a reason, can be applied to the entire body, from the scalp to the toes. This miraculous concoction has the ability to tame frizzy hair, calm the skin on the face, and provide relief for dry, itching hands and feet. Extracts of flowers, fruits, and roots are used in the manufacturing of Skin Food, together with minerals and essential oils.

39. Goldbelly Monthly Subscription

Bringing a child into the world is a lot of work, which may undoubtedly lead to an intriguing appetite. If you give an expectant mother a subscription to Goldbelly, you can rest assured that she will never be short of some of the tastiest meals that her heart could ever hope to crave. There is something that can satisfy the appetites of every expectant mother, from sweet treats like pies and pastries to savory snacks and butcher cuts. The order is brought to the customer's front door in a box that is kept at a temperature that is controlled and that contains dry ice.

40. Cross Band Soft Plush Slippers

Swollen feet that never seem to go away are a common pregnancy symptom that seems to last throughout the entire nine months. These fluffy house slippers made of fleece will provide her with a warm and comfortable spot to rest her tired and aching feet at the end of a hard day. Memory foam insoles will give her the sensation that she is walking on a cloud each and every time she wears the shoes.

41. Knee-Compression Socks

Let's face it: Swollen legs and feet, as well as stiffness and pains, can make pregnancy a challenging experience. Compression socks can be a useful tool in the fight against the uncomfortable side effects of pregnancy. These socks, which come in a pack of three and are claimed to reduce swelling, soreness, and aches while also improving circulation and providing comfort to the wearer.

42. Yoga Ball

When it comes to stretching or working out with a large belly, having a large yoga ball can be extremely helpful. But did you know that birthing balls and yoga balls can actually be used interchangeably? It's accurate!

When you give a Christmas gift for pregnant daughter, a yoga ball, you are giving them a present that will come in handy not just during pregnancy and delivery, but also during postpartum workouts!

43. Newborn Arrival Gift Set

There is nothing inappropriate about presenting an expectant mother with a thoughtful present on behalf of her unborn child. When you give her a Newborn Arrival Gift Set, her excitement about bringing her new baby into the world will be amplified.

This kit includes five vital skincare items that are hypoallergenic, paraben-free, and created specifically for the sensitive skin of a baby, including: Shampoo with Foam Formula for Infants, Mild Cleansing Gel, Cleansing Water That Does Not Need to Be Rinsed, Hydra Body Lotion, Atopic Dermatitis Cream.

44. Sonogram Art 

Turn the baby’s sonogram into keepsake art! Anything featuring the first photo of her child is sure to be well received, whether it be a print displayed in a straightforward frame or a complex piece of artwork derived from the sonogram.

45. Sonogram Christmas Ornament

Making the ultrasound into a Christmas ornament is yet another option to convert it into a one-of-a-kind present for the recipient. There are a great number of internet stores that cater specifically to your needs.

46. Pregnancy Journal 

If she likes journaling or writing down special memories, a pregnancy journal is the perfect Christmas gift! It will assist the soon-to-be mother in reflecting on, writing down, and remembering significant moments and feelings that occurred throughout her pregnancy by providing pregnancy-specific prompts and questions.

47. Planner 

Maybe the expecting mom loves lists, planning, and organizing!

If this is the case, you might want to think about getting her a planner so that she can keep track of all of her doctor appointments (has anybody else experienced pregnancy brain?) and ensure that she stays on track with the projects she wants to do during each trimester.

48. Blanket 

As the due date gets closer, she’ll be putting her feet up more and more. Provide her with a sumptuous blanket so that she can relax in comfort.

49. Maternity Skincare Set

Help the special mom-to-be pamper and care for herself with the Maternity Skincare Set!

Stretch Marks Cream Fragrance Free and Nursing Comfort Balm are the two powerhouse goods that are included in this bundle. Both of these products are designed to gently support and care for the changing skin of expecting mothers.

Both have passed dermatologist testing and do not have any added fragrances. They are also manufactured with substances that come from natural sources.

Stretch Marks Cream is specially created to provide nourishing and moisturizing benefits, as well as to assist in reducing the risk of developing stretch marks during pregnancy.

This cream will leave her skin feeling comfortable and smooth, while also alleviating feelings of tightness and discomfort. Avocado peptides, maracuja polyphenols, and hamamelis plant extract are some of the organically derived components that are included in this cream.

Nursing Comfort Balm is formulated with ingredients that are taken entirely from natural sources, making it completely risk-free for use throughout pregnancy. It can be applied at any time during a woman's pregnancy, as well as after she has given birth and is nursing her child.

The nipple cream is fortified with vitamin E, olive oil, and glycerin derived from plants; these ingredients help to hydrate, safeguard sensitive nipples, and reduce the sensation of discomfort.

50. Breastfeeding Essentials

Giving a pregnant woman basics for nursing is guaranteed to be meaningful and helpful, regardless of the closeness of your relationship to the mother-to-be. However, this present may be more suitable for people who already have a strong bond with her.

Make use of your experience as a mother by sharing the nursing supplies and techniques that worked best for you with the babies you've breastfed.

51. Spa Gift Card

Who among pregnant women doesn't look forward to getting pampered with a pregnancy massage or a pedicure for those toes that are just out of reach? A gift card to the expecting mother's favorite spa is yet another thoughtful gesture that can be made on her behalf.

In order to really impress her with your gift, you should also make arrangements for childcare for her older children and take her on a Christmas outing to the spa.

52. Restaurant Gift Card

While we're on the subject of gift cards, you might want to think about getting her one that can be used at a restaurant or for food delivery so that she doesn't have to cook at Christmas. Delicious food that requires little to no preparation and minimal cleanup is a dream come true for anybody, but an expectant mother in particular.

53. Foot Massager

Give someone the experience of being pampered in the comfort of their own home with a foot roller or foot massager.

She will slide her feet into the electric foot massager, then relax and enjoy the stress-relieving benefits of a foot massage while sitting back. She can give her feet some TLC with the help of a foot roller, which is a more straightforward piece of equipment made of plastic or wood.

Bonus: After the foot massage, you should give the expecting mother some of our Multi-Purpose Balm with 3 Avocado Extracts so that she can calm and hydrate her feet.

This balm was formulated to nourish, mend, and protect the skin from head to toe, making it an excellent choice for new mothers, their infants, and the entire family. In addition to its use on the face, hands, and cuticles, our multi-purpose balm also comes packaged in a convenient bag for transporting the product. Win-win!

54. Back Or Neck Massager 

For even more home relaxation, an electric back or neck massager is just the thing. With so many alternatives available, the expectant mother should select the massager that meets her needs and preferences the most.

55. Summer Essentials

If she is going to be pregnant during the dog days of summer, you should get her a gift set of sunbathing essentials so that she may still enjoy going to the beach and the pool while she is expecting.

Take into consideration the following suggestions:

-A cute plastic cup for poolside hydration

-A comfy beach chair for her aching legs

-A raft with a hole for her tummy

-A battery-powered fan to keep her cool

-Zinc oxide sunscreen that is free of nanoparticles and safe for her skin.

Choose from SPF 50 Mineral Sunscreen, SPF 50 Mineral Sunscreen Spray, or SPF 50 Mineral Sunscreen Stick to get a product that meets your specific requirements and preferences when it comes to a sunscreen that is safe for your skin.

56. Essential Oil Diffuser

A mother who enjoys aromatherapy would appreciate receiving a new essential oil diffuser or a collection of oils as a gift. Include a book with the present to assist her in getting started with essential oils if she has never done so before.

57. Gift Basket Satisfying Pregnancy Cravings

Give her a gift basket that is stocked with all of her favorite foods if you enjoy amassing treats and putting together gift baskets. It would be wonderful if you could satisfy some of her cravings for certain foods by giving her some of those items.

Boost the thoughtfulness of the present by presenting the snacks in a lovely bag, box, or basket that she can keep and use again.

58. Subscription Box

While we are discussing things like gift baskets and the like, it is important to keep in mind that you do not need to create your own in order for it to be a wonderful present. The gift that keeps on giving is represented by subscription boxes.

There is a plethora of maternity-themed subscription boxes available on the market at Christmas. In addition, some of them are only appropriate during particular months or trimesters of her pregnancy.

59. Baby Bath Time Gifts

By giving a present with a bath-related theme, you can assist the soon-to-be mother in getting ready for bathtime with her child.

Include a baby bathtub, a hooded towel, bath toys, and newborn-friendly bath items like the Mustela Bath Time Essentials Set, which includes a cleansing gel, bubble bath, micellar water, and baby lotion. In addition, include baby lotion.

Each item contains Avocado Perseose, a proprietary natural ingredient that was developed with the express purpose of assisting in the protection and hydration of her young child's sensitive skin.

60. Relaxing Bath Set 

Speaking of bath time, treat the mom-to-be to a bath gift as well so she can soothe her aching muscles! A bath bomb, bath salts, bubble bath, and a candle are all wonderful options to consider.

61. Organic Bath Time Gifts

Consider giving her Organic Bath And Body Gift Set, which features Organic Cleansing Gel With Olive Oil And Aloe as well as Organic Hydrating Cream With Olive Oil And Aloe, if she is a mother who is passionate about using natural and organic products in her daily routine.

This set provides her with the best of both worlds, giving her nice, clean skin while also being kind to the environment.

Certified Organic Cleansing Gel is a hair and body cleanser that does not include sulfates. It is mild and suitable for the sensitive skin of babies, but it is also effective enough for older children and adults. It is made using organic aloe vera and organic olive oil, both of which come from olive trees in the south of France that are owned and operated by families.

The skin of both the baby and the adults in the family will be left feeling supple, hydrated, and soft after using Certified Organic Hydrating Cream because it is designed to be used by everyone in the family.

In addition, the packaging for each of these items is manufactured from sugar cane that was harvested in a way that does not deplete natural resources, therefore the products themselves are both environmentally responsible.

62. Organic Baby Care Items

Before we move on from the subject of organic products, I want to mention that a mother who values organic food may also value organic infant care products.

You may include, in addition to the gel and lotion that we just described (which the mother can use for herself as well as for her baby), diaper cream that contains olive oil and aloe as well as certified organic micellar water that contains olive oil and aloe.

63. Personalized Mug

A woman can never have too many mugs, right? In addition, if you get the pregnant mother a mug that you can personalize, you can make her feel extra special as she enjoys her favorite beverages.

Finish off the present by giving her some herbal teas to drink now, as well as some of her favorite coffee for after the baby is born, when she will need that additional boost in the morning.

64. Personalized Tumbler

A pregnancy during the fall or winter is the perfect time to give a mug as a Christmas gift; however, let's be honest: mugs may be used to create cozy moments at any time of the year. On the other hand, if your acquaintance is expecting during the summer, a tumbler that can hold cold beverages is ideal. Make it your own by adding your own spin on it.

65. House-Cleaning Services

If you offer the pregnant and overworked friend in your life a gift card for house cleaning services, you'll give her the opportunity to finally put her feet up, relax, and let someone else take care of the chores for a change.

66. Pregnancy Cookbook

Consuming food that is nutritious is an essential aspect of carrying a child. If you know a pregnant woman who enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, a cookbook is the perfect Christmas gift for pregnant daughter to inspire her culinary imagination.

67. Mocktail Recipe Book

While the expectant mother can't have alcohol while she's carrying her child, it doesn't mean she can't have a delicious non-alcoholic beverage instead! Give a recipe book for non-alcoholic drinks together with some of the necessary components and an attractive martini glass as a present.

68. Magazines 

Similar to books, several magazines make good Christmas gifts for pregnant daughters. She will enjoy the peaceful read, regardless of whether you choose magazines that are entertaining and don't demand much thinking on her part or pregnancy and baby periodicals.

69. Robe Or Pajamas

During pregnancy, comfort is of the utmost importance. Provide the expectant mother with a comfortable robe or pajamas that can support her expanding tummy to wear around the house. Pajamas are a good option.

70. Matching Pajamas

Give her a set of adorable mommy-and-me matching pajamas to help her picture her life with her new baby after she gives birth.

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